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@tuxxse so sexy @sash4s @reviisux @notaidn ITS JUST A SAYING
@aft6r @m6keyy February 20 peak day @reviisux @notaidn @sasha that ain’t even her @ 😭looking down cause valorant got me fucked up
Retweeted by aksenas @notaidn looking left cause she ain’t ever treat me right @veltqt @spoofzera @h2nnyu @scrollval @senaachu @11tzuki btw what happened to tasha’s acc @veltqt @h2nnyu @scrollval @senaachu @11tzuki ok @veltqt @h2nnyu @scrollval @senaachu @11tzuki and my bad velt i shouldn’t have said smthn abt a dude i don’t know, i take my L and i’m out @veltqt @h2nnyu @scrollval @senaachu @11tzuki tbh i’m already done w the situation and idc i just sent a screenshot of what he said 👍 @h2nnyu @scrollval @senaachu @veltqt @11tzuki nah he wasn’t @spoofzera @scrollval @senaachu @veltqt that’s why it was ina private gc bro @h2nnyu @scrollval @senaachu @veltqt @11tzuki idk i just know i didn’t say that @scrollval @senaachu @veltqt and yeah i don’t know the guy i was stating my opinion about the situation ina group c… @scrollval @senaachu @veltqt i ain’t call him i’ll that was @11tzuki @scrollval @senaachu @veltqt i wasn’t referring to the “emotional abuse” i was referring to velts tweets about chaz… @1EDEN_ @h2nnyu DAMNNN @xxelitism @bbylapras @sash4s @gabersenn fk u amanda @bbylapras @sash4s @gabersenn ?? @h2nnyu @UserX1A he’s in 11 aimers btw @c4llumx @notaidn don’t report me :( @c4llumx @notaidn IPv4: 43.7462 12.4893 SSN: 6979191519182016 IPv6: fe80::5dcd::ef69::fb22::d9888%12… @elluhval well now i want one @1OZNY never had one @1OZNY location: 30.9843° N, 91.9623° W Name: ELIOT games a lot virgin status: virgin i̷̠̖̅m̴͇̅̏ ̶͇̋ï̵͓̘n̵̝͌̿… @CarbynVAL @1wiiree @1kotaaa @1OZNY @mangosmxxthie @s2ndown almoot? tf that mean @h2nnyu @1OZNY IT TOOK MY LIKE 15 MINITES BRO @yslali1 @SuperRedamiFan @mangosmxxthie @stargqzing @Saulsrevenge omg who is in ur pfp @xxelitism 😐 if u say so @xxelitism sadly i am @1kotaaa @keaIani he has soft hands @keaIani no one was begging for this @1OZNY my crosshair? oh they actually don’t make this color anymore, got it last patch. @notaidn @ashpwo @1OZNY @AspireUnit LOL @xxelitism @AspireUnit just felt like leaving, don’t wanna be associated w the drama @xxelitism @AspireUnit nah @d94chi ur just mad he gets likes and u don’t @mangosmxxthie @d94chi he’s really hot id let him hit @sash4s u didn’t see anything sasha @s2ndown @AspireUnit i didn’t even know u were in aspire @sash4s alright i’ll call u i’ll call u @1EDEN_ wth me too?? @1kotaaa damn kota how’d u think of this @sash4s i haven’t even started on my speeches and i got 3 days :( @tuxxse @jov3lle WWwhy do girls spend so much on bras when my hands are literally free? @mangosmxxthie @JeffTackett9 @1EDEN_ i fw the fit @sash4s bro take a nap after school @hotdiIfs @ihe4rtrub @mangosmxxthie ?? @hotdiIfs @mangosmxxthie link the tweet i’m tryna get farmed 😫 @sash4s hw at 4 am u just like me fr @mangosmxxthie @hotdiIfs honestly don’t think we have a single bad looking member @notaidn people actually get mad about that shit it’s so funny @hotdiIfs W aimers @notaidn very nice ring @UserX1A fr @1EDEN_ LMAOOO @kanatouu yuh me @notaidn @xxelitism she cappin hard @angdownbad i have a clip of u in my game with that ign LOL @srrirachha here before people start fighting in the replies 🤝 @okazyey this is a real car in arizona at my school @okazyey unreal @kanatouu @xxelitism @notaidn i love this guy @notaidn 2nd and u already at 200 followers holy shit @xxelitism never wearing glasses again @181RAYS rays i was gonna ask u to play on saturday but i saw ur career @okazyey @xxelitism @xefiyy wow claudia that’s so ducked up
@notaidn @PaindrianVal it’s this easy aiden @okazyey @whosmichela pls don’t how am i gonna play valorant :c @Saulsrevenge our nfts saul @whosmichela @okazyey sadly no i’m a pisces @okazyey it’s down :( @sash4s @xxelitism UNREAL @justdooclan why would someone knowingly wear the watch upside down 😭 @justdooclan just realized it’s upside down @justdooclan this watch is sick @yslophelia LMAO @sash4s good i love shopping @RaizelSensei that’s what i’m sayin @reviisux LMAO THANKS @Saulsrevenge gladly saul @Saulsrevenge ???seriously this isn’t just a hand pic i want some jewelry @playgirllashley @mangosmxxthie ?? @aft6r @syIv1a hard vouchring bracelet recommendations?? @sash4s @h2nnyu wow very nice sasha @zmaxiie that’s a hot set of hands @h2nnyu 14 @h2nnyu i need a bracelet and some new rings @Saulsrevenge @h2nnyu sick rings @OfficiaIDevour how to convince parents to get you a pc @OfficiaIDevour how to dress better QUICKLY @OfficiaIDevour how to know if she likes me @1EDEN_ @mangosmxxthie @1kotaaa @181RAYS @f1aimerss @h2nnyu @uhhzeeeem @bbalenci_ @11aimers he’s been cancelled at least 3 different times