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generator. pure sonik records. react. tresor. third ear. finale sessions. bpitch control. cuttin' headz. elypsia records.

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@eugenegu ABSOLUTELYDear @TheOrville, Cool how you did your version of Tom Riker. Hoping in season 3 you introduce your version of tra… my MIND that @alan_oldham is a shoegaze lover. The idea that while I was in the Thames Valley with a fringe o…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamQuit jerking around with the technology and make some music
Retweeted by alan_oldhamI agree with Mr. Blow. Madame Speaker, are you listening? #ImpeachDonaldTrump recent 132 bpm #techno mix for @deepspaceradio_ is up now feat. @djbone313 @LenFaki @jnhstr @P_leoneleone
@profgenius Just wait till you become the welcome wagon/chamber of commerce for everybody who comes overI played this at the last @BPitchControl night at @GriessmuehleBer. Still destroys after a million years. The kids… @Darius_M4 😳😳😳😳 damn lol @tampagirl19655 @Bravewriting @Lukericardo @thehill BOOM 💥#HappyEaster 🐣🐇🐰 #FroheOstern! Had guest list to events all weekend but ended up staying in, working on art and sle… Easter oder Frohe Ostern! 🐰 @BetteMidler @ClarenceMack3 Now you’re getting it.
Last week when I played @TresorBerlin these cats cane through to support! Lenny Posso from @ThemaRecordings &…, 1983 #basquiat #neoexpressionism
Retweeted by alan_oldhamThank you @ashley_detroit & @RBMA for this great feature on my art. Next AO art show: 8 May at Elevate #detroit
Other peeps at the spati on a Friday night in Berlin buying beer. I’m buying milk and cookies ‘cause I’m a good American youth @marcushjohnson The answer is yes.We are Detroit. We are Techno. #Repost @carlcraignet with @get_repost ・・・ The Story Continues #DetroitLove
Soooo turns out @AphexTwin played a @PatrickDSP track at #Coachella???? Big congrats, love my guy!#BlackSummer on @netflix is a pretty good spin on the zombie genre; love the #Tarantino-esque "let's throw the inde… @dnahealthnut @BernieSanders This isn't sexist at all by the way. @dnahealthnut @BernieSanders Do these people know that HRC is not running? @antonnewcombe Time for a visit now that it’s not freezing outside @marcushjohnson Beto’s my guy right now. I go to sleep here in Berlin, wake up, check the internet and he’s bombing…’s my 25th anniversary of never playing #FuseClub! Woooooo 🙄Never forget that at roughly this point in 2011, @MicheleBachmann was the @GOP front runner. #Dem field won’t reall… and the birthday girl! HBD @djRebekah!
@tariqnasheed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ “mayonnaise-splain” @zakiscorner @EddieSteak I remember the good old days when Jar Jar was the worst thing about #StarWars movies @bulerias128 @MeansNefarious @marcushjohnson The answer is no. Next question"Anything I say, you can look up." -- @BarackObama @dnahealthnut @TheRynheart @FLOTUS #BeBestMy newest art expo. Alan Oldham: Massive Dynamic at Elevate Berlin w/ sounds by myself, #CinthieCrystal &…
@marcushjohnson Bernie said as much in 2016. The Southern states “distort reality”A little glimpse of @TresorBerlin last night courtesy of Lenny Posso! #housemusic #houseofwaxx #berlin’s second-busiest airport temporarily shut down Tuesday after a government jet was forced to turn back shortl…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @C_Rich75 And the black community is known to nurture its best & brightest 😂 That kid would be known as a lame in t… @dnahealthnut @tomwatson 💯 @C_Rich75 Shield that young boy from the ghetto paradigm at all costsDamn, this happened 2 years ago but I didn't know 'til now. #RIP J. Geils. "Detroit Breakdown, Motor City Shakedown… @CurtisScoon I guess Inglewood is no longer up to no good. @kemba722 @C_Rich75 🙄 @SallyAlbright He’s on Planet White GuyLet’s do this! Showtime 3-5 am! @TresorBerlin #mondaymotivation
Body music, future visions: Juan Atkins's legendary Cybotron launches live in London tonight, and I wrote about the…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @TheRichardLewis @antonnewcombe EXACTLY1st the art school in Glasgow, now Notre Dame. If I didn’t know better I’d say someone was targeting symbols of Eur… in the #DDR: #Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, 1984 © Rudi Meisel via
Retweeted by alan_oldhamWhy are people online taking it so personal if you never saw Game of Thrones? You’d think you slapped their mama or… damn
@AlwaysShanePS @_WeStandUnited @GOP @HillaryClinton Now who’s triggered Mr. 403 Followers? 😂 @AlwaysShanePS @_WeStandUnited @GOP @HillaryClinton So mediocre he won both the popular and the electoral twice. No… to last Sunday when it was springtime. Now it’s winter again. Ugh. Having coffee with @djqbot in a rare d… Monday night house session at @TresorBerlin with the #RAWAX crew! So special, they even used my middle init… @_WeStandUnited You spelled “beard” wrong 🤫
@marcushjohnson Total hypocrisy. They wouldn’t shut up about how much Obama got for a post-presidential speechAmazing Grace is NOW PLAYING in Select Cities! Get Tickets at #AmazingGrace
Retweeted by alan_oldhamCheck out my exclusive #techno mix today at 12pm ET/US on & see me back in #Detroit on 26 M… @WhiskeyInSpace @mikeservito Me too at the time.So pleased to be represented in this exhibition alongside @laurentgarnier, @DJJeffMills and others. All of my label… posting controversial opinions and statements like...
Check out my exclusive #techno mix tonight at 10:00pm ET/US on & see me back home on 26 May… @MakeAlbionGreat @bcull60 @MelissaJPeltier Birther Trumpie talks about "wild conspiracy ramblings." It'd be funny if it weren't pathetic. @MakeAlbionGreat @bcull60 @MelissaJPeltier @bcull60 has no proof because Putin-supported Wikileaks only supports au… @MelissaJPeltier I kept waiting for the Wikileaks revelations from the GOP side of the aisle...but they never came. WeirdWait, during the campaign didn't Trump say he "loved" Wikileaks? got me thinking of #Curve. I was working at Sam's Jams when Frozen EP came out, I grabbed the promo c… to @AndreCromDJ & @OFF_Recordings for having me play the latest #OffStream event at #DiskoMelancholie2 here… @ people always bitching about social media. Big threads on my FB timeline, boohoo. You all realize nobody's forcing you to be on it
@mikeservito I saw them at St Andrews opening for elderly mind thinks so anywayPretty good in the box system for home/studio/mobile DJs! No laptop needed, your whole library can live in the box.… @CurtisScoon They stay assaulting black male masculinity. SMDH @dnahealthnut Nope it’s legit. Saw it on Real Clear Politics. I was shocked.
The T-1000 & @tomcallan1980. Just another day in #Berlin @antonnewcombe Hahaha you can never be replaced, dearFunny how not long ago I was surrounded by negativity & haters. Now it's all like-minded people & love & forward mo…
First time in #mexico🇲🇽 next month! with @alan_oldham sonarnight.oficial !!!
Retweeted by alan_oldhamCame across this one from the archives. I did this mix when I 1st got to #Berlin full-time 5 years ago. This was st… press photos by Eva Fredrichs of @NI_News! As you can see I had fun shooting with her! #shoegaze #indie DJ mix is up now feat @antonnewcombe @BJM_Band @ChurchhillThe @lovepalmhaze @TAMARYNmusic @CurtisScoon This thread is about to be lit.
Good morning Black men. Do not let bitter and negative people project their dysfunction onto you. Therapy exists fo…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @antonnewcombe 😂 @dnahealthnut @_WeStandUnited AmenI love my new sweater! Your art looks so so good on it! Have yours with me and bringing it to Berlin! 🙏
Retweeted by alan_oldhamNext mission: 11 April at #Melancholie with @AndreCromDJ & friends live from #Berlin! Tune in on @BE_AT_TV May in Mexico City along with @basmooy! Killin' it! @HRCpersists If @Bravewriting was a white supremacist, she’d never get suspended from @Twitter
@Kennymack1971 to @richiehawtin for the shout-out during his @instagram live at #timewarp25 @DJBecka If you don't get out my mentions it'll be "Goodbye to You" (see what I did there?)In honor of me coming back to #Detroit next month, I did a new 132 bpm podcast mix for @deepspaceradio_. Info soon!
I want to visit the alternate universe where Patty Smyth of Scandal took the lead singer job when Eddie Van Halen o…'t miss my latest recording with tracks from @AndreCromDJ @alan_oldham @Victorsantanagz @truncate_la @djbensims
Retweeted by alan_oldhamObama was in Berlin today to see Merkel. Looks like they got along a little better than Merkel and Trump
Retweeted by alan_oldham @HacktheMovies Your GF's got great taste, keep her
@creativemf @EddieSteak @brielarson So #deepcover she had to get a booty double for #CaptainMarvel lol. Take your meds #BenierPeople I know are getting in trouble left & right