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@THR @kaj33 It wasn’t a documentary. @thedailybeast Accidentally on purpose @tariqnasheed @voxdotcom DUH
Finally me & QT! the archives, just in time for your Saturday! #playloud @bleudawn7 Good for you. These people “voted their conscience” or wrote in some bs in 2016, now it’s your turn. SCO…
"The tendency to ignore the Negro's contribution to American life and to strip him of his personhood, is as old as…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamHoly shit @MarcelDettmann played DJ T-1000 "Liquid Metal" (Acid Version) on @THIRD_EAR in his #MutekLive mix!… @baseballcrank Why would you be? Trump is your guy. Over 20 GOP candidates in 2016 and he’s the one Republicans pic… but goodie #techno mix I did back in 2013 before I left the States. #flashbackfriday #detroittechno #playloud
Retweeted by alan_oldhamJust started watching #Billions. I like that Wall Street, corporate intrigue, "Margin Call"-type stuff. I can watch…
@laurenflax @Mixmag 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @TheRealRony305 @msleen1970 Again, over 90% of blacks voted Dem in 2016. Why wag your finger at your own when it wa… little bird told me that @Nastia_DJ will be playing this out this weekend’m told that my record on @suspectedmusic is SOLD OUT of the 1st red vinyl run & they’re going back to print in a… up; @alan_oldham is gonna make me play some slow jams in a Späti cooler next Thursday 🤨
Retweeted by alan_oldham @KarenLa50778872 @msleen1970 No. @TheRealRony305 @msleen1970 Blacks voted over 90% for Hillary. We are not the problem. @claudeyoung @5Magazine Agent X!!!!!Best Miles photo ever 🤣 @Wilson__Valdez @Bowiegrrl1 Best thread ever. @AmziQureshi @Drilllinayy @marcushjohnson Why do you project your biases onto @marcushjohnson? Like it’s impossible… love @djqbot killin it at about blank! #berlinlife #djlife🎧
Congrats to my favorite novelist @colsonwhitehead for making @BarackObama’s summer reading list with #TheNickelBoys T-1000 I TOLD EM I WAS FROM DETROIT [Suspected] ⁦@suspectedmusic⁩ ⁦@DJSTINGRAY313⁩ ⁦… on my @YouTube channel #PureSonikTV2 #Detroitrocketscience "Parallel Universe" [2019] #newmusic on my @YouTube channel #PureSonikTV2 "Pump It!" [2018] #detroittechno #acidtechno #messagedisciplineep of Detroit techno’s most distinctive visual artists, @alan_oldham, discusses the past, present and future…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @StdSucks #RIP Lursa 😢 @marcushjohnson They said HRC ran a “horrible” campaign but only lost the electoral by 80,000 votes, the size of a pro football game🙄Coming up on 22 August in #Berlin! If you're in town, be there! #puresonikyouth
Back in the studio with a little distorted acid jam I came up with. Bonus points if you can identify the sample!… to my beloved #Berlin after rocking #London! Here’s a celebratory ice cream wafflecone. I deserve it and so mu… @truncate_la I feel attacked 😬 @C_Rich75 @AOL Katy can sexually harass me any day.Haha I did a new remix of “We Need Our Weave” that @ellenallien is out there playing now #ratchettraxx @EmilyKinder11 @JuliaDavisNews Amen. @RogerLarson1970 @StdSucks Her line right before that high five was one of the worst in Trek history.
@Ravenswood2016 @Sophisti88 @PelosiSquadFive @kenner3616 @marcushjohnson By the time the pieces saw print, Kamala w… @xdelmar59 @Bowiegrrl1 So does Jill Stein. @laurenflax LOL nothing’s stopping you from celebrating the genius of Johnny Marr right now 🤣😘Last track at #NaturalSelection DJ T-1000 “My Body Is Ready” (@P_leoneleone Unreleased Remix), my forever closer! T… Frightened by shootings, appalled at Trump, Americans are voting with their feet — to leave
Retweeted by alan_oldham @CurtisScoon Scoon you left out Queen Kamala 🤣 @monos00 @SinkTheBernard @kingsfoil2550 If the email lady getting 3 MILLION MORE VOTES THAN HIM is “cheating,” then yeah. @CBSNews You’re never gonna make it, Gillibrand. Drop out. @EmilyKinder11 But-but the cLiNtoN cRimE fAmilY 🙄
@Angel_Alanis @eurowings If there was a way to delete this tweet, I would do it.That look when departure is delayed & the guy next to you is beasting the armrest & @eurowings doesn’t have phone c… @mikeservito @PhilipSherburne ❤️ @mikeservito @PhilipSherburne You’re old, you don’t count.Now in rainy Blighty! See you Sunday afternoon at Fold from 1-2:30 pm after DJ Skull! See more in my IG stories!… @StdSucks This has got to be the worst Star Trek cast of all time. @BrettScriver @marcushjohnson Been following Marcus long enough to know he doesn’t get into Twitter feels over cand…
DU™️ TONIGHT IN LONDON WITH @acidhall @alan_oldham #Repost @acidhall ・・・ See you tonight 🛸naturalselectionlondon1 f…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamOn the move! Next stop: #London! @JayBarney13 @AtlfalCANchick @bryannnn13 @TheRealOJ32 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @EmilyKinder11 @Connectionary These deplorables twist into pretzels to somehow involve Obama or HRC. Who is POTUS in 2019?
@thehill Somebody’s mad they didn’t get in on the Marvel gold rush like Downey, Evans, etc
Catching up with my homeboy from #Brooklyn, Lenny Posso! We’re DJing together 22 Aug at Diskothek Melancholie! If y… @CurtisScoon He just married a white chick so he's got to tap-dance to keep his job.#1 on the #decksde chart after 3 weeks!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @dnahealthnut I never forgot it. @StdSucks @ComicBook I hate how the ship spins and flips and flops around to depict “spore drive” 🙄Back in #London this Saturday with a raft of heavy hitters!
I was bullied in high school for playing the bongos. Now I play the bongos for the price is right house band. Just be.
Retweeted by alan_oldham @JimmyMaheras @THRMattBelloni @THR Yup @TheNumba1Guy @THRMattBelloni @THR Yup 4800 followers and a blue check since you brought it up. Can’t wait for this flick. @ClarenceMack3 America will not elect a bachelor president. @EmilyKinder11 @KFILE It’s TX. The deplorables will be lined up around the block. @THRMattBelloni @THR The movie I didn’t know I wanted. European release date????#phasefatale #adamx @alan_oldham #industrial #detroittechno #nightlife #prenzlauerberg #berlinlife #djlife🎧
Getting a lot of inspo for tracks off people’s Instagram videos. @ecksorcist @thehill Because right-wingers didn’t make a dime off Obama. 🙄 @C_Rich75 And there it is. @KCwvbc @thedailybeast Evangelicals won’t vote for a Mormon. Ask Mitt. @EmilyKinder11 @AdrBell @CityofGalveston @GalvestonCom They’re trying to bring back the slave catchers. Lucky I live in Europe.Finally watching #GameOfThrones and I’m convinced the High Sparrow is an allegory for Bernie Sanders.Thanks to @DJDaveClarke for playing "I Told 'Em I Was From Detroit" (@DJSTINGRAY313 Remix) on #whitenoiseradio!… to brother @SantonioEchols for somehow working my latest banger "I Told 'Em I Was From Detroit" into this so…
SO ARE WE GONNA BAN KNIVES NOW??? HUR DUR HUR @StarryEyedGir11 @Istari1960 @StdSucks Yup the MCU is finished.Always weird and cool to have my art on someone’s body! Thanks to Alanzar Giortzakos! #tattoo #tattooart supports #detroitrocketscience Parallel Universe EP [Pure Sonik Records] "downloaded for r hawtin" -… Shake Shakir Alan Oldham Channel One Richie Hawtin Eddie Flashing Fowlkes Terrence Parker Daniel Bell Aux 8…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamAlways weird and cool to have my art on someone’s body! Thanks to Pia Pinball! #tattoo #tattooart #tattooideas
@drift1974 @democracynow Chicago area and IL in general is losing population for the 4th year in a row. Obama’s not… @TheRealOJ32 Love seeing The Juice take a stab at social commentary. He cuts right to the chase. Twitter fits him like a glove. @SinkTheBernard She’s the Christine O’Donnell of this generation only from the faux left.Followed by the great @nilslofgren. Wow 😮 @democracynow Cornel wasn’t invited to #Obama’s inauguration and he’s been on a hate trip ever since. Don’t look no… to know they managed to take the #ElPaso shooter alive and without a scratch after killing 20 people. #murca
@Nerdrotics @StdSucks @WilliamShatner Since the JJ era Trek is obsessed with Spock it makes sense that Shatner would guest on the Orville.Here is a check from streaming. This one is a big one.
Retweeted by alan_oldham @ClarenceMack3 Thanks Putin. @antonnewcombe #illuminati #baphomet #luciferiansI don’t like posting too much art because peeps then downplay my tracks and “forget” to book me as a DJ #polymathproblems #djscomplaining"Gold und Liebe" acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 2011. Painted at the old Hotel Christophe, Neukolln. Owned by… they've got Coinstars over here now, that's bad news for the old babushka I used to give change toTo people in the crowd, please don't shout requests like 'play harder, deeper, faster etc ..' at me or any DJ. We a…
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