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Damnit, man 😢 @WhitmanEllis @EJDionne Wrong. Berners are not interested in being “brought in.” They hate Dems. They wanted Trump… favorite part of the 808 documentary was when Afrika Bambaataa was about to use an Alesis HR-16 on “Planet Rock”… I woke up the sky was blue with one #chemtrail. Now two hours later it’s cloudy ⛅️. Geoengineering is real, I’m not crazy @vgiglotti @marcushjohnson They figure if they repeat it enough, it’ll come true @JesseHeartthrob Can confirm @EriSapmi @AAhangarzadeh @CoolGreenPines @igorvolsky @BernieSanders @Zac_Petkanas If by “rigged” you mean Democrats… @NewNowMan @peterdaou @KamalaHarris @BernieSanders @ewarren Preach. Dem or bust @doodlesdan @marcushjohnson Your side voted Trump over Hillary. We’re just returning the favor. At least I am @antonnewcombe @MrChuckD @PublicEnemyFTP @WuTangClan Yes! Gods of Rap tourIncredible read, esp. if you lived thru these times. I remember getting this album in at the radio station where I… 2011-12 when everything was 125 bpm or lower and you couldn't find any bangin' techno tracks? Not the case…
Super stoked to announce that my very 1st record ever as a producer from 1991 is being re-released by #Rawax! Sourc… to live in #Berlin & be surrounded by all these talented people! Thx to @beatport for a great film showing!…
New York, 90s. Courtesy of @DJBecka #TBT“I travel for business reasons, I am not a tourist.” #KarlLagerfeld #RIP @andiwithani Don’t do anything for free. Problem solved. @bobtxsa @Reuters Yes we have 2 presidents now: Trump & Putin @JackMccumiskey @Reuters Pretty sure Nancy, FR existed before 2018, but nice try
#HighFlyingBird on @netflix. Something cool & smart with black people in it. Widescreen cinematography on point. Wo…‘The Punisher’ & ‘Jessica Jones’ Canceled By Netflix; Latter’s 3rd Season Still To Air
Retweeted by alan_oldham @SHFTD_AVN 😂😂😂😂 @ErisDrew Peak moment years ago @alan_oldham plays a blistering techno set & then drops "Destination Unkown" by Missing Persons.
Retweeted by alan_oldhamInto the singularity. Next stop: a parallel universe! New #Detroitrocketscience in progress. Photo: Bruce Carpenter…
@temisanadoki @activist360 Thanks I knew I wasn’t crazy @activist360 @temisanadoki Wasn’t Chomsky pro-Bernie in 2016? @aberquine #NP6Music lots of groups of have moved here like Eddie Argos ( art brut ) @TheKVB @The_UY etc, the third…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamI tried #Nightflyers on @netflix. Couldn't get past ep 2. If you've seen the 1st #Alien, #EventHorizon, or… had a German guy & a French Moroccan girl in separate instances this weekend tell me that since I'm black, I'll look young forever @eclecticbrotha As if the David Duke endorsement wasn’t enough @dnahealthnut @JosephNSanberg @serenalburg Yes! Bring back the old ladies counting. Great temp employment for a lot of people @DJ_Alexia_K 💕These rich guys came back from #Davos with this new taxation rhetoric. They know the plebes are on the verge of ope…
I lost my to-do list and now I don't know what to do.
Retweeted by alan_oldhamHoly God #AmazingGrace. Mainline #black soul & true #gospel into your veins. #Aretha in her prime, a voice from God… to @berlinale! The #Aretha documentary, can’t wait! Genius of the Mississippi Delta, 1983 #newyorkart #basquiat
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This is the first remix I did using the #MaschineMK3 exclusively. Free download, enjoy. @NI_News @NI_Maschine trying to impress the ones who ain't bringing/letting you in. Find some kool like minded people & build your o…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamI’m two degrees away from @DemiRoseMawby. Which means I’m in the right business#Techno #Art #Djax @alan_oldham
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We're now 100 days away from Movement 2019🙌 WHO'S READY?! #MovementDetroit 🎵: Andre Crom - Tool #001 (DJ T-1000 (a…
Retweeted by alan_oldham#HappyValentinesDay to the ladies. I don’t have a valentine this year, who wants to step up? 😘💕💕 @truncate_la I def saw @alan_oldham do this to a white label of a terry lee brown jr remix in 1996, pretty sure it…
Retweeted by alan_oldham25 May I'm back in #MexicoCity with @basmooy! First time there since 2012??? Let's do this! #detroit #rotterdam marathon continues. Recording another one @NI_News @NI_Maschine #berlin #detroit #minimal #techno @C_Rich75 @YahooNews Snowden 2.0
Myself, @SeanDeason & Dan Bell at Sean's wedding, 1993 #detroittechno #waybackwednesday WANT WANT @truncate_la Your “slower than normal” is everybody else’s full plate quit frontin 😂Spending my morning doing invoices, a good problem to have!Stolen from Tim Xavier. This is hilarious me back to sexy L.A.! Here's me & my art projection at #FromGermanyToLA! One of the best gigs I had back in 20… @temisanadoki 3) O.J.'s acquittal, Oct 3, 1995
While everyone has an opinion on what they "deserve," can you tell me what you bring to the table? What you DESERVE…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamEmail blast from @beatport: 30% off sale!!!! Me: gets excited Also me: Reads fine print "Not applicable to WAV or AIFF" Me again: WTFIt's been four years since I was in #Paris. Somebody needs to change that. Track: "I Wanna Go Bac…
Damn, I’m just now getting into S2. The good news is, in the parallel universe it’ll go 7 seasons @C_Rich75 They really tell on themselves, don’t they 😂That time I watched an #Illuminati ritual and #TheGrammys broke out @JohnWesleyShipp @ec_schneider When you’ve lost The Flash, you’ve lost America 🇺🇸
Tickets purchased for #AmazingGrace, the #Aretha documentary. She blocked its release while she was alive, now it’s… service announcement: I don’t go back and forth on social media with people not on my level, I delete and bl… @paulSDMCR Ever since they stopped teaching history and Poli Sci in the US, and right-wing propaganda has filled th… a dude freebasing at the Moritzplatz U-Bahn station. Tinfoil, the whole bit. Yup, I’m back in #Berlin
Spring dates rolling in, super excited! Contact Fabian at @BPitchControl: booking@bpitch.deAndy Warhol in #Detroit @TheWarholMuseum @artistwarhol
Workin’ out a new banger! Any labels interested? 😉 #studiolife #djlife #producerlife #detroittechno #berlintechno @CharlesBunders @stardales @richbiev @GovHowardDean The DNC chooses Democrats, that might be where your problem lies.30 years ago on November 24 1989 techno music became a world wide phenomenon from the city of Detroit and nightcl…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @PatrickDSP Funny as it sounds yeah 😂Remember the good old days when people had jobs and you could bang your shit during the day?When you discover a new band only to find out they broke up already. #miniatures #shoegaze #indie @decayfm
2019 at @GriessmuehleBer next month for another 24 hour @BPitchControl Boogie! Finally sharing a bill with… @Patrickesque @rimonima Because the powers that be want these chaos agents out there spoiling elections for Democra… moin from my beloved #Berlin! Love the morning haze. I’m never up this early, thank you jet lag. Time for coff…
@Bravewriting These motherfuckas done lost they got damn mindWho knew #AlteredImages was dark like this. All I knew was "Happy Birthday" & "I Could Be Happy" #80s #newwave I'm shifting over to full-on CDJ now. Just re-bought a bunch of my vinyl bombs on digital @RealKyleMorris LOL this is the second shot I've seen where he's in the stands, seething. Yup, presidential temperament
@BroknHeadphones I didn't see it as mean-spirited at all, you're goodSad about #KristoffStJohn. I used to watch him and Drucilla on the soaps back in the 90s. I had an ex-GF who crazy… @C_Rich75 Absolutely.I’ve never played @boilerroomtv because _________________________ @C_Rich75 This dude thought he was in one of his own movies 🙄Alan Oldham ( @alan_oldham ) “Cosmic Tee” printed for @ghostly . "Alan Oldham is regarded internationally for his…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamBack at my beloved @SuicideBerlin on 3.30! One of the best systems in Berlin! Love coming home to new bookings, tha… off the jet lag & getting back to it. Some @beatport digging & I got a new track on the sequencer. I think… is doing their job. #Trump2020 #MAGA
First time checking out the full @MovementDetroit lineup since I was booked...WOW! Honored to be sharing the bill w… @hanselang @thehill I've been a minority all my life, you'll get used to it.In this biz over the years I've seen a lot of flop gigs with promoters whose eyes were bigger than their stomachs..… shit Omar S gave me dap! Honored and humbled! Thank you brother Norm Talley for sending me the link! did an exclusive tee shirt design for @ghostly's 20th anniversary! Check it out
It is a balmy 34F in #Berlin right now. I didn’t even need a hat! Thank God I’m out of that Midwest deep freeze 🥶 I… ur positive vibes overpower their negativity 👽🔮👽✨
Retweeted by alan_oldhamMood. @boweryelectric #beat #shoegaze #experimental