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generator. pure sonik records. react. tresor. third ear. finale sessions. bpitch control. cuttin' headz. elypsia records.

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#Amerika has gone insane. Not sure if she can come back. Look out for yourselves & your loved ones out there.
Happy 70th b-day to the god #PhilipMichaelThomas! The co-star of one of the coolest TV shows ever made #miamivice of concept for an Oldham Industries mask! 😷 If I made, would you buy???? #maskup #covid_19 #corona #staysafe @C_Rich75 Under the hoods they’re the same exact people. @Demagogues_Bane Where was the good movie in there?Back in the early 90s Himadri from Teste gave me an experimental demo for Generator that was constructed like that…
@sacr3dcycl3s No I mean in terms of final sequencing. Not talking about a 4/4 mix CD but a normal listening album.… thing I miss about the CD era is how you could sculpt transitions between tracks in Sound Forge or Toast & make… the batpoles!🔥🔥🔥🔥 blood pressure way down since last time. According to doc, I was on the verge of something serious. Got my own… the virus is over??? Its cured??? Take it from someone who was sick...theres gonna be alot more sick people soon...smh
Retweeted by alan_oldham @haylesatan @KHiveQueenBee DING @THR So literally anybody can play this role, I guess. @CLK55 I’m no fan of Biden, but you either want Trump or you don’t.According to this commercial, Asians have been serving up flu viruses since 1970. But #Virex is on the job.…
@THR They can dry their tears with those million dollar paychecks.The next time one of you complains about how veteran DJs are “living in the past,” check this post out. Newsflash:… for aging hipsters #2 #TheChameleons via @BigSonicHeaven
Back in 2018, I didn't play @MovementDetroit, but I did a set at @GhopUnderground in #Ferndale, MI that was one for… @KHiveQueenBee This should be its own feed.
@Kennymack1971 You need more followers.This time last year I was in my hometown, playing @MovementDetroit. Big love to #chuckflask & the whole @paxahau cr… @JasonODonoghue5 @StdSucks They are the new faces of Trek. @joncoopertweets Moses told the Hebrews to stay in and let the plagues pass, but no, some had to test it. Hell, the…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @joncoopertweets @SallyAlbright His will be done. @KHiveQueenBee She should have complied. Blue lives matter 🤷🏽‍♂️
@MJody754 @BlockaIsBack @TorraineWalker Quit flexin, Mr. One Follower. Grown folks talking. @BlockaIsBack @TorraineWalker Careful brother careful! 🤣 @vivianhost DING DING DINGComing next month: #puresonikyouth tees & totes! EXTREMELY LIMITED. Bundled with a 1/2 off discount code for my “Pu… @posthuman This applies to way more than music.Literally two of my favorite Detroiters on the same bill! Straight flames 🔥 @Cee4our @MollyNagle3 @JoeBiden @CNBC Wow a white guy who hates Democrats, shocking 🙄 @KHiveQueenBee So wow maybe she’s a fucking liar. @SallyAlbright People online like to tone police. If they’re not putting money in my PayPal they can fuck off (link in bio).Vielen Dank an alle, die mir alles Gute zum Geburtstag gewünscht haben! Ich hoffe ihr bleibt alle sicher da draußen… & respect to my old art mentors and #Marvel legends Arvell Jones & Keith Pollard for grabbing me by ears as a… @annoyed_critic BUt bUt reDsHirTs diEd iN eveRy ePisodE oF tOs! YoUr jUst a WhIny gAtEkEePinG bAby mAn! #wearestarfleet @Kennymack1971 DING DING DING @MidSentryModern @alanjlizarraga @charles_gaba @marcushjohnson Not really.
My birthday set for #HoerBerlin is now on @YouTube! Danke Totzie for the cake & bubbly ❤️ And thanks to everyone wh… @ursomoneyhoney @KHiveQueenBee Sad to see what we see isn’t it 🤣 @TijanaT And it is in this environment that they expect me to trust a rushed, untested vaccine. No thanks.Spotify paying 100 million for Joe Rogan's podcast and still paying music artists a pittance isn't really surprising is it?
Retweeted by alan_oldham @PoliticusSarah @politicususa BiDeN nEeds to sTeP dOwN @RFan1701 @StdSucks @Mongrelbite Remember those bloody torture scenes in TOS, TNG, VOY & DS9? Remember when the Adm…
When I started doing #shoegaze mixes for fun, who knew stations would start requesting them. Spent part of my b-day… @tom_konxompax Nice meeting you too! #quarantineset @reallybob1 @Darcman @marcushjohnson “Conservative/libertarian” = instant block. Be well!Fan art by Zain Rashid (@ciscoadvent's son). He nailed my personality! What a great b-day gift! Thanks! ❤️ @THR This is the #StarWars equivalent of Trump blaming Obama. @keeney_shane @historicity @thehill I agree that Trump should go away. @thehill As he should.#HappyBirthday to me as I plunge into senior citizenhood. HATE IT ❤️
@SRuhle @GovHowardDean Once you pay me, it’s non-refundableStill got a few Pure Sonik Youth tees. Puttin’ ‘em up for international sale soon! #puresonikrecords @dnahealthnut Would we really be sad if that guy got Corona? @cindyjburgess88 Who tf is Sam Heughan?I love this brand name. I bought it just because of the comedy. “For life’s little accidents.” Also classic, sensit…
@khandmusic @juanatkins @terrenceparker @kennylark @staceypullen @HeidelbergProj @derrickmayday @carlcraignet Wednesday at 6 pm CET! I'm streaming a birthday set live from #HORBerlin! Stream live or watch on @YouTube!, this is making the rounds. #SimoneAngel talking to @juanatkins @terrenceparker @kennylark @staceypullen @GovHowardDean 30% of America.
@T_FisherKing @Kennymack1971 @onesarahjones They don’t have a problem with drones as long as it’s a white man at th… pandemic isn’t over just because you feel bored.
Retweeted by alan_oldhamWait, I call shenanigans. How can this toxically-masculine movie with a cisgender male "hero" and zero feminist rol…
@BurnettRM Right?
My ex-fiancée & I met #DaveGrohl & #TaylorHawkins waiting for their ride at DTW I met #JohnRitter (RIP) at baggage…, straight flames! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @posthuman a) Nothing in this era of #StarTrek has been any good (although the 2009 reboot had its moments). b) Thi… do I get the feeling people are caring less and less about DJ mixes and livestreams? Or is it just me ?
Retweeted by alan_oldham“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” - Lt. Cmdr Montgomery Scott smiles in #LosAngeles in 2018! That time I played “From Germany to LA.” Wanted to get back to LA this year for… and about in the hood. Outdoor cafes are tentatively opening up with every other table blocked off for social d…
@ajortiz3 How did we miss Miami Vice????Wait so #LilyAllen and Theon Greyjoy are brother and sister IRL? Wow just had my mind blownhi please don’t send me unsolicited dick pics thank you
Retweeted by alan_oldham @marcushjohnson Funny 'cause #HRC actually won a Grammy.
No musical legend or friend died today (that I know of), so that's good. In fact, it's #StevieWonder's birthday, Go… @business @BW @HeLiesWeDie1 @SallyAlbright I’d rather be the first to open an establishment with a mask on than be the first beta… love how Kling Klang is an actual GPS location so you know I was really there 🤣 @C_Rich75 Leave Bryan alone 🤣 I lost gigs too because of this shit. Good for him.Above this warehouse door stands the former Kling Klang Studio, home of @kraftwerkofficial. Düsseldorf, 2018. Flori… @SilenceFranklin @thehill “Satire” is the fucking fallback for you people.While I'm spending this #quarantine time in the studio getting my next concoctions ready for release, enjoy the ong…
@MARTYN3024 @gunnarhaslam I was scrolling and like what???? @gunnarhaslam stop it now!Just now getting around to listening to this. Super good all the way through. And not just because I'm friends with… @StdSucks @TheCinemaSpot They’re just going out of their way to piss off fans at this point. Why? @StevenBeschloss @dnahealthnut While you’re stroking egos, remember that 53% of white women (a majority) voted for Trump in the first place. @tariqnasheed He said “vagina” not “bussy” @SallyAlbright Because people are invested in keeping it going.🔥🔥🔥🔥 @posthuman Not movies, but most any original Netflix series. @stereominusone @posthuman Why do you even bother watching movies?
@Wilson__Valdez Shocking 🙄Tune in @dublab today noon PT for a two hour #shoegaze and goth set by @alan_oldham: #radio
Retweeted by alan_oldham @SunshineHappyP1 2020 can't really get much worse, so I'd say you're finally on safe ground.Music for aging hipsters (me).