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SH-101, the next generation? Superlative Instruments launch the svelte SB01 - a 101 in 1".
Retweeted by alan_oldham @kredzsays @DRMMARQUEZ11 @msleen1970 @TomPerez @JulianCastro @SenSanders @ewarren @DNC @GOP Bernie (I) is supposed… #Cannon on @MeTV. Funny thing is he’s not even that fat by today’s standards #oldschooltv @thedailybeast Translation: they met his fee. @kredzsays @DRMMARQUEZ11 @msleen1970 @TomPerez @JulianCastro @SenSanders @ewarren @DNC @GOP Smart lady. Support the… @kredzsays @DRMMARQUEZ11 @msleen1970 @TomPerez @JulianCastro @SenSanders @ewarren Not so puzzling when you figure T… #mundomuzique #classic #90s @synewaverecords #nyc #mondaymotivation @princessmom122 @BernieSanders Putin operatives are closing ranks.
@ClarenceMack3 This is the political equivalent of a no-name struggle rapper trying to beef with a best-selling ind… @sophiasaze Wow 😭😭😭😭 @PatrickDSP BUT IT'S SO get back to #Berlin & the gym! Every time I come back to the States I go crazy with restaurant and junk foodNew promo shots made in #Detroit by Ashley "Teff" Teffer!
@ish_not @carolinerkenny @princessmom122 @KamalaHarris I understand hypocrisy well.Music to travel by. @DrabMajesty: The Demonstration via @YouTube #goth #shoegaze #retro #80s @carolinerkenny @princessmom122 @KamalaHarris Mad at Trump for saying “Grab ‘em by the pussy,” but Luke got rich pu… @CoryBooker 🤣This cool-daddy Megabus driver looks like he should be playing sax with a Boney James-style smooth jazz quartet, not driving a bus.Thank you #Detroit, and thank you @marbledetroit! Good to be back at the crib for a hot minute. Photo: Abandoned ch… @dnahealthnut Hillary didn’t even names names. Hit dogs howling all over their place. @thehill This will really damage Hillary’s campaign. @genetic_warrior @SailorHaumea @propornot Disappointing. I was into Beto. But he’s polling at like 2% so it’s academic. @PalJ0ey @RandPaul @GovMikeHuckabee In France, they chase these people down and rip their suits off their backs. CE…
Thx to everyone who came out to @marbledetroit last night! Thx also to my love @WomenOnWax who killed it on opening… @thehill @TulsiGabbard Is she really running against Hillary? 🤣 @TabascoStafford @Ange_Amene DJ Khalid ain’t black though. @dnahealthnut HRC didn’t even mention Tulsi’s name haha. Hit dogs bark the loudest. @PhilipSherburne @marwilliamson @TulsiGabbard 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 @Susan58195593 @Philos_Sofia @PelosiSquadFive No avatar pic + bunch of numbers after your handle + 61 followers =…
@DMannXT @Tizia4U @thehill 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @Philos_Sofia @PelosiSquadFive I haven’t forgotten he voted for fucking Ralph Nader in 2000.HRC: one of these women is being groomed to run third party AK: KH: EW: MW: Tulsi: I’M NOT A RUSSIAN PUPPET YOU NEO…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamRIP #BillMacy, Bea Arthur's Husband on #Maude, Dies at 97 via @thr
Retweeted by alan_oldhamPosted @withrepost@spacehall.official Back In: DJ T-1000 - I Told ’Em I Was From Detroit - Suspected018 incl.… on the move! >>>> Next stop...HOME! #ontheroad #detroit @WhattheFhappen2 @thehill Then leave the United States because that’s how America works.See you Friday night at @marbledetroit! Closing duties 1:30-4 am! Photo: @housi3000 #hometown #detroittechno @joe_dirt87 @fish_spear @tariqnasheed I saw it. Nate made a masterpiece. @C_Rich75 So much for that “black & brown coalition” @Nowhere68 @Communista2 @SallyAlbright 🤣
I did an exclusive track for @ellenallien's new @BPitchControl sublabel #UFOInc.! This new vinyl-only compilation a… ADVENT Album on MORD with Artwork from legendary ⁦@alan_oldham⁩ ✊🏽🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🎶
Retweeted by alan_oldham @ArmandoNDK Are you actually looking to Sarah Silverman for good taste? @watchmen Looks awful. The original graphic novel and the Zack Snyder movie are all you need.Such a pleasure to announce the next release on #mordrecords :: we got a doublepack coming up with 8 tunes by the l…
Retweeted by alan_oldham @mikeservito Thank you 🙏🏽The only people who say things like this have toxic or cultish political views and are trying to shame you into acc… I'm back in #Chicago all I watch is @MeTV. Love these old TV shows, they remind me of my mom. We used to watch… night with the Chitown homies @djhyperactive and @TB313! Back in my old stomping grounds Wicker Park!…
@KMC4wauk @ClarenceMack3 Our Dem party died when Obama left office.Been nursing a cold for the past few days, and #Claritin appears in my Twitter feed. I didn’t post about it. My pho… @marcushjohnson Dude you’ve got the best political feed on Twitter 🤣Going thru the archives and came across these old posters for “Neutra.” I remember dropping some off at Record Time… latest chart for @residentadvisor is up now feat. @spencer_parker @ladystarlightny @P_leoneleone
@exquisitefacade @princessmom122 And Bingo was his name-o.Thx to @laurenflax for including my new track #MyBodyIsReady in her latest @RinseFM mix! <3 @Michael95390976 @thehill @DNC By running under their banner. That’ll show ‘em.Nick Fury and The Falcon teaming up again? I’m in hiking in #Bridgeport. #Chicago #SouthSide @PelosiSquadFive @BernieSanders Because a lot of Bernie-Bros are also start-up/tech bros.“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” –Mahatma Ghandi “We won, you…
Back home to #Detroit this Friday in good company! See you at @marbledetroit!
New techno: Dj T-1000 – I Told ´Em I Was From Detroit (Scan 7’s way of the 7 remix)
Retweeted by alan_oldhamDJ T-1000 I TOLD EM I WAS FROM DETROIT [Suspected] Suspectedから、デトロイト・テクノ・シーンのベテランDJ T-100…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamHave you heard ‘Tighten Up’ by DJ T-1000 on #SoundCloud? #np
Retweeted by alan_oldham @lesbianintell @sogreat1989 @EllisGBS @ReginaA1981 I know people don't like facts, but that's not my problem.’s at it again! Go Marilyn Go!
Reunited with my main man @mylesserge in his hometown of #GrandRapids! So good to see this dude! Thanks to… essentials.
Cities around the globe are facing a stark reality: There are not enough affordable places for people to live
Retweeted by alan_oldhamTonight in Grand Rapids! Can’t wait to bang it! See you there!
@djvolvox They gonna mess around and kill that man. @sogreat1989 @EllisGBS @ReginaA1981 They can always find a way to shoehorn black men into their bullshit. 53% of wh… @dnahealthnut Wow he looks like his head’s about to pop off. Thank God it’s only a heart attack and not something d…
Back to #GrandRapids this Friday night to rock the Metro! Excited! Track: “Modify” by @truncate_la @laurenflax @Angel_Alanis That’s what that motherfucker does.It was 40F and raining when I left Berlin. It was 70F and sunny when I reached Chicago. Nice one. @C_Rich75 Wonder how many black men she hugged who went before her for far less heinous crimes.NO I WILL NOT BE AT ADE TO GRAB A COFFEE
Retweeted by alan_oldhamThe airplane toilet had lighting like a Hollywood dressing room. Watch was a gift from my dad
Back in Crook County, where a bottled Dunkin Donuts iced coffee was over $5 at the airport. I could have bought a S… on the move! Next stop: #Chicago via #Helsinki! Miss those good old @airberlin direct flights 😢 #onthemove @laurenflax Get busy child!
New mix - loads of new techno & electro thrown together whilst having a few beers. 🙃 Musi…
Retweeted by alan_oldhamLast selfie from the crazy weekend! Thx to everyone who stayed with me from 5-7 am, and thanks to @TresorBerlin, 28… @dnahealthnut @PhiKapMom @TomPerez 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Should’ve said “Austrian” above not Viennese.Add Lene Lovich to the list (“New York New York,” “Lucky Number”)Exposure to #German culture growing up in #Detroit: Kraftwerk Neue Deutsch Welle (German New Wave: Nena, Peter Sch… Carroll, 'Julia' and 'Dynasty' star, dies at 84. She was the first black TV actress to star in a middle-cla…
Retweeted by alan_oldham.@DrabMajesty in Berlin. Incredible show.
@princessmom122 Hologram Bernie up next. @djqbot Yes you did!View from the cage at @tresorberlin! What a set! Had such fun playing all new tracks, including a ton of my own mat… you know you missed out 😕 @alan_oldham
Retweeted by alan_oldham @tvobscurities There was a whole playlist on YouTube. Every episode. Probably deleted now. @StdSucks @NY_Comic_Con The whole idea of the Talosians was they were old ladies with dubbed in male voices to make…
@modeselektor This can’t be me, ich liebe Bair-leen 😉 @10Specialheart @kevinjdeal @thehill Is it?