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VP Salesforce Quip, Evangelist for #DigitalWorkplace, #Socbiz and the #FutureOfWork. Previously at Constellation Research.

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Hey @TopTrailblazers @SalesforceAdmns @SalesforceDevs I hope to see you here! 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 @SalesforceCA @quip
@ChrisMarshSF @salesforce @quip Sure thing. @Quip Live Deal Feeds are the perfect example of bringing data from Sal… @ChrisMarshSF Well I know one #CRM vendor that cares... @Salesforce @Quip! That's why we're so heavily focused on t…🙏🏾 ELLE's Women in Tech: The 2020 Power List - Congrats Sukinder Singh Cassidy, Karen Kahn, Stacey Brown-Philpot, ⁦…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of WorkSo deserved. @tony_prophet is not only an amazing champion of #EqualityForAll , he’s also an inspirational leader w… @gssahni @rwang0 @lizkmiller @lnfrance @constellationr Wish I was there! @demirbayer @harleyf Hi, Dan! Not at this time, but thanks for your enthusiasm! You can stay up to date with our pl…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work @DomNicastro Twitter is not just for ranting. @SiVola @KyberApp @SlackHQ Congrats. I’m glad your business is doing well. Keep it up! @plightbo @reclaimai I know I owe you a few responses. Sorry it’s just really busy time. #irony @DomNicastro Congrats Twix. Good dog! @AndrewNebus Oohhh the Varsity! Over drinks I’ll tell you stories someday.Inspire me. What awesome things have you seen or done this week? Go!'m not having the best day, but these signs help. @adam_sulkowski @kulawschool @HilaryEscajeda @KULawJournal Ridiculous? No, not at all. I appreciate you asking. How… @kulawschool @KULawJournal @adam_sulkowski @babson @BabsonBoston Everything a out work is indeed changing. How we w…
@DaveMichels I'm not saying people should panic, but the same time it's silly to downplay the significance.Hey #haligonians, today we hosting our second #trailblazercommunity meeting in 2020. Kyle Cruickshanks from…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of WorkCongrats @vinayp10 and @cdmckay on @processstreet's $12M Series A. Workflow/automation are such a vital element in…"We needed an account planning tool that is integrated with @Salesforce, because Salesforce is our single source of… @zazamataz @FlorenceOnanuga @CherFeldman Welcome, eh! 🇨🇦🍁 @AirCanada So if the odds are low of getting upgraded to business class because of a long wait list, but premium ec… @AirCanada @Aeroplan when requesting an eupgrade, the price was 2 credits for premium, 8 for business. If I request… #Porsche Driving Experience today at #AXS2020 really had our adrenaline pumping! What a way to jump into this f…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of WorkWho was the fastest around the track today? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE. #startuplife #DayintheLife #AXS2020
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work
@s_look @BananaRepublic I feel like at this stage they should be sponsoring me. @ChrisMarshSF @BananaRepublic @LeeJeans @corey_snow @salesforce @SalesforceAdmns @SFDOPartners @SalesforceOrg @appexchange @SalesforceArchs @SalesforceDevs @melissahilldees Is people your colleagues or your family?Thank you Dreamin and Community events! @MistyRaeJones @Amandabn1 @itsjustChris_H @CherFeldman @salesforce @gcourtin Ending soon. One time only. Act now!
Hold on, I think @BananaRepublic is having a 40% off sale! Geees. #CX #CustomerExperience #EmailMarketing @emilyjohnson748 @arstechnica @netana_80 @VanRijmenam As long as it's balanced with multiple opportunities per year… just noticed the @Tesla parked next to me was in "dog mode". That's pretty cool..@pgreenbe here's one I think you'll enjoy, combining your love of #CRM and sports! @bhaines0 @dlavenda I hear IRC is coming back. Oh wait..@SalesCloud customers, here is a nice summary of what's new in #Spring20. #crm article by @dlavenda on the past, present and future of collaboration tools. David asks "Will collaboration to… @richardmoy @engageug @HCLDigital @YesThatRobNovak @theoheselmans @dhinchcliffe For example - Consistency in naming… @richardmoy @engageug @HCLDigital @YesThatRobNovak @theoheselmans @dhinchcliffe Every #lowcode vendor can create fl… @richardmoy @engageug @HCLDigital @YesThatRobNovak @theoheselmans While #lowcode is obviously super hot, and Domino… Congrats @sabrina_i20🙏🏾 RIP Katherine Johnson—Courageous American Hero 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work @PAYOLETTER My high school guidance counselor told me I would never make it as an Engineer because I stunk at math.…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of WorkThe “If you lose something as soon as you buy a new one you’ll immediately find the original” fairies are working o… week it was Kronos + Ultimate. This week, Cornerstone + Saba. Expect to see striking new narratives in #HRTech
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work @danieljpeter OMG. One Million Gummies. @salesforce @timberners_lee and @SolidMit. #privacy #SecurityHug your kids. Call your parents. Say I love you a few more times today than you did yesterday.
This is not why I want to see MJ, but he proves again why he’s a legend. #KobeFarewell #kobememorial #KobeBryant @corey_snow Put those all together and you have a kick ass Dreamforce Talk :-)Part 1: What I’ve learned from 3 years of “living socially” a)Networking is about giving - aspire to become a net p…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of WorkWorld Tour Sydney has been ✨reimagined✨ into a digital experience on March 4th. So how can you still get all that 🐾…
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work @JamesLoduca What you do need to prepare for is methods for dealing with the jealousy. Make #2 as important to #1 a… @JamesLoduca What's incredible is that love does not have a limited supply. You'll find the love for number 2 does… is #DigitalTransformation? via @tomfishburne #marketoon h/t @bruce #futureofwork #CxOOften people are looking for a mentor but are afraid to ask. Make yourself available. Share your experiences. Somet…
#FirstWorldProblems ... dropping significantly in airline status. I partially feel gutted, partially happy (I was h… you to the parking lot artist who decided to share their creativity with the world by keying my car.
@JusticeSikakane I'm exhausted just watchingHa! I just put down the sunvisor in my car and then rotated it 90° to block the sun coming in from the driverside w… hath no fury like a sleep-deprived toddler #parentingSo she's the store manager's manager's manager's manager's manager. :-)CIO Strategy: Innovation Opportunities
Retweeted by Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work @getwired You mean Prezi? @getwired Animantions are so 2016. Morph!Shoot #LikeAGirl @gordonr Not Tim Hortons?I don't know who Heather is, I'm assuming the store manager, but good pick! #trailblazer
@HabteMedhanie Ah ah... a two step solution! @karenmangia I asked the same question on Facebook, and I was saying to someone there... I love when the response i… in family, work, cost of living, politics, weather, education, healthcare, transportation and several oth… to #DigitalAdoptionPlatform @whatfix on raising $32M. I started the DAP category a few years ago, outlinin… opportunity. Equal representation. A workforce that looks like society. Authenticity, be who you are. Be an al… in YOUrselfThe differences in UI between Google Calendar (on the web), iCloud Calendar (web) and iCal (Mac) are driving me nuts!!!
.@Quip for #Customer360 is the easiest way for @Salesforce customers to transform #CRM processes like account plann… 100% this. Having just celebrated by 1 year anniversary, I have to say the culture at Salesforce is fantastic… 101: always have a back up for your child’s favourite stuffed animal. At the moment I’ve failed my own a… that's a sales kick off!
@kmendes @indysen @robin_daniels Was it negative caloric?Remember when it went from 286, 386, 486 and then the marketing department got involved and it became Pentium? :-)Excellent @HarvardBiz article by @bussgang and @jonobacon: "If a company can transition from simply delivering a pr… @salesforce @CommerceCloud #CustomerExperience #Customer360 #SSOT #CRM #ecommerce played grocery store. @jdrosen2 I've often said "phone home pages are the new fingerprints, no two people on the planet have the same."One of the many reasons I'm proud to work at @salesforce: "Adopted by 193 countries the 17 Sustainable Development…“I’m running to be the most progressive president we will have had in the last half century, but crucially, I'm als…“If we respected our teachers just a little more like we do our soldiers, and paid our teachers just a little more…“The idea of the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump lecturing anybody on family values... one thing about my ma… @bhaines0 @_jfeldman @tcrawford @mkrigsman I've never found it intuitive that CTO is the person responsible for the… @collinz Wow. Nicely done. What this guy was doing with similar, but instead of squat jumps he was standing on one… all Trailblazers! Registration (and call for speakers!) for @Salesforce World Tour Toronto (April 9) is now… many people the gym impress, okay intimidate me. I'm amazed at some of the things people can do. Tonight I watch…
This is remarkable and terrifying at the same time. You thought photoshopping pictures was bad... now #DeepFake vid… @collinz I speak to a lot of people. My friends tease me about how I go to the bank... I like speaking to the telle… @collinz That's why I specifically mentioned electronic. Yes, I've also spoken IRL to my family, my childrens' teac… @jdemay It was more of an annoyed observation, but I'll take the compliment!