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Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜 @AlannaWrites She/her (pic by Domo Stanton)

Associate editor at @Marvel Comics. Editor of Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye: Freefall, Outlawed, Champions and Falcon & Winter Soldier! Also...I write things!

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@Manga_Head @yugiohtas Thank you as well! @Manga_Head @yugiohtas Should be fun! 🤩 @Manga_Head @yugiohtas That's fair! I'll be curious to see what happens to the tonal balance as it inevitably gets weirder @Treestumped A perfect formula, honestly @Treestumped THEY ARE LEGITIMATELY TOO POWERFUL @SueWithersDraws I MEANHonestly webtoon comic companies are killing it at the ad game and they should be proud, I'm still laughing about "WHY?"The comic is called "My Quiet Best Friend's Just Tongue-Tied" apparently and I hope it's as delightful as its adThe "with great power..." tagline....I perish 😭I get this ad on my Facebook all the time and every detail of it is perfect, this is art 😂 @jmacfee Yes! It's playing on nostalgia but not over-relying on it, and I'm very into it. Enjoy episode 3! @Manga_Head @yugiohtas I don't know, it's gotten some genuine laughs out of me even when it feels dated. Might just… @yugiohtas Agreed! It's hitting a really nice balance.I really love WandaVision, it's somehow so cozy and unsettling all at once.Adding my voice to the chorus, #IStandWithKrystina. The Star Wars fandom is better with her in it.Let me be crystal clear. You do not engage them. You do not try to shout them down. They WANT you to react. They ta…
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@DerekLandy You know, I actually can't remember! It might have been me, but I was on furlough when that last issue… @Caitlin_Renata UH I DON'T THINK I GOT THAT ONE Literally what the hell was he doing? What a mess. @Nadia_Shammas_ Her ad campaign was so gross and skeevy. I just really hope she doesn't stick around, but...who knows. 😑 @Caitlin_Renata *Exactly!!!* His whole strategy was to make zero ripples and he just came off looking like someone… @Nadia_Shammas_ It REALLY sucks. I hope someone gives Malliotakis a real fight when she's up for reelection. If it… @Tekken_Guy Okay. I don't think there's a point in arguing about this. I'm not changing my mind about his campaign being awful. @Tekken_Guy I agree. But he did it once, and I think he could have done it again if he'd come out swinging and set… @Tekken_Guy I had to watch both their commercials pretty much relentlessly. He had nothing to say or offer--just we… his commercials here were just "I hate De Blasio too! I don't support defending the police!" Barely a word abou… Max Rose ran such an embarrassing, reactionary, defensive and toothless campaign against Malliotakis and now we… Malliotakis deliberately amplified a known lie and tried to overturn our election on it, which incited an insu…
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@StickmanSouza Yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot--no way this doesn't have a long lasting impact on our behav… a mask has made me far too familiar with the smell of my own burps. @NotLasers 10/10 would buy @NotLasers Steve is not a man afraid of a BOLD NECKLINE @NotLasers An angel. An absolute dummy. A fashion icon.#MarvelHeroesReborn 2021
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜The sheer entitlement in claiming you deserve a pardon after trying to hire a hit on a woman multiple times, I just really thought something was gonna happen, that absolute gooberI'm still laughing about the Tiger King's stupid empty limo tbh just really makes me feel some kind of way to see -1 come out surrounded and supported by his Dark Order pals, w… Lee's kids went through such a devastating loss, and it's really moving to see the folks at AEW making sure… of the good things in the past four years was so many people became more familiar with their government. Folks…
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Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜I hope a major takeaway for everyone from past 4 yrs (at least) is the importance of organizing & mobilizing our co…
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Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Oh no!! Hermes is a good kitty, please donate to help a sweet little bud if you can!“But while democracy can be periodically delayed, It can never be permanently defeated. In this truth, in this fa…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜BYE PENCE😂😂😂 Gorman’s message serves as an inspiration to us all. #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Officer Goodman, promoted to Acting Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms, escorting our new VP. #InaugurationDay  How it…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Aw man. Feels good.SWORN IN, BABYLadies and gentlemen the horse just left the hospital
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Despite my general wary pessimism, I will say this: People from all walks of life have experienced intense trauma a…
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@weredawgz That movie is genuinely funny on purpose--and occasionally also on accident--and I'm still very fond of it!
@kat_amelia_24 Haha I tapped out when I realized they were going to spend 5 minutes on the Edgar Allen Poe "joke," so same scene I think 😂Interested in writing for ComicsXF? We're accepting pitches & our DMs are open! We've got an exciting revenue sha…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Part 2 is here!!! I’m so excited to be sharing even more authors and their amazing 2021 releases!! You don’t want t…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜I'm so excited to share with you a video I've been working on for a while!! This is part 1 in my series of amazing…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜It was A LotThere's a bit in Locked Down where Chiwetel Ejiofor asks why Anne Hathaway didn't tell him about a bad job experien…'s really strange to watch a movie with a really clear hook proceed to make the setup of that hook as complicated as possible.That trailer editor really pulled off a miracle making that movie look good--give that person more work, hahaThe trailer for Locked Down was super good, but I tapped out 30 minutes in when it became clear the movie was going… a racist man assassinated Dr King in 1968, there was an immediate push to designate a holiday for the civil r…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜A thread of Dr. King in color, as we commemorate his 92nd birthday. #MLK #CorettaScottKing #BelovedCommunity
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜(Specifically I found an Owen custom character sheet and tweaked it to be Undead Owen, which is fun. You can't die… in the Doctor Who ttrpg, I usually play as Owen Harper. Gotta stay on brand.It's sketchy boys all the way down1: con man lying (badly) about being a legendary folk hero 2: dodgy heist leader who's secretly a runaway robot 3:… told a friend I was playing a sketchy Dragonborn warlock and he pointed out all my characters are sketchy, I've been called outJust played D&D with the girl gang for the first time in a while and I missed themmmm @sciurusparvus Agreed! @SaraAlfageeh Human Fall Flat and Heave Ho are both great!
@7SageLabs @jrome58 @Gurihiru I don't think he's worth the engagement, Julie, he seems like he's just desperate for attention. @weredawgz My face when I read Tales of the Toa: The Legend Begins by C.A. Hapka*teenage crush on Paul Bettany has been forcibly revived*I'm finding Wandavision absolutely delightful so far! It's great to see the spotlight on two characters/actors who…
@beadsland @BriannaWu I agree that this is a big part of the context you might be missing, Brianna. We've been real… @RobertSecundus Right????
@ZacBeThompson Normally I'm willing to overlook it...but they went our of their way to imply that a famously single… @bkguilfoy I wouldn't be shocked if it was a sponsored thing and the writers didn't know what game would be feature… @Mister_Walsh I was willing to suspend disbelief and pretend that was possible....but the game wasn't even splitscreen!! 😂 @SimoneDiMeo_ So annoying! They could have picked any other game! 😂 @DavidNakayama It physically pained me!!Please RT. This is @joebiden @Transition46’s vaccine coordinator. ⬇️
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜 @cobalsh2 @dj_bigchain @JavierGarron @jasonaaron @Davcuriel @TomBrevoort @corypetit @cobalsh2 is correct, the Phoen… NYC - RTs raise platforms even if you’re dunking on them. There are legit, experienced candidates to boost inst…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Watching Lupin on Netflix, and they're just sitting there playing Horizon Zero Dawn like it's a multiplayer VS game…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜Watched the first part of Lupin on Netflix. It's amazing! But I can't help feeling annoyed seeing the characters s…
Retweeted by Alanna Smith 🖤🤍💜You know, Horizon Zero Dawn??? Famous for its couch co-op PVP action???? Boom, headshot!!!I love Lupin on Netflix so far, but there's a scene where he's playing a multiplayer game against his son. That g… are in a misinformation hurricane!!! Do not add to it!!!I am begging you to do the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM to fact-check sources and claims before share them. If it's someth…'ve since deleted it but didn't so much as say "oops I was wrong" and this is a problem!!! We already know so l… just watched a tweet get 14 retweets and 57 likes because they claimed a new video of the Eugene Goodman confront…*TAPS SIGN*