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OMG!!! Perhaps Trump really is God's chosen one!!! 'Oh God, please smite Liberty. Amen'.
BBC News - Black Lives Matter protester statue appears on Edward Colston plinth
Do not listen. This is shit advice. I have nothing to do with this. In the wise words of my wife. “What has chan…
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UPDATE: The statue of slave trader Robert Milligan has now been removed from West India Quay. It’s a sad truth th…
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Please sign & RT this petition, it means a lot to me: via @38_degreesJust found out that seven of my 'parody film' tweets have had the content removed due to copyright. Fair enough, I…
Still not ready to re-join Twitter. [Bad mental & physical health.] But here's an online quiz I made. Hopefully it… my office is trawling through all the abusive and racist comments and reporting them to the police. They hide…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverCity Of London Police: Justice For Jessie - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
This is one practical thing that we can do to help fight racism in this country. #BlackLivesMatterUK Gavin Willi…
Before his match with Ryan Day, Alfie Burden took a knee 👏 @ABOFLONDON #ChampionshipLeague
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Trump just claimed he's 'done more' for black Americans than 'any president in US history'. [redacted]
No10 admits coronavirus alert level is still 4 - despite easing lockdown. '4' is the second highest level btw.
Seattle police officer caught kneeling on the necks of multiple George Floyd protestors. The most violent and lawl…
KRS-One - Sound of da Police (Official Video) via @YouTubeNWA - Fuk Da Police via @YouTube
NOW the BBC care about 'impartiality'! Emily Maitlis replaced for Newsnight episode after BBC says Cummings remark…
Dominic Cummings must be sacked #CummingsMustGo - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
Petition: Make LGBT conversion therapy illegal in the UK
Also, I'm sorry about my absence from Twitter for the past month or so but 'stuff'. Hopefully 'stuff' will improve… @sarah_davies67 👍Happy International Workers Day! I've often said that I first defined as a socialist age 12/3. And have long decid…
This just simply isn't good enough. Any of the people who engaged in WhatsApp abuse should be suspended pending in…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverImagine knowing someone has released information of scandalous wrongdoing, then attacking the whistleblower instead…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverDear @UKLabour Why are left wing activist members such as @Jackiew80333500 @Marcwads and member supporting MPs lik…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverSpoke to Postman earlier, told me 3 postal workers have died & another in ICU. He was concerned that it wasn't bein…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverDo you trust Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner to take the appropriate action against those in the Labour Party th…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverIf you take a look at the ‘Save The Sun’ crowdfunder, all is not what it seems
[Found on Facebook.]
Good morning comrades - I'm still a wee bit poorly but must share with you my new favourite Frida Kahlo photo!…
The Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News are closing down. As a wise man once said, 'oh dear, how sad, never mind'!
Wonder what country Labour will bomb/support bombing now they are back on track? 🤔
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@GuardNo1 Each to their own Not like it really matters It is more of a personal choice For me, it is just so lib…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverI’m here for the comments. 🍿
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverDisgusting grovelling to the Right. And I'm not too sure how a Labour party under Starmer will be anything other th…
Gosh this has made me a lot of enemies in journalism.
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Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverCan we please have an update on Dominic Cummings, I’m really worried that he might be recovering
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverWe will not be providing locksmith service for evictions until further notice
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverOn this day 4 April 1968 Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. He is a true hero of mine leading the civil rights…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverWhen Dr. King was shot 52 years ago on this day, he was in Memphis standing with exploited sanitation workers. Our…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver‘Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, & for them to bag & barn up the treasure…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverJust want to take this opportunity to thank Diane Abbott for all she has done as shadow home Secretary. A champion…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverAs I previously announced, today I step down as Shadow Home Secretary. I want to thank all those members and affil…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverWhat happens when you sleep with a man who boasted about not wearing gloves while shaking infected people's hands..…
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2020 from the TUC and our health and social care unions. Atlantic on verge of collapse. Branson will be rattling his begging bowl for a bail out. He won’t put his ha…
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Michael is still poorly but continuing to improve. He has been able to eat today & will be getting a more comfortab…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverAmid the crisis, let’s name and shame the companies treating workers ‘like rats’ #TransWomenAreWomen #TransMenAreMen If you oppose this then you really shouldn't be followin…'t be fooled by Johnson's new letter. The UK government has, for two months, systematically flouted World Health…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverA @Puma attorney said #BoycottPuma campaign is making *their* lives miserable. Puma, feel better. Stop profiting f…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver Street calls in election gurus to overhaul coronavirus comms So now we know where all those identifical Fa…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverI was there. I was towards the back of the march which was diverted away from Trafalgar Sq. I left before the end,…’ve not been out for a few days but apparently goats are in charge now that seems fine
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverThank you for posting. I'm soo worried about this. The government are making excuses for not getting you the righ…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver @bbclaurak @BBCNews Why not ask the govt why hospitals & medical staff don’t have enough protective equipment & why…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver[cont.] Neither of us believe it was #COVID19, but I supose it could've been the mild version. Anyway, I haven't b… update. My partner [a #NHS front-line worker] had symptoms & self isolated for 7 days. I caught whatever…
While Boris Johnson is locked down in quarantine, a repulsive fact emerges about the PM
As coronavirus infects women in Yarl’s Wood, detainees make urgent demands Well, I doubt it's the first time.
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverDear Twitter, We’re putting together a team of a million people who are grateful for the NHS. Together we’ll show…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverI’m going to say something unpopular I wish I wasn’t a doctor I wish I wasn’t terrified at what I may be asked to…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverFrom Shakey Jake White: My eldest daughter tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, a temperature of 40.2, she was…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverToday I have been called an anti-semite by several young party members. It turns out it's because I said Israel is…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverAnd do this across the 🌍🌏🌎.
This is so heartbreaking Saudi Nurse coming home after his shift from the hospital serving COVID-19 patients. He…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver @taintberner @RealKaylaJames I know your not this but I love it anyway. The years it took reading and watching docu…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverDoesn't get commented on enough that Michael Gove is the absolute spit of Rupert Murdoch's stomach
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverI do hope your children visit you while you are sick @BorisJohnson it will be a lovely surprise for you to see how many you actually have 👍🏻
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BREAKING: Cummings learns that Johnson has the virus
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverPay Porters, all Essential Workers a decent wage! £8.21 per hour is not acceptable. Double it, then talk again. We…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverReady for the final shift of the week It's defo been a busy and hectic week Another massive shout out to all the am…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverScientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic. Wasn't this the plot of one of last season's #DoctorWho?
@ValleysCommando @mikecoulson48 @mojos55 @karl_trotsky @JohnEdwards33 @alanweaver1957 @Hardeep216 @DoubleEms1 Evil bastards😠
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverThe centrists in Labour Party are a disgrace. In the middle of a pandemic in which 465 people have died in UK, they…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverPeople are clapping and shouting their support for the NHS and their workers here in Dalston, London.…, never change 😂
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverWe cannot ever allow Biden to become president! He is a global threat. We need and we deserve #OurPresidentBernie
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverMy daughter's bf received an NHS letter telling him he's vulnerable because he has sickle cell traits. He was shock…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ WeaverBanks are clearly #CoronaVillains. ⚠️Please share this as many people will be unaware⚠️ #clapforNHS
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver @BernieSanders @w_airbag15 EVERYONE on the planet, please listen to what Bernie is saying. And to our American com… have a president who is speaking in opposition to medical advisors in our own government. To me, this is as dang…
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver @ValleysCommando @jacqui703 @mikecoulson48 @mojos55 @karl_trotsky @JohnEdwards33 @Hardeep216 @DoubleEms1 Can NEVER be repeated enough! ✊ @jacqui703 @mikecoulson48 @mojos55 @karl_trotsky @JohnEdwards33 @alanweaver1957 @Hardeep216 @DoubleEms1 🤮🤬
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver @TuckerClemens @allisonpearson 👍 @lightningtreedz 👍 @lightningtreedz Yes. And I'm well - just not up to much twittering at the moment. @citizentommy @jacqui703 @mikecoulson48 @JohnEdwards33 @karl_trotsky @penkymax @Rachael_Swindon @Hardeep216
Retweeted by Alan ⚒ Weaver @Russtybee @BosmerArcher5 @allisonpearson 👍👏👍Remember the tory MPs cheering 3 years ago when they turned down a payrise for NHS staff and the police. ....yes ch…
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