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parma jawn @alartton Midwestern Man

🐎 Duncan, he/him, 22, i draw 🌲🌲@geoledgy🌲 icon by @richy_nepp

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@slaneDausy this is just me at any retail job i successfully get @vextik i see..could also just be the fact that you enjoy making art even if its like the little mermaid 3 and meeting other artis… wondered what its like to be an artist working on a straight to dvd film or a film that isnt very well recie… @triceratopsian Its so funny we have completely different issues i wish people would consider my horses cartoons rather than realisticHey friends, I'm Evimo!!! #STEMartists I'm an undergrad studying Biochemistry with intent to med school!! Art has a…
Retweeted by parma jawnI really like nature, animals, as well as human systems so im trying for dual degree in social science and environm… #STEMartists I'm Jesse & I'm a geologist with a fascination for vintage art & design. I mostly draws rock band…
Retweeted by parma jawnhello #STEMartists !! I’m kianna and I’m a research tech + colony manager in a lab that studies pancreas cancer :)…
Retweeted by parma jawnHello #STEMartists I’m Titsay- a biology graduate. I couldn’t find a biology-related job as of the moment that’s wh…
Retweeted by parma jawn#STEMartists ah shit here we go again im a drawer who studies social and natural science just found out about brad paisley
I had a vision
Retweeted by parma jawn @woIfsjaw Wild west just very homoerotic in both ways @Ermineralogy Patrolling the mojave sure makes you wish for a nuclear winteri dont like how their are 4 qrts on private accounts reveal yourselvesI constantly regret making this post everyday people ask me to draw big balls on stallions it never ends @itakeyourlemons your pen lines make me insane @woIveswood the....cowboy favorite mlp charactr is the cowboy onepoppin big bottles when we find out what kind of scientist im gonna becant way till i can say some kind of -ologist on my twitter page
Trick or Treat! One of my favorite disney short films
Retweeted by parma jawn @quasimaddi : } !!!!pumkin @richy_nepp : }two color studies i liked from this week...
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Retweeted by parma jawn @richy_nepp Allie would u mind if i use the smiling pumpkin as my iconI hosted a PBS show called Science Goes To The Movies for five seasons and was a Teaching Fellow for a quantum phys…
Retweeted by parma jawnhere’s a cal for @Geoledgy !!!! 🧡💖🧡
Retweeted by parma jawn @starrbeardraws Im some peopleI had almost forgotten about cats the moviesome of y'all are really out here saying you don't draw horses or cars because you don't want to and then also neve…
Retweeted by parma jawn @GabaghoulComics love his kids sm looks epic!Drew @CarlLeCat funny little Canadian children
Retweeted by parma jawn @Geoledgy Wish i could fuck him
@stncy_ DE lose OJOS TRISTES @triceratopsian A model horse podcast...finally @Geoledgy God king ur so sex and epic and extreme fruit by the foot blue raspberry base @kasettetape A proffesionalDa icon -> da fart @kasettetape Wow kasey ur so sexy snd epic and hot and sex
2020 i have a tumblr and im almsot to a 1000 followersJust like bideo bame 0.oGuys...learning a new thing is literally like getting a system update
A midwestern color pallet
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@woIfsjaw Het people will see a dog and be like shes a girl because shes so petite and bossy like are you okUp to my usual BS this humpday...
Retweeted by parma jawn @TomCaulfield01 Im really into your bsan over-rendered piece doesn't show that you're better at your craft, it tells me you don't know when to stop. tak…
Retweeted by parma jawn @mrdaroga This is exactly what i was looking for thank you!Do any of my Scandinavian followers know where i might find sámi folk art or more information about their art and aestheticseverytime you get into something new and it affects your artstyle
Retweeted by parma jawn🎉Hey #PortfolioDay I'm Carly-! Character Designer at Netflix workin on some awesome stuff!🌞Just got my end date for…
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i dont have time rn to post personal art so i have to entertain with my stupid textposts
Good news everyone, horses are still real..but tomorrow...???You have to retweet this video every time you see it. For public safety reasons.
Retweeted by parma jawnIndigenous Peoples Day celebrations, are part of a long history of resistance, Indigenous internationalism, and sol…
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@richy_nepp Sees two boys together *zooms in*I don't think there are many studios that can compete with Cartoon Saloon's sublime run of four features in 11 year…
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blasts romantic flight (bass boosted) by john powell #TheOwlHouse #tohfanart
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This happens a lot on my work and though I enjoy your comments id rather you just comment on my original art post @PinkieToons hes got some really nice thick legs! is he a quarter horse by chance? he looks like a good strong riding or roping horseIvan Bilibin @IvanBilibin #ivanbilibin #artontwitter
Retweeted by parma jawn @pawawool I adore these designs how wonderful!Carousel Coms 🎠✨
Retweeted by parma jawn @Chestnut_champ man what a nice chunk, he definitely got the good parts of the welsh
@PinkieToons Yeah cc so much better and I think some universities are dropping the test scores but its so o.0
@lorovis IVDUUFU7<€£>+€*<<<*uouoy GOGGIB WHATSat and act are so corrupt i got B’s and mostly A’s in highschool but because my act score is low university didn’t…
Retweeted by parma jawn @Ermineralogy I wish i was him can i buy him off you or no @Ermineralogy Hold on.BWEE
Retweeted by parma jawn @kasettetape Why are you so mean to the people who love you @kasettetape Pleasant stop embarrassing me in front of my followers @timesnewnorman Et tu, captain ? @R18VHS WHYD U RT THIS IM NOT HORNY I SWEAR IM N
me surrounded by all of you but you all have very sharp knives @Geoledgy Us when we see eAch other: YOU deserve a choccy milk @R18VHS Yo can i get a cock, animal style, wash it and then soak it, give it a dirt bath, 2x4, in a banana boatDont look so coy headless horseman i was staring at your horse @tajmerk as well white people raiding tombs and eating mummies is a completely different social and cultural idea t… @tajmerk dont really understand why people like to look up random articles as sources to things that are irreverent…
Also if you or your loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma due to asbestos poisoning uhhh call me..😳Ive always personally liked guys with black hair tbh idk what it is just one of those things! Also cowboys 👀For...scientific reasons, mlm out there what do you look for in a guy, can be looks or personality. @ANIMAL__ACADEMY I AM LOOKINGEveryday i send my portfolio to breyer model horses
@Bberneri Im right hereWhen I finally have the time one day then youll all seeIf i made a furry wild west cartoon this would be the soundtrack: @tajmerk Finally, csp brushesSome things never change. Snowball fight 124 years ago. Lyon, France, 1896. Colorized and speed adjusted. Original…
Retweeted by parma jawn @N_bug20 I love this horse!!!! Ty sm!! Im glad i inspired you 🥺3/ 31 Continuing #Inktober which is actually a #Horsetober. This one inspired by @alartton's harvest horse.…
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Kamchatka is now facing a very dangerous ecological catastrophe. I will try my best to translate the gist of a coup…
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