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@Brian_J_Cook If we've done our job properly. If it takes longer, we should have spent more time constructing the paragraph.
Books of the Year 2019 via @HistoryToday
I also discuss this in my book, out in a couple of weeks. challenges in public administration: Implications for public service education, training, and research vote.
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2019 via @NYTimes
Media Formats in anime. #CyberMonday
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsFrom Geert Bouckaert and Marlen Brans about #impostersyndrome & how to overcome it at a workshop w/expert @ValerieYoung. Sat, Dec 7, 1:30. Free & o…
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Interesting new book from @sreeramchaulia @JindalGlobalUNI
@BrintMilward That it's listed as the 50955th edition : ) But I did order a copy too. Also his new book about Cha…, #Thanksgiving edition: warming up for the main event at @UMassPolicy's annual fall Pie Fest!…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsI am impressed. @profmusgrave Well, not Utopia, no interesting questions left for research. And State has interesting questions bu…
You know someone's going to ask the question at #Thanksgiving dinner: "So what are you going to do after graduation…
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"These communities are not as untouched by western thought as we think they are." - @jmurtazashvili, @MissLiyaP &…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsA Chinese translation of "America's First Great Depression: Economic Crisis and Political Disorder after the Panic…
We love it! And shoutout, too, to that awesome alum, Alex Plowden '18, for recently meeting with a group of…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsCheers to @LindseyMcDougle & @UMassPolicy’s own Brenda Bushouse for a fantastic #ARNOVA19 ! @ARNOVA @umasspolsci
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsThe 78 Best Book Covers of 2019 via @lithub
Today, I launched the Ideas of India database, which indexes the contents of 255 English-language periodicals that…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsHard to express how glad I am I went to grad school pre-twitter. I napped on my floor, mostly failed at things, pla…
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts you @LindseyMcDougle and Brenda Bushouse for another wonderful conference. I am continually impressed by the…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsGreat work Waruks! Give the children our best wishes from their UMass friends and our @WL_UMass team continues to s…
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Online image vs. offline reality
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsWhat an institutional subscription to the Journal of Comparative Administration (predecessor of Administration and… @AsmusOlsen @SebJilke In case you see anything of interest here. From a 1970 memo by FW Riggs.
@pstanpolitics Not helped by behavior like this
.@pattonoswalt made a tweet that showed Trump’s handwritten notes and the caption was simply “Morrissey voice:”.…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsA great start to #ARNOVA19! We're proud to have conference co-chair Brenda Bushouse on the faculty @UMassPolicy &…
Retweeted by Alasdair Robertssomebody on twitter today: trump's weird hand-scrawled denial today sounds like a ramones song. me:
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsWe're excited for the start of #ARNOVA19 today! Congratulations to Professor Brenda Bushouse @UMassPolicy &…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsAttention, @UMassPolicy folks:
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Ford Foundation memo justifies investment in comparative public administration, 1964
Bureaucrats, Authoritarianism, and Role Conceptions - Karl O’Connor, Colin Knox, Saltanat Janenova, to announce the next Global Conf on Transparency Research is at Copenhagen Business School in late-May 2021…
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts via @NYTOpinionA requiem for the city of Hong Kong via @BrookingsInst
My question to politicians, diplomats, academics and media professionals: What actually has to happen in mainland C…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsChinese state media coverage of HK protests @maudussauge @GeorgeBert @AlasdairRoberts To start with something “genuine”, why not fighting to manage Open Access…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsExciting news about @UMassPolicy alum @MikeNicholsonMA — 3 cheers for SPP students & alums & their commitment to…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsPoly U entrance in flames as riot police try to storm in #HK #HongKongProtests #StandwithHongKong
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@SebJilke @mkfeeneyWYO @donmoyn @LindseyMcDougle I wonder whether we want to be careful about conflating relevance… @donmoyn And maybe reconsider genres. Eg trade/academic books rather than articles.
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts @AlasdairRoberts We (@AnnaAmirkhan & colleagues) touch on some of these issues (that came up during #MB50) in "Refl…
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts @missingfkhan123 Chapter 2. an open society, it would be easier to identify the officials who design and implement such policies. And also… PA we have two problems, I think. First, we have reduced the domain in which we aspire to create reliable knowl…
@atriverside @billresh @jmurtazashvili @SamuelGWorkman @nytimes No, they won't avoid any possible criticism, becaus… Colgan Posner, president @SEA_186, talks to students about public #educationfunding and #unions during…
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts @atriverside @billresh @jmurtazashvili @SamuelGWorkman @nytimes Interesting, especially on the transparency side; b… de l’ironie dans cette affirmation?
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts @Athena_OKeeffe Happy trails, Sluggy. @profmusgrave Too soon to vote, Dukakis is still weighing his options @jmurtazashvili @billresh @SamuelGWorkman @nytimes Google Scholar: 138 papers since 2019 containing "mTurk" and "pu… @billresh @SamuelGWorkman @nytimes I'm not talking about consumption, although there is something to be said there… @SamuelGWorkman @nytimes And also about the workers in developing countries who transform our manuscripts into articles. @mkfeeneyWYO @nytimes To clarify, I really am just posing a question, not leading a charge. Agreed, it depends par… @BenClarkPhD @nytimes Same logic works for adjuncts and sessional @profmusgrave I refuse to take the bait. Damn, I just did.If this description of mTurk compensation is right, is its use for academic research defensible? via @NYTimes
We love when @UMassPolicy trips let us connect with SPP alums - like @phoebewalkerMA, who spoke to students about h…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsEnjoyed talking with officers of the Indian Administrative Service about strategies for governing at scale at the… for the visit and excellent questions & ideas surrounding #localgov engagement and #civictech. Future colle…
Retweeted by Alasdair Roberts1st stop on @UMassPolicy’s networking trip across the Pioneer Valley: Do-Han Allen, manager @WellspringCoop1
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsAddressing the Crisis in American Governance via @GovExec
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@abouassi Sadly the road is congested with other theoriesWho says theory doesn’t get you anywhere?, @TownOfAmherst Communication Manager Brianna Sunryd, for great conversation today w/@UMassPolicy Prof.…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsInteresting analysis of minority governments by @BobRae48 Thank you sir! #QueensU #QueensSPS #PolicyTalk #Policy
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsWicked excited to host @UMassPolicy @janeefountain Future of Government class tomorrow in @TownOfAmherst to talk al…
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After a technical glitch, the extract from my forthcoming book "Strategies for Governing" is available again here you know that @UMassPolicy has a free job bulletin, with #career & #internship opportunities in #publicservice,…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsStuff about the field that I did not know. Administration and Society started life as the Journal of Comparative A… @profmusgrave Still digesting the ones it already ate
India’s Narendra Modi has had a free pass from the west for too long via @financialtimesIn October, Modi allegedly told India's top bureaucrats that they had spoiled his first 5-year tenure but that he w…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsImportant piece by by Gel'man about #Russia that could easily describe so many other places in the world. We are wi…
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State Capabilities for Problem-Oriented Governance Public Domain Review specializes in criticism as history, presenting readers with high-quality scans of ephemer…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsThe Political Fix: Article 370 gone and Ram Temple on the way: What does Modi’s New India look like? Join us on 14 Nov to hear Mark Bevir of @UCBerkeley talk about the intellectual sources of the transforma…
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@PAQuarterly @necopa2019 Paper and slides here @AlasdairRoberts answers the question before leaving the title slide: no. @necopa2019 #necopa2019
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Sean Mossey of Mass DOT and @publicpolicyumb presenting @necopa2019 @pstanpolitics @JamesAtCP The XA was a great little camera. @ASPANational @ASPA_SICA @napawash How to get published in @PAReview: Submit in 1967
@ASPANational @ASPA_SICA Another doc from today's archive work -- a 1949 effort by the Public Administration Cleari… @ASPANational @ASPA_SICA 1959 @ASPANational document outlines possible areas for emphasis in public administration… to @MassASPA from 1958. I would curious to know whether you could actually send a telegram from a commerc… @ASPANational @ASPA_SICA Looking at two things in the archives today: Why Ford Foundation decided to support work o…
Protecting & advancing democracy, strengthening social & econ dev, ensuring environmental sustainability, and manag…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsOur final list of #GrandChallenges of Public Administration is out! Falling within 4 major focus areas, we selected…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsHeading to the Ford Foundation archives tomorrow to learn about its support of @ASPANational's Comparative Administ…
Congratulations to @UMassPolicy grad student Nick Caccamo on his re-election to the #PittsfieldMA City Council!…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsProf. Betsy Schmidt @UMassPolicy is quoted in @npquarterly article about a Vermont baseball team & its troubles wit…
Retweeted by Alasdair RobertsLecture: Join us on 14 Nov to hear Mark Bevir of @UCBerkeley talk about the intellectual sources of the transforma…
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