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Fibro sucks. Hashimotos sucks, too. FBS. Handmaiden of the patriarchy. Leggings aficionado. Love my dog, fitness and shoes. Eat more game!

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Getting it done. #SuckItFibro #HashimotosSucksToo #StrongIsSexy #FBS ❤️, and stay with me here, everyone who was alive during the end of the Cold War who saw the effects of 40 years of…
Retweeted by Courtneyk. Your generation did not do any 'dying' for rights and you guys *created* the AIDS epidemic that has remained at…
Retweeted by Courtney @weciv01 @Reuters ❤️I confess, I'm completely lost here. I'm not sure what I just read.
Retweeted by CourtneyI hope everyone has a joyful Saint Nicholas Day, he is a reminder of the importance of giving without seeking atten…
Retweeted by Courtney😂 @knittingtopia @SDCards7 @Fuglydoodah @rockabillysoap @HandDrawnWorld_ @DottieKingston @SarahDaisyBlue @seatangles_ morning! @MAGAHaber @OrdyPackard @JackDowd65 @APLMom @_wintergirl93 @PolitiBunny @OrdyPackard @OrdyPackard Fran Drescher @Scottergate -23 is a little cold for streaking... 🥶 @ArcticOlson Right?!? 😂 @Dirt4ster You look fine to me. 😊
@TasteVx @ProperOpinion Well?!? @MyBamaBelle528 This made me laugh. Hope your day got better ❤️ @Mikepet86794072 😘 @WithTheCaswave That's why I have high heeled winter boots 😂 @El__Bohemio I am SOOOO tired of not being able to wear what I want when I go out. Then, when I get where ever I'm… @rathernotsay Hahahaha! No.The struggle is real 😂 @Barack8MyDog He’s my spirit animal @batman1793 @nerfherder73 @LunchbucketEcon No booze. It’s a work thing. @Barack8MyDog @Jackalopes_Inc HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it! @mudflap54 @APLMom @aggierican @TheLibertyGhost @JHolmsted @jenniferlee_75 @LibertyJen @SunSuzSunTzuing @Dawnsfire @MrsRotnjetski @Sicariothrax That’s a really long walk.... @NucMM1retired 😂 @MARINESRADIO1 💪❤️Waddling across the quad at -23 to attend a party I don't really want to go to, but I won't give a couple of these… @hyperion5182 @APLMom @_wintergirl93 @PolitiBunny @MisfitsPolitics @VekaFitzfrancis Thank you! ❤️ @Naiad_A_ @anewjusta One of my very favorites. ❤️ @Flipper628 @APLMom @NucMM1retired @truckerE @aggierican @unTayIored HAHAHAHA @unTayIored Mommy politics are baffling to me. I think my all-time favorite insanity was, YoU'rE nOt A rEaL mOm If… @unTayIored But she's a victim, Taylor! Don't you understand?!? @anewjusta @Naiad_A_ Drums!! @Naiad_A_ @anewjusta I'll send more candy. And loud toys.He set his girlfriends car on fire with her in it. The car exploded and she was burned on 90% of her body. She died…
Retweeted by CourtneyVoter outreach, Joe Biden style:
Retweeted by Courtney @Sheraoftexas #Truth @OutcastHero72 @anewjusta List?!? I thought I had a file. @Artist_Angie I'm managing. ❤️ @anewjusta Need me to kill someone, or provide an alibi? Either way, I gotchu 😘 @Artist_Angie Oh, my gosh, that is just adorable!! How are you, beautiful? ❤️Here is a sad, angry little troll, harassing Nick Sandmann, even after claims about him have been debunked.
Retweeted by Courtney @Absolut_Boston @MrsRotnjetski @NucMM1retired @ElizabethSolle2 @MCampbell1041 @CardsFanSam @truckerE @VareckDemon @Artist_Angie @Flipper628 @NucMM1retired @ElizabethSolle2 @MCampbell1041 @MrsRotnjetski @Absolut_Boston @CardsFanSam @truckerE @MrsRotnjetski @NucMM1retired @ElizabethSolle2 @MCampbell1041 @Absolut_Boston @CardsFanSam @truckerE @VareckDemon @mytntlife @NucMM1retired @ScarilyCheerful @JustEric @wendy_soxy1girl @Gormogons @sevenlayercake @OrdyPackard @truckerE @NucMM1retired @ElizabethSolle2 @MCampbell1041 @MrsRotnjetski @Absolut_Boston @CardsFanSam @VareckDemon @W90404843 😘 @NucMM1retired No, no, no, Gramps.... he meant OTHER rich people. @_SOURKIDZ_ @NucMM1retired @ElizabethSolle2 @MCampbell1041 @MrsRotnjetski @Absolut_Boston @CardsFanSam @truckerE @VareckDemon @dukenukemrulzs Hahahaha!! @jab2375 @legallybae found the elf, and he told me EXACTLY what i'm getting for Christmas.
Retweeted by CourtneyWomp womp
Retweeted by Courtney @_SOURKIDZ_ Well, it's Twitter, so..... How are you feeling? ❤️This made me so sad. RIP, Steve. @DanLittle180 @captainsolo53 @WWE @90sWWE @TheRock @ShawnMichaels @TripleH @RealKurtAngle @BretHart @jasonkneen Oh,… @panekbill Happy Thursday, Bill! @bigdaddyofnine @BrunusCutis @ChelieinTX @MinutaeForDays @JoanneMason11 @StudiosShelly a Huffington Post article comes out saying that being gay is somehow racist
Retweeted by Courtney @NucMM1retired @ScarilyCheerful @JustEric @wendy_soxy1girl @Gormogons @sevenlayercake @OrdyPackard @MyBamaBelle528 @BBC_dip @pipandbaby @robkroese Exactly. @skydash 😂HoHoNo!! @OrdyPackard @PolitiBunny @TCC_Grouchy @NucMM1retired @aggierican @AlaskanCourtney @Dawnsfire @AnnaDsays
Retweeted by CourtneyLibs: stop calling us a cult Also libs: Pelosi is Jesus Christ.
Retweeted by Courtney👇🏼
Retweeted by Courtney @Jake77623042 Good morning, Jake 😘 @AlaskanCourtney Morning Courtney
Retweeted by Courtney @indiucky @Gormogons“Cuts in food stamps” happen when unemployment is at an all-time low. Obama kept “kids in cages” but you don’t unde…
Retweeted by Courtney @OrdyPackard @JenDinnj That's impressively craptastic. @TMIWITW Dude. She's not going to sleep with you. That's just f*ing CREEPY. @LadyJessMacBeth You look so pretty today! ILY, beautiful girl. ❤️ @Gormogons @Gormogons Well, yeah. Mrs. P is a far bigger issue than your tiny peen. (SWIDT?) @Gormogons Stop talking about your tiny Irish peen, 'Puter, and you'd have better odds. #JustSaying @NucMM1retired @BrunusCutis @JoanneMason11 @ScarilyCheerful Thank you. You’re the best. ❤️ @anewjusta @BrunusCutis @ScarilyCheerful @Darth_Mommie @RMW_86 @WorldhopperVive @LadyDemosthenes @WaltzingMtilda’s the media doing openly EXACTLY what we accuse them of doing and that the media takes umbrage at being accuse…
Retweeted by CourtneySo @LadyJessMacBeth has been put into timeout for calling a blue check a wench. This place is getting stupider eve…
Retweeted by Courtney @RandomNewsFeedT @artsygirl20, you just have to say to hell with it & do what makes you happy. A little Turbo Kick on a cold Alaskan mo… it done. #SuckItFibro #HashimotosSucksToo #PainCanKissMyAss @KneesPenguin Agreed. 🤢 @JohnBriggs74 Good morning! @jay_wilson202 Good morning. I love your avi. It makes me smile. @srforms Good morning 😊 @LojekPaul Good morning 😊 @RougeEbrham Good morning! 😊 @Touchstone1011 Good morning, Joe 😊