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Fibro sucks. Hashimotos sucks, too. Handmaiden of the patriarchy. Wavy Haired Queen of Leggings. Love my dogs, fitness and shoes. Not here to slake your thirst.

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They really do 😂 @DamnFoolKomedy @softly_sighing2 😂😂😂 @WilliamScott904 Just gotta take your chances 😂 @Court17216124 ❤️’re fine with it. His feelings are well known. @Rabiddogg Well, they think every Republican is a Nazi and both Bush & Trump are “literally Hitler”, so it’s not li…'Love Trumps Hate!' Screams Protester While Beating Republican To Death With A Shovel
Retweeted by CourtneyLol! Now that’s some funny insanity! 😂😂💥
Retweeted by Courtney @mowoodier @AptlyAnnie @pipandbaby @aggierican @MAnotGinger @Katvat77 @Lectronica @MinutaeForDays He’s a cute kid. Good night, Woody 😘 @woodysalaskan Hahahahaha yes we doApologizing for giving a platform to someone who called all Jews "satanic" would be a start.
Retweeted by CourtneyOpen your business with a key and you get penalized. Open someone else’s business with a brick and there’s no punishment.
Retweeted by Courtney @Based_Jedi @batman1793 @nerfherder73 @TheElinorD Ecuador? @nerfherder73 @TheElinorD @batman1793 😂 @TheElinorD @batman1793 @nerfherder73 @photoartist9 Yes, we do and baby moose are sooooo cute.Some cuteness for your day ❤️ (Not mine. I’m too far north for deer.)🎵🎶And everybody goes whichever way the wind blows🎶🎵
Retweeted by Courtney @ChaddingtonNC Sending you good thoughts and prayers. ❤️ @ChaddingtonNC Yes 😂 @chadfelixg They aren’t 50% of know what? Never mind. SMH. This isn’t about equality. @PhilosopherSto6 Are you assuming their gender?Dolly Parton - 9 To 5 (Official Video) REACTION via @YouTube These young men are so cute!… on. 😂 @loudlove777 @sacrebleu141 1000:1We’ve heard that one before, ⁦@DrTedros⁩ we ⁦@WHO⁩ says bubonic plague case in China is ‘well-managed’ #CCP
Retweeted by CourtneyMy Livvie girl is so cuddly. ❤️ So’s Ru, but he’s off sulking because she got the coveted spot first 😂 @AmyMcStuffit @chadfelixg 😂 @USADeardorff @chadfelixg @GayPatriot @mchastain81 I miss him a lot. He was one of my first follows. @jab2375 Hahahahaha! How are you?HAHAHAHAHA!! I love this so much 🤣🤣🤣 @RealTimeCop HAHAHAHAHA!! Swiping!!! Thank you so much!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️ @RichardSalPhD @newbury_eric @cavalier973 Hahahahaha @AggieDad2015 @RichardSalPhD I guess that depends on whose property it is. 😂 @TodMyers @Massanthrope They got what they wanted. An echo chamber. No wrong think allowed. Creepy af. @CfMatzke @NucMM1retired @JoanneMason11 @MrsRotnjetski @ScarilyCheerful I’m inspired. Chicken tacos tonight. @mannytopdog @DineshDSouza @BilldeBlasio I saw it, too, and wish I hadn’t. That will haunt that poor baby the rest of her life. @Dawnsfire @JHolmsted, but fair. @ElJefeTulum @omgdalton @marwilliamson @jonathanvswan Why to is it so hard for these elitist jackasses to understan… @JonaGiammalva Me, too!! I had no idea this was so common. 😂 @jedummies I am, thank you so much ❤️ @rathernotsay Glass half full. I like it. 😂 @acogguy I think so. My core is definitely a lot stronger. I hadn’t done yoga in awhile & there was a notable diffe… @Bobsquestions 😂😂😂 @prayerborne @Cameron_Gray Me, too ❤️Getting my shimmy on ❤️ #SuckItFibro #HashimotosSucksToo #KeepFingGoing ❤️💪❤️ @prayerborne @Cameron_Gray I must say, I’m surprised. Pleasantly so. @rathernotsay 😂 @Slockem Hahahahaha your choice 😂 @omgdalton @ElJefeTulum @marwilliamson @jonathanvswan What a disgusting take. I honestly thought more of @marwilliamsonI dunno about you but to me it’s pretty huge news that a raving antisemite gave a speech on the 4th of July via a r…
Retweeted by CourtneyI just searched and can't find the DeSean Jackson story on a single national MSM outlet, the only thing close is Ya…
Retweeted by Courtney#ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER 9 black CHILDREN killed by violence in Chicago since June 20, 2020
Retweeted by Courtney @hand_glory 😂Reddit just keeps getting worse and worse. Check out this new happy horseshit.
Retweeted by Courtney @stabyoulots 😂😂😂 @indiucky ❤️ @Cherry_Grove75 YAY!!! I’m glad! ❤️❤️❤️ Better than last Thursday, thankfully. @TugboatPhil @JoanneMason11 @NucMM1retired @MrsRotnjetski @ScarilyCheerful Hahahahaha! Poor girl @kelsieA67 Thank you ❤️ @stabyoulots Hahahahaha! What a cutie! I am, thank you ❤️ @peckish1959 Done. ❤️Please take a moment. Thank you ❤️ @peckish1959 Hahahahaha I actually want to get up and exercise but I’m so warm and they’re so cuddly.... Today is… @dencodarlin01 Always. Thank you! ❤️ @JoanneMason11 @NucMM1retired @MrsRotnjetski @ScarilyCheerful I wonder what she thinks of that. That has to be so w… man walking hand-in-hand with his 6-year-old daughter was shot in the streets of NYC in broad daylight yesterday.…
Retweeted by Courtney @NucMM1retired @JoanneMason11 @MrsRotnjetski @ScarilyCheerful @dencodarlin01 So cute!! ❤️ @seanpmcginty Lots of people want your address 😂Ru has taken to crawling on my lap while I meditate. It’s very nice; he’s in my nap and Livvie is snuggled up next… @feck_me_running @crkleffner Hahahahaha!!! @LuisInPalmdale @mannytopdog HAHAHAHAHA!!!! @feck_me_running @crkleffner 🤢😂 @feck_me_running @crkleffner 😂😂😂😂😂 @cadams320 @daniellemerrim1 @Johnnywhales @truckerE @CoxsTench @aggierican @OrdyPackard @danieltobin @_wintergirl93 @phatboysam 😂 @michelle112771 That would be awesome, but no pressure. I know you’re busy. ❤️ @justtjb 😂 Thank you ❤️ @AnnaDsays @DennisWalkerJr Excellent! I don’t have to share! 😊 @thurmonuclear Oh my goodness. 😳 😂😂😂 @swatter911 @LadyJessMacBeth @_wintergirl93 @swatter911 OH MY GOSH 😍 @JDalois Thank you, John. You, too! 😊 @Ronflight400 OH DAMN!!! @insaneknight85 @AlaskanCourtney
Retweeted by Courtney @DaveWenke 😂😂😂I hope some celebrity or rich BLM supporter pays his bail. He’s in jail because some grown ass adults decided to ru…
Retweeted by Courtney @mwtimken Good morning, Matt! 😊 @JDalois Oh my gosh! That’s so cute!! Thank you! ❤️ @SemperArgentum It’s mostly tolerable. Thank you for asking. ❤️ @alexissmirks @AmericanPurrl Oh, damn!! 😱😂 @SurvivorKitty I never go to a gym. I can’t grasp the idea of driving somewhere on a cold, dark Alaskan morning to…