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@mikequasar I always like izzys somewhere over the rainbow. All the best for you and you mom, I lost mine suddenly… @Karma_Rx Playing psychologist I’d say it’s partly anxiety driven from covid-19, changes in the industy( including… @Karma_Rx Me too @MissDollyLeigh Us both, will it ever end??!! @Bad_Wolfxx @Bad_Wolfxx That’s sugar on sugar on sugar, look at nutrition label of ketchup. Being diabetic myself I have to keep an eye on carbs/ sugar. @Bad_Wolfxx Yes
@saramegan @Karma_Rx All good I’m set for your kick ass soaps right now. Already used the pumpkin spice one. Lady friend says… @Karma_Rx *too, so I’ll just stick to reg bars. @Karma_Rx My pumpkin spice and pirate reg bar arrived the other day. Good soaps. The skulls sell out to fast. @GodFadr @GodFadr Im Rick James Bitch! Wu-tang! @KenzieReevesxxx @raindegrey I literally sold ice cream to Eskimo’s and natives many many moons ago from an ice cream truck in Alask… @LondonCRiver I’m avoiding propaganda.
@MissRachel_PS Thx I’ll check on it. @MissRachel_PS Looks nice and sturdy, brand? I’ve got a naughty girl bottom in mind I’d test it on. @MissRachel_PS Nice color coordination. What’s the implement? @lynneguist @MHanson62 @LinneyOfficial @SouthwestAir Personally I’m staying out of airports and planes for the foreseeable future. @lynneguist @MHanson62 Team America! We’re rebels since way back. @JMG45870096 @LondonCRiver Just you @LondonCRiver Yeap @lynneguist Yeap @Michael_Stamp @LunaLainxx Nope sounds reasonable to me. He’s just a time waster wanting attention/ free custom. @Kati3katMFC Perhaps @_ChannelOne_ I’ve got a 42 tattoo from the series fame.
@MissRachel_PS @jamesl1836 @LizzyLynn13 Same logic I used, pizza is essentially flat bread with tomato sauce, chees… @saramegan Team dog here @maggiekb1 Yeap very inappropriate time and place! What was sexually arrousing in that work zoom meeting??!! @MerriamWebster 800 number. Active suspension. Blood doping, amoxicillin, beatbox @ElaDarling @luisdollyrot Yeah an appetizer version pls. @hotpandora @ZevShalev @nerdgirldv Yeah modern follow the money example. @KariByron @BrokeAssStuart Probably not @MjPenthousePet But how about chili? @elenakoshkaxoxo @_ryancalderon_ клубника
@raindegrey They can rebuild you faster, stronger.... @Sarabelle_Z @realDonaldTrump @Vauntastic @JennyJohnsonHi5 Just enjoy the show @MjPenthousePet Si amiga @Karma_Rx @ItsBiancaBurke I’ve given up on the skull ones. @MjPenthousePet I’m the same way I might forgive but I’ll never forget. @ItsBiancaBurke @Karma_Rx Same as the pumpkin spice skulls, I had to settle for a regular bar. @matka @MuseumNext Grafted a koala head on looks like @Giselle46335885 @KamylBazbaz @DuckDuckGo @Google @MorningTech @julietarallo All pulp fiction like @maggiekb1 @maggiekb1 Better than the guy masterbating, no really @ElaDarling @courtenlow I’m usu the chef in the relationship. @TheAliceLittle Slave leia, hopefully that doesn’t make me jabba! Let’s say master and sub to make it semi pc. @Karma_Rx Mines in there @drewestatecigar Past not through, oh course! @janewildexxx Read bold print, odds are heavily on the side he’ll be fine.
@CarterCruise @mysweetapplexxx Yes I think so. @Kati3katMFC @elenakoshkaxoxo @davidpierson @Lil_BluBunny @MsVeronicaBound Xmas red in October @nay_sue1 @LibertyOne8 @JortsAndCrocs @iteachspeech31 Form vultron!! @DestinationKat Make chocolates too. @LondonCRiver I have, good stuff amiga @AaronMorrison89 Mr rights out there for ya man, just as miss rights out there for me we just havnt met yet. @LondonCRiver Katt’s comedic take on haters, spoilers. @LondonCRiver @AshleyLaneXXX @RosannaPansino @TheBaileyRayne @MyFreeCams Aquaphor be ok too? @AshleyLaneXXX Hopefully living the best life @TomTerrific2019 @erinbiba Yes just not rusty nail you step on. I’ll extra oxidized iron in your diets ok. @veggiebabyy Why be flb eating chili in bed? @veggiebabyy Em ok, beans or no beans @49suns @lynneguist There will be some weird quirks in any language. For instance German and answering what time is it. @49suns @lynneguist And he’s a very not sfw Dutch commercial that didn’t make the cut; @AidenAshley *too @AidenAshley Lil GnR cover, I’ve heard them twice live, ‘89 b’ham or so and 2017 Nashville. Man I miss live shows. @GlassOlive @GlassOliive Your famous now, scam artist always follow money and popularity alas.
@juniperberryxox I’m joking of course, no snake/ gator bites for content! @PeterJLuff I’m going to be the contrarian here, no one really knows what to do, so they keep trying variations of a lock down. @MissRachel_PS @unapologist Xmas red in Oct.! @AidenAshley Happy early birthday wishes! @juniperberryxox Shot in/ near the swamp??!! @AshleyLaneXXX Skeet skeet skeet @breebabineaux @patagonia Always good to at least skim the article before commenting on it or reacting to the headl… @BBC_TopGear Surprisingly the 2nd worse was a VW Atlas I got upsold into. I traded it back in for my vehicle class… @BBC_TopGear Chevrolet Equinox, it’s like being time warped back into the 80’s not in a good way. There is a reason… @BBC_TopGear See also Pontiac Aztec... @STEPHEN_FINE @LaynaLandry @rejaniced More than you ever wanted to know about paprika; @CarterCruise @XMISHACROSSX Who dat @elenakoshkaxoxo @whitneywrightx Might as well @amymorgangp Me too, but the coffees usu good at the ones I used to attend. @AndreaJustFit Rooted in deep insecurity to try to criticize others continually.... @AndreaJustFit @MissDollyLeigh @AvonaAvona2 Yes so much yes! @DestinationKat The white chocolate ones are quite good.
@Karma_Rx I ordered the regular one because it looked like the skull one was sold out @Karma_Rx Yes did we miss out??!!