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Once saw Nick Cave wearing sandals, still not entirely over it.

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what is the lettuce that smells like damp cigar paper
that my body and hair would likely never look so naturally good again, so appreciate it, that people suggesting tak… @NonChillAunt @AbeVonAugust also here to help if needed 🧡 Mexican gray wolf or “lobo” is the most genetically distinct lineage of gray wolves in the Western Hemisphere,…
Retweeted by A Swamp That WalksI think we people with anxiety work so hard not to be irritating to people that we end of up being irritating to people
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @NonChillAunt was accepted to play 24-Hour Drone at Basilica Hudson in April! now, how to afford airfare to New York, and travel safely with gear @NonChillAunt @KUAAradio I was nervous before and didn’t know whether to post! went well, hope to be back on soon @spacetacotaco this guy used to get a lot of work, good for him was me on @KUAAradio for the last two hours!
officially declare TRoS as an “alternate timeline Star Wars Story” then not make any movies for a long time, give p… couldn’t have been meant to survive for as long as we have. maybe several thousand of us ever make good deci… @ohgoddickie “Better Than Ezra, maybe, but not anyone else”Okay, hear me out. - Family moves for dad’s new job - You go to a new school where you don’t understand how anythi…
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@taxisweater exactly. we already have so many options for visions of a future without hope. Star Trek, especially N… @taxisweater eh, sure I’ll watch at some point, but the mention of cynicism when it comes to writing for this world… @taxisweater so should I pass on Picard? having just finished rewatching TNG, this show being not very good would probably hurtmood: brad dourif in CHILD’S PLAY saying “oh god i’m dying” in the same tone one might use to be like “ahh pepsi’s…
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @AbeVonAugust congratulations! very well-deserved! @vlleneuve
@amanda__reads @ZenOfDesign majority of Prince’s recorded output from 1980–1988 @ZenOfDesign Tago Mago -> Ege Bamyasi -> Future Days or Replicas -> the Pleasure Principle -> Telekon @amanda__reads what about Portishead covering ABBA?Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine we in the US had no access too because we sanctioned Cuba. Cuba eliminated HIV tran…
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“the Doors were just a really good band, you know?” @lurie_john Orleans Parish Prison Blues is a classicBrazilian musician Johnny Herno playing his homemade instrument the Berimlata, which combines a Berimbau musical bo…
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @zzzappbrannigan apparently, the guy who signed House of Pain signed them instead of RZA, who then planned Wu-Tang.… and Chewbacca or Max Rebo and R2 @JavierHernandez here if you need to talk. I’m so sorry, this is horrible newsWhen Dracula does "Jessie's Girl" at karaoke he sings "Why can't I find a woman-like bat?"
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if you look like an old baby, maybe try not to act like a stupid old baby, like chris matthews @coolfunghost their coffee and donuts’ flavor just isn’t my thing, but I understand how much people love it, especially growing up with it @coolfunghost I like their bagels, can that be enough?
@punkybuddy ah! not going to be home in time to upload anything — none of the Iscariot Rising tracks are on my phon… @BilTGuitars okay, but now I’m imagining an Iceman-referencing BilT…depressed childrens’ book author who just inherited a steamboat. I mean, Iceman bass at the rocknroll flea market. should I try to trade a couple pedals for it? @timescanner future looking like mad max + highlander + the crow @perfumegenius Venom
Remembering Nina Simone, born on this day in 1933 in Tryon, North Carolina. Here she is performing “I Wish I Knew H…
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @punkybuddy that quick wave of euphoria/contentment, where only the art or thought exists and is enough? yeah, it rules. more of that please @PixelFixel get this Drew a train! @coolfunghost
2020 @peachy_kari someone convinced the OP to link the guy to her post, this is some ride! I guess it’s true about a vil… Birthday to my Queen Poison Ivy Rorshach ! She taught me the ways of the fuzz pedal and then some!
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @knowndumbass TL: i believe in this man and hope he knows how to throw a punch TR: would cry, or get decked and say… Birthday to He who gives meaning and purpose: Mr. Anthony Frank Iommi.
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walkstravel…strangely, Coffin Joe. I remember seeing video of Jose Mojica Marins putting Sean Yseult into a coffin. She…
good stuff Runner
Retweeted by A Swamp That WalksI would like to submit this scene and the opening of John Wick: Chapter 2 as reasons I think a “Keanu and Friends”… @coolfunghost what, are we all supposed to be able to comprehend and explain every goddamn thing we do? the human b… @ABugNamedJune we don’t really know each other beyond social media, but from your posts and the way mutual friends…’ll vote for a literal shit sandwich on fire before Bloomberg. “blue no matter who” doesn’t apply in a situation like thisWho would make a better president? Like for Mike Bloomberg, Retweet for the “chaos reigns” fox that portends an irr…
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @ThatEricAlper character grabs a boiling egg out of water, bare-handed, unscathedthe song “Iron Man” by the band Black Sabbath is about a guy who just happens to be made out of iron. That’s wildShout out to Jawas with the fly as hell robes and the fabulous deals on used robots and whatnot.
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walksit has come to my attention that Constantine was released 15 years ago today. it remains an excellent & super undervalued film
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@NonChillAunt my favorite PiL record!sometimes people are like "this tweet is a cry for help" listen bro every tweet is a cry for help, just having an a…
Retweeted by A Swamp That WalksThrone of Blood / Akira Kurosawa
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happy birthday, maestro @lnsideness UtahnsFootage of Danny Glover dancing with the Predators from PREDATOR 2 because everyone needs to enjoy this
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walksactresses that were robbed because the academy hates horror movies starter pack
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Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @rickyvigil there’s a reggae whole lotta love that is also disappointingIn light of the news about ICE raids in sanctuary cities, it's maybe worth reminding everyone to maybe carry around…
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @thorharris666 @deerhoof @JoyfulNoiseRecs can’t wait to listen!! 2/19 estimated arrival date
if @thorharris666 and any members of Deerhoof would like to start a band that I could be in too, I’ll travel pretty… u see how he turns his parents millions of dollars into a special car
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @coolfunghost true! evidenced by the box set I gave you as an early Valentine’s gift this year!Happy birthday to lovely @warrenellis13 Warren Ellis! Seed relation and fine music man! Also we have both been pain…
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election season really brings into sharp relief how exactly how many people are more committed to upholding white s…
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @coolfunghost I love you, weirdo 💜Big Star: Kangaroo There are some beautiful covers of this song, but the original is so haunted yet horny/flirtySuicide: Cheree Adore @Craigleon @wersaticzek @DeccaRecords something like 4AD, maybe? Deutsche Grammophon releasing music by Johann Joha… cats really don't give one single shit.
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @Craigleon @wersaticzek @DeccaRecords I’d imagine RVNG would treat this as well as the Nommos+Visiting set if you e… [cute puns 🥰🥰] Riker: Let's go to Fuck Planet.
Retweeted by A Swamp That WalksRoses are red Violets take shape I always think of that booty In this vast Hellscape
Retweeted by A Swamp That Walks @thorharris666 Colin Newman’s “Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish” is pretty cool @ohgoddickie are many colors Violets are violet We’re all gonna die at some point Just say no to Bloomberg
Retweeted by A Swamp That WalksThe winter grows cold. Hold my body and take me far away from this grave of frost.
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@coolfunghost the Fury Road is in your heart. had to leave some essentials off my movie and tv list too, but that’s okay, I know I like them @coolfunghost hi you rule @ihatejoelkim dicks are everywhere, though. like rocks, or pollution. Feel like public restrooms should still, at t… co-writer of Mandy, one of the greatest films, had the same thought the Green Knight going to be our generation’s Excalibur? Just presumably not as horny?