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A pale actor/writer/singer/director/gamer currently working on @startrekcbs IG: albinokid1026 PSN: albinokid1026 Cameo: He/him/his

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25 years ago today, we lost our friend & colleague Jonathan Larson. That night, we shared his words & music w/a sma… @haaffinstaaff @TylerHughs @ganylus I just meant it’s not intended to cover his shell at all. Difficult to encapsul… @TylerHughs @ganylus It’s just front-faced.
@pgoodman13 @N_A_K Wow, that sounds like a tense encounter!Sadly we couldn’t make schedules work for a #DiscoDoesDnD session today. But to tide you over, here’s a portrait of… @ToonEzon @ussjellyfish We use @AstralVTT for maps & @DnDBeyond for character sheets. @krzyart In our early adventures we were very bad at climbing down ropes and vines and kept falling. Plus we travel… @carlos_cisco 🧙🏻‍♂️🐉🦄🧝🏼‍♀️ @carlos_cisco Yup! This one was last night (Friday) but I just got around to doing the recap tonight. Gotta get em in when I can!!! @DraikMage So far there’s only been one surge, resulting in a casting of a fog spell as we were attacked by boars at our camp one night. @ussjellyfish It’s not a choice, it’s automatic for a rogue. But yes it’s a good ability! @ussjellyfish Uncanny dodge! It means that once a round in combat I can halve the damage I take. @DraikMage Yup! Not sure whether or not Xeni will take fireball into her spell list. She’s also a wild mage, so ban… @Tachocline I think I shall indeed. Not sure when, but I think it’ll happen!A jam-packed session w/mysteries & combat & intrigue & lovely character moments. I feel so lucky to have 2 campaign… as we tried to reassure him that it wasn’t Prasinos (it couldn’t have been him; he’d been with us at the time o… that point, the others joined us at the inn, & suddenly Krek started getting quite intense toward Prasinos, sayi… offered the perspective that the gods all more or less only care about aspects of the domains they oversee, &… Ianstaer shared that he still drew strength from their goddess, who was a goddess of light & beauty, & he belie… shared that he & his brother had been the only survivors of a raid on their village. His brother had later died.…, Xeni, Krek, Risa, & our half-elf light cleric Ianstaer had all gone to the inn to eat & drink during the… spoke passionately about facing fear & fighting on, & how important it is to have something to fight for; all t…, Theia, our wood elf monk, managed to roll well on an insight check & successfully found a way to convince… the Captain was reserved & skeptical about it, which wound up pissing Brisa off, & even frustrated the normally… was a LOT of gold, & weirdly to Bartolomy (he likes gold), she wanted not one piece of it. She was all kinds of… led them back to their town of Talenhome, which was still putting itself back together after its recent battle w…, Brisa, the Air Genesis ranger, spotted wheel tracks leading away from the camp, & we gave chase. We caught… looting the Orcs, Bartolomy came across a mysterious disclike object that showed a moon and other runic symbol… told Krek he’d give him power if Krek helped him, & that working w/ us would help him. Xeni, our Satyr wild magi… once we revived Krek, we asked him what the hell happened to him. He said he’d been talking with a powerful voic… before we could find out, we had to finish off the battle w/the 2 Orcs that remained. The leader was laughing u… here’s the update for the latest session of my other #DnD campaign. When last we saw The Drop-In Gang, o…
@Queer_mint @SeveredSonsDnD Thank you! I had so much fun bringing him to life. @SpychalaM @SeveredSonsDnD Yay! Danke!
@ej11lizzie Thank you!!! @ElawReads @SethRudetsky Thank you my friend!!! @BonnieBellG Thank you!!!! @minibrownies @rentreadathon Thank you very much for reading it. @Nyggmatic I’m so so sorry to hear that. He was fortunate to have you as a source of support and comradeship. @DeedeeMagnoHall ❤️❤️❤️ @KaleeGee The wonderful Charlotte D’Amboise.
@directfromdavid @BernieSanders @IfThenMusical @idinamenzel @tinymallet @gaygay4gaga @JennColella @laChanze @FrazerRamon @NewYorkTheater @daphnerubinvega @wilsonjheredia_ @fwbrowne Thank you! @fwbrowne @FrazerRamon @NewYorkTheater @daphnerubinvega @wilsonjheredia_ Neither do you, my dear! @Nyggmatic Thank you for being an ally! @lauriegood1 Thank you! I hope you and yours are safe and well! @NewYorkTheater @daphnerubinvega @wilsonjheredia_ @fwbrowne Yup! @aliceaguiar I’m a high baritone. @k8andgracie No worries! @iproposethis @longdrivesouth I’ve learned it’s the wonderful Charlotte D’Amboise. @k8andgracie ? I didn’t unlike it.For those who missed it, (or those who want to see it again), here’s the #CelebratingAmerica clip of myself & a bun… @JoshWatchinTV Thank youuuuu @mustachepapi ☺️☺️☺️ @JonathanDelArco ☺️☺️☺️ @laurenthehough YOU KNOW IT @TheDeniseCrosby @BidenInaugural @StarTrek Thank you!!!! @MarliesYearby @wcruz73 Thank you! I hope you and yours are safe and well. Much love! @iproposethis @longdrivesouth I’m not sure! @ronniemick Enjoy!!! @ChelseaClinton @ChrisisSingin @WayneBrady @ReneeGoldsberry @JMunozActor @daphnerubinvega Thank you so much! @ChaseMasterson Thank you so much, it was an honor!
@davidhogg111 This is an excellent tweet.Yup. @Chasten It was truly wonderful to see you there. @MoonGlowAria @TheAmandaGorman @tonydesare @wcruz73 She was gorgeous in every way.We did it, Joe! 😍😍😍 @GretaThunberg Drag him!I’m already moved. The purging of the toxic disaster we’ve lived through for the past four years is already beginni… @N_A_K @MichaelLipper @couttsemily @CreationEnt YES @RebeccAgent I love that. @nikroybal @RandyRainbow I agree with you. @MatthewRaccoon @AlanTudyk Got it! @MatthewRaccoon @AlanTudyk ...Neanderthal...???
@rosieloves_u_2 @RandyRainbow Nope!This is really excellent. I think Jonathan Larson would have been so proud and honored. Thank you, @RandyRainbow, f… @MattAnsellUK @SamWitwer @MrKenMitchell I don’t.Thank you @GeekFilter for bringing the unhinged grizzly bear Zachariah to such perfectly vivid life in this portrai… @ej11lizzie AMAZING @SamWitwer @MrKenMitchell This is a beautiful thing. 😭😭😭 @kilnfiendpotter @Kathleen_LRR @daleEfriesen @ihorner It was so much madcap fun! Thanks so much! @daleEfriesen It was a blast! Thanks for allowing me to be so, well, unhinged! Take care and stay safe.Join us for some Honey Heist silliness! Streaming in a couple minutes, info below!
I had such a great time playing a one-shot #DnD game with these guys. Part 2 is available, info below. Witness my s… #MLKDay2021 @rachaelboakes I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. Continue to take good care of yourself. @AshleyTheophane @Marina_Sirtis Um there is hardly any doubt he will be better. Admittedly, the bar has been set hi… @BrianJCollins75 You’ll have to ask @N_A_K @Ma_Kol I chose the telepathic feat that’s in the recent Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything book. @Axis_Of_Anarchy @N_A_K Circle of the Forest. @NyxCrawler @N_A_K @couttsemily @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @startrekcbs All of that happened in *2 hours*. @N_A_K packs it IN. @BeezleMcFly @N_A_K @couttsemily @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @startrekcbs Not a guest, a new party member!!! 😍😍😍 @_Skarlett_One We are in another room cause Zoom is weird with echoing sound when two people are together. @_Skarlett_One @N_A_K @couttsemily @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @startrekcbs So far he’s been a giant wolf spider most o…
@JLSoryu @N_A_K @couttsemily @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @startrekcbs Doooooo iiiiiiiiitSo much happened! Thanks for following along on our adventures. It’s a joy to play, & a joy to share them with you.… made our way through the keep, which seemed abandoned, & featured a gruesome sight of a Dragonborn corpse in a c… was time for Grafinas to take his giant wolf spider form to scout ahead, crawling along the ceiling. But the tun… very quickly dispatched this myconid (out goliath ranger, Mischa, played by @N_A_K today because @may_wise could… next day, we made it to the stronghold, an imposing, dark castle built into the side of a mountain. A drawbridg…