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A pale actor/writer/singer/director/gamer currently working on @startrekcbs IG: albinokid1026 PSN: albinokid1026 He/him/his

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I am very sad to hear of the passing of René Auberjonois. His work on Deep Space Nine was especially inspiring to m…
@mightycochise @RED You’re welcome! @ElawReads @Claribel_Ortega I would indeed say that, Elaw. I would indeed.
@sitedenied I’m always happy for folks to join with me. Co op is the most fun way to play. But I don’t voice chat FYI... @SerinaTirek I’m very glad to hear it! @mightycochise @RED Yes, a portion of the proceeds go to @RED @elijahyab It’s lovely, and very thoughtful. Thank you indeed. Take good care! @TangibleInquiry @keithcoogan He was wonderful to work with on Babysitting and on Rent. Truly a great guy.
Hello all, I’m proud to be joining Cameo in their efforts to raise money for the fight against AIDS and HIV via…
@artemislynne I’m sorry, how would you like help from me regarding this?
@mattyoungactor Ahhhh hi! That’s the film I’m proudest of being in. Glad you enjoy it. Hope you and your family are well!
@artemislynne I have no idea what’s going on with him. I believe he will be subjected to an ethics investigation at minimum. @artemislynne As far as I know there’s no known date. @artemislynne I believe so. But I’m not sure how many sessions or witnesses there might be. @Camiest_of_Cams @wcruz73 I meant your dad, yes. @artemislynne The intelligence committee is prepping their report. It next goes to the judiciary committee, where t… @Camiest_of_Cams @wcruz73 I’m very glad to hear it. He’s fortunate to have you taking care of him.
@ava Wow. That’s bananas. It really doesn’t take that much effort for folks to pay attention to those sorts of (*NO… @Twintroverted @goodreads @nkjemisin @ursulaleguin @robinhobb Not yet. @Twintroverted @goodreads @nkjemisin @ursulaleguin @robinhobb I haven’t. @Camiest_of_Cams No we don’t. @goodreads The Broken Earth Trilogy by @nkjemisin, The Left Hand of Darkness & The Dispossessed by @ursulaleguin, T…
@TylerDinucci SIR. @danjlevy @Delta @rocketmanmovie It’s @delta. I would have been surprised if they hadn’t edited them out. They’re v… you @PRyanHussey for speaking eloquently and passionately of your experience. I dearly hope you aren’t the on…
@vertigayle I don’t know. I think she’s really talented. @mikeBithell Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 😎😎😎 @Camiest_of_Cams @sdccampussafety @ElawReads I’m talking more about internal character logic/emotional authenticity… @ChuckWendig I mean, let’s be honest here. He is probably correct. @Camiest_of_Cams @sdccampussafety @ElawReads Increasingly unbelievable character development, leaps of story logic,… @dan_wolpe @JCKC721 I hope you are correct! @sdccampussafety @ElawReads I appreciate your respectful engagement around this. I’ll consider it. Take care! @ZMsuited Holy wow that is some serious turd sandwich material served on a hot steaming pile of turds. @JCKC721 Oh my. That’s very sad and upsetting. @sdccampussafety @ElawReads We can happily disagree. I was around the same age as the kids as well. It started out… @JCKC721 ???This is really so surreal and incredibly funny and disturbing and needs to be seen to be believed.
@Adaripp @GaryJanetti That really is perfect. @ElawReads I watched the first episode of season 2 and was done. @ElawReads Mehhhh that show is so mehhhhhhhh. @Jemppu Thanks for the warning. I will not scroll down.This brought joyful sweet tears to my eyes. @entish2 @BonnieBellG I watch it with joy in my heart. I love it.
@ralphcahill Never give up.4 of 5 stars to The Rosewater Redemption by Tade Thompson @PsycheDK @goodreads @nfreudenberger @tadethompson It’s part of the Hugo & Nebula Awards group. Not a buddy read but an official group read. @goodreads @nfreudenberger I’ll be finishing @tadethompson’s supremely imaginative, very enjoyable finish to his Wo… join the chorus of folks who look forward to saying #ByeByeElise and urge you to donate to @TedraCobb. We need to… @MarshaBlackburn You are behaving in a terribly trashy manner by tweeting this, Senator. And you ought to be ashamed.Ohioans must vote out this human stain on our government. @natasharothwell @realDonaldTrump Indeed. @BonnieBellG Break all the legs!!!! @Dragontear @TheCaleyMac I liked her tweet unironically because I think it’s terrible that she was attacked for ask… @Equill Totally! I just mean there’s a huge difference in her presence and seriousness and preparedness. @AustinPearcey I’m gratified to hear it. Take good care!
@matthewamiller He looked genuinely frightened and chastened. @mfbenji Right, when we were touring there with Rent. @mfbenji Cool, where was that? @O_Town_Geek @DevinNunes I wish you my very best. Take good care. @fwbrowne Gorgeous!What a difference there is between today’s forthright, detailed, extremely precise, clear testimony by Fiona Hill v… @aptshadow Sorry, nope! Impeachment is bringing the charges against him. Removal is via trial in the Senate. @aptshadow Yup! @fwbrowne Yup! @GovRocknar @TulsiGabbard I never said anything about that.DERP! What say you to this, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire @DevinNunes? @AustinPearcey Thank you for that. @AustinPearcey Ah I understand. I hope you can find it in your heart to support whoever gets the nomination in the end. @AustinPearcey I’m sorry, who do you mean? @AustinPearcey If you mean Castro I wish he had been up there as well. @elijahyab Agreed.And I’m not standing with any particular candidate at this moment. I’m excited by several. And I certainly don’t in…’m feeling very hopeful after tonight’s debate. It embodied what I’d been hoping for: a robust conversation of sub… @matthewwing Yes. @wcruz73 @PeteButtigieg @KamalaHarris Same mood here.It is cleansing to see a stage full of a lot of intelligent, substantive human beings articulating their ideas and… @kattyinthedark Lighting. @davidaxelrod I’m finding it invigorating, to hear conversations of substance from a group of intelligent, articula… @Zaha8911 It was during the 2009 tour I did with Adam Pascal.
@ErinHistoryMuse I was indeed.As interested as I am in public policy and the political process, 1 reason I could never *be* a politician is that… @_Just_A_Geek @jpraw Also Hufflepuff! @jcampanelliNYC Thanks but the first photo is of me in costume. So that wasn’t how *I* dressed. 😎 @howardberry @Apple I mean I’m not sure how the protocol for such things goes, but I imagine it would be difficult… had a previously-scheduled pr event for a POTUS visit at a new Apple plant. I will say it’s undoubtedly a good t… my Tim Cook from @apple must be DYING inside.Oh my this made me LAUGH. Thank you for that, @itsJeffTiedrich @jpraw Proudly I’m a Hufflepuff. @SherlockSpaniel I’m sorry I’m not. @_ElizabethMay He enjoys YELLIIIIIIIING @CptSean24 Something like this, yes. @CptSean24 I am not sure he would be in Starfleet, since he was conscripted by Lorca. @gaydaddave That’s myself at the second season premiere for @startrekcbs @CJEdmund That is the same hair color I’ve always had. Lighting makes it look redder in certain photos. My hair was…, here’s my 2009-2019 photo comparison. @_ElizabethMay We are fortunate that he is. Meanwhile, Trump *himself* asked on the call about the Bidens. @macodi1400 @catiescarlett86 @maureenjohnson She calls me Pookie all the time. @eripley999 That is SO FUNNY!!!!! @Queer_mint @CaryPatrick Thank you for the clarification. @aptshadow @dedbutdrmng @_ElizabethMay Thank you for directing me to her!