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My pronouns are whatever you want them to be, & yours are mine to choose. Pronouns, like adjectives, belong to the speaker or writer, not to the subject.

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@Bevmb @SirBasilBrush I've long thought (even when I was 18) that people shouldn't vote until they were 25. @Ned_Donovan @OCallaghanRedux Reminds me of the tragedy of Pygmalion / My Fair Lady. Once Eliza Doolittle had becom… @Ned_Donovan @OCallaghanRedux If they were in the USA would they be written up as similarly tragically quirky or he… @NikkiHaley I always remember that bumper sticker: "My grandchildren are great. I wish I'd had 'em first!" @IanMurrayMP Poor Richard. He clearly meant it as a joke, but it only works as a joke in a private context. Which c… @googledrive Folders: Year in digits / Month in digits / Project / name @GoodwinMJ The Devil Drives @William92786781 @talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 @Jamesara Accurately & succinctly put.No it's not. That's the queen's job. And it's your job, because you've got nothing better to do in opposition. it's not. That's the queen's job @SirBasilBrush I rest my case, your honour @SirBasilBrush She's a teenager. All teens are insane. @johnthejack @BouvierStephen @JohnRentoul As a journalist I was once on the receiving end of Portakabin's legal dep… @johnthejack @BouvierStephen @JohnRentoul True - sort of. The business was sound, but the perception of his (privat… @wapella @mattwridley Well of course he's leaving you hanging - he wants you to buy the book :-) @martinsykeshaas @AlexanderMcNabb @Beirutspring @JohnRentoul I believe an Isis estate agents on the Thames somewhere. @BouvierStephen @JohnRentoul Yes! Who can forget 'Crapners'? @MartinDaubney "Where's the EU? I don't see it." @JohnRentoul @CorbynSuperFan I feel for Burgon. He was clearly trying to be jocular. I have made many a misfired jo… @cjsnowdon I like cider served in a stemmed glass. Those Stella pint goblets are really nice for that.I hope I never have a law named after me. @Iromg @JuliaHB1 Thunderpants doesn't need 'hearing', she needs questioning - preferably by @afneilI recall the Ayds brand going bust in the 1980s because HIV was named 'AIDS' @JohnRentoul Is there a top ten of unwarranted brand collapses? "Makers of Corona report £132 million loss during…'d trust that vet too - he sure knows where his towel is. @JohnHitchin @mrianleslie Yes, no 11 has not held up well @RubbishWife @TomFoxTom Come to think of it, Boots used to have books. @RubbishWife @TomFoxTom You keep your boots in books? @MediaGuido Just now, introducing the 8:10am interview, @BBCr4today said no minister was available because "the gov… @Pieter_Buisman @tomhfh @SkyNews How old do you have to be for Corona to STILL mean soft drinks & not beer? @Holbornlolz Another twitter pile-in begins.'m really enjoying 'Age of Invention', a weekly email on the causes of the British Industrial Revolution and the h…
@PrettyboiiDB_9 89+20 = 109, plus 7 = 116 @jjeremyscott @JohnRentoul A great follow-up ruined by an autocorrect typo. @christiancalgie When I was at school 'tonge' (with a soft g, pron 'tonj') was our slang for prick) @LucyENichol I had a knife fight with Marco Pierre White in a restaurant, where he was chef, I was bartender. I cut… @bencobley I'm the other way round. England has enough tunes - from Sullivan to the Beatles - but it should have a national poem instead.Your regular reminder that this is still the greatest Eurovision song ever @FrankEd1967 @JohnRentoul D.I.V.O.R.C.E. - Billy Connolly @DeborahMeaden Yes. The creative part of Europe set to break free from the suffocating uncreative part on 31st December. @northumbriana Well, many of the quadruple doors have gone, but enough of them to recall the past. @northumbriana Isn't it great how Google Street View allows you to imagine the past? @MartinDaubney @Fox_Claire @lisanandy I don't have a TV licence. Is it possible for me to watch these debates legally? @SartorialThug @casuallyattired Well they get fed up with people dissing them. @ghost_wales Isn't it supposed to be appearing in change?Sorry to hear the inventor of batik has died. @TitaniaMcGrath @JarvisDupont So heartening to see your message is finally getting through. @googlemaps Can your scale markers be made bigger? For example I wanted to get a sense of the size/scale of a map t…"Collapsible tubes... we are content with the lowest margin of profit"... A different world of marketing then! @IncognitoPengy I think toothpaste tubes changed to plastic around the time we were kids. I remember it being some… @steveturtle @IncognitoPengy I seem to recally 'metallic' tubes as recently as the 1980s. But if so, which metal? @steveturtle @IncognitoPengy Surely lead would have been banned quite early? Also, because it quickly became quite… @sunny_hundal As a photography student in 1972 I spent a day at a resettlement camp interviewing newly arrived refu… @TheSimonEvans Titania is a complete tit. @BBCMarshall @MishalHusain @philmackie @BBCNews Yikes, three feet deep there. @claudiahammond @bbcworldservice But how does air pollution compare with 10, 30, 70 years ago? Is it actually getti… @JohnRentoul Even a stopped leap-year calendar is right every four years. @BrindleyLass Thanks. You, of anyone, must be well equipped to know these things, having pored over the Great Navig… @IncognitoPengy More specific, please.What were toothpaste tubes made out of before plastic?
@czsa010 @DavidBbolton86 @Tignes_Spirit Oh, in the shadow of the wonderful Nob End Locks.. Love that area, I hope they restore the canal. @Sara_Rose_G Time Express @IncognitoPengy 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170… @IncognitoPengy And it does me good like it bloody well should. @BrindleyLass Yes, but they said the House of Commons, so I assumed they meant the House of Commons :-) thought the House of Commons was burned down in 1834? @bernerlap So Corbyn gets an apology & damages from a Conservative MP for being called a traitor, but nobody bother… @ScottAdamsSays Can I describe it confidentially so my colleagues don't see? @cjsnowdon I don't see why the public purse should pay to lock up such prats. @cjsnowdon True. The proper punishment would be a modest custodial sentence for putting the public at risk & fright… @BenHouchen What, and bring back bring viruses? Why leave the Tees Valley? It's a lovely place to holiday! @daniel_leave @SmartBusSol Not much point in investing in promising future rappers, they are all going to get stabbed anyway. @richardosman Have you got a link? @GeoffNorcott @SimonEdmands Everyone is watching, there is no privacy now.
It's pronounced 'butter-geek' @_HelenDale Lol my timeline @adamfleming Is there a tl;dr? And is there a canonical language that overrules the others if there is a dispute?Paradoxically, perhaps the best solution might be for trains to have men-only pissoirs - to siphon off, as it were, the main problem.In all the current talk about single-sex toilets, nobody seems to mention railway train toilets. They are unisex -… @TheSimonEvans He 'declaims', loudly, which is much better than the hushed close-miked whispering of @bbcpoetrypleaseMaybe they could roll all the infected athletes into the paralympics. @Little_G2 Protests greet Trump UK visits. Remainers: "UK diminished in status worldwide because we've left the EU… are the symptoms of this new Corona virus then? How many people recover, and if you do, are you then immune? @RubbishWife @Feerabs Do oatcakes count as pancakes? I still have those. @RubbishWife @Feerabs I've not had a pancake in, maybe, 20 years. @SueGrantham11 Time to spread the word 'orthophobia', the fear and hatred of normality and common sense. @364690 That can be arranged @AmySpargo Seems to me you are the one hating. You could try simply ignoring; it's much more relaxing. @Holbornlolz Reminds me of Peter Simple's running joke about the Swedo-Yugoslav war @JohnSmi21372434 @francesbarber13 "Ask Sakar"? She gave the wrong answer. @DrPhiltill I ground to a halt at Cheese - which is farther than I expected to get. @EssexPR I buy Heck sausages anyone knits, this is a lovely idea xx
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That's me! @causticbob You're confusing deterrence with retribution. @riceuten @TrippyPip @afneil Why are they called 'gammon'? Whence the origin of the word? @Adrian_Hilton @patel4witham "Simon Jenkins is a Guardian columnist" @GarethSoye Looks like a computer game clip or cgi @toadmeister Well, as @MrNishKumar pointed out, tea doesn't come from Yorkshire, how dare that Yorkshireman in the picture suggest it does. @YorkshireTea I doubt anyone heard about it if they weren't on twitter.