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if a dog is born in barn it doesn’t make it a horse !

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@OliverDowden @royalacademy Close contact gyms Oliver , close contact gyms ?? @talkSPORT Maradona on a 5yr deal to Motherwell ! @ChampionsLeague @ManUtd Player !
@SkySportsPL 40 million and Utd should buy him @talkSPORT @talkSPORTDrive & why does the ref looking at the monitor put him under pressure to change his mind ? Yo… @talkSPORT @talkSPORTDrive Bollocks , studs up , knee high = red ! Does he have to have his leg broken for you to t… @OliverDowden @RishiSunak @EquityUK Oliver , close contact gyms ? @FootbalIhub Vardy @flowesaunders68 In other news , water is wet @_sakalinho You can see where @vardy7 studs caught him , right on the nose 😀 @CFCBlues_com 4 points @talkSPORT Utd will have him - £45 mill @talkSPORT Mike Tyson v Naseem hamed @talkSPORT Hagler to wipe that smug grin of frochs face and give him a free nose job @OliverDowden @ECB_cricket Hi Oliver - any information on close contact gyms re-opening ? @talkSPORTDrive @KurtZouma Doing what he is paid to do 🤷🏻‍♂️ @andygoldstein05 Virgin issuing ALL holiday refunds today - @LozzaFox You married her !
@OliverDowden - I understand you are a busy man but I would be extremely grateful if you could tell me why gyms still aren’t open ? Thanks @andygoldstein05 You had your refund yet Andy ?
@talkSPORT Loyal as fuck @talkSPORT Not @RobbieSavage8 @JackGrealish Sounds is bitter because he’s not the next Bond @turner295 @c_r_5 @talkSPORTDrive It’s gonna cost villa millions bit don’t worry , John terry is in a “different path” 😉 @turner295 @c_r_5 @talkSPORTDrive 😂 @talkSPORTDrive Nothing - ole is in regular contact with Kevin keegan and kev assures him all is well @turner295 @c_r_5 @talkSPORTDrive Do you think John terry was bought in for A - his assistant manager experience o… @turner295 @c_r_5 @talkSPORTDrive Mate , have a serious word with yourself ! @turner295 @c_r_5 @talkSPORTDrive Shittest tweet I’ve ever seen - do you think when they ask him his thoughts on th… @bosulliv @MKeeno84 You sent me to a government website , these are facts not headlines - 22 yesterday , not 1000 p… we go - @bosulliv @MKeeno84 You said 1k dying every week ? @willcatlinn @sarajanec_xx Get someone who knows how to cook it properly - sounds like you soak everything in gravy… @5liveSport @RobbieSavage8 @RobbieSavage8 I’ll bet you £50 United finish higher than anyone you pick in the premie… @Johnjam10John @TSBreakfast @BroadcastMoose He obviously wants to go to a big club , West Ham are just a feeder for… @bosulliv @MKeeno84 You stick to listening to the MSM , good luck with that - 1k dying everyday week, where ? Reve…
@Bowesey15 @RobbieSavage8 Remember where you heard it first mush 🤫 @RobbieSavage8 Man Utd are favourites @thefattony Going on Monday if you fancy it 😁? @goal Harry Kane @andygoldstein05 Fucking moaner ! Virgin sorted your refund yet 😉 @thefattony Ibiza this year tone 😆 @MKeeno84 1k a week dying ?? @Stanhope2011VJ Total biff @MKeeno84 I bet you are fun at parties 🥳 @premierleague Not really that exclusive is it ? @Upyourjunker1 @RightOh1995 Fucking knob @SteveW_Leave_EU @pritipatel Come on prits , get it done ! @sketchaganda He looks like a dinner lady @sketchaganda I’d pay for this to be true @talkSPORT This bloke is a disaster - same old drivel coming out of his depressing mouth @premierleague @BarclaysFooty Can only be ole @talkSPORT Favourite for what ? Wiping your arse ? More shit would come off the shirt ! @talkSPORT @georgiebingham @HKane will 99% leave Tottenham at the end of this season - the 1% only reason he will s…
@UnbalancedMemes @RebeccaDayMEN @MENnewsdesk Just had a line of gear , give him 5 mins he’ll be life and soul of the party @holdmyale Have some of that you c**t @GordonRamsay @NYTimesGames The gofer ? @GaryLineker @BukayoSaka87 Goal keeper dopey ! @JohnnyTYKE Cock ! @talkSPORT Shlong @HznCabdalla @talkSPORT One word dickhead @premierleague Can Utd still win the league 😆 @Gazsmith22 @andygoldstein05 That tweet aged well gary 🤭 @Gazsmith22 @andygoldstein05 ?? @andygoldstein05 Is it Durham on the comms ? @bjsaunders_ Underrated tweet 😂
@moss_murphy @henriettak Under funded NHS ? They currently have an open cheque book . @FootbalIhub Fucking bin dippers @liamgallagher Bernhard ?
@pedroveigash @RyronGracie How long have you been at it , what belt ? @pedroveigash @RyronGracie I’m in for that , how many hours a week ? @RyronGracie Im 46 & just started , what are the chances of me getting there ?
@slinan 5 mins on each sideLike a woman with a bit of aggression 🌷
@jdlflower What a cabbage @RealMattCouch Cauliflowers @talkSPORT @DGoughie @talkSPORTDrive Tottenham will NOT spend £100 million on Declan Rice - Durham has had a nightmare here @rickygervais Do you use a leaf blower to get all the £50 notes in one place ? @thefattony Ibiza this year tone ? @rickygervais @Baddiel Radio interview @rickygervais Can you post the clip of @Baddiel telling the story about his father at the funeral - I’ve been searching for weeks , thanks
@realAdamBeyer The Dawn wall is quality @talkSPORT @MoneyMikeAshley @talkSPORT Adam Johnson @addicted2newz Let me know how that goes 🤭 @Suffragentleman 😂😂😂😂😂 again , againWest Papua delegate at U.N. Headquarters, NY
Retweeted by Albury11👍🏿 @jdlflower Cant wait
@HopkinsBRFC Who is at fault ? Is that a real question ? @gordonhay56 @mrjamesob The country agrees with me @gordonhay56 @mrjamesob Died with it , didn’t die of it ! @gordonhay56 @mrjamesob 20 years of growth ahead of us 💪 @gordonhay56 @mrjamesob You keep aligning yourself with O’Brien , let me know how that ends up - 🤫 @gordonhay56 @mrjamesob Life’s to short to be so bitter @piersmorgan @Keir_Starmer @GMB Another B lister as a guest - w**k show @liamgallagher Fuck all @RustyNuts5 @AnfieldWatch What’s for lunch ? 😂 @RustyNuts5 @AnfieldWatch One good season means fuck all to serial winners - what’s for lunch today ? 🤭 @RustyNuts5 @AnfieldWatch Ask anyone of your players that aren’t bin dippers & they all want to play for Utd -