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Jason Baker @Alchemister5 Scottsdale, AZ

Co-Founder/Managing Director @dnpeek. Former Blizzard, Eleague, MLG, ESL, GotFragTV and MFAVP. Making Esports content since 2001.

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@nerdstgamers @AOC tier tweet am not sure why people want to relate to politicians. I would like someone just once to say sorry at University I… @GoldenboyFTW @Slasher Take what happened to FleetwoodMac for example. @DF_Taimou @Nors3!Kill -process -redskycity *killing process, please stand by...* *ERROR: process cannot be killed* *ALERT: user…
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More popsicles! like my play guitar along to Led Zeppelin and other copywritten work twitch stream is cancelled. @TempoZP can get a DMCA complaint issued against you for virtually nothing (or for something completely credible). If yo…
Retweeted by Jason Baker @michelemorrow I rather government go after ISPs than Google at this point. @luismmira @SirScoots @natu More of a hydra.'re live with #valoRANTING! Hop into chat and get spamming before all the good memes are…
Retweeted by Jason BakerIn one hour, #valoRANTING goes live with guests @RyanCentral_ and @MattMrX! We'll talk about all the OWLs coming to…
Retweeted by Jason Baker @JoshBeardRadio Fine it is unneeded military involvement into a sporting event. @n0thing A clean ass is a happy ass. @MattMrX @RyanCentral_ Spoilers!Looking forward to hear what @RyanCentral_ has to say about testing the newest agent. Also interested to see if… @ANPerfetto Trick or Treaters.If CS is dying then let me be the last one watching. I don't watch the game because some chucklefuck likes to strea… had a dream last night that I got pulled for extra screening by the TSA. I had to wait at the DMV. No one wore ma…'s take a peek at the CS Steam numbers. CS hit an all time high for peak players in Ma…
Retweeted by Jason Baker#DHOpen has always made heads turn! Do you remember the first major in 2013? 👀 Check out this video to be hit with…
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@HagsGrabBag I am not much of a streamer. After work fun. @HagsGrabBag NopeCyberpunk 2077 is almost out. financial advisor is a disaster. Sure I have never followed his advice but he is a disaster.Gus wants me to get a bigger standing mat. is going to give it to ya. @ANPerfetto I think West World has made everyone want to do time jumps and for the most part it is shit. The show i… @offmana I do cold brew so I make a weeks worth at a time.I am out of coffee. @NahazDota @itskellykline Just imagine what a mess our country would be if we had done testing and tracing during t… @itskellykline He won't abuse steroids to keep his energy level up either I hear.NPR: 'The Venture Bros.' Creators Reflect On Cancellation. @KyleThatKyle Iceman gets very cool.Good morning. @Thyst03 @MonteCristo Fuck the Rams."He'll listen to the scientists." God forbid.
@SirScoots @TiberiusAudley @YouTube So shit music. @SirScoots This is a deep cut I say as I swing my guitar.I am pretty sure in the 80s incels wrote slasher movies instead of forum post. @FrosTvsYou @MrAdamAp @MLG @ScottGandhi @RogueCompany @MrAdamAp had nothing to do with that bit of mess. He should… @SirScoots @YouTube I do think it was my hate of it. @MrAdamAp @MLG @ScottGandhi @RogueCompany It involves stock but hey I did meet some great people at least.Between watching a bunch of horror movies and Phasmophobia I have been having some crazy dreams. @Lyoneer Sadly no :( @Rob_Talbert my PC. It runs so much faster now. @NotMattShaw Dude I feel for you. 4 days was hell. I can not even imagine. I hope you are better and home soon. @ggbench Babies first esport.
@mastern00k @tomi @SKGaming Imagine having an all volunteer staff and not paying prize money. Didn't pay for hotel…"What better way for a ruling class to claim and hold power than to pose as the defenders of the nation."
Retweeted by Jason Baker @Smix Awwwwwwww @tomi @SKGaming Fucking WSVG.Don't forget to Vote. @NonWhiteHat @Popehat 13 States only!Matt Berry is important in our house. @ericfbrinkley 04? Tune in to TSN and watch an MFAVP video later! @Briggsycakes They couldn't stop it if the players wanted it. @MSTRMN_ @SirScoots @sjokz Nah fuck em. That was a great segment. Only fan boys are hurt. @MicahBain Hot sauce doesn't like me.Success feel sorry for the OWL players and staff stuck in limbo. No 3rd party events. Restrictions outside of retirement.… way to set the stage @sjokz boy. want both chicken and waffles. @Keith_Rob @ksdknews @TurnerSportsPR Hell yesGuitar journalist shaking things up.
2020 are LIVE! Now - It is PrimeTime Watch Party time for "CHILDREN OF THE CORN"! 2PM PDT T…
Retweeted by Jason Baker @DuckMoriarty heard this was the original title for Tinder. @RyanAtRBM Honestly not sure if real or not. @IanFaletti Nonsense. If Joe gave his kid a government job then he is free game. When Donny gives national security… @IanFaletti Well Donnie's kids do work for him.Scary good thing Hunter isn't running for President.It is PrimeTime Watch Party day! We are doing some spooky movies 'cause its October! Today's movie will be "CHILDR…
Retweeted by Jason Baker @liopleurodonic I love that he is a tough guy when talking over Biden but must be protected if a women talks over him. @TokyoDown Minus those other 2..... @mizliz_ She helped keep the community together pre OWL. Such an important person in Overwatch.I think @Noukky is one of the nicest hardworking people I know. Very much deserved. @liopleurodonic You know that has to piss him off. @TheChrisStealth @ParadoxQJ @Spitfire @Noukky A great pick.Real monopoly vs pretend monopoly. @TheWarOwl @Splooshypooh CS had plenty of ranked leagues from the start. We didn't need devs to hold our hand. Pubstomps are for scrubs.I can't wait until the election is over so the entire world can stop pretending COVID is real. Joke is on you Donny… @MACHINEgg I think Eleague bringing some sports things into the broadcast really helped. The way we were able to do… Anyway @SirScoots @SirScoots Just think he has nuke launch codes.The Washington Post motto should be Democracy Dies Behind A Paywall. @SirScoots Go to bed. @itmeJP Hey if it works!