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GAMES: Motormouth (in-dev), Heartbreak High /// TV: I Think You Should Leave, The Eric Andre Show, The Dress Up Gang, Comedy Bang! Bang!, misc @absolutelyprods

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Despite being one of the central species in the Mario franchise, very little information has been provided on how Y…
Retweeted by aLec robBinsbandcamp not having playlists or algorithmic discovery is an asset not a failing
Retweeted by aLec robBins @neotenomie i’m going to grow old with my wife betty boop @googleymoogley ok..... you don’t have to keep doing it...
@googleymoogley is this a boomerang or are you doing it naturally @curtofranklin they would for sure have it
Retweeted by aLec robBinsthis is one of the best shows i've had the pleasure of working on and it never aired, TBS just shelved it for years…
Retweeted by aLec robBins @curtofranklin came out back in Nov last year. should still be in certain stores @pizzaboyfriend - removed bug "Chris Kattan"Forgot to say it earlier back when the game came out but I made a video game called "Death Stranding" starring Norm… @queasy_f_bby welcome to SNL2i will be making SNL2SNL2 coming soon @JoeStakun i can tell you with confidence that he was @Dommoschitti i've got good news for you: most of them willit’s so cool that they used the uncompressed ZX cutscenes in the MegaMan Zero/ZX Collection... like, it’s wild fina… of doing any more work today I Will Play Mega Mani’m carblind. i would never be able to recognize my own car in a lineup. thank god i have one of those cars that be…
@pizzaboyfriend yes... if you're jealous theres the door Majeure is a movie about a heterosexual couple collapsing while Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Summer) plays Portra… i get to add this movie to my list of Really Good Movie Endings (phoenix, take shelter, a serious man) and als… of a lady on fire.... good moviePeople in the old west loved to dress like cowboys
Retweeted by aLec robBinswhen you die you go back to the DVD menu and just listen to the looping music for eternitystill pissed off but there was something grimly satisfying about the look of exhaustion of the arresting officers’…
Retweeted by aLec robBins @yachtbrock it’s great. best tv/bed setup i’ve ever had @yachtbrock i get half of her and you get half of her @sean_muscles @inmybabyarmz lmao turned out great!!!come on’re supposed to be getting at least 24 hours of sleep each night
Retweeted by aLec robBins @yachtbrock this is something we do together or not at all @brydonebrere play a bunch of games that spell out a message via that top left “Your friend is playing _____” notificationi should be allowed to be trapped in the mall overnight @curtofranklin @cakemittens “a film can be a movie but. a movie can never be a film” - idea i just had @brydonebrere we’ll have to wait and see...they're making a movie about sonic the hedgehog
ADDRESSING THE RUMORS you're looking for a place to start my favs of these eps are Big League, Summer Body Blues, and First Scuff but they're all good) @FrankieQuinones lmaoooWe made a season of this show for TBS with Abso Lutely Productions. It never aired, but we wanted to share it with…
Retweeted by aLec robBinsthis is one of the best shows i've had the pleasure of working on and it never aired, TBS just shelved it for years… @FrankieQuinones whoah what!!!! they let y'all put 'em up??? @B666S hahaha ok so for whatever work-related reason, those two exact posters ended up in my closet at home and sat… @B666S @B666S lollll it’s been complete chaosi love my friend megaman!!!! @MrMattJay the first MegaMan Anniversary Collection??? they did that on gamecube too... i still complain about it loli do want to say that this collection is very good aside from the lack of button remapping and a couple other small…𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗 𝙊𝙒𝙉 𝕔𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝓟𝓗𝓞𝓝𝓔 🤔 🤣 💀 © ²⁰²⁰ ᵃˡˡ ʳⁱᵍʰᵗˢ ʳᵉˢᵉʳᵛᵉᵈ
Retweeted by aLec robBins @Ocarinaofcrime it’s a sour note to start on...why must every Zero Collection be cursed like this... the same problem was there on the DS version...i want to jump with B and shoot with Y.... and they won’t let me use ZR, i gotta use regular R... come on.... please.....ahhhhh the megaman zero/zx collection won’t let me remap the buttons to the ones i want... i’m picky about how i pl… good ones: cubit foxtar, hellbat schilt, volteel biblio, tretista kelverian, randam bandam... all real, all goodthinking about megaman zero boss names: hyleg ourobockle, blizzack stagroff, burble hekelot, blazin flizard... they… @joshdgreenberg @curtofranklin come on. that sounds great @curtofranklin rub it in... @jitka it would be lovely to see that one dayFrys Electornics Exteriror Building of Frys Electronic Parking LotFry;s electronic parking lot big hugeFry's Electronics parkin glotevery time i start drawing i’m like “ohhhhh yeahhhh i forgot this is hard and i’m bad at doing it”in the same way that all art is political, all art is also hornyIf you have any problem with anything on TV just let me knowit's so great to get e-mails... exciting every timeSwedish animation 🇸🇪
Retweeted by aLec robBinshello and welcome to my web show
animal crossing$15 is a little too much for me... i’d prefer to get something closer to $10Introducing Hot Topics with Vera Drew, the only show with the expressed purpose of getting me sponsored by…
Retweeted by aLec robBinswhat centrist liberals and conservatives fear is not the cost, because that’s easily accounted for. what they fear…
Retweeted by aLec robBinswho will pay for it? taxpayers! and we’ll pay less than they do now because we’ll eliminate the inefficiencies of t…
Retweeted by aLec robBinsi am so, so deeply uninterested in the question of pay-fors when it comes to things like medicare for all. none of…
Retweeted by aLec robBinsThe Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security. So do the Palestinian people. I remain concerned a…
Retweeted by aLec robBins @IgnatzHaderach ahhhh i’m halfway through and i looooove it
@vrunt really nice songMe if everyone else got killed
Retweeted by aLec robBinsthis is a children’s-size animal crossing shirt from uniqlo (they did not offer the design in adult sizes lol)Got to french with a crowd of ppl last night playing the game @alecrobbins made
Retweeted by aLec robBinsso grateful to have this show around!!!!eizouken!!!!! this show is such a joy, made me happy-cry again :)))) @krneely you are knocking on death’s door... and i am death @NateMing counting down the days :) @krneely homestuck comes for us all eventuallywhere’s the new eizouken.... you to everyone who came out!!!!! it was so much fun!!!!!!! @yugsly :))))))) ahhhh see you there!!! @augustjsmith this is comin together REAL nice!!!!!
2020 good.... i got everything working and made some ~~~special changes~~~ ;) see you tonight!!!i just opened up the original game project for maybe the first time since May 2018 so i can add in a couple tweaks…!!! This is TONIGHT!!! Come on out!! Great comedians, a full playthrough of my break-up sim, live music, and a S… @krogerparent omg congrats!!!i'm doing a live reading of a Twine game tomorrow night at this show (the audience picks each choice) and one of th…