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@EwaSR @memorialdevice There's Winston Churchill dressed in drag He used to be a British flag, plastic bag, what a drag Th… @CorbinReiff @roman20678795 @ChelseaFC I disagree with everything you said there. @zkiman @Strafio @talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 and here's a live feed direct from that hospital. @JonathanPieNews I think it's behaviour that should be encouraged. @MikePrevost3 @Augustus709 I think Alaska is there because it would be wonderful to see how pissed off Sarah Palin… @JonesCitizen Looks like a still from a banned film from the pre-censorship era. @Schadenfury A teenager's dream @Reuters Never say never, eh. @SuzanneEvans1 @jacindaardern @amnesty What a silly, silly person. We are talking about New Zealand here, a country… @ad1987col @jeremycorbyn How the hell would that make anything any better? Everyone going bankrupt because they can… @piersmorgan Since when is 7% a "narrow" lead? @LouiseRawAuthor @agirlcalledlina I bet they'll disproportionately break up Christmas dinners of poor BAME people. @SandiRhysJones @jeremycorbyn Good question, I think you should ask the Bridgenders that question though, because t… more red tape. Fabulous.
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★ @grahambsi These customs officers' salaries will come to £1.25 Bn per year. I thought that money was meant to go to the NHS. I guess not.
@BuzzFeedNews Oh, they don't mind wearing masks after all. @ThatEricAlper I reckon Shit on my prick by GG Allin would be quite high up the list. @ThatEricAlper Please, remember me that Halloween Making fools of all the neighbors Our faces painted white By midn… @MagicalOverload I'd go back to 1989 in the UK, so I could go and see all the bands I missed because I was seeing other bands. @ThatEricAlper @SIRIUSXM That's a proper beard. @DrewLawDesign Butlin's at Minehead @NewWaveAndPunk @mackin_john @wonitfrombrock @memorialdevice And I may have chosen Crocodiles and Ocean Rain if I'd been asked yesterday. @nicktolhurst I feel as if the whole world has been on hold since 2016. @NewWaveAndPunk @mackin_john @wonitfrombrock @memorialdevice I'd go with Heaven Up Here and Porcupine. @Eazy_S_ @piersmorgan New Zealand. Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, actually everyone did better. @sajidjavid Have you read the Twitter feed for Diane Abbott recently? Or Dawn Butler? I'll go one further and sugge…
@realDonaldTrump Actually all media is reporting COVID, COVID, COVID, because it's kinda a big deal at the moment. Bloody attention slut. @sajidjavid No, I just detest Tories. @memorialdevice @memorialdevice Disappointed that Fist Me 'Til Your Hand Comes Out My Mouth by Crywank didn't make the cut. @marcrileydj Hollyoaks? @ThatEricAlper He's absolutely right. It isn't a question, if he inverted the subject and the auxilliary verb, the… @DanyaliHamed @GaryLineker Yeah, I know, I miss him too. @BBCNews To anyone unsure about 5G, see below: Blue/White is not dangerous to humans, Pink is. If you multiple th…
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★ @piersmorgan There's only one poll that counts. Then we'll see who wins. @ClintockCora @piersmorgan I don't think Trump is a member of the KKK, but his dad was and Trump has the backing of the klan.Also, money. Foodbanks can buy stuff at better prices than you can and know what they're short on and what they nee…
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★ @Iancoll94354676 I've seen tweets from this fellow before. He's a full-time dick. @kieranscott22 @David__Osland @parsifel43 Rugby is still football though, isn't it. @JoannaLePut I don't object to your making a suggestion, what I object to is anyone proudly using the adjective "Th… @DominicFarrell I've been in the situation where I was a week or so away from payday, and had nothing left. It's th… @ArtCrunchy crime or prostitution. @David__Osland @parsifel43 The tories missed an open goal, this issue should have been kicked into touch ages ago. @Tim_Burgess howya doin @sahilkapur The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and Trump's dad was a paid up member of the KKK.
@ten_jed7789 @ThatEricAlper The lyrics get better as the song goes on. @ThatEricAlper @MackayRobb @ThatEricAlper Ritual de lo habitual is flawless. @WesleySchmidt @ThatEricAlper totally @ThatVeganScot @DrewLawDesign If Morrisons diversified their brand. They could go into van rental (Morrison's Van)… @piersmorgan No, the result in November is all that counts. @highfries @JenJen96184879 @BBradley_Mans Ooh, virtue signalling. @highfries @BBradley_Mans If money is an issue with this government maybe they should have accepted Ireland's offer… @CoastalSe @MichaelRosenYes @UKDemockery So you think that because one or two people have done this, that means eve… will the violence end?
@piersmorgan @realDonaldTrump I doubt very much they will be his last words. @TimCruickshank5 Interesting take on "listening and respect" @GlennThompsonBP So you thought ending freedom of movement wouldn't impinge on freedom of movement. @CrowleyOnAir @BBCRadioLondon Midnight in a perfect world - DJ Shadow 11 o'clock tick tock - U2 Halftime - Nas @joeheenan Yep, she's a tory. @BenJolly9 It's probably one of Ben Bradley's pseudo-accounts that he posts on from time to time, so he can pretend… @estellecostanza I bet they all voted Brexit too, but don't mind having *that* freedom of movement taken away forever.Your secret's safe with me. Mum's the word. @thisisanfield @celtjules66 @MarcusRashford I'm a Chelsea supporter, but damn! Rashford and Klopp are legends who transcend club loyalty. @SelaineSaxby You said that any business that feeds school kids should be punished. So it's let the poor starve or… @kevaseavi42 @GretaThunberg Google "how much schooling did lincoln have" @markjenkinsonmp @AngelaRayner Seriously, you don't want to sink in the same shipwreck as Bradley. Fool. @kevaseavi42 @GretaThunberg nope, try again @ten_jed7789 Happy every day, fellow Deadheads @happyjack1981 Obviously, jeez that would be a crap recruitment ad. @kevaseavi42 @GretaThunberg How much schooling did Abraham Lincoln have? @WatchtowerAwake @GretaThunberg aw, a "guttersnipe", that's cute. @JJHTweets @timolarch So the people who literally cheered the end of freedom of movement are upset because they did… @BBradley_Mans There is little more enjoyable than witnessing @BBradley_Mans get hammered. Squirm you miserable insect, squirm!Bloody Tory lies!! I went to a brothel last night and they wouldn't accept FSM vouchers. not even for a cheeky beej… @PippyG82 @BBradley_Mans Wow, someone is backing up Bradley. NURSE!!! Another one's got out!! @ShippersUnbound @alexnunns Bradley and now Shipman, hell yes! The bigmouth twats are being taken down one after th… are few things in this world more pleasurable than seeing Ben Bradley squirm like a maggot in a frying pan.
@BenJolly9 There's a real money spinner in this idea. Televised, live and direct, random people get to go into the… @Blatehelm Go on, treat yourself. @PfeffelJohnson @jeremycorbyn You are the second winner of the NH award today, congratulations @ThatEricAlper I'm Frank all the time. Sometimes Sidebottom, sometimes Lampard, sometimes Zappa, depends on my mood. @EstherMcVey1 There's no point in building HS2 then, is there.#ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★Last night Trump attacked Medicare for All as "socialized medicine." Funny. I didn't hear him complain when he rece…
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★ @Pat_Healy_PD @manny_shevitz @jeremycorbyn That is an excellent translation. @tomhfh @MarcusRashford On the other hand, 300 odd tory MPs voted not to feed poor kids. Indeed, they are scum. @BritishAlba @tomhfh @MarcusRashford alternatively, spare the expense of setting up a "voucher" system and just feed the kids.Marcus Rashford is the Britain we used to be, want to be and are supposed to be.
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★Edward Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★ @dontbrexitfixit For £12Billion I'd expect 40 hospitals and 20,000 nurses. @brenviney @larryandpaul @Femi_Sorry normally around 7 ish @BRUMSTOKIE @AgainstHunting Snouts in the trough. @CKwaver @Rachael_Swindon @Nigel_Farage I didn't watch it. Did they mention his Chinese bank account? Imagine the stink Trump and his merry…
I didn’t realise Randi had died. Fascinating fella.
Retweeted by alec willetts SAB ★ @Iancoll94354676 Yeah, poor people. Go forage for food, and learn to catch rats.