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weight of the world

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when someone stares at me I ask myself if they have a death note and are looking at my lifespanZach LaVine all-star year is a HR in 27 out of 30 ballparks btw
Retweeted by aLeWhen my mum came home wit that PSP in 06
Retweeted by aLedon't bring that shit my way we not cool by the way plug’s always posted with guns you the weed man or Al Qaeda
Retweeted by aLe"Clean your room, people coming for the barbeque" Me looking for the grill in my room:
Retweeted by aLeaye no bullshit that kid was insane for befriending E.T.
Retweeted by aLeI tried to make a run but I slipped @YoNippIesHairy Zion tomorrow dropped FreeWave 3 and Days B4 III in the same year, that's real hip hop.
Retweeted by aLei have decided to stop losing weight and to simply embrace being unhealthily overweight with a significantly shortened lifespan
Retweeted by aLefound out I'm like 70% Apache and 30% Spaniard was a guy standing in McDonald's and I thought he was in line so I waited like 10 minutes behind him and then… like me gon say “you see it”
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do mosquitos really play that much of a substantial role in the ecosystem that we can’t simply endanger them
Retweeted by aLeThey gon make him and caruso slap box In the locker room
Retweeted by aLeI didn't know they made you drop your pants at the eye doctor
Retweeted by aLehe really got album of the year nobody doing it like MIKEsometimes you gotta use the arm of your brother, dumb pride, I learned to be the calm in the thunder @crxpfxrd MIKE really in his own category frbuttered toast with jelly gets tiring being so handsome and wholesome everyday goodnight
Retweeted by aLethey probably lost their minds when people discovered buttered toastI'll live forever through my vibe oh honey I'll smoke you til I'm dying better cement yourself in Brooklyn old man because they’re erasing you from Rockets history @JHarden13
Retweeted by aLeI guess he was a lil MIXED on the decision
Retweeted by aLe @isaiahrashad you went crazy on that freestyleworth the 5 year wait dropped an album YOUNG
Retweeted by aLeThank you God for the opportunity! Let’s get to work @Lakers
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Retweeted by aLe @Darlene62782152 paying 40 million a year for a point guard who can't stay healthy and shoots 40% from the field and 30% from 3 I'M SICKDAWG I DIDN'T REALIZE IT WAS THIS BAD WHAT THE FUCK Wall gonna be starting though beginning of a new era Soto on the Nats
Retweeted by aLeThe Rockets offense is gonna be “DO HIS ASS, HE CANT GUARD YOU”
Retweeted by aLethose bricks gonna wake Godzilla up
Retweeted by aLethe Rockets would be so much better if we didn't have Walls contractLet’s get to work Brudda 🤘🏾💙 @JalenGreen
Retweeted by aLePure Hoopers.
Retweeted by aLeBeautiful Music by ⁦@isaiahrashad⁩
Retweeted by aLeIsaiah Rashad finally dropping tonight my nigga let’s fuckin go
Retweeted by aLeWhen the person you are fighting fights like a video game character 😂🤦🏾‍♂️😭
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look how Ben got Philly fans moving
Retweeted by aLethese super teams are surreal I don't think we'll realize how crazy this era is till it endslet me catch you littering whoever is building this shit needs to go to hell
Retweeted by aLe I get my Jalen Green and KPJ backcourt but John Wall is still on my team don't wanna dance with you dumb bitch get on the floor and battle me*Spanish music* Girl: you don't dance ? Me: me crazy but I don't think Mobley is gonna become a star…simple.
Retweeted by aLeIt's hell on Earth and the city's on fire inhale, in hell there's heaven @BIGBABYSCUMBAG this is what the NPCs see when I pause the game“LIVE IT UP” COMING SOON! 🧬💕
Retweeted by aLeBenedict Arnold going from the u.s to the u.k said goodnight but she has insomnia
Retweeted by aLeFIRST LOOK: Jordan 4 Retro “Military Blue”
Retweeted by aLeHow did we all live the same life? 😭 this is so specific lol.
Retweeted by aLewould’ve definitely walked to the front desk after & cancel my gym membership
Retweeted by aLelife would be so much easier if people stopped pretending they were good people, if ur an asshole, own it!! you do…
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Dawg why did she do this? 😭😭
Retweeted by aLeEddie Nketiah gives Arsenal the lead.
Retweeted by aLeKyrie Irving built a solar water centre in Pakistan that is providing over 1000 Pakistanis with access to clean wa…
Retweeted by aLe*Birds chirping*
Retweeted by aLeI simply exist to listen to musicI BELIEVE IN SEEING YOU RIIIISEthis is how aggressive I get when my friends feel sad all my cash on a broken dream, went from weed and liquor to the coke and lean trying to turn a pile of tofu into filet mignon
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Retweeted by aLeKyrie's PR team Pastore - Magic in Paris
Retweeted by aLeOne of the best drops in rock history listen to metal like this joins the military immediately after 9/11 you seen them niggas was not playing.
Retweeted by aLeI be in the gym with no music. Just the memories of the times people betrayed me.
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that jay z one will never not be funny
Retweeted by aLeworking at Specs gotta be the chillest jobI need some of that shit
Retweeted by aLeNahh bro what drug he off?? son is stuck in time 😭😭
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Retweeted by aLeHe said what he said!
Retweeted by aLeNeil Armstrong: so I guess I'll go first Me if I was Buzz Aldrin: like how gaudy the n64 great fairies are
Retweeted by aLesmoking dick song gives me serotonin the ladies staring at me cause they know I'm looking pretty
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