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United we stand divided we fall

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Some of y’all think unrealistically, that’s why you’re lonely and nobody wants you
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my dad asked me if I was crudo already know Ima be upset with myself in the morningDon't let me see you cryin
the pimp my ride crew were putting TV's in the most unnecessary places 😭The best high school basketball player of all time, @KingJames.
Retweeted by aLe @cinnabarphos ah yes indubitable @cinnabarphos what'd u drink
one of the best midfielders of all time on me please, I’m so tired of her
Retweeted by aLe @ESPNFC @JamesOlley he could ask for more the way he's carried ArsenalPierre-Emerick Aubameyang has requested a minimum three-year contract worth up to £250k-a-week to stay at Arsenal,…
Retweeted by aLeSometimes I want love, but everyday I want money - young thug
Retweeted by aLe“if Tommy bought a g for $40...
Retweeted by aLe @TimaaayX5 @dxglan depends how chunky you like it😂😂😂
Retweeted by aLe @vsshole mny @jby_23 "wall eye" "we know Drake we know all these guys" they disrespected him for a whole minute 😭😭😭 @dxglan @slimevill @superskrong @superskrong @letterboxd need more reviews done this plainlyImagine how different the NBA would be if Rose never got injuredDerrick Rose with the impossible finish over LeBron and Wade 🔥🔥 The degree of difficulty on this finish is unreal.
Retweeted by aLecurrently at 126 today I start taking mass gainer let's see if it works
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@jby_23 when people ask me why I spent $70 on 2k @TimaaayX5 sick of that video got a variety of weiner sizes laid out on the table I want him arrested I ask “what are your talents” this is what I’m referring to
Retweeted by aLe @TopOppGleexhy what's the difference bottles gonna get finished either way 🤷‍♂️ @vsshole idk what this means but I applaud youthe difference between my body before and after a workout is witchcraftTop 5 Earl song @eeelizondoeric look at my snap tonight I'm heading over to Sony HQ rn @eeelizondoeric I'm legally obligated not to it says so in my contract with Sony @eeelizondoeric Sony ain't send everybody one ? my bad lol @eeelizondoeric you still on last gen? hmu when you upgrade 🥱 I'm boutta hop on this PS5 @eeelizondoeric who put in no work always got the most to say
Retweeted by aLeThis how niggas gotta eat the glizzy nowadays
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Wuilker Fariñez is ridiculous. What a player Lens have just signed.
Retweeted by aLeleave me alone Wednesday..... a beautiful day to be alive, put on that mask, powder your balls and tell them all to suck your…
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@icedoutomnitrix @robdyrdek share the bagMTV shoving Ridiculousness down our throats @jby_23 he's everywhere I remember when he started getting involved with cooking shows I knew he was different @Akademiks"yea I get like 1500 every two weeks from unemployment" @ivan_i94 @ArseneWasRight this man's a criminal melt the southern chopped cheese
Retweeted by aLe @7TomarYuvraj @ESPNFC cause the coach is trashUNREAL FROM DOUGLAS COSTA.
Retweeted by aLeYou ever just be thinking about a teacher that yelled at you before. Like dam I shoulda fired off on they ah
Retweeted by aLedamn shit sounded like a cannon"He's fouling the shit out of me. He's a try hard. That's what happens when you're a legend like me." LMAOO @goknickstape needs to become a better defender but I understand why people would think that, he's entertaining @DieranKoherty10 @icedoutomnitrix idk about you but a guy like me would have kanye on speed dial @Jlacy14_ people clown him a lot but he went off in game 6 bro almost had a triple double @icedoutomnitrix idk man if your famous you can have dinner with Jay-Z whenever you wantwhy'd he have to go
Retweeted by aLeOne of the most exciting point guards in NBA history! 21 years ago today, the Charlotte Hornets selected…
Retweeted by aLe @o__mighty first thing that popped into my head
Retweeted by aLe @vsshole @cripford @cripford @cripford“Why do men-“ Oh I thought da gender dat was sucking cucumbers Summer 2019 said sum
Retweeted by aLe @cripford what's it saying @lorrennn_ @vsshole Do your parents know ur gay @smonkerino_ Grown ass man a real nigga until Hey Soul Sister come on
Retweeted by aLe @pienar prison timeIf I could smoke fear away, I’d roll that mothafucka up
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@vsshole I just text Kanye and he gets me whatever I want lol @Ballislife @maxisnicee - wiz khalifa (2010)
Retweeted by aLebitches say anime is weird then go watch staged youtube couple pranks
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Retweeted by aLe#AnimeForSoutherners There are no cool anime characters that are also Republicans.
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Retweeted by aLe @Chevyxt you can tell he's gonna be great even if he never becomes an amazing offensive player just as long as he's… teacher the day after we had a substitute
Retweeted by aLe“stop imposing your views on me” bro i said poor people shouldn’t starve
Retweeted by aLeMy PS4 is on its last breath can y'all just relax
Retweeted by aLeFree agent guard J.R. Smith and the Lakers are working through final steps of a deal today and he will be added to…
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