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𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @AleshaOrMercy the girl obsessed w cowprint

~ 19 ~ @ClaudOrMercy is my hoe till i die♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ~PSN~ SpookyE-girl/AleshaOrMercy

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hey look, my rooms all clean 👋🏼
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐so the red is hot right?💅🏼
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐
the fact i haven’t had my vaccine and the only people who have are sick🤔how convenient
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @ClaudOrMercy it’s the green baby, i’ve never been sick either 💅🏼💅🏼😏
oh no i’m h word again🥺
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐lil devil in me
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐Basement Bubba November is finally over. I wanted to tap out so many times but I made a promise and stuck to it.…
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐i- @itsproddii believe me i know this. @dqntknqw @diavotic only person to ever check on me to see if i’m alright✋🏼 don’t wanna hear nunapart from @diavotic he a hero🥺girl i never wanna even talk to a male again :/ why they ALWAYS just cut me off with nothing said beforehand :/ BUT…
why are people getting offended that i don’t talk to them?😂💀 babes i work 6 days a week 12 hrs a day and you expect…
why are some people just so pushy :/ like i understand you wanna build something with me but like i can’t rn with a… miss my wife @ClaudOrMercy too much tomorrow can’t come round quicker enough 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @ClaudOrMercy i’ll be with you to@tomorrow baby🥺♥️
miss this feeling sm :( just wanna get drunk w @ClaudOrMercy i can’t lie :(
@ClaudOrMercy i’m actually in love i need to meet 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺MY LULU😍
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐welp, back to work for the first time after my attempts :/ let’s see how people react to my “time off”My life
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @Plantiel_ oh my god😍😍😍😍😍 this while on the keemstar talk show 💀
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐Millie 1 Keemstar 0
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@PTTCHZ hehe the afternoon is my morning!!! @ClaudOrMercy this is why i will cherish you till the day i die🥺♥️i’m not in a hot place, so please don’t push me to talk to you :/ it’ll drive me away morehiiiiii good morning babies♥️
not me spoiling @iamWantedo for passing his test today 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼good morninggggggg😚 @iamWantedo bet❤️
good morning guysss❤️
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devil’s tongue
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐the urge to drop this wax on my body rn is insane… tweet flopped… gonna go bed and cri @Xenoti ❤️❤️ @Plantiel_ is a sticker silly 😅 @Armaxgeddon 🤪🤪🤪🤪 @Xenoti thank you so much :) @ClaudOrMercy i’ll be there as soon as i can baby🥺❤️hey, i know life is tough on you rn but my dms are a safe place okay🥺 if anyone ever needs anyone to talk to i’m he… i gotta sleep so damn much!! i missed out on playing w him AGAIN🥲lil devil in me’m actually taking time and editing my pics more now :) i feel good about these if they flop i’ll cri 🥲
sad so got pretty and took photos :) will post the better ones later i promise!!❤️’m so sad :/
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐soooooooooo this happened
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐my tits are perfect, that’s the tweet.
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐can someone game share for me my ex won’t take my ps4 off primary :(( and i can’t deactivate for like 4 months i ju… @FrxstBURN unfortunately not :( say hello to Craig🥺 🐮 @FrxstBURN @iamWantedo ummmmmm?good morning :) i hope you had a fab sleep or are going to have a fab sleep only 3 days till the weekend you got this ❤️❤️❤️ @CQCQNUT a teddy yes…he best get my cow a friend! he promised 🥺MY COW COMES IN 4 HRS AHHHHso i slept like 13 hrs and i missed out on playing cause i was sooooooo high :(( @iamWantedo :(((( @iamWantedo erm this tweet is v offensive:(
people are so damn rude?took them like 45 mins ago didnt expect it to hit this quick or this fast like damn i need a nap💀i just took some edibles not knowing how strong they were… was recommended one… took all 4 i feel like i’m a floating 💀 @FrxstBURN @tarnys_ ^^^apex is it since he sleeping 🙄i’m sad so i brought myself a cow teddy and called it craig serotonin :((;
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @Tbefunky thank you so much!!!! @FrxstBURN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @FrxstBURN i- erm hate to break it to you but i’m not on call to you?ahh he fell asleep in the call and it’s so damn cute 🥺 @iamWantedo see this is why i stopped, U NEED TO SLEEP @iamWantedo okai, i stop then ezwhen she a demon but she your lil demon
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @iamWantedo silence your phone!!! and sleep, surprise for when you wake up dummy!Funny how people never gossip about how you helped them
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @V6Kage @iamWantedo ah, i see @V6Kage @iamWantedo i don’t hate anyone so that’s new to me :) @V6Kage @iamWantedo i do?
soooooooooo this happened my god… i look like a grown up…so i got here late and my aunty ain’t even ready, and she’s moaning at me die being late🙄 girl just start my hair @Tbefunky good morninggggggahhhh, i’m gunna be late for my hair appointment:( but i can’t get out of bed
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐i want a build a bear :(hiding the cake at work is kinda hard sometimes 💅🏼
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐getting my hair done like this again and treating myself to my nails done when i wake up!! i’ll post results babies…
@Tbefunky yussssss it is☺️played ow comp for the first time since season 28 today it’s been kinda fun, guess ima start playing wayyyy more of… wanna be under the stars with u
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐 @AnselmBKK3R sure, dm me :) @tarnys_ i no even have that game… xi’m sorry to the people that think i reply on this app everyday🥺 if you genuinely wanna hold a convo with me and fo…, anyone wanna play dbd or ow?body of an angel
Retweeted by 𖤐 Alesha 𖤐let me wrap my ivy around you 💚💚
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