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Alex Connolly @Alex_Connolly Kagoshima, Japan

Scribbler, father of three, terminal machine enthusiast. Concept artist for games et al. Commissions currently offline. Join MOTORPOOL:

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@UnbearableDutch Can I just add...Vagrant Story boardgame, when? @UnbearableDutch All is right with the world. @UnbearableDutch Gimme that Riot rear view, you cowards. Show me the goods. @ShipbreakerGame @Elliot_K_Hudson @InsideBBI Utilitarian crunch. All of it.
Someday I'll spend more than an evening on a comic. Inspired by a story about how much someone hated scraping barna…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @CalumRaasay Vale, chariot of the Isles. @JarlanPerez Goodness right there, man.I get a lot of questions about how I approach color in my work so I put together another design sheet. This goes in…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @simonroyart Vibes. @mercai It's an interesting game. Clunky in a considered way, bit more like a Flashback-style game with systems lay…
@mercai Will have to pick it up, then! You played miniLAW? It's such an odd and enthusiastic amalgam for a 2D platf… @mercai Only heard great things. @ultrabrilliant @Valahor2 @ppascal_s @ianmcque @OutOfTheForests @thisnorthernboy Lovely, mate! @Pradaldi Still the king.
Vale, legend. the increasing burn of Scribbler's Back (medical term), it was time to build a little standing desk. Should…
@adelgadodraws Man, love the art...and the music is terrific! A great match.
@emersontung Hell yeah to Zero Divide 2. Wild 3 4 lyfe.
@Disintegration Damn. Guessing that means you guys won't be releasing in Japan after all. Sorry to hear it. @speltYK I'm going to clear the decks and take you up on the offer, reckon it'll be a hoot. Maybe an October mural?…
@dgbaumgart These are awesome, mate! @SeanSuchanya That's the one! Got him and a few others. They're really well-made, was pleasantly surprised!Hi all, just want to share with you this electronic/synthwave album by @sekondprime where I recorded some guitar st…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @bradgallaway Everything looks in order here, Mr. Gallaway. @SeanSuchanya Oh wow! I've got the smaller run of Rihio models, but this looks terrific! @TimPopelier Is that a...that *has* to be @buragay_jan cover! @speltYK @magmastudioapp @admiralbounti @battlebattleart @_MechMonster @darkhoursco @bobbychiu @kortizart… @bradgallaway The humour is very refreshing. The whole game runs an interesting balance between fighting your contr… @bradgallaway The power of the Coconut crab. A true warrior. @UnbearableDutch No kink-shaming here, my man. @UnbearableDutch The Nescafe will always be a curve ball, Dutchman. @PrivateDivision @V1Interactive Sorry to sound like a cracked record, but any chance of @Disintegration getting tha…
Today on, @fissionmale looks at the concept of canon in Gundam and how to approach the seri…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @schweizercomics Nothing beats a Schweizer standee. @ohotnig Sketch Tabr.
@MoeGamer Feels good to have arcade racers return, won't lie. @MoeGamer From one Ridge Racer fan to another...Inertial Drift is kinda the bees knees. @dean_walshe Belated congrats on the release! @dean_walshe Huh, that's cool. Big fan of downports and portable versions. @ultrabrilliant No, my son is also named Chod. @dean_walshe Dude, did you have any hand in the superb PSP version of Force Unleashed?
I had to re-mold the back back but this time the results are satisfactory. Shown with the box art. Finally moving o…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @zenitchick Nice! Upside to insomnia, it seems!
@choomsky Imagine hitting upload on a stinker review like that. Unfathomable.Surprised myself with how cool this looks. Added a more detailed, zoomed-in view of each planet from the Navigation…
Retweeted by Alex ConnollyWill is a master. @V1Interactive @Disintegration Guys, still hope you're able to release Disintegration in Japan. Any ETA?
@lcferrarezzi Legit. This, Section 8: Prejudice...good times were had. @MoeGamer Sir, I suspect you've lots to say on Hotshot Racing. All ears.
@OBollocks Be keen to know what you make of it. Nice to have the old coot let loose on this level of sci-fi without the branded baggage. @OBollocks It runs the absolute risk of going pear-shaped, given certain story elements, but...heck, after the visu… @OBollocks Pleasantly surprised, despite expecting Old Man Ridleyism. @ESSoldier As we always suspected, Cold War SA vehicle designs fell out of the future. @ESSoldier Mate, look what I found enjoying a cameo in the new Ridley Scott science-fiction epic. @AH_Phan I guess we got the filthy corporate fatcat part right. @Jerry_JJB @Alaingruetter Nice! Yeah, you guys knocked it out of the park with Dune 2k. Great atmosphere.On the topic of #Dune, though unquestionably snarled in a legal quagmire, rights issues etc., a re-release of Cryo'… @Jerry_JJB @Alaingruetter My pick of the Westwood litter, no word of a lie. @bradgallaway You brighten my timeline, sir.
@Alaingruetter Might have to Villeneuve-ify that colour palette and suck the life out if it. @Pradaldi @Alaingruetter Silver linings! @Alaingruetter To think, we've had artists toiling for years cooking up their own imaginative takes on the IP, then… @edgeblend I thought there was some sort of project in the works related to Pohl's Gateway/Heechee saga, which is my personal Dune. @TheTopDingus Love it, man.Another from the Patreon. Head over there for more updates on my new artbook!
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @kerissakti @kriegsfront @kerissakti Psst, Kris! *looks around* Any news on @kriegsfront? @WodenVigo Great! Yeah man, loving Woden GP. Just had to ask about the trees and buildings, only because it's a lit… @WodenVigo Mate, loving Woden GP! Great work. Wondering if you'd considered adding a little transparency to the tre… @OliverOno's artwork from this equally great Dune II retrospective (@ROMvg). @bradgallaway Legit workout, too.
In the 1980s the U.S. Army figured that around half of the landmass on the planet was impassable by conventional wh…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @henskelion It had a few redeeming features. Remember FC getting such a huge media push, too. Were I to choose a de… @henskelion Good unit scale, from memory. Shame about being kinda busted.
@andreintg All hail the XMB, too. A most tasteful interface.
@that_one_dave Graphic novel, so best of both worlds. They're still available online, not outrageously priced, either.Typhoon Haishen took out the power, but there's an ace up this candlelit sleeve. @zacknorman97 @treemengames Terrific series of games. @texanhombre Obligatory: the chance to take @treemengames' new one for a spin, and it's good gear. Great twist on a classic concept. The…
@thisnorthernboy @fairynuffflower Congrats, guys! @quaverr Great work, mate! You and the team working Space Magic. @UnbearableDutch Strong look, Dutchman.
@scutanddestroy Man, had they only gone with the Cryo '92 one. @Alchemichael77 Magnificent stuff! @meanhouseart Mate, just wanted to say I really dig your videos. Keep up the great work! @Smingleigh This fellow does justice. @Smingleigh I wish Gear Krieg hadn't foundered. Love that level of absolute heft. @roboticgeo That vibe, mate. That mood.some fresh paint on this old one, for the endless hours spent watching union carbide from across the river
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@ultrabrilliant Always Knights of Honor 2 in the pipe. Looking forward to that.The size difference between each unit may not be accurate, mostly for them to be identifiable at a distance, but th…
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@nyrath "Sir, the piping bags are out of attack cream!" @PrivateDivision Hi guys. Just wondering when @Disintegration will be released on Steam in Japan?
@Hazzard65 "But he listened, and it changed his day, forever." - Adam Curtis. @Hazzard65 It's a banger of a theme! @Hazzard65 I love stories like this. Mine is a far lesser tale, with people telling me I was misremembering Mysteri…
@choomsky I am ready. And hideously ill-equipped, prone to stupid decisions. Absolutely champing at the bit. @UnbearableDutch Takeaway sounds really good, honestly. Can't go wrong in Melbourne. All good here, keeping busy. L…