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Alex Connolly @Alex_Connolly Kagoshima, Japan

Scribbler, father of three, terminal military hardware/machine enthusiast. Concept artist for games et al. Join MOTORPOOL:

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@zogingu Looking good, man! @docsquiddy @ForgetAmnesia Super keen to see your handiwork, particularly hanging in orbit. @ForgetAmnesia @docsquiddy Mate, catching up on the good news. Just want to pass on my congratulations with the BBI… @dhindes @dean_walshe SteelSeries Stratus Duo. @mike_doscher Preach it, brother.
@mubly @ShipbreakerGame @FocusHome Tasty! @dean_walshe Congrats, mate! @OutOfTheForests @scott_v_b Art twitter = best twitter.#DUNE
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@mike_doscher I snagged the 13, found it to be a great size - and really portable. You're spot on about Huion et al… @mike_doscher Indeed! I'm an outright convert to MediBang now, doing pretty much everything on the android app. Not… @mike_doscher Man, might not be of immediate interest, but just saw that Huion have made their first step into the… @bradgallaway Currently going for a song on Steam, if the beige box is your jam. @Mi_Clos Hell yeah! You guys are ace. @Mi_Clos Guys, reckon you'll add more nations and agents to Sigma Theory after Nigeria? @mike_doscher Man, good to have you back on this hellscape. @Jaymusaurus @PerfectDayGames Lovely, mate!
@calin_kim Sir, came into contact with this mad Indonesian rock outfit. Familiar? RT) Well,here it is,my Magnum Opossum! A digital collection of 32 different drawings from 2017-2020 by yours t…
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@dot_Sp0T @AstroxImperium There's still a similar threshold for management, but I's just such a relaxing… gentle but enthusiastic recommendation; @AstroxImperium is a vast, lonely space trader. Been keeping me company d… @ksen_otaku Dude. YES. *licks lips* @scott_v_b YES! @scott_v_b There's some incredible environmental storytelling with this temporary positioning.
@Alaingruetter Never stop, mate. Ever. @thisnorthernboy Lovely, man. @togeproductions It can't hurt, surely! @togeproductions Hit the button, guys! Hit the button! Release it into the wild!
@mrjakeparker @scott_v_b @KyleBeautweet Thanks Jake. Caught the bug. @thisnorthernboy @scott_v_b @KyleBeautweet Bit of fun, Rob! @KyleBeautweet @scott_v_b Sage advice. I *might* have ordered a little pouch of sculpting tools from eBay, too. Suc… @KyleBeautweet @scott_v_b I'm rocking dollar store paper clay, so might have to upgrade for the next one. @ltmarc Yeah, wire frame then kitchen foil bulk. Learned a lot, and probably wouldn't go quite as big next time. He… @scott_v_b @KyleBeautweet Might just call it there with this one. Got some plans for a simpler, smaller one soon. A… Phrenbakker starship cutaway for the MOTORPOOL mob [WIP]. by the likes of @scott_v_b and @KyleBeautweet, I snagged exactly seven dollars worth of supplies and had a… @wiwyums @choiceofgames @MysteriousPath Whoa, looks and sounds ace! Congrats to you guys.
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @scott_v_b So good, man.
@ailantd Superb! @TimPopelier Humbled! How big are these models, by the by?first prototype of the siege gun tank, a number of things to fix, but I'm quite happy with the overall looks.
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @TimPopelier Dude, these are awesome! @sigmatheory @studio_goblinz @FibreTigre @plugindigital @Mi_Clos Nice! Great work, guys. @ZombatArt Superb, mate. @francescolobo ROO!"A rare sight of an impressive ancient StarTraveler. Yet obsolete she was a wonderful piece of tech in her day. Thi…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @ksen_otaku Terrific, mate!
@JarlanPerez Dude, that's top shelf!We're very happy with the test pieces for smaller, double-side, free-standing figures that'll be part of sets and p…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @bradgallaway Man, you might want to get Carlos onto Rising Hell, another effort in the works under the… @togeproductions @bradgallaway @coffeetalk_game @necronator @MojikenStudio @ASFTUgame @shelicopter_ Brad and the cr… @simonroyart Mate, will Protector be released as a trade paperback/graphic novel? @bradgallaway @togeproductions @coffeetalk_game NECRONATOR! @GarethFouche I know it's not the same, know...System Shock fans *might* find something to like in The Pi… @Hazzard65 DUDE. Mad stuff. @AlexJayBrady AJB Dynamics - where quality meets expediency.
@AlexJayBrady Is there enough arse left in the world for you to kick?! This is rad! @scutanddestroy Great for the folio, either way! @scutanddestroy Dig this, man! @OutOfTheForests Beautiful! @scott_v_b Absolutely! Hey, can you impart a trade secret? IIRC you use paper clay. What do you use to seal/prime for painting? @cubitstudios Guys, the magic continues! Luvverly. @mubly @choomsky @ModernWolfLtd @togeproductions *licks lips and rubs hands* @scott_v_b Would you believe, I'm just in the process of trying to sculpt my first model. Calling it the Vanden Bos… @mubly @choomsky @ModernWolfLtd @togeproductions Need. This. Game. @CallumDiggle Happy birthday, mate! @scott_v_b Man, you're an inspiration. Love it! @johnbearross Man, that's awesome. Wish I had those skills. That and 3D printing...the dream. @JurassicThunder Master System tried its best, but stiff as a board. @alternatecyborg Great stuff! @bradgallaway @HelldiversGame I should get back into it. The fight for liberty never sleeps! @mrjakeparker Mate, thanks for making that world-building trap video. Articulated the vortex I tend to orbit.
@Peter_Wartman B5 freighters are the chef's kiss.
Friends, neighbors and Twitterers, the Starshipwright Store is now open. Commissions available!
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @scott_v_b Amazing, man! @A_Werchmeister @IntEngineering @ltmarc @Menzi_Muck_eu Now THIS...this is how you finish a week. Good man! @Valahor2 @CaptFlushGarden @SoesoeKoetjink @AlexJayBrady @NivanhChanthara Awesome work, mate! Great to see! @ksen_otaku Hey mate! Sorry, lost your reply between twitter clients. Sure thing, ask away! @alternatecyborg Awesome stuff!
@ksen_otaku Dude, loving these new bots. @thisnorthernboy Lovely, man. @jeffzugale Grand work, man!Gunstar, acrylic on canvas, 5x7"
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @kozzzlove @FlightImmunity Mate, this is such incredible tech. Top shelf! @Peter_Wartman Enthusiastically carry this motion. @Peter_Wartman Yeah, that's an endearing and timeless aesthetic through-line. It's not nearly as ubiquitous or imme… @Alaingruetter Lovely, man!
@BigEarthRadio @warls @Lancer_RPG Whoa! Love it, mate! @AstroxImperium Mate, just started Astrox Imperium. My word, what a terrific game. Such terrific scale. Great stuff, man. @Mi_Clos Superb, guys! Can't wait! @UnbearableDutch @Peter_Wartman @egeusz @junji_okubo In the words of OutKast, so fresh and so clean, clean.
@alternatecyborg Rad!Just to preemptively celebrate @blacklabgames' putting the Ghost Fleet into BSG: Deadlock... @ultrabrilliant 'Do you know...', that banger release with only one track on it.If you like my art consider signing up for my Patreon where you'll have access to monthly comic pages and regular i…
Retweeted by Alex Connolly @quaverr Dude, just saw what you blokes have been cooking up. Ghost Fleet! Does this mean...we get the Osiris?! @OBollocks Will have to give it a go, then! Cheers, sir!
More @junji_okubo for your recommended daily intake of hard surface protein.