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@illegalxtweets tragically scientists have yet to figure out how to apply the mute button to real life @illegalxtweets there is no other workable method, imo.Us (2019) (dir. Jordan Peele)
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @karandeepbal that movie’s aces
@yourcatmommy drama furries, too @MurderBryan it's genuinely wretched @PackBenPack I reviewed that game! @spacetwinks yeah this just shot to the top of the list @spacetwinks I think there’s some fun to be had with those too. I’m always amused by how they try to translate sitc… @BAKKOOONN looking at this is stressing me out @spacetwinks god. this really is the sort of thing I could just do videos about until I die, huh. @BAKKOOONN we already have a Garfield editor @spacetwinks there's some interesting stuff in the PS3/360 era death throes too. it's really been this generation w… some point I want to do a series that's just exploring the weirder corners of licensed gamesvideo games used to be good
@PackBenPack as I said recently in another thread, Jack in the Box is heinous but it’s a heinous I understand and respect @guldeuxchats how could anyone not. just look at him. @kalebhorton genuinely surprised the phrase “megaton” didn’t crop up around this thingMy sources tell me Mueller is seeking the death penalty for the Krassensteins. I take no pleasure in reporting this.Us (2019) dir. Jordan Peele
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @mangiotto hell of an album @willmenaker jesus fucking christ @gvaranini @PackBenPack considering Fighter Hayabusa was basically an Inoki parody, it tracks @PackBenPack Dick Slenderif you’ve never heard of Suda’s history with Fire Pro, here’s the gist of the storyline he wrote for a 16 bit wrest… @spacetwinks I’ve been dying for an english translation of that thing for years and even if this isn’t that, I’m ju…, of all the ways they could have closed out their DLC slate, they picked the best possible scenario @ckunzelman you don’t negotiate with shadows. you kill shadows until they die twice. #antisha @ckunzelman get this shadow apologia out of my timeline @GB_Nonsense see and I’m just annoyed I said Montresor instead of Fortunato @alex_navarro still constantly thinking about the motel fight in Drive
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @yourcatmommy Taika Waititi and Lord of the Rings tours @ICELEVEL joun week @ChaseFailey I mean the lead agent from Reloaded is one of the main bad guys in the first movie. that’s been a theme from the beginning. @spacetwinks despite introducing the world to action movie The Rock, and featuring a top 10 Walken performance, tha… nothing else, these movies are exceptionally well cast @spacetwinks I’d gladly take either but I’d settle for an Only the Strong referenceJohn Wick 3 looks good for several reasons, but I’m mostly excited about the involvement of Mark Dacascos
@austin_walker thank you austinthis game is good. you can play it for free for a little while. that’s cool. @edsbs yeah, as baseball playing fish go, he seems solid @edsbs sounds like some kind of trout. a trout named mike. @legobutts shout out to meg @basketogress weird thing to be prioritizing on your death bed, dude @austin_walker wait! wait! i have a very important Sekiro question! is gam good
@Brock_toon ok so it's not just me that foresees a future in which they just give up on this when they think of som… week's Mass Alex is a big one! We meet Jack, and get our first up-close look at the H.R. Giger bugs that are c…
@shutupmikeginn you know i'm not sure i have it in me to look any deeper into this situationall apologies to @shutupmikeginnmy "i didn't fuck my cat" t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions answered by my shirt @dialacina no, but they did have Bill Bellamy @dialacina I mean, it didn’t go so well the last time
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleurymore Lynchian nightmares in pro wrestling, please we got a PACKED nitro, holy shit #wcw99
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleuryso we beat on, boys against the current, borne ceaselessly back into the town
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@KyleOrl @RowanKaiser it rules, actually @mechapoetic would that make him a reply and deny guy @mikeyface ghostbusters was one of mine. Beetlejuice was the other one. it was a copy my dad taped off of HBO. wore the damn thing out. @kthorjensen @ConnorSouthard oh my god @ConnorSouthard that movie is seven levels of stupid but also sort of fun? @rachelmillman @andylevy @karengeier it might not be ideal for a first watch but also feels like the ideal way to watch it a second time @rachelmillman @andylevy @karengeier I second Rachel's motion
@ICELEVEL she’s gonna make Putin kiss her ass LIVE on Monday Night CSPAN @kept_simple only one of them comes with a skateboard accessory @grmartin @merrittk Dolly-16 for shortthe gaming challenge: load up your video game of choice and play it until you reach the credits sequence. the gaming challenge
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this is pretty much what the inside of my brain sounds like all the time now know it's early but so far my album of the year is The Moth Gatherer's "Esoteric Oppression". Supremely heavy, trippy shit. @NeilCastle @rachelmillman yeah she’s not interested as soon as I try to get near her she bolts @rachelmillman my cat Thelma doesn’t meow much, but for some reason whenever I get out of the shower, she runs into…
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @Boringstein mine has a poster of an angry looking cat that says I Hate Mondays @alex_navarro
Retweeted by Moloch-André FleuryDr. Steve Brule is the most important character of the 21st centuryWe love that puzzle box, don’t we folks? The Lament Configuration - it’s fun to say, isn’t it? Lament Configuration…
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @BAKKOOONN when this returns a positive result, I’ll know I’ve truly made it in this diseased world @BAKKOOONN I will not
@WarrenIsDead of all the tweets to delete @hannanimal Johan Johannsson’s Mandy score @WarrenIsDead Tim Conway in: DORF FORTRESSThere are toys of Japanese monsters giving press conferences to apologize for destroying cities.
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2019 college @illegalxtweets my dumb fucking angel @yourcatmommy PARDON @illegalxtweets we told Doc Boy early on that God doesn't make mistakes. so it must have been God's plan to have th… as I am to interpret this, you think *squints* I haven't slept in days and am deficient in several key vitamins… @spacetwinks the football was Odo for some reason
@takeshikitano3 @shotodrag thing is, people liked Jim Neidhart @gvaranini I think they were all about as bad as each other. only difference is Darsow got way more chances at weird gimmicks afterward.not saying either of these wins, ultimately. just, boy, there were some wide gulfs in some of these classic teams.I was trying to figure out if Harlem Heat is the tag team with the biggest disparity in wrestling talent/eventual s… @XEECEEVEVO who knew building a message board for the entire world while changing absolutely nothing about message… @spacetwinks no, this is just a dumb thought my brain refused to let go of on the subway this morning“Personally, I point to the decline of Follow Friday posts as a key turning point in online toxicity,” I was heard…
@headfallsoff the Tenenbaums walk one by one in slow motion away from Royal’s grave as Uhmer’s Starcraft Broodwar begins to swell @zandywithaz dude on the left is giving off powerful Homer Simpson vibeslmao
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @twitgera let me know when you get to the monologue about the war in El Salvador