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@hilatron it’s the rare show that gets better with each successive seasonarchive for yesterday's drum stream is now live! and includes the playlist in the show notes. thanks for your patie… best magazine cover ever from Nancy Drew The Final Scene @alex_navarro @ybbaaabby
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @MattBodega I will. I will call you that.this was exactly what I needed today @PierreMenard how did that gosometimes life is frightening and confusing and it feels like when mr bean got a large turkey stuck on his head. b…
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @BAKKOOONN @jrhennessy these are what habitats in human zoos would look likeWe have concluded our broadcast day, but there's plenty more Giant Bomb on! We'll see you i…
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallionthanks to everyone who watched tonight! that was a ton of fun. I’ll post the playlist when the archive is up. and w…
about to drum! live! fun!'ve got another live Beastcast coming up in about 45 minutes over at, and provided nothin…'ve now reached the "repeatedly pronouncing 'COVID' in the Mark Borchardt 'Coven' accent" stage of quarantine @Dauragon for nothing, but it only took 15% unemployment for Battle Royale to happen @dialacina guess I’m just going to have this information in my head forever now. thanks for that. @pattymo take it from me, your gut doctor, which is what it says on my medical license @lLUdeathmetal oldest on record was 42. this guy might give that one a run for its money.sincerely, no one needs to worry about this. they'll figure out his food. i just thought it was funny.this snake has survived 120 seasons. he will survive this one too. i believe. @ipliskin_Ltjg naturallytext from mom. things are getting wild back home. @ybbaaabby Abby thank you for mailing me K.K. Ska @TheBlackNerd most WWF Superstars-ass motherfucker they’ve had on TV yet
@truongasm ah, good old Pecs Swolechest
thanks for joining me! that was fun. we'll definitely do more truckin' in the near future.took my ADHD med for the first time after a week of entirely forgetting to and wheeeeeee @karenyhan @GenePark Judgment, at least, lets you wear disguises. it's still somewhat limited, but at least there's… @mmahardy @karenyhan and yet it took a fucking global pandemic to push you over the edge, eh @Yelix @minakimes let us not forget the famously modest Randy Moss @mmahardy @karenyhan DO. IT. @vegerile I'll look into it for sure. will probably kick off with Rock Band anyway since that's what I've got set-u… @vegerile oh did they finally launch that? I've never used Clone Hero before but I've been curious about it since t… @jeffbakalar @mmahardy welcome to the party palthat said, after seeing Jeff mess around with his, definitely investing in a BRIO cam once those things become more readily availablelater this week I may try and do a late evening drum stream too. my webcam isn't spectacular but it's good enough f… any technical disasters (of which I'm sure I'm quite capable of wreaking), I will be launching my first Loc…
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@Sliwinski I mean you’ve now directed me toward what appears to be a perfect movie, so no complaints on my end @Sliwinski but also I definitely need to see this Kristofferson joint @Sliwinski no, the Chris Carter/Lance Henriksen series from the late 90s @aegies I own itI picked a hell of a time to start a Millennium rewatch @jamieloftusHELP congrats on seeing your years-long revenge scheme to fruition. you earned it. @hunktears mummification guys haven't felt this powerful since the days of the pharaohs @bombsfall "American families need help, ya dangus!" @bombsfall the green screen is offputting. more offputting is the part where he now speaks in the cadence of Dr. Steve Brule.
@jitka the dub is legit great. not something I say very often. @CaseyMalone @mitchmeats New Japan World is their streaming site. it’s like eight bucks a month. site’s clunky but the library… @mitchmeats he is beloved @mitchmeats AEW is promising and New Japan is regularly great. there’s a lot to enjoy if you’re down to look beyond WWE programming. @mitchmeats Orange Cassidy
Dear Quarantined Humans: We have put 𝕁𝔸ℤℤℙ𝕌ℕ𝕂 + 𝓕𝓵𝓪𝓿𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓾𝓼 on sale, for less than 5 bucks! If folks need anythin…
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @MurderBryan the real answer to your question is it depends on the quality of the master recordings and if they eve… @MurderBryan I dunno man. I feel like part of the charm of those first couple of records is the part where it sound… @constanceannx3 a mood to aspire to, if nothing else @MarinoV1 well that's part of my afternoon sorted @alex_navarro I'm gonna assume someone pointed this out to you already, but just in case...The Great Sasuke doc is…
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Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @MurderBryan guess I'm joining the Dark Order after all @dialacina that is a more powerful goat than I have ever achieved in real life. aspirational, really.I am currently resisting all urges to go full Scott Ian, but who knows where the coming weeks will take me has been decided: the dome is getting shaved tonight. desperate times, and all that.this is a very good read about our Greatest Living Actor @bombsfall wuss rock
admittedly I liked it better when there was only one recorded Trapt meltdownI submit to you all THE definitive anthem of 2020.
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee StallionI haven't been okay lately, but somehow Animal Crossing Pocket Camp became the coping mechanism I needed. (Also, I…
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee StallionVinny Caravella is still a threat.
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @SethKlusmire Origins would be my pick. starts slow but gets great. @guydebort this covid thing has officially gone too far. I have now declared it my mortal enemy in your honor. get well soon, man.peoplr would rather see macDonald's, than macbeth. and that's why all of this is going on
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @NLacle yup. hell of a show, all things considered. @NLacle whatThe revolution is upon us. If u can't see the con then u r willfully blind. #Resist. good nite
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @kford13 I’m saying is that this is doing wonders for tonight’s Dynamite
@dannyodwyer @MikeJMika what good is an office set-up without at least a little impending doom built into it @ryanvailbrown @randyduax that’s the one @spacetwinks hey you kids, cut out all that peccancythat oughta do it. thanks very much, Ray @ryanvailbrown @randyduax thinking about doing the same but with 12 Monkeys @randyduax @ryanvailbrown I'm currently learning how to stream video games solo. i'm going to be a gamer streamer.… @randyduax @ryanvailbrown if I could grow one I would have by now. if you want a guy with a Scott Ian chin spike, I can manage that. @randyduax now to build my personal army @randyduax pretty sure I'm gonna have a fully shaved head before this week is over @davidgross_man god, i'm terribly sorry to hear this, man. my condolences.
this plays *exactly* like a fucken bit from the eric andre show
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee StallionIt turns out that @VinnyCaravella had the right idea when it comes to interacting with coworkers in an office.…
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @brooksasanoun at the very least, it has the potential to be one of the best old(er) guy matches in years
actually, one other thing nothing else. same entrance props, pyro, band appearances, all of it. shove all that dumb shit in a tiny emp… you imagine being in the head of peak 90's Manami Toyota? Look how hard and far she is charging those ropes bef…
Retweeted by M.U.G.E.N Thee Stallion @spikespeigel @Kahjahkins since we're running that on an OG Xbox, we'll probably save that for when we're back. for… @Kahjahkins Vinny and I just raided our office for equipment and now I’m running two PCs simultaneously. I’ve never… @MrPope thank god I've got this metal working station in my apartment. now to melt down these pennies and bathe mys… @_janjerome Jan, if there were ever a time...