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Whatever Twitter’s intentions were, this is what it has become
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @nickchester Of Mics and Men. it's a four-part series.whoever it was that spent the early-to-mid-'90s aggressively following around the Wu-Tang Clan with a camcorder, thank youthe Wu-Tang doc on Showtime is excellent
See more thrilling adventures in @giantbomb: Crime Crew Episode 2. Staring @DanRyckert, @VinnyCaravella, @ybbaaabby
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favorite matches, first six shows like DOUKI because he has the vibe of a mid-2000s Big Japan guy who loosely based his gimmick on a PS2-era Mortal Kombat character @buzz_clik that was my read on it
finished night 4 and I would like to amend my previous statement and say that Rocky Romero is also carrying this tournament @StokelyHathaway I’d settle for a 225 @GarlicCorgi this has been my experience as well @Wafflematic that was certainly a factor @jitka it’s OK. there’s a lot of comedy I do like. I’m not lacking. @Guelerme I like a lot of Adult Swim flavored comedy but this one just didn’t do anything for meI’m the only person on the planet who did not enjoy I Think You Should Leave and that’s OK. I’m glad you all like it.the black and white knight at Medieval Times. that dude killed our section's knight. i was six and i cried. @Yelix they do crimes in Los Angeles, the only place where ocean waves exist
@JosephJBroni tough, but fair @JosephJBroni where does The Night Comes for Us rank on the John Wick 3 scalei've been living a lie on this website. despite what my profile picture may indicate, i am not really X-Files and M… eerie about the timing of the loss of Grumpy Cat and the release of a true game as art in Bubsy: Paws On Fire!.
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @comandanteF @regorian I’m team Yvie all the way @MitchyD this is my E3 plane book and i’m very excited to dig into it @islandgoth never a bad decisionthis is not a filter. this is just the glow from Rupaul’s dress from the TVleg @mcmax3000 Romero/Eagles was also really good. He's going for it in a way he hasn't in a while.I'm up to night three now and so far SHO is carrying this whole tournament @mechapoetic I brought this demon into the world and will treat it as my own @mechapoetic e’ma’amidentical energies
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@basketogress this is always a fun way to find out i'm blocked by someone @jitka Larry of Tarthanyway, next-gen is going to be bizarre as hellalso I know this is a fairly standard legal document but the phrase “memorandum of understanding” has some weird, dark energy to itHUMAN SACRIFICE DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER MASS HYSTERIA @winnersusedrugs i should probably hunker down and finish this shouldn’t iBREAKING: Missouri Senate just passed an 8 week abortion ban (24-0). No exceptions for rape or incest. Bill moves t…
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleuryanyway, stop running for president you fucking medium talent morons @Yelix which is incredible when you consider how deeply held most new yorker's feelings are about just about every… realize six months may be generous hereBill de Blasio’s most compelling feature as a mayoral candidate was that he wasn’t Joe Lhota. It will be fascinatin… there. let me tell you about Homestuck
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @Fobwashed I would welcome this and shun any who would deny it @mattbraga this is not a great psy-op, as psy-ops go.go ahead. keep screaming "Shut The Fuck Up " at me. it only makes my opinions Worse
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @bombsfall *holding a loaded gun to my art and sobbing through tears* it didn’t have to be this wayVeep is the rare show that ended with its best episode @KLobstar @BAKKOOONN a sudden and harried need to launder $91 million
@CaseyMalone @MrPope it's arguably the most tolerable part @alissacaliente movie of the decade @CaseyMalone .......*extremely Monster Magnet voice* Space Force mother mother
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @MrPope the algorithm told this man he should dress like it’s his first day of junior high
@spacetwinks @bombsfall the Chafee voter is a single issue voter and the issue is this: pillorying Curt Schilling o… @bombsfall Lincoln Chafee had a bit of that. it just wasn’t as folksy.Dorf Goes to Heaven ☹️ @Steven_Millett @OrangeEyed @singularity23 @tha_rami @Steven_Millett @OrangeEyed @singularity23 @tha_rami could you guys untag me from whatever this argument isme: say a big number. millenial: DUHHhhh... 10. can i have a participation trophy now duhh Wise 37 year old [smiling serenely]: One million.
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @mikemeginnis i didn't mind the result. i think SHO benefits from being a points underdog and Shingo's a decent pic… @MurderBryan well, one thingi know it's only night one but Shingo vs. SHO is gonna be one of those matches we're still talking about at the end of the tournamentcontrary to popular belief, Rob Van Dam did not invent the yin/yang symbol. he did, however, perfect it.semi-annual reminder that Sleeping Dogs whips
@rochelle_07 I don’t like this season at all and I was making a joke @charles_kinbote may i suggest a spirited hockey match to fill the void @haramgirlfriend HK's a great first place to visit there. you’ll have a blast. @haramgirlfriend have you been before? it’s an awesome city.if I were the writers of Game of Thrones, I would simply write a conclusion that satisfied all of my audience's man…
@headfallsoff yeah this is pretty much accurate @gamesgmmicks very carefully
Thumbtack skateboard.
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @desiccatedveins I've read enough of Emily's work to feel pretty strongly that that is not her viewpoint on lucha libre @ShaggsMagoo i mean I'd say watch both, but G1 is always going to be the more "important" tournament, given the sta… @tirWrestling honestly knew very little about him prior to this but did a little research and excited to see him work this tournament @ThreePiMatt I'm pro. I liked the old hair but he was due for a refresh.this year's lineup is real, real good. even the last minute injury replacements are pretty exciting.It’s almost Best of the Super Juniors time, AKA one of the best times of the year. Here’s a very good preview of wh… Making Sense (1984)
Retweeted by Moloch-André Fleury @spacetwinks that's the one where Scott Adams is my actual dad, and doesn't just look unnervingly like him @Papapishu it somehow gets better as it goes alongwe, as a society, do not deserve a show as good as What We Do in the Shadows @Random_Factor this cuts deep @headfallsoff oh nothis extinction level event better not awaken anything inside meanyone else find this weirdly erotic @CaseyMalone I’ve hated him since he fucked Qbert @twitgera assholes, apparently @baljot who cares what the marketing for the movie was
@david_j_roth i’m very glad you wrote about this @MattBodega can robocalls become human? do they dream as we do? in my new video game, we seek to explore these fasc… @jason_wilson @JeffGrubb @AgentTinsley to the original point: Tom Clancy is to military video games as John Madden… @MattBodega I’m going the other way, advocating for robocall rights. @davidbix man whose entire gimmick was self-congratulation in the face of perpetual abject failure has advice for unhappy people @JucheMane you were the first thing i thought of when i saw this on the reviews page this morning @Random_Factor never forget @Random_Factor yup. both hypercompetitive weirdos with no sense of anything beyond themselves. the same grim mental… @johnnyTweeter you’re forgiven. just, ya know, think next time before painting with that broad a brush.