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Alex Taranu @alex_taranu Toronto, Canada

urbanist, urban designer, architect and advocate for sustainable, liveable, authentic Canadian Urbanism; founder and director @CanUrbanism

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@prime_strategy_ Oh yeah, we have foxes in our backyard 5’ from the park...
This chipmunk is telling me "everything will be OK"; maybe for chipmunks, I'm not so sure about humans...
@SheilaBoudreau Is this the plant used for herbal tea? If so it is good for the heart too... @jsquaredink @RentTheChicken Oh I see, Roxie, Millie and... ??The @JunctionMarket is back! Please go to their online store to place your orders:
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @SarahEDoucette @RentTheChicken Which one is the third? @MiroslavGlavic @PizzaPizzaLtd Wonderful anniversary, enjoy!
this initiative is growing so well so to speak, this article and book reminds me of times first year of arch school when trying to do something like this and… @RadUrbanist don't worry, weapons are under the table... @shawnmicallef physical distancing is VERY real in nature... @drivingdotca perhaps well deserved??Boy you’d think a country that can equip every cop like a soldier could equip every doctor like a doctor
Retweeted by Alex Taranuhappy to see today High park avenue and High park all pedestrian and cycling friendly, very civilize although few m… are so important to build... hmm, "bridges" between communities... are all very grateful to Canada for receiving us, for offering us the opportunity to fulfill and accomplish our… years ago our children arrived in Canada. Two very young kids separated from their parents for a year and a half…
“A leader must be a leader”
Retweeted by Alex TaranuThis has NEVER been more true — Whether we have the space to move more people, plus room for all the OTHER things t…
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @trainsongsbook @CrecyRail @alanhinkes @JonHarle1 @jslovechild @RAILMag @RailwaysToday @railexpress @SalopianLyne
@brent_bellamy @CBCManitoba Making pens... overseas? Doesn’t make any sense... @_woodhead Best is to replace it with a garden, lawns are wasteful artificial landscapesI’m not sure how many are enjoying the Celebration Day video on @YouTube thanks @ledzeppelin for this gift for toug… work and amazing legacy looking forward for the next...
... also similarities with maps from years ago indicating higher rates of health issues (obesity, diabetes, heart i… today saw the map of Covid 19 cases in Toronto - striking similarity with Montreal and… we need more reasons for trees?
@DougSaunders hmm, I wonder what meaning of "stock" are they referring to... @brent_bellamy yeah but what about guns? @JasonThorne_RPP gorgeous... still there?? @JasonThorne_RPP They should be part of the too often forgotten "art of engineering" but you don't have to spend fo… @chrisjamesdrew they are a joy and enliven work from home days. I was always so happy to see them in June from our…
@mireillem10 love the hashtagthere was a lot of road widening in those times.... @alexbozikovic @DougSaunders beyond politics it didn't work so well. It didn't work for the ROM, it ended up just a… needs an SUV?
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @RDStewart123 @fordnation what a b...sht @kemosite @Sean_Hertel I wish there will be many of you showing that it can be done.... :<(((===most people were civilized too other than those using highly polluting (and frankly stinking) boats often with loud… a wonderful city we live in with nature so close! I had some beautiful encounters today while kayaking on the… @lloydalter @buttermilk1 @TheWarOnCars not just any car but a BIG and frightening car to keep YOUR germs away! A tank hopefully! @joemihevc More ‘good government’ that isTo rebuild the economy after COVID-19, we'll need more government, not less: Jim Stanford | CBC Radio
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @Sean_Hertel Really? Just ask @kemositeCan’t agree more
@C_Mulroney @fordnation How new and innovative approach! It seems that the new is very much the same as the old...… @Markus_Moos This is in lieu of GO service expansion???
I'm not usually tweeting about music but just finished to watch the Eddy and it has great music reflecting contempo…
Excellent example of green infrastructure and low impact development in urban open space context“Cities are good for our health and remain so, even amid the threat of COVID-19. Now is the time for Americans to i…
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @BriceDavidson This is just the 120 year old garden city concept and resulted in sprawl! Localism should mean somet… @michaelgeller Saw this trend here too. Unfortunately this often results in lack of amenities and concentration of… @Fleischmarket Unfortunately there are too many examples like thisCities that rely on trendy shopping and foodies for downtown revitalization will likely struggle. So we need to cr…
Retweeted by Alex TaranuThe city of the future is only going to be greener and affordable to all if we make it so. Fortunately it seems inc…
Retweeted by Alex TaranuCongratulations Sean glad to see an urban designer in regional planning @KalenAnderson You’re brave!Downtown Toronto. Lakeshore Blvd. 'Open Space for People.' People given priority over cars. This. This is the th…
Retweeted by Alex TaranuSame hope for many cities
I'm so proud of the country of my origin. The amazing response of Slovakians made it so much easier for me while li…
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @alexbozikovic Boomtown city as the 1969 book was calling it. Unfortunately it is taking more than 50 years to fix…
@Sean_Hertel Life’s great pleasures... @KalenAnderson Cheers!Another one: long forgotten brutalist Court House (survived only 20 years or so...):'s (or rather Bramalea's) modernist heritage: Welcome village: Renovated complex at 800 Clark Blvd. is just…
@JasonThorne_RPP is that the Lister block painted black in the foreground?My husband purchased a world map...gave me a dart and said "throw this and wherever it lands I'm taking you for a h…
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@MarkSterling111 @alexbozikovic @WTJHS @arconserve @BHN_cn started to map some of the more or less "mysteries" of t… extra large? Get fit & silly in just 12 steps! @montypython #sillywalk #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @chrisjamesdrew @TORailwayMuseum @AMAwithAMA @joe_cressy @AlexanderGlista @c_balestri would love to take part in so… @DougWhillans Wow, looks amazing... but watch the carrots....
I would add also the opportunities for the "restoration" economy, local, intensive vs extensiveexcellent article with great thoughts about reviving Main Street, access to local services (including health), "dec… @MrAndrewCotter Beautiful, I wonder how this will work with cats.... or even better.. parrots?2/2 “I think architects, having abrogated the role of designing cities, are to blame for the cities that we have, w… Another great one passes away - excellent article by @paulgoldberger in @nytimes: with… brickwork @humbercollege Lakeshore campus - high could cover let is show without deep shadows between the… @johnsteil did you turn them around??? :<))))=great quote from Markson on Market Square: “There’s an inner space for the people that live there, and ... there’s… Great article by David Sisam in @CdnArch about new book on prominent Toronto architect Jerome Markson:…
St Lawrence is a landmark @CanUrbanism neighbourhood and the best demonstration for truly resilient and complete co…, everyone! A couple reminders for you on this chilly morning. One, Toronto is beautiful. Two, get your order in…
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @RAILMag I understand the conversion but we are SO behind... @DavidColetto @fordnation @jjhorgan @WineGrowersCA My favourite is @Tawse_Winery but that's a lot for us + prefer to visit when possibleWhat’s so great about being a Guardian? It’s more than a job. It’s a connection with the land, with culture, and ot…
Retweeted by Alex Taranu @Markus_Moos @calandamountain Thx now I need to sharpen my GermanAccess to open space and nature essential, a right @JasonThorne_RPP No crawling for some time Other than under the kitchen table perhaps but that's challenging for some... :-) @moore_oliver The toaster dilemma @greg_shill @moore_oliver That's something acceptable but tearing them down is still preferable...Beautiful! Look Ma, no black! I guess they realized the huge heat gain... :-) @SRuhle Better idea is to support local stores @SRuhle Why?It was time, hope it goes ahead @g_meslin Interesting and bold idea of missing middle @DiamondSchmitt @UofT @uoftlibraries @SmithAndersen BeautifulGreat idea Oil
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What do you think @Glen4Climate @DougSaunders @BhutilaKarpoche ?