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Future Special Education Teacher Converse College MAT 2020 🍎

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@JuliePJones 🙃🙃🙃
@msoskilWas challenged to share my #5cluechallenge @JuliePJones #whereamI
Check out the infographic I made on how to spot fake news when using social media! @JuliePJones #conversechat
@FutureTeach2020 @JuliePJones Don’t know what I’d do without you friend 💛Here’s a song to help learn about The New World 🌎 @FutureTeach2020 @JuliePJones #sschat
Check out the inforgraphic I made on checking to see if your sources are reliable! #conversechat @JuliePJones
@FutureTeach2020 voted in Cowpens and I voted in GVL county ! Go out and vote ! #conversechat @PalmettoProject much fun visiting @YellowstoneNPS virtually today! Thanks @JuliePJones @MonicaDLandrum #conversechat #vft ever!!! Skyping with a Yellowstone Park ranger this morning for a #virtualfieldtrip experience. Many than…
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Live action American Revolution in Social Studies!!!! 🇺🇸#conversechat #learningisfun #gopatriots
Retweeted by Alexa GaineyA7: Currenlty, my “vision” is to complete my degree and become a teacher. This is so important to remember while I’… Allowing choice empowers our students ! This is so important. Also more motivation! This goes beyond the classroom. #tlap @AlexaGainey How sweet!!! Love having a classmate and a friend that I can count on! 💜
Retweeted by Alexa GaineyA5: I can ask my professors and classmates for help! I can also do the same and see if my classmates may need my he… Not a teacher yet! I’m working in my clincial with my teacher to find a way to implement yoga into her special… @acottos Love this!A3: To me this means finding a balance between the science of teaching and bringing my own personality and enthusia… @burgessdave My favorite summer ever !A2: Today, a group of students with special needs in our Special Day Class shared their writing with me using Googl…
Retweeted by Alexa GaineyA2: Excited to see the answers to this. In my clincials I have seen how technology has allowed non verbal students… I worked as a camp counselor one summer for kids with special needs and I knew then I wanted to teach special Ed ! #tlapHi! My name is Alexa Gainey! I live in Greenville, SC and I’m a preservice teacher. I attend Converse College. I’ve… Ready to see and follow! #SSchat
A5: Any advice or input on how to use standards for assessment in Special Education classrooms? #SSchatA4: Ready to see the answers to this one as a preservice teacher #SSchatA3: Issue more focused on the outcome of a grade and not the material learned #SSchatA2: Great way to keep track and record data #SSchatA1: As a current student in the education program we are being taught that standards help guide teachers in assessm… educator and current student at Converse College. Excited to learn from #sschat
@ROKinTheClass Looks so good!!Are you checking your sources?! Special thanks to Stanford Education History Group! #Conversechat
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Call to Action: No selfie. But will make sure to get outdoors this weekend. Ready to disconnect from WiFi and conn… @FutureTeach2020 Same 😂A6: The clinical I was placed in last semester had a teacher appreciation week. Every day they did something specia… Invite them to join one of your self-care activities! Or if they prefer something else. I love the idea of a teacher spa day! #TeachSC @CogdillAva I love you use yoga in the classroom! I start teaching next year and I would love to find a way to inco… Modeling! Maybe taking time throughout the day to remind students to self-care. Even if it’s only for a few min… Naturally, I think we tend to associate the word “work” in mostly being more of an negative/hard thing to accom… @CMJEducation @mrdearybury I feel the same exact way! Once we begin the chat I’m more relaxed and truly enjoy being… I would love to see homework replaced with "self care" options for students and family. Accompany those options…
Retweeted by Alexa Gainey @mrdearybury @TigerMolly11 20 min naps are the BEST. If it’s anything over than that don’t count on me waking up 😂A2: I’m not a teacher yet ! I know as a student if I don’t self-care I’m more likely to get frustrated and stress o… @MonicaDLandrum @jazminecamacho8 Have y’all watched the Great British Bake Off? SO GOOD! @ROKinTheClass Yes GOT!!! So sad it’s over 😢😩A1: I self-care with some sort of physical activity ! My usual is running, yoga class, or hiking. When I finish wha…! I’m a converse student and future educator of special education! This is my second twitter chat and I’m excited 🙃 #teachsc
Converse ranks high on U.S. News & World Report's best Upstate South Carolina smaller private universities and coll…
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Goals I have for this semester. Learn as much as I can about technology within the classroom! Take 3 Praxis (and pa… @JuliePJones I wish I could ♥️ this twice! @jedjnr How many times have I not met a goal? Lots. How many times have I met them? Lots. #TeachSC
Retweeted by Alexa GaineyA6: Such a good question! As a student this can be difficult to not meet a goal. I have to remind myself no one is… @JuliePJones @JuliePJones @FutureTeach2020 @laracasey I need to check into this!!A5: I’m so fortunate that the professors at #conversecollege in the education program are so accommodating and are… Every semester I set new goals for myself. I set a few long term goals but break them down weekly and sometimes… @ROKinTheClass Ahh so good to know! #WeAreFamily As a future teacher, I would love to find ways to connect with families along with my students about goals. I t… I’m a future teacher but I will absolutely set goals in my future classroom! Short term goals and long term goa… How my first week of school is going ! #TeachSC I’m Alexa Gainey! I’m from Greenville. I’m a current grad student and will be teaching special education in 2020! #TeachSC
Who’s chatting tonight? Looking forward to our time together. This week’s topic is one you don’t want to miss!…
Retweeted by Alexa GaineyA2: I would like to learn how to incorporate technology with my future special education students #conversechatA1: Hi! I’m a current MAT special education student and I’m rusty with twitter #conversechat