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My dream is to win a Daytime Emmy for a walk-on role in a soap opera. Comms @Hearst. Formerly comms @Harvard. Founder @ Gaybros. Words on @HuffPost & @Slate.

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@zachheltzel honestly it seems like yes that is the plan, just to spread it out. unless a vaccine is achieved in on…
@RyanKKrause @beealbz what @beealbz wait for real?say sike right now @GMPaiella if someone interesting exists, gabriella will interview them, it is law @TD_Fields i miss artpop @verychristopher and that's the way I've been operating before, but I feel at some point there has to be a line, you know?The New York Blood Center warned of “dangerously low” blood bank reserves and called for increased donations even w…
Retweeted by Xander De Lucai don't know what to say or how to contribute. if you support trump or view this situation without empathy, heart…
most people don't know that in the famous 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, the lyric "i could while away the hours, con… @recoveredyinzer i moved here very youngbut also, like, same, really, very cool was, how do you say, very cool nooooo moved to nyc (for the first time) eleven years ago today and boy it feels like just yesterday @donkeyboots @jules_su thank u @donkeyboots @jules_su are you certified to give this i wanna make sure @amgreenberg i mean, great, but isn't the audience the biggest issue with this whole thing? @veryharryhill mood
@veryharryhill a mood is always a vibe but a vibe is not always a moodyo what's everyone's favorite quibi? @jules_su don't speak it into existence please im so tiredPlease don't make the mistake I did. Here is the source material I misquoted. @recoveredyinzer in my closet but i don't want to look at itlol if this is the humidity in may whew boymight be quar brain but 2015 feels way more in the past than 2010 @Quirky please bring this back for the love of god my air conditioner is so ugly now my family won't speak to me i can'tseriously why dont they all look like this now once had a really cool looking air conditioner but i didnt want to move it to ny so i left it in boston and now i…'m now on googled-"learn to play guitar silently" day of quarantine @JDPlatte @themitchcase big clothes are in rn embrace ittttlockdown in winter: depressing, cold, dark lockdown in summer: @nlabosco just go with itit does not go unnoticed that no one freaks out when i go to the bodega to get chips, gin, and beerI wish this existed when I was in high school. @joelcifer whoaI like that all the comments act like this really came out in the 80s. @TaylorLorenz sympathies @TaylorLorenz You are moving in this climate?!Really looking for time's fast-forward button rn.
@josephlongo_ the show, im (probably) too young for the movie (im not going to look up when it came out, i just feel it)high fidelity is very much my shit, why did no one tell me?it's a fun thinga fun thing is when your mask chafes your face and then you get home and you have a whole bunch o' blood dried against your jaw linelol just remembered i washed my mask in scented soap last night it just me or dies outside smell dope todayhe flew too close to the sun @samsheffer holy molyI profiled Steve Fucking Buscemi! And I hope you'll give it a read:
Retweeted by Xander De Luca @Benanagram fine no rogi for you
My roommate is a saint and now I am scared to ever move. few months ago i saw an actual bulldog skateboarding in tompkins square park, i hope he is well @JDPlatte welcome joe, and yes. @Lokay fine don't come to my rogi rumbleattention to my followers 🚨i will only be referring to pierogi as “rogi” moving forward @AnthonyBLSmith you are the most underrated account i followcrazy to think that march was four years ago @bsteeper (trump guzzling pure covid juice to prove his manliness then peeing on pence in the middle of times squar… is cute what other countries consider political scandal, reallyarrest this man this weekend.
@westratenick it just started working!FaceID has learned my mask and life is so much betteri’m convinced april didn’t happen, tell me ONE thing you remember from april, you can’ it gets warmer what is the general consensus in the year of our lord 2020 on sandals in NYC? @TSBagels didn't know porn was allowed on twitter
I'm not special for being willing to give up, what, an hour of my day to help. She's not at fault for the policies… myself having to comfort the representative from the hospital who called me to tell me they could not take my…
@samsheffer okay reddit discovered it: F18s for fleet week @JessicaWakeman @RobLeDonne it could only be a military jet, nothing else makes that kind of noise @ndhapple i’m just guessing. no civilian jets make that kind of noisedear military, can u like text us ahead of time if you are going to haul ass over manhattan plz? sincerely yours, all of us @RobLeDonne literally thought “well i’ve had a good life” and shrugged @samsheffer sounded like a fighter jet to mewell that noise was terrifyingsitting in tompkins square park on a warm day with a jazz band playing and hearing the shouts of someone clearly an… 1975 are still the best band in the world. im a sucker for a concept record and NOACF is perfect
Retweeted by Xander De Luca @dombaclaat i dont see a chex mix logo on those @popLOCKEdropit don't lie to me gregorywe can put a man on the moon but chex mix can't make a bag that is only rye chips what is happening to this country 😔 @JordanMeehan @MJShochat the east village on a saturday night would like a wordthis is a music review account now @shipatadistance Yeah now that you mention it, there is an explicitly queer song on iti have listened to Rain on Me twice and the entire new 1975 album 7,340 times... i think quarantine has made me straight.#RainOnMe is pretty good!
@ianamurray okay since you made piccolini cuscino i will do this for you @ianamurray but lowercase everything is my brand iana what am i supposed to do?!?i renewed my lease for the sole reason of not wanting to move all my books ever againi cannot keep up with all the new music this week @alplicable @beealbz challenge acceptedwhen i said 2020 was going to be a year of growth i didnt think that meant growing bangs but here we are
if anything, there aren't enough bugs in themi am pro strawberry bugs @zachheltzel that just means it's time to order delivery @zachheltzel i annoy myself even thinking feelings so i have simply stopped having themsorry, i’m saving my checkmark transfer for marriage 😌wait i dont have the feature yet dont reply