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Star Trek fan. Englishman living in Washington, DC. @TrekCore contributor. @WeeklyTrek host. He/him. LLAP

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@Tyranicus That’s right! That awesome Veterans Day dale was how I got my tickets.Creation are slow off the mark this year selling tickets for STLV 2020, but this signals they will begin soon. (T… that #StarTrek wine delivery shows up before the weekend
Retweeted by Alex Perry @Gwen96309011 So horny. premiere of #StarTrekPicard in 62 days doesn't just see the return of Jean-Luc Picard, but other beloved…
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@plastic109 is a subtweet of @Tyranicus. @octavya360 days until the premiere of #StarTrekPicard! If you watch 2.8 episodes a day you can still finish a full TNG re… Enter to win one of our #StarTrekDiscovery Season 2 Blu-ray prize packs with swag from @CBSHE, @FanSets, and…
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#2009vs2019 #StarTrek
Retweeted by Alex Perry @mhansen0207 @isolinearchick Phew!!!! @mhansen0207 @isolinearchick @mhansen0207 @isolinearchick Yes, but picking a director/writer is just one step in a long and complicated process.… @mhansen0207 @isolinearchick I was excited this time, and nothing happened. So I’m going to hold that excitement fo… @isolinearchick agreed. Choosing not to feel anything about this news until it’s more real. #StarTrek I wish they had just given Justin Lin a second Star Trek because Star Trek Beyond was the fucking best.
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Interesting! Fargo and Legion (esp. Legion) are really great! AND Legion has the composer of the Discovery music.
Retweeted by Alex PerryDid you know there's a secret feature on #StarTrekDiscovery's Season 2 Blu-ray featuring @marythechief and series p…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @IDLLAP @WeeklyTrek @TrekFan4387 Thank you!! @eatatquarks Star Trek Deep Space Nine 😂 @pmorrowtron Two bars of gold pressed latinum!It’s a FFFAAAAAAgenuine Holosuite data rod used in the production of #StarTrek Deep Space Nine. We dive into the hours of behind-the-scenes features, commentaries, and more in our review of…
Retweeted by Alex PerryNEW EPISODE!!! 🚨🚨🚨 @TrekFan4387 joins me to discuss our first glimpse at the animated Short Treks, TAS maybe leavin…
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Into Darkness my old friend You've brought me Wrath of Khan again Because a Ceti Eel softly creeping Left Space See…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @DrJenThrows @officialhowsei Ian, it was nice knowing you. I promise to speak well of you.I have never wished I could read music more than today. #StarTrekPicard maybe we'll give away some merch this week. Stay tuned.
Retweeted by Alex PerryNew episode! Join our collective as we compare the individual adventures of two disconnected Borg drones. Follow Hu…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @ListeningToFilm I once heard someone describe how their favorite thing about Star Trek was what they colorfully de… @ListeningToFilm Thank you! Isn’t that picture amazing? @Tyranicus @skadoo3 advertising for STAR TREK: GENERATIONS in 1994. #StarTrek #Generations25
Retweeted by Alex Perry @adamdrosin Love it!!!!Generations is the first Star Trek movie I vividly remember seeing in theaters. 1994 was a great year for Star Trek…
Retweeted by Alex PerryFor today’s 25th anniversary of the release of #StarTrek Generations, I give you five reasons why this movie is wor… @StaticWarpBubbl Woah! A combination of many things I love!Tune in tomorrow to hear why @TrekFan4387 and I are more convinced than ever that a Pike show WILL happen!…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @TrekProfiles @PatrickE34 @WeeklyTrek @TrekFan4387 @TricorderShow Thanks guys! It was a fun one to record, and…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @TrekCaptions @TrekCore An apt comparison. And the hair analogy works too!
@STO_DocTheop That's the next one in the review series! @Voyager99998 @EnterpriseExtra @TrekCore @realKetwolski @albinokid @steve_shives @startrekcbs Woohoo! Congratulatio… @isolinearchick Taaaasty!!! @StaticWarpBubbl @Voyager99998 @EnterpriseExtra @TrekCore @realKetwolski @albinokid @steve_shives @startrekcbs @kalliend3 Iconic! @LorettaGoodwin @CaptainPikesEnt Awesome!! Well if he gets sick and needs to take a day off he knows who to call. 😂The next entry in my “Prelude to Picard” book review series celebrating 68 day countdown to #StarTrekPicard is here…
@jwalnuth this morning, while letting the dogs out in our backyard, @MeganElise0_0 says, “Hey, the neighbor is watching…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @JK_Woodward Hahaha love it! @JK_Woodward Love it!! Maybe AGT Captain (B) Picard with Picard-era (JL) Picard? So many Picards!Idk why everyone is complaining. The dimensions seem to fit ;) #StarTrek
Retweeted by Alex Perry @jwalnuth is part 1 through 4 happy with part 5 of @JK_Woodward’s amazing #StarTrek captain mashup series he’s been doing for me the last… @CJCA915 DM’d you the link. @StarTrek Have your people call my people. 🖖🏻😂I’m ready to be Anson Mount’s stunt double in the Pike show. #StarTrekDiscovery
NEW: We review of "Ask Not," the today's new #StarTrek #ShortTrek -- where Captain Pike finds himself under arrest…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @TrekProfiles only imagine there must have been a time crunch given the issue releases in two weeks and this is the first we’ve seen it.Each of the individual features are exquisitely illustrated - the face looks great! The uniform looks great! But pu… @pedrostarfleet Finally, we understand what it is!!!I’ve never really missed being a college or graduate student. UNTIL NOW. @mhansen0207 @BretLonsway Hahahahahaha!!!!what’s wrong with his neck 10 weeks (70 days) until the premiere of #StarTrekPicard! next month's second animated #StarTrek #ShortTrek, we'll learn the story of "The Girl Who Made the Stars." Comi…
Retweeted by Alex PerryWe'll meet Enterprise repair drone DOT and mycelial tardigrade Ephraim in next month's first animated #StarTrek
Retweeted by Alex PerryThe Enterprise, animated once more. #StarTrek #ShortTreks #StarTrekDiscovery
Retweeted by Alex PerrySecond, THE GIRL WHO MADE THE STARS, a 3D-animated tale likely referencing Michael Burnham's monologue about the Af…
Retweeted by Alex PerryHere's your first look at December's animated #StarTrek #ShortTrek tales! First, EPHRAIM AND DOT, where an USS Ent…
Retweeted by Alex Perry"Close to retirement?" "Not planning on it." "Let me tell you something: Don't! Don't let them promote you. Don't…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @TheInsaneRobin @Tyranicus It’s very reliable in the Northeast, but you are totally right about the rest of the cou…
@EnterpriseExtra for #StarTrekPicard like ...
Retweeted by Alex PerryAlready did. Highly overrated.
Retweeted by Alex PerryStar Trek: Deep Space Nine's first season isn't good. In fact, much of it is bad. But it gets transcendent by the t…
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@ThatNeilGuy @StarTrek Delightful!!
@TrekCore And the Section 31 control center set is a (significant) redress of the Shenzhou bridge. @DrWho42 @memoryalpha george and gracie say hey! 🖖
Retweeted by Alex PerryI really hope he’s reprising his role of Punk on the Bus. 🤞🏻 @isolinearchick @isolinearchick @vfarmstrong @BonnieBellG Loved the Experience! Thank you!I had such a wonderful time interviewing the crew members of Star Trek: The Experience! Thank you Vernon Wilmer, Ap…
Retweeted by Alex Perry.@michaelchabon is a gift from the Prophets.
Retweeted by Alex Perry @ListeningToFilm @TrekRanks @BrandonMutala friend's work.Cap. Riker and Troi in the Titan corridor.Your opinion @rebekah_starks @Marina_Sirtis
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Beautiful sketch of @albinokid @wcruz73 by comic artist @JK_Woodward #StarTrekDiscovery
Retweeted by Alex Perry @ryantriddle Mine too! It was one of the first I bought and I treasured it because I’d never seen anything done lik… @ryantriddle I think so, yes! @Tyranicus @SnapTrek @eatatquarks @strtrk1701 @ryantriddle There’s an old Marvel comic that has almost this exact premise, with Kirk finding himself in command o…, we were walking on the pier in Santa Barbara and we passed a man wearing a yellow shirt with the Star Tr…
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