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Star Trek fan. Englishman living in Washington, DC. @TrekCore contributor. @WeeklyTrek host. He/him. LLAP

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NEW EPISODE! 🚨 @HostWarped joins me to discuss Michael Chabon’s responses to fan questions and criticisms about…
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What's everybody watching tonight? #StarTrek
Retweeted by Alex Perry @AdamHunault Admittedly I did not show up outside Pinewood screaming LET ME IN LET ME IN but the thought did occur to me. @strtrk1701 confirm that just showing up in Toronto for a weekend does NOT get you a walk on role in #StarTrekDiscovery. Lo… @Fraize I don’t think I am this year, but Mr. @TrekCore may be. @Fraize Yes!I will never understand the viewpoint of "hey, we've never seen this before in #StarTrek, so I hate it!" as opposed…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @TheJulieBenson Glad to hear he’s okay!! @RedShirtComics @hollyamos22 @DumbledoreJr @sunnybecky81 Sorry you feel that way! Luckily there are still 700 plus… @RedShirtComics @hollyamos22 @DumbledoreJr @sunnybecky81 I don’t think that’s fair. Michael Chabon has given his re…“And THEN she told him he had some sheer fucking hubris showing up here like that.” “Really? She used such colorfu…
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I reviewed the @StarTrekModels’ Scimitar special, a highly detailed model of a cool starship design that is also ex… @jonalfuth @LeylaKorkelia @TrekCore Yes, but he’s arguing the Federarion did that by virtue of having extended a he… @LeylaKorkelia @TrekCore He’s actually appearing to make the opposite argument; that if the Federation hadn’t offer… #StarTrek fans you’d think we’d be able to accept by now that just because we haven’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Retweeted by Alex PerryTo convince Elnor to help him -- as the Qowat Milat requires "a lost cause" to join a mission.
Retweeted by Alex PerryI don't know who needs to hear this today, but disliking things that most people like and acting superior about it…
Retweeted by Alex PerrySomebody really really not liking a show you like a lot is no reason to be a huge fucking asshole.
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Within seconds of appearing on screen, @JeriLRyan did that sideways nod Seven always use to do when she was too aw…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @KerrBearLib Jackpot! @gaghyogi49 @EnterpriseExtra @eatatquarks Absolute candor a whole lot scarier than the swords TBH.This will never fail to excite me.🖖🏼 #ResistanceIsFutile
Retweeted by Alex PerrySeven of Nine holographic doctors recommend the latest episode of @StarTrek Picard (where, apparently, the reason N…
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@D21Beast Yes they did; they gave it a design that’s similar in concept to the Discovery badges where the officer’s… #StarTrek
Retweeted by Alex PerryIt has been a looooong time since I saw a #StarTrek novel at an airport bookstore. But look what I spotted at a boo… @jonalfuth fans! If you want more Laris & Zhaban, come see how they met their favorite human. 🖖❤️ #cheekyfeckers
Retweeted by Alex Perry @danwat1234 @SpencerBronte @EnterpriseExtra @TrekCaptions Yes, the visitor’s desk (wither starship holograms) and t…
Picard and Last Jedi are both about older men trying to make up for past mistakes after JJ Abrams blew up a planet.
Retweeted by Alex Perry @trickster1966 Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Just across the street from Disneyland! @Tyranicus @TrekkerRon I’m a morning person; can’t stay up that late. But I can get up that early. @TrekkerRon Don’t even need the alarm! I just AWAKEN FOR STAR TREK @SpencerBronte @EnterpriseExtra @TrekCaptions Anaheim Convention Center @gaghyogi49 @EnterpriseExtra The red brick detailing around the walkway wasn't something we could find anywhere aro… @gaghyogi49 @EnterpriseExtra We found the type of benches that they're sitting on in that scene (with the legs, rat…'ll take it! @EnterpriseExtra @adamdrosin The LEAST you could have done is been 20 years younger. @EnterpriseExtra And given that a cannabis packaging convention was taking place at exactly the same time, two guys…, sufficed to say @EnterpriseExtra and I had a great time looking for all the #StarTrekPicard filming locatio… @Jwhitbrook Give me Return of Jafar or GTFO.Well done #StarTrekPicard
Retweeted by Alex Perry @EnterpriseExtra Do what you do best: GO. HOME.I had a meeting today at Starfleet HQ. It didn't go well.
Retweeted by Alex Perry @Lynn14159 @EnterpriseExtra Roof deck of the Anaheim Convention Center! It’s actually pretty easy to find once you… doff my cap to you sir for putting this all together! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 back later to ask Starfleet for some help. Was told I had sheer fucking hubris. I mean seriously?… God he found me though, because he was able to fight off some Romulans on my behalf using his super strength… checking out an old painting and this synthetic person appeared out of nowhere. Must have been a positronic ala… THEME INTENSIFIES #StarTrekPicard
@RadiusTravel @TandTNews these bad takes on nicknames got me like ...
Retweeted by Alex Perry @KerrBearLib Sorry for your loss, Kerry. Sending love! @Twinb1976 Yes! Thanks for the reminder about Tapestry.Little Brother Johnny Jean-Luc JL A life well lived! #StarTrekPicard @Arsenic82 Precisely!! @pquade When it’s given to a dog, it’s a nickname. 😂 @GeekToyLove Yes but in this case you’re referring to using a nickname the other person chose for themselves. He’s… @ThePoey Yeah but even with that the show is trying to demonstrate the character has changed a lot in two decades.… refuse to believe that a guy who GIVES OUT A NICKNAME REGULARLY (Number One) is so much of a stick in the mud tha… @annaonthemoon @Ethnae @TrekCore Ah yes because the story of this show is about how Picard hasn’t changed at all in the last two decades.
@FirstTimeTrek Those expressions say “too bad!” @ListeningToFilm Hey I WROTE that obscure 2006 fan site! And it IS canon. 😡A whole YouTube vid on "where's the Enterprise F" in #StarTrekPicard Really? There's less 120 minutes of series rel…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @Kertrats Thanks Dan! @TrekProfiles @larrynemecek Larry will provide a more concise answer I’m sure, but yes when you fit all the sources… @TrekProfiles @larrynemecek The rest of the galaxy is sort of cobbled together from dialogue, and a lot from war maps from DS9. @TrekProfiles Discovery - when they were showing maps of the Federation/Klingon border in season 1 - used the Geoff… to my retro-inspired season one poster for @startrekcbs. This got a lot of attention on IG when I origina…
Retweeted by Alex PerryNEW EPISODE! 🚨 @jmac_ref returns to discuss #StarTrekPicard interviews with Michelle Hurd, Jeri Ryan AND Jonathan d…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @SpillmanThom @daryldbink @TrekCore @unamccormack While the novels are written in coordination with the show’s writ…
@trekonomics Nope that’s Chabon alright! no more: all TNG Season 8 writing is being channeled into Star Trek: Lower Decks- coming to CBS All Access t…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @JaneNX01 @TheInsaneRobin It’s definitely the “in” aesthetic for futurism right now. @TheInsaneRobin And she's growing drugs on her porch so probably not going to be doing that in a suburban rowhouse… know this technically fits the definition of “hovel” by being “simply constructed” but this is bigger than a lot…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @TrekkinJP @TrekProfiles Oh shit you’re right! I got my anachronistic 20th century dingbats confused! @TrekProfiles The books made him the Secretary of Commerce for the Federation, which is extremely appropriate and right. @ListeningToFilm @TrekGeekBill I would also assume that growing a narcotic on your porch is frowned upon in polite… @TrekGeekBill @ListeningToFilm I also this this other part of Chabon’s answer is instructive in regards to Raffi: “… you downloaded E6 of Trek Rewind yet? Listen as I fully admit I’d throw myself into the flowers instead of jog…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @GatorNorthern I said modern Star Trek! Nothing can beat those TOS fights. @alexandertperry I asked Michael Chabon I’d they were prepared for Laris’ popularity on his Q&A today and he gave a…
Retweeted by Alex Perry @bradeschneider Like, everywhere!! @starfleetmom @TrekGeekBill @StarTrek 😎 @eatatquarks Laris/Zhaban/Picard/Zhat Vash fight scene in “The End is the Beginning” is one of the best fight scenes in mode…
#PresentedWithoutComment. From @StarTrek #TNG S03E07, "The Enemy."
Retweeted by Alex PerryAnother one I'm really proud of: Picard's Shakespeare books.
Retweeted by Alex Perry @Tyranicus @TrekCore I actually really like that choice; makes what happened next more poignant, and also helps you… finished out the @TrekCore review of the #StarTrekPicard prequel comic “Countdown” or “Star Trek: Laris and Zhaba… 🖖⛔️ Seeing @michaelchabon's thoughtful and intelligent response on Instagram today to all the questions* out…
Retweeted by Alex PerryCaptain Kathryn Janeway in Disco Uniform : by Carter-sg 1 tumblr.#CaptainJaneway
Retweeted by Alex Perry @doublemacc Publisher 98’s spell check strikes again!!Oh man I had all of these except for the Klingon/Borg heads.