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Alex Bell @alexbell London, England

QI writer/klaxon | @nosuchthing fifth wheel | my friends call me Alexa cause I sit awkwardly in the middle of the room barely able to discuss the weather

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christ alive that must have been like going into the house from It who DOES get it back to me I will genuinely reward with food and money and free tickets to QI shows and I’ll…
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and the way things are going i guess brace yourselves for a Series S filmed in the same cardboard box with an iPhon… @Scott_V_Writer they go nowhere they also stole the upper floorsome more info - 58cm, since this pic it got new black handle tape instead of the usual white this model has. also… mean it, £200 reward for starters went missing from around chatsworth rd area in homerton @Candlelands niceee doing that now thanksanyone who DOES get it back to me I will genuinely reward with food and money and free tickets to QI shows and I’ll… @StolenRide @EllieFAReidy @StolenRide great idea thanks!some fucker stole my bike last night in the massively unlikely event that someone finds a white/blue trek alpha 1.… @neonblooms unlikely i’m afraid, on-demand home releases now happen via places like Netflix!i made poor sandi sit in cardboard box full of blankets to record the voiceover for this at home over zoom so pls w…
same energy*inand now for the full gallery experience next week is sculpture so strap on motherfuckerrsss @andrewhunterm wait which channel are you watching @andrewhunterm ikr can’t believe they destroyed Alderan even after Leia told them the location of the secret rebel baseflatmates said i can’t hang it up on the wall because it’s too challenging and throws up too many questions of abou… shit hang on i forgot to add a smiley sun out the window NOW it’s perfect like: wouldn’t a photograph just been easier? is a painting of a painting still a painting? what is art?… artist, at this stage in his career in the later throws of insanity, broke new artistic ground with this master… piece uses natural light and warped perspective to throw the human creative instinct into harsh relief, forci… masterpiece unveiled: “Painting” or “The Agony Of Inspiration In The Confines Of A Godless Infinity” Oil on Ca… @jrawson we always knew it would come to thisi go out for 20 minutes and come back to a goddamn montessori class
@jrawson what do you get the man who has everythingThanks to @alexbell for this birthday present which I think we can all agree is "quite something"
Retweeted by Alex BellIf you don't have colleagues that will make you a full length Think About Things video for your birthday then get b…
Retweeted by Alex Bell @haikuninjahands @nosuchthing @Schreiberland @JamesHarkin @andrewhunterm @miller_anne damn right it was @haikuninjahands @nosuchthing @Schreiberland @JamesHarkin @andrewhunterm @miller_anne wtf are you implying with “attempt” @10DowningStreet how many fishtanks though
Roses are red, Milk comes in a carton, @Bob_Bobson1234 im not done @JasonHazeley except then we’ll have to spend millions CGIing people IN for those now unattainable crowd shots @pierrenovellie if you got it you’d be laughing @pierrenovellie I’m still not sure you see though @pierrenovellie (No-vellie) do you see @pierrenovellie even though he has no willy? you
2020 @andrewhunterm @jrawson @repeattofade i feed my cat icing sugar and squeeze him over cakes to do decorative writing with his arse @andrewhunterm @jrawson @repeattofade yeah i sautée all my lobster on the iron and boil eggs in the toilet
@jrawson @willhallcomedy @BenWPope so it’s NOT a play on Krill & Plaice, an obscure offering at my local chippie?? @JasonHazeley reminds me of one of my fave couples photos of all time Dagmar Freuchen with her explorer husband P… @JasonHazeley looool she is so done with his lava lamp chat @willhallcomedy @BenWPope actually is it one? Just because they wear suits? Like if i made a show about a barber s… @willhallcomedy @BenWPope Oh fuck I never even got that one @willhallcomedy @BenWPope no evidence Staples is a pun, the founder might have been one of those people who never realised what he’d done @JacksLantern19 shit maybeok not to panic anyone but i am on quite a lot of painkillers and lost track of some of the edit files I’m supposed… somebody threw out this magic mirror that sees into your soul
@qikipedia thanks great timing
@Phillbehaviour Ooooooooh good shout @CianOMahony Yesssss @howardhorner I should have clarified, it’s ABBA gold @10DowningStreet I think I did it wrong, mine looks like this
lockdown diary day 8734 i have watched 44 Ocean’s in 24 hours and mastered eating ben and jerrys with my non domin… there's a BRAND NEW SERIES OF QI on BBC2 Thursdays at 9pm from the 28th MAY watch it suckersOption 5 Anna’s tooth from when she knocked it out biking and i raffled it off as a prize at a partyokkk i’m now lighter one front lower molar what do i put in the gap @jrawson Oh yeah this was on the way to @andrewhunterm’s wedding! He should have officiatedfeel a bit bad about this now imagine having your break up filmed and then 3 centuries later, hundreds of thousand…
thank you i am fine I just backwards dislocated my shoulder which is apparently a thing if anyone spots any teeth… should see the pavement though @lynda_cameron jk thank youu @lynda_cameron are you sure? I just see a crazy jumble of letters
Retweeted by Alex Bell @jamesrbuk looool 8 hours of sitting in awkward silencefuck that is a brutal subject for an oil painting
@andrewhunterm @wanfungyeung @nosuchthing what can i say, he ticked me off @andrewhunterm @nosuchthing can't stand itlockdown diary day 62
can i just triple check i’m not going mad before i sign off a press release R is *definitely* the eighteenth letter of the alphabet right @WeeMissBea you haven’t factored the Cha Cha Slide into this plan
#showusyourshit fans, some stiff i was just just talking about on the insta live: Apollo 11 mission in real time:… @qikipedia just think it’s weird that i’m not part of the @qikipedia drafting process @qikipedia Scientists Asked You To Sit Still In 2014...What Happened Next Will Shock You
@Chris_Ince yes and we’ve all come dressed as different items from the Essential rangeall that’s missing is someone dressed in a big furry character costume for meet&greets maybe a squirrel in a grey… queue for this waitrose is winding around a broken trolley and big signs about social distancing like it’s a ha… @qikipedia come on guys we agreed that song lyrics we think up drunk go on the bebo account
stacy solomon attached to hostand a segment similar to the Michael McIntyre prank shows member of the public goes in for a haircut and the quee… I bet HM swears like a fuckin sailor when she flubs the autocue scriptget some ladies in waiting on as guests maybe and they all show off a special skill like juggling or somethingthey should do an Extra Slice type after show for the queens speeches and show us the bloopers and stuff call it… this new Queen or a repeat i lost track @Lord_OfTheGeeks documentary
lol lucky spaceX muted all their mission control TVs during launch i hear rockets are really loud @jrawson @jrawson “where he can be a peace...and quiet” @jrawson timely feedback
“i wrote a song for you! although obviously I changed the name because yours is shit lol” @PixelFilmStudio hi, i just purchased your audio visualiser plug in and all of the options are missing the 'link to…
it’s a very special month
@CJTGillett nope I like to live dangerouslybut fuck me this gear cost more than i assume real drugs do