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I knew there was a reason I came to @GreenManFest for @halletscider shouting ADRIAAAAAAAAN. Class. 😂
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BBC News - Class of 92: Ex-Man Utd stars' uni will be 'game-changer' @LivEchoLFC QualityNobody parties quite like Liverpool fans on a boat cruising down the The Bosporus 🇹🇷
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @SwearingSport haahaTeenager tweets from smart fridge after mother confiscates her phone @BarbicanCentre @emergefestival Thanks - sorted this time. Looks great! @OttisSnr @Kashaveli_ As if.The Reds in Istanbul 👏🇹🇷
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @BarbicanCentre the code emailed out to #members for @emergefestival to use on Dice doesn’t seem to work. There’s no option to enter itBREAKING: Coal giant Adani has all approvals it needs to build a mega mine on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef.…
This artist 'paints' using the sun 😱
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @TicketArena @FourTet Totally. Can’t wait to see him at @GreenManFest this weekend @AnfieldWatch Genius @jungle1974 EasyTintagel Castle's £4m bridge in Cornwall opens to public @GreenManFest Fab - thanks @GreenManFest Amazing! So excited. Can we bring in boxes of wine and cider?
@GreenManFest what’s the weather looking like? @Global__Trust Reviews say it’s a testosterone booster and you shouldn’t buy itBBC News - University bans hamburgers 'to tackle climate change' year old dies tragically, then family discovers Facebook message from 24 hours earlier million. That's how many trees Ethiopia planted in just 12 hours for a reforestation campaign, setting a world…
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsTfL legally stopped from signing Silvertown contract Male here giving birth without any fuss. Probably went back to work that afternoon too. No drama.
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsHOWZAT????
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Liverpool fans all say same thing as Messi wins CL goal of season What about ⁦@10SadioMane⁩ against ⁦@FCBayernEN⁩?? @LucyAlexanderTV @FordwichArms @MarinaOLoughlin Sooooooo good. Sunday roast was out of this world. And what a majestic spotHere's the data on white supremacist terrorism the Trump administration has been 'unable or unwil... via @YahooClothes that grow: 10 bold ideas to reduce ocean plastics"As a football club and fan base, we should be reminding ourselves and others of such achievements, and being a lit…
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @SamMcGuire90 hahahahaha @pizzahutuk @ManUtd hahaHi @ManUtd does Ed still want this table booked under 'big name signing' or shall we cancel that one as well?
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @DannLFCTR Don't forget La Llama and those Cruyff turns. Hope he gets a good run this seasonTyres recycled in game-changing new road surface @LFC @XS_11official Big Shaq is gonna be a beast this season
@bbcsport_david Hilarious. Could be a comedy double act with mustafi @goal 1Nicolas Cage actually went searching for the Holy Grail, it all starts again.
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsWe're back in @premierleague action tomorrow! 😍 First, let's look back at EVERY goal we scored in the league last…
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@TheRedmenTV Shrewd. Always rated him
Wayne Rooney seals return to English football with Derby County deal this the UK's most elusive shark?
@AnfieldRd96 Beast @goal £40mIf you subscribe to our #youtube channel and share this tweet ill pick out of the hat two of you to come to the ope…
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsCan you get any more ICONIC than this? We're throwing it back to 1983 when @djgregwilson was the First DJ to ever m…
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsEngland fans at the #Ashes19 dressed as ‘66 World Cup winners, including one guy as Bobby Charlon and another as th…
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsEngland's rivers 'so polluted' they can't be certified safe for swimmers, reports claim's admits 'eco-friendly' paper straws that replaced plastic are not recyclable Sport - Liverpool to sign Adrian to replace departed Simon Mignolet
@MoneyyMotivee1 Shut up
Giant tortoise in 'world's slowest police chase' sighting of humpback whale off coast of Cornwall that’s a proper drop @halletscider
This!!! 💖
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @Ciderychris You’re always welcome mate. It gets boring with the old man 👴
That drop of the shoulder from this Antelope. If Messi did that, we wouldn't stop talking about it.
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsThis one definitely #LoveLords restaurant serves up cut in reoffending. Great idea! bag sales in England halved in past year. now to tackle #Plasticbottles and other #SingleUsePlastics @Kloppholic Please don’t send him out on loan or sell him for £20m. A couple of years with Klopp and he could be worth treble that
@cheftombrown @Cornerstone_h_w Naughty @Cider_Mike @wearehawkes It’s a fackin fruit shoot72% Would Welcome UK-Wide Deposit Return System For Drink Containers Reveals Survey via @CLHNewsSelfridges opens Christmas record 149 days before big day via @rli_globalYorkshire Dales flash flooding: Roads shut and bridge collapses @Alissonbecker
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@liambarriebros What’s the theory? Pizzas go with everything?What will Quentin Tarantino’s final film be? via @yahooMoviesUKDwayne Johnson swiftly backtracks on claim that he's 'Boris Johnson's cousin' dog has an important message for you ... SMILE MORE (aarun_evolution IG)
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@FordwichArms Wow @liambarriebros Haha so hip @liambarriebros “Trendy” 😂 @jaydenI998 @karanpallll @rhodregg @AnfieldRd96 What fucked our league season was not making changes quicker and tr…
@yunglion_ Hardly a miracle. We bossed them both games - one without two of our best players @karanpallll @rhodregg @AnfieldRd96 Did we cope last season?
Did you see the doctored presidential seal behind Trump? See if you can spot the changes
Retweeted by Alex Simmons'The dogs got to a bag of green food colouring I had stored in the fridge...' 😮🐶
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsA massive THANK YOU to all our supporters on the ground at #SODEM and everywhere else and to all who have so genero…
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @rhodregg @AnfieldRd96 When will you have faith? 3-0 down against Barca and we won. Enough said @Nees_MM We are Champions of Europe aka the worldIdk what people are complaining about our squad depth looks pretty good to me #LFC
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @GaryLineker New home. Same empty cabinet @cheftombrown @Arsenal Don’t you need a defender this season?? Odd decision @Kloppholic The difference between Ali and Mignolet is quite staggering. Laid bare after last nights howlerThis isnt me rubbing a bit of lamb telling you how glorious it is with rosemary because I dont give a fuck about al…
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsThis is amazing 😂👏🏼 "OK Google, what is a Manchester United fan?" 🤔 🎥 @p_williams_0151
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Klopp turned down Hendo's CL request as skipper reveals Gerrard chat @LynchStandard Hopefully they will be more in tune with the system and the need to defend from the front
This @si_bonobo @fabriclondon album has got a bit of absolutely everything - house, breaks, progressive, tech and m… The Vegan Trend: A Quarter (23%) Of Brits Use Plant-Based Milk via @CLHNews
BBC News - Can London work as a national park city? fine tourists £850 for making a coffee in Venice via @yahooNewsUK