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@campbellclaret @BBCNews Hate to agree with you but... @MogsyMorg Nope. The cultural and social side are why we live here. Park boozing is fun for a while but not forever. Miss the pub big timeCoronavirus: Sports events in March 'caused increased suffering and death'
@Returnofthepac1 Boom ting right there @ratemyplatenow Wtaf?!
@horton_official Be hard not to be
@wfcouncil junction of Lea bridge road and Orient way. The traffic measures flow need looking into @Ifcdan Can’t wait for him to tear everyone a new ass hole
@Shirtie1985 @ellisbarriebros @liambarriebros 😋 @chrisbrooke1971 Check out this wine. I scanned it with the @Vivino app: it 8am I finished my nightshift. Took off my PPE, showered, washed my uniform, and went to bed. While I was asleep…
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @PyottAngela 😂
@joshbythesea Jesus. Guys there is real and tasty food out there without the obscene queues! #wtaf @Jules_pea 😮 what were the fillings? They look unreal @MFCheeseFries Pretty much perfect I’d say @WFTellWalt more rubbish dumped on Rigg Approach. Seems to be a regular occurrence. It’s now being spread across th…
@hayley57797 @McMoop 😆 @fryuppolice Damn 🤤Knew naming him Meownuel Neuer was a mistake
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @Jem_Loader 😂Same.
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @HawksmoorLondon That has to be a piss take?? 😆
@EssexPR I wonder if anyone has brought up the fake front page news story he ran while editor of the mirror lately?Restaurants Could Reopen Through Coronavirus Lockdown by Copying Europe - Eater London Korean football team apologises for using sex dolls to fill stands | South Korea | The Guardian @MichaelsCoDub Oh my 🤩 totally doing that @NickNairn @Twitter Photo pls! @RSB1withrooms 😮 god I hope you reopen soon. I will queue for longer than Wimbledon tickets. Expect a ⛺️ outside @btsportfootball @andrewrobertso5
What an ingenious solution. The joy in her voice 😊 the Sunday blues? Here's a sneaky peek of what's Virtual Culture's got in store for tomorrow🍲🎵🤸😁 There's somet…
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @theandydurrant @fryuppolice That’s a bangerPURE PASSION 😍 On his birthday, we look back at Klopp's best reactions and celebrations. ❤
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@IHemingway @fryuppolice Dry @crickshouts 😮 what ground is that?? @Returnofthepac1 @fryuppolice I would smash that @fryuppolice @ratemyplatenow hit me with your rhythm stick... @crickshouts 😂 numpty @wfcouncil Rigg Approach #Flytipping again. Seems to be a regular dumping ground Public urged to avoid England's beauty spots @McMoop Hollywood
@katelallyx The best bit for marmite and toast to accompany my weekend tea ☕️Keep British food safe after Brexit! - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangeExcellent news...if it happens front page of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph: 'Just 24 news cases per day in London, says PHE'…
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsIf more people were introduced to the incredible array of #Fish in #UK waters I’m sure they would eat more of it. S… @ChefPaulCollins @slowfooduk @TomBartonITV @suepritch @RosieBoycott @SoilAssociation @FoodMadeGood Let's hear it fo…
Retweeted by Alex Simmons😂 @Carra23 you funny git @IainR0bertson Wait till they hit the booze 🥃 😆Oh my ⏰ set! @DaveFraggle @Hill_Group_UK @MotionE10 Just sent you an email Dave @fryuppolice My word. He just won breakfast @waddafup No way! Photo pls!
@nathlufc @willowlufc Wtaf is that?? @fryuppolice Absolutely. Pair it with this for the full fry up look @lickedspoon Hoping that the ferries and channel tunnel will be opened sooner than airlines so we can get to Marseillan! @waddafup Yes! Pair it with this and you have quite the outfit @lickedspoon Funny my other half hates it. I think it’s one of my fave ways to pass the time! @lickedspoon I miss a good rummage 😔 @liambarriebros God dang! @sarajcox Hanson
@herrmansen @ScotKnitter Coolest animal @bobbysbangers @frostybutcher @fruitpigcompany @markstanley62 That looks amazing 🤤COMING SOON TO CARDIFF - Street Food Cinema, the delicious drive-in movie experience created by the @streetfoodCDF
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @NickNairn @joolsnairn Chin up mate. You seem like a top bloke and a great chef to 🥾! Brighter times are on the horizonStreaming chilled, eclectic and Balearic music selections from 'Phat' Phil Cooper / NuNorthern Soul Sessions. 10am…
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@amypackham15 Breathe in for five seconds, hold for five and out for five. And repeat. You will be in the land of nod in no time 💤 @Amy__Turtle @cardiffbites @FuudBlog @halletsciderYoung people are worried about what #coronavirus means for their future. I'm calling on @10DowningStreet to join ot…
@DJJohnDigweed Shit the bed. John Derrick Louise Digweed we love youJoin Us For Another 12 Hour Session Of The Finest DJ’s & An Exclusive Lockdown Hacienda Classical with…
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @RadioGibbon @TentChillout Armchair ravers as I like to call myself these daysAlso don't forget @TentChillout on Sunday. For ravers, but with just a little less thrust.
Retweeted by Alex Simmons @JuliaHB1 Until the next day 🤢 @ayoud51985 @fryuppolice Decent. I would smash that @AnfieldWatch @dmkdzn Absolutely, but how much would he be worth and who’s getting dropped? @keano81 The uncontrollable urge to cuddle
@keano81 Ah 😊 @fryuppolice Bizarre @Suzanne19630 @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros What’s in it? Did you take a cut down the middle shot?That’s top drawer Italianing.
Retweeted by Alex SimmonsVery irresponsible @BBCCountryfile to say limited fish across the country! Us fishmongers are stocked up daily even…
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Boom mighty #REDMEN! @ellisbarriebros 😋 @DaveFraggle @Hill_Group_UK @MotionE10 Happy to. Do you want to DM your email address? Not sure 140 characters will cover it @Jules_pea On my way! @waddafup Stick your 👃🏽 in it @Jules_pea 😲 where is that? Need! @TheHovinghamInn 😮 @DaveJCritchley How random @cheftombrown @GBMofficial You give @tomaikens a run for his money 🤔 😒
@Returnofthepac1 Dogs dinner following a car crash @mora_restaurant All the best with it. Great to have you back! @AnfieldRd96 Boss lad @terrystuckshop Wow that looks bang a lang 🤤 @rexgoldsmith 🤩 🐟 porn
@mora_restaurant Fantastic. Thanks 🙏 @mora_restaurant Will you be releasing a separate menu or page on your website tomorrow? ⏰ set and ready!