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At the intersection of Rambo and Rimbaud. Reps: @NepheleTempest at @KnightAgency (lit) / Sean Berard @ Grandview (film / TV). She/her/Daddy (if ya nasty)

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@godrawgo Oh hooray! I’m so glad! Thank you for backing itUNMUTE @jason1749 *mitch mcconnell, sorry, I am tired and apparently able to spell character names from Showgirls more acc… @jason1749 What if Mitch McDonnell pushes him down the stairs like Nomi Malone did to Gina Gershon’s character in SHOWGIRLS?
@GennHutchison Anyway, I love writing, even when it’s hard, and even when it doesn’t love me back. @GennHutchison (the song in question: ) @GennHutchison Maybe you do it because you love it. Maybe you do it because you’re too mean to quit. Maybe it’s bec… @GennHutchison Yes, sometimes writing is wonderful. And sometimes it is absolutely a job and you slog through it an… @GennHutchison I generally avoid most writing discourse because absolutely everything about writing is a giant “it depends”News some of you can definitely use:
Retweeted by Alex de CampiYOU GUYZ!!! 😱❤️👑🙅🏿‍♀️💫 #NubiaDay #NubiaRealOne
Retweeted by Alex de CampiBodies are complicated.
Retweeted by Alex de Campimy parents and the dog
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @definitelyvita haha those avatars are... ridiculously accurate @marinaomi @NotLasers Anecdotally doctors are wishing people would check in *more*, there have been lots of stories…'m still looking for fosters and forever homes for 10 axolotls! If you're in Minnesota, have an interest in these…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiThis is a *HUGE* deal!
Retweeted by Alex de Campismol and large are friends @shannondrewthis We watched it last night!!! It’s so imaginative and fun and I want 100 more episodesRandom Ivan Bilibin appreciation post.
Retweeted by Alex de CampiI can’t wait to read this!!!
@westonfront @pauljholden Same! I need to see it again @Chuckgofer not all heroes wear capes @EmTodorova @ManMadeMoon Yikes! Let us know if it doesn’t, and we’ll get a fresh copy off to you in the new gaff @BenTheKahn Look a horse will wild out over a plastic bag on the ground, they are Dramatique @shannondrewthis Oohh this 100% looks like my kinda thing @BaronDestructo Joe, that’s not a pizza, that’s a quiche with delusions of grandeurSo this just arrived. Amazing! Last time I was drawn to a graphic novel after only a few pages, was the first time…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @BenTheKahn Bee if you ever have horse questions I am a lapsed Horse Girl and can answer most of them! @AnnieW There are three wolves inside you...Hello! I'm offering a six-month mentorship aimed at helping you put a graphic novel pitch together! If you feel rea…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @tonio_bonehead @ManMadeMoon Yay! I hope you like it! @klg19 @samthielman Yeah same but not PBK (mind, there is a direct line to me watching all the wrong films on dayt… @hottestsingles welcome, friend @CharlesPulliam For anyone following along at home: @CharlesPulliam I presume you’ve already read REAL LIFE? It is moody, gay and black, so... @beckycloonan @RoguePrintCo OH MY GOD you lucky thingIt would be funny, if it wasn't so tragic...
Retweeted by Alex de CampiSee what @ShaneMBailey @jkparkin have been reading lately, including recent comics from @Peposed @alexdecampi
Retweeted by Alex de CampiAll I ask is that I am given the same choices the white boy writers get. It’s not hard. And yet...If you wonder why I hardly ever do work for hire, it’s because 90% of the pitches editors send me are this and... p… @alwayscoffee we like it, the lighting is fantastic @That_Kid_Chris @ManMadeMoon Thanks! It’s by @duncanfegredo and @jacobr_phillips @lianakangas Ironic that comics-writer-twitter goes for the painfully obvious clichés(1) I finished reading Madi today. I want to thank @ManMadeMoon and @alexdecampi for a brilliant plot, and all the…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @ADOGMADROWNED @Elana_Brooklyn @tmorello almost everything he’s covered is already on there
...Some will slip a dollar in your hand, others put up their house for bail. We work with people where they are—fro…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiMy favorite Kwame Ture quote: "Folks drop in, folks drop out, but the struggle goes on. Everyone's contribution is…
Retweeted by Alex de Campicurrent weekend mood you're bored, help spam Amazon's union busting contact form until it's useless
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @AlyssaColeLit You look super stylish and cute!I MADE YOU ALL A PLAYLIST:
Retweeted by Alex de CampiRemembering MUHAMMAD "THE GREATEST" ALI on what would have been his 79th birthday.
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @JAMALIGLE well that’s a nice way for someone to turn a large fortune into a small one @lianakangas I can letter 30 pages over the weekend, yes? while also taking care of my family and pets, and finding…, turrets, windaes etc
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @genialanarchist @drworstideaever And if you want more: @TylerWalpole might i suggest checking the playlist at the end of the thread @drjessebenjamin @MiekoGavia uh, he’s on the playlist I posted at the end of the thread? @canibeblue Please check out the playlist I posted in replies, which already contains this song :)Just doodling princesses at random because it’s the weekend
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @elizabethminkel the ratio... @MysteryCr8tve Look. Ikea. We’ve had this one for years and I love it: @jessphoenix2018 look at him, turning right like a boss @MysteryCr8tve @criterionchannl it might well have been me, your friendly neighborhood Melville stan @weredawgz @gelrdrgz I’m still 👀 at her Harlem Renaissance comment while being so white you could use her as a nigh… Or as Kasdan says, “Being a writer is choosing to have homework every night for the rest of your life.”
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @elizabethminkel she certainly said some words which for my own sanity I am ignoring @Clarknova1 Hard same. Clubhouse is great if you like people talking while you work and... I do not.
@subtraho @seanmccannsings Blood Red Roses or gtfo @windthin Hah, if you eead the replies before posting, it’s in my workers’ playlist at the end :) @brianna_ashby I always think I’m going to get up early on Saturdays and Accomplish Things and all I’ve done so far… @Highwayman429 Good call! That’ll slot in nicely between the Housemartins and the Strawbs @Elana_Brooklyn @sarahljaffe @calebfiles eyyy good call I swapped their version of the Internationale in for the Ut… @reneefancey Alas he never recorded it! @vincentdonofrio If anyone is interested in more workers’ songs like this, I made a playlist for beginners:… a great way to start the weekend, thanks for such an amazing comic book @alexdecampi & @ManMadeMoon I wish to…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @dannymears Haha, I’m not worried about credit, but thank you for trying. @dannymears Ah, thank you! @goinupnorth1 oh, I’ll look it up!(also, it’s sequenced, so begin at the beginning, please, and no shuffle)*it’s sequenced, because I’m not a barbarian, so begin at the beginning if you please and no shuffleHere it is: it’s sequenced, so begin at the beginning @EdPowdrhnd67 @KevinMKruse low key my fave Dead sonc @Mementh’ve made you all a workers’ / union song playlist, please enjoy: @Waynthurson Absolutely! I hope folks enjoy it. @lisa_sterle Yooo here you go: @princess_jem4 ask and ye shall receive: MADE YOU ALL A PLAYLIST: I’m making you all a workers songs playlist and thanks, now I’m crying to “We Shall Overcome” on a Saturday morning @Zoah_HS same! @princess_jem4 I’m going to do it when I have a minute @lisa_sterle I will, tonight! Maybe throw in some shanties because there’s been some Blood Red Roses erasure round… swear this is the last one I’m going to post, but we’re going out on a banger: people, what are we waitin’ on? love to hear it: let’s not forget the classics: (for now): name was Ron Angel