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At the intersection of Rambo and Rimbaud. Reps: @NepheleTempest at @KnightAgency (lit) / Sean Berard @ Grandview (film / TV). She/her/Daddy (if ya nasty)

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@ghosthermione @bloohippo Oh, boo! If you can get stuff from The Ordinary, it’s inexpensive and a lot of us in Amer… @philhester Oh, here you go then: @ZackDavisson @fredvanlente @hellocookie @CharlesStickney Mm, I got a lot of opinions about this I’m absolutely not… @CharlesStickney @hellocookie @fredvanlente If people don’t even pick up their pull lists now, imagine what happens… @fredvanlente @hellocookie @CharlesStickney Same. Digital has never been even a mediocre earner for me.By now, a lot of you have heard the story that there is a new initiative in the Comics industry being spearheaded b…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiWhat this will be, effectively, is a pre-ordering service where you buy a physical copy of a new comic (to be fille…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @hellocookie @CharlesStickney There was a line in the release about ComicHub ramping up “gradually” from its 100 ex… @ghosthermione @bloohippo You can... just order directly from Lush, no? @alexdecampi Ulta is paying store staff at least through mid-April and online fulfillment staff are getting a hazar…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @hellocookie @CharlesStickney Unless DC and Marvel join, it’s not necessarily going to keep these shops afloat. The…’s weird that companies don’t seem to think anyone will remember how they treated their employees before and also…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiNote: apparently Ulta is still paying all its staff to stay home & safe, if you absolutely need to order beauty stuff right now. @MysteryCr8tve @benmekler If you like it, follow it up with Sorrentino’s LA GRANDE BELLEZZA which... just would ma… @MysteryCr8tve @benmekler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rantz! That’s actually WONDERFUL because now you get to experience some… Hajj canceled this year?
Retweeted by Alex de CampiSephora just fired all part-time employees via a 3-minute conference call. *removes items from cart* @benmekler Last, you’re all fired, because ten hours later and absolutely no mention yet of ONE OF THE GREATEST FI… @benmekler @handsome_pal @ifyoucantwell Thirding / fourthing; STALKER is a huge inspiration to me and a touchstone… @benmekler Also, because it’s probably his best work: @benmekler I will never stop telling people how good this movie is, also Deschanel’s cinematography is UNBELIEVABLE… mood
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @alex_segura Oreos and ginger snaps are not allowed into my house because any package of them is a single-serving p… folks be interested if I did some basic cooking threads on twitter with lots of photos? How to make easy meal… @anitaclark @neilmwebb This is good - ‘No sane person feels good during a global disaster, so be grateful for the d…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiWhat? You want to see *more* DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER? Here are the preview pages Image released:
Retweeted by Alex de CampiStill can’t believe that @EricaFails and I are dropping this beauty of a book on you in October. From @ImageComics
Retweeted by Alex de CampiArtists / writers: keep talking to each other and colleagues, especially about which small publishers are late with… was pretty kind about returning BAD HOUSES to me & @ryansara. They’da been well within their rights to demand re…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @KristyQ01 Also: next time you make roast chicken, quarter a lemon and stick it all inside, plus about 4-6 cloves o… @KristyQ01 Congratulations! It looks GREAT! Save all the bones and carcass in a tupperware and then you can make…夢の庭
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @monkey__marc @HassanOE It’s not; it’s real and the retailers I know are... of mixed opinion about it. @simonroyart @PortraitOfMmeX Sometimes I really like to watch garbage, tho. It soothes my soul to quietly mock ligh… @nyfacurrent is giving away 100+ grants of up to $2,500 each to female artists over the age of 40 in the USA wh… @simonroyart I was watching Jupiter Ascending last night with @PortraitOfMmeX and we were contemplating Valerian ne… trans day read my series about sad trans girl mech pilots
Retweeted by Alex de CampiWhat? You want to see *more* DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER? Here are the preview pages Image released: @losthiskeysman Y’all: help me pay for REVERSAL:
wait that has my file name on it @ZackDavisson @EricaFails @ImageComics Erica’s art is out of this world good also, we win at titlesStill can’t believe that @EricaFails and I are dropping this beauty of a book on you in October. From @ImageComics @alexdecampi @misscecil @CSpeedMcNeil All the Zuda creators got their rights back too – it does happen.
Retweeted by Alex de CampiI am performing this for the next hour, with my deepest apologies to Marina Abramović. Your pre-printed ticket code…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiWatch BACURAU via @KinoLorber Marquee & support local theaters!
Retweeted by Alex de CampiYes. I did. It took me nearly six years. But Plain Janes just came out again on Little Brown as an omnibus with a n…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiAn informative thread by @alexdecampi — I've been there before (getting book rights returned from a Big publisher—I…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @petergkrause @MarkElDude @illusClaire I was just coming here to pimp Hellsing, one of my all time favourite anime @SotoColor @chrisarrant @JG_JONESfanpage Agreed. The industry is still quite healthy and exciting overall, but the… @moiseschiu I post a TON of secret process stuff, WIP, scripts, *and* a whole graphic novel (2 pages a week, 52 pages up) o… seem to recall that both @misscecil and @CSpeedMcNeil got their Minx books back from DC, too. It does happen. Get… @MikeHawthorne ::hugs:: here we go againnnn @duanemurray @Meganecraz That’s what crowdfunding platforms are for @NatGertler *whispers* read the threadAlso, all of you: stop signing bad deals with IP farms. Bless you, but stop. @SpiralShark I’ve only started experimenting with it myself (and it’s gone slow because I have SO many deadlines rn…"But how do we do no contact hand-offs well?" *weirdos like me who've been studying the cold war for decades* ACTUA…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @petergkrause All the Comic Olds are like “sigh, here we go again”14) I keep thinking of things. If you have an already-completed series with an imprint that is either closed (Black… is also 1) gorgeously drawn and 2) frequently hilarious is unacceptable, and we must hold Amazon and their leadership accountable.
Retweeted by Alex de CampiPSA: Parasite is $2.99 to rent on iTunes right now if you need something to watch this week.
Retweeted by Alex de CampiApologies about all the misspellings; my daughter was yelling geography questions at me as I wrote all this.Oh and 13) emails are legally binding in the US so if they agree to something over email and they try to amend or w… Humanoids went through its near-bankruptcy a few years ago I bought back the outstanding rights to both my ser… @losthiskeysman I mean I’m paying for REVERSAL out of my own pocket and I paid for the first 30 pages of BAD KARMA,… in sum: * re-read your contract * start talking to your editor sooner rather than later * talk to the rest of y… That’s when you lawyer up and try to flex that reversion clause. I will remind North Americans that Volunteer L… Some will just hold onto your IP for grim death in the idea it will somehow make them more valuable to a mythic… If it’s a smalll amount and you can afford it, pay it now and get your book back. If it’s a lot of money (expens… “My publisher said no, they sunk money into my book, they won’t give rights back unless I pay them.” Well. You h… “But Alex, the whole point was I wanted my book published by a cool publisher!” Well, you’re cool, and you can… Mostly what companies are doing right now is shitting themselves about cash flow so you can help them reduce fut… Talk to your editor as soon as possible about the future of your book. Be polite! They may not know what’s going… In reality these clauses are tricky for the creator to enforce (they chuck it on Comixology! Boom, published!) B… Examine your contract carefully for any language about rights reversion on bankruptcy and/or rights reversion if… Indie comics companies WILL fail because of coronavirus shutdowns and Diamond not paying them; you’d be amazed h… writers and artists who are now terrified their creator-owned series will never come out, come over here and…"The goats have taken Llandudno, I need you guys to lock down Norwich. My plan is coming together."
Retweeted by Alex de CampiThis is 100% the setup to a horror movie.
Retweeted by Alex de CampiBig yikes. I wonder how many indie comics companies won’t survive this year. posting daily coloring sheets to my instagram stories! i’m making and putting these…
Retweeted by Alex de Campi“We can’t solve homelessness!” Um... actually...’s amazing how various countries and cities have done more in THIRTY DAYS to help immigrants and the homeless tha… is what that flashing Empire State actually looked like last night from my Hells Kitchen rooftop:… @primalmusic Curve and Home doing some WORK with the bronzersStepford Wives remake when v Llandudno, a thread! Everyone!
Retweeted by Alex de Campithe only thing I care about is the mountain goats that have seized llandudno in wales while humans are on lockdown…
Retweeted by Alex de CampiCelebrating all of the amazing transgender creators in the comics community on #TransDayofVisibility 💙💖🤍
Retweeted by Alex de CampiAlways loved Chris Foss’ unused jumbo jet inspired Nostromo design #StayHomeAndDrawSpaceships
Retweeted by Alex de CampiHamlet spoilers but there's no context
Retweeted by Alex de Campi @Hello_Tailor Here are three quick bread recipes I make a lot: @Jeff_Mccomsey No lie, one of my all-time favourite films.Jughead Noir
Retweeted by Alex de CampiA Manhattan night sky panorama, inspired by @ConroyForReal
Retweeted by Alex de Campi