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Medical interpreter (currently), award-winning journalist (formerly), humanist (always). 🌈 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 Mexicana Americana. #BlackLivesMatter

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@elvialimon I LOVE cereal
A lot of poor people don’t have student loans...they have payday loans and medical debt, and an inflated car paymen…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @attackofhubris @panelsandprose Lovely 🥺 @wolfnchiclothng You know what, you’re right!I love to disappoint people when they ask me how Dude Pal proposed to me. We really just looked at each other and s… @jordanroark ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️One of the biggest symptoms of depression is a lack of personal hygiene. It happens and supporting people trying to…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @melyssawithay 🤢Sending ❤️ to you and yours @purplejellybean Pero que pendejoAh, mira. La cosa es, ya encontré a un buen hombre. De hecho, estamos casados. Y NINGUNO DE LOS DOS QUIERE HIJOS. Y… @melyssawithay It’s a squeak fest over here!Thank you so much @melyssawithay for Nell’s gift! Our recovering patient is enjoying it very much!
@laurenrae83 Some of the replies make me feel sick :/🌟 URGENT CROWDFUNDING 🌟 plz help YSS Book Collective continue our support for tyrend after GFM recently took his j…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @purplejellybean Thank god @purplejellybean LmaoThis is so unsettling!!!! Why to trans people have to prove themselves to y’all and why are y’all so obsessed with…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @ZendyWalkWithMe Just reading it made me extremely nauseous, jfc @purplejellybean U don’t have 2 worry @ZendyWalkWithMe ???????????? What the fuuuuuck???“But the Placer County Sheriff's Office says this person tested positive for COVID-19 in late December and was vacc…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoOur ☀️ thanks @KeepCancrClassy It’s been heartbreaking:( @SmarkInfested Thank you! @sara_button Heck yeah!!!! Have some Tylenol handy but y’all should be fine. Exciting!!!! @motelsiren Thank you! @KeepCancrClassy When I met my husband everything about him was like OMG YES, but I was still dealing with the afte… @1millionteacups I am so disappointed. The other DD closest to us is like 25 min away :( @purplejellybean SameThis man. We went through something really traumatic a couple of days ago, and we were able to navigate everything… everyone!✨ I know a lot of you were curious about my nutrition services & I do want to let you know I am now a…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoYour pets are keeping me alive, please do not listen to him.
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I hate to sound like a Karen, but this has happened so many times, and I feel dumb because I keep thinking it will… love @dunkindonuts but the location near me has disappointed me every single time. Yesterday we got some iced cof… Sia’s movie came out this week and i want to stress to not support the movie. The movie promotes restraining aut…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @pinkkchocolate Grosssss @laurenreeding It’s not streaming anywhere?feeling very emotional for all the younger kids that watched this live and how they get to have some representation…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @elvialimon Enemies to lovers AU @reeseisridic OHHHHH okay yeah no I can’t drink it by itself @reeseisridic Okay but if I do drink a whole glass of milk i have to have cookies or pan dulce with it lol
@reeseisridic Just @ me bro. I am not picky thoHappy birthday to the ultra talented @TheDannRam! Consider supporting his business @muycutemerch and support Latinx/queer-owned merch! @mattyesque I am sorry you’re going through this. I’m here for you in case you need to vent or anything, okay? @purplejellybean I think that it’s mostly the newer fans. It’s annoying!bringing this back
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @jordanroark Sounds about right. I need to check if there’s anything in the news about it. @mattyesque ❤️ @panelsandprose I hope so too @sandrav33 Súper raro! A ver si sale mañana que fue lo que pasó @panelsandprose Yeah! A cop was walking around with a rifle two houses down, there’s the drone, and there’s cops in… @sandrav33 Los vecinos de atrás tenían fiesta y luego nada más oímos sirenas. Hay policía en cada entrada de el vec… @sandrav33 Nope, Grand Prairie right by IKEAI have no idea what’s going on in our neighborhood right now, but there’s cops everywhere AND A DRONE!?!?My cousin got me a new shirt
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @sara_button Fucking grossIt remains a stain on America that these seditionists are still members of Congress. And it will remain that way un…
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Happy birthday to one of my favorite people, @1millionteacups! @NelliT916 We got one of those paw cleaner things but yeaaaaaaahhhhh I hate itWORST part about having dogs during rainy days: MUD, MUD EVERYWHERE @obedmanuel Say no more lol. Our foster pup Jenny and our forever pup Nell! @obedmanuel A cutie :)
So honored to call Silvana a friend. Selfless, wonderful, and so freaking kind. <3 @cassandrajar One of the (many) reasons I left journalism was precisely this: money. I needed something stable and… up.
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @panelsandprose 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoYep. I'm fucking angry at what happened to my country.
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @kernieflakes My credit score went up! @SmarkInfested I get it. My life was a downward spiral of destruction before Mom got sick. After she died, I realiz…
@SmarkInfested I totally understand this feeling. It doesn’t really go away, not really, but know that your mom wou… the Record: I don’t Trust any politician.
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoBPD person here. This is a great thread. @grapefruits R u Bad Bunny @Alexecuted Not yetSo while I congratulate President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris and am heartened by their pledges for…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoNo voice for nonreligious Americans or explicit mention of the millions of us who don't find solace in prayer or ha…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoIt was refreshing to hear @POTUS talk about the importance of facts and reason in our nation's policy discussions.…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Ninotime spent praying > time spend condemning white supremacy
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Ninothe amount of “excited for normalcy” and “finally, we can move on” takes is actually disheartening
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Ninohonestly can't wait to be frothing mad at joe biden every day for the next 4-8 years
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoThe next fascist will be smarter and better looking and more polite. Our job is not to wait for them to run for off…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoHe served his entire term, Amy
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @harukasmoak Divorce is the only option @phillymademe I am pretty sure that’s what they asked me when I got the vaccine so yeah
@phillymademe From what I hear, if four weeks have passed it should be ok, but don’t quote me in thisTron is STILL waiting for his forever home! If you know someone looking for an active, playful pup in the North Tex…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-Nino @Alexecuted ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Alexecuted I am so sorry, redid that reply. I was talking to my male coworker while replying to you 😣 @Alexecuted Yes! I was born in Texas but raised in Mexico :) moved back to the USA at 19There are several words I still have a hard time pronouncing in English, and probably always will, but the worst on… @AlanGedeEdwards These pics of my mom photobombing will always make me laugh is hoping his foster home has lots of treats to spoil him with! Learn more about fostering Bruno here:…
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoI played that Drivers License song to my husband and he just sighed and handed me my Prozac. I hate him.
@Alexecuted Thank uuuuQT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one… who "flipped burgers" before getting a desk job knows exactly which one is harder.
Retweeted by Alex Hernández-NinoJenny is a cute, playful pup looking for a home! #AdoptDontShop
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