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UNT Political Science PhD.student,PV alum.Contributor to,1/2 of @gameplantsm.Ya mammy's favorite political scientist. Crown Peach Papi

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@etbowser Once he unmasked he lost his everloving mind. Tombstoning Linda McMahon, he set Jim Ross on fire too2003-2006 Kane was undefeated Brothers- Busted on vinyl for the first time, @TPAIN Epiphany is here on red vinyl. Get it here:
Retweeted by Marvin Seasei've been waiting for this day for a long time. Learning Γ— Jeezy, Snoop and Devin the Dude @CamThomasTSM Fair enough
The Rock, Rey Mysterio, HBK, John Cena and The Undertaker @CamThomasTSM No Undertaker??Who on God's green earth was calling him this?? my man!!!!
Retweeted by Marvin Sease @eugenejohnson_ It felt like a flashback to 2009 on Raw. MVP vs Rey Mysterio and Rated-RKO was in the same ring againEdge is back with the WWE. All is right with the worldEhhhhhh it depends street profits are must see tv #WWERawKobe gon snatch his ankles byke #WWERaw
@OG_Jerm @lovebiancaa I listened to lizzo's album. It wasnt bad but it wasnt like the greatest thing I've ever heard.As they should does she sing?? Play the tambourine?? Something? is she ?? @CamThomasTSM I just lost it at the house!!!!!! @etbowser She can drink bleachWith all due respect....STFU needed this to 5
Retweeted by Marvin Sease @lilfredobih You wanna make white person upset mention Orenthal James Simpson and watch their entire demeanor change @VanCarlito2003 @SocraTemp2 @jackmonell @semi0tikz @Dr_B_Pearl I think she deleted her accountNot today @keepLiving15 Like my older family members can tell me exactly where they were and what they were doing when they found out big and pac diedIs this what it felt like when 2pac and Biggie died??I first met Kobe 26 years ago. We were kids. Had no idea where life would take us. But basketball was everything. L…
Retweeted by Marvin Sease
I'm gonna go back to sleep and hope this is all a bad dreamThis hurtsNoooooooooo @kwon_bill Maybe 3 more times lol @drbjgate FDT by YG and Nipsey HussleThis video smells like mayonnaise @lilhasselhoff95 @PushaDee_ Porch monkey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I thought Sean Taylor killed him Boy from #AFallFromGrace was soooo out of order. He may have been more disrespectful than Charles McCarter @kwon_bill @lilfredobih Like to lurk you don't have to follow someone lol. It makes literally no sense @lilfredobih Dudes will follow the ex new dude on all the socials and just lurkOr he's a dork the club up @NothnButAGThang Like hell broStudents gon have to stop emailing me on the weekends @NothnButAGThang Dawg little kids start tugging at my beard like its a game. Like they think that hair ain't attached to my faceI'm going to Popeyes for dinner
@deleante_ Like it's very simple broThe only thing that makes you gay is if you like boys @Tyler_Lennon It's time to tank. Trust the process @curvyvegblog Absolutely. Like this stopped being funny in September of last year
He going to prom??? @stephanized i may need the 1st,2nd and 4th album @stephanized I'm in my office JAMMING rnHe didn't win a playoff game after 2012 Brown's second album is SOOOOOOOO GoodWhat is calling your mama a liar @eugenejohnson_ @RFoster504 @NFLDraft @nfldraftscout My thought generally is that he's had 5 star talent at Ohio St… @insidehismind I wanna whoop this man for having me show up to the building on a Friday. This is my off day @RFoster504 @eugenejohnson_ @NFLDraft @nfldraftscout I have questioned for 3 or 4 months now about how much of what… @insidehismind My professor scheduled a make up class for today and i'm heated. Like sir it's a Friday @lilfredobih Don't get shot FredYou living dangerously huh??. @kwon_bill Bro there's a ton of hateration and holleration in the dancery rn lolI wish I going to the Royal Rumble this weekend @kwon_bill I'm jealous lol2,1,3,4,5 @politickin_ I'm still tryna figure out why that wire hanger made her flip out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@firelordjazz @_KennedyMiller_ i'll say this if you think i;m funny my dad will have you on the floor laughing lolol @_KennedyMiller_ @firelordjazz all I do is speak my mind out here lololStop blowing those bubbles AWAY the best plot twist in a Tyler Perry movie NFL has some nerve seriously"Helen don't act so suprised. I haven't touched you in years. I haven't been happy in months." @___livinglegend No
@_KennedyMiller_ we would've beaten miami. prime parker, prime manu and prime duncan. young d wade would've been a monster though @_KennedyMiller_ we did beat Detroit in 05 @_KennedyMiller_ if fisher doesn't make that impossible shot. we win the title in 2004. like we easily 3 peat from 2003,2004, and 2005Some of these people needed more prenatal care
@j_rwalsh it was that bad ?? @tdotrenae @tdotrenae that's not a bad idea wonder how I'd look baldGetting out of bed thought this was Robert Griffin III @WeezyStayLive15 A therapist ain't supposed to tell you that of a Bankroll Hardy is still in the league????
@_robcornelius_ @THE_SHU_MAN @ElliotGuidry I thought it was common knowledge that rhymefest wrote that song @Perkolates @_OnMute @ElliotGuidry Rhymefest wrote itWhat on earth is she talking about ? we’re gonna have this holiday, then y’all at least need to know who you’re actually celebrating. MLK was not the…
Retweeted by Marvin SeaseWhen King was alive y'all wanted him dead looks like a old house slave