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@HollieB Is it a drinkalong streamWho is Tommee Tippee? How much is he worth? What is his wife’s name? @jessbrammar @DuncanWeldon She’s a meecrobaby @DuncanWeldon @jessbrammar Hi guys @horton_official Fuckin hell that crab @johnb78 Incredible reading comprehension from them @Birdyword Fun to see an apparent permanent shift in favour of walking too, that’s nice @mattround I’m sorry did they microwave the fucking butterWhat’s that, is the narrative wrong? Shooketh @laurencerowe You’ve misunderstood the tweet then
@tommypalm Yeah, but weirdly, we *used* to be everywhere, and dropped off a bunch of databases in the last month or two @MostFoolhardy weirdly, this place - also a new build - *was* on databases when we moved, then stopped @MostFoolhardy That's the source of the problem!it does exist! I live here! DELIVER ME MY TIMBER @BandQ postcode has failed off some database somewhere and it's honestly terrifying, a mild flavour of the kafkaesque… am sorry for a weekend content moderation tweet but 1. this story is actually very funny and 2. if you think game…
Retweeted by alex hern @yngvlgrn Reminding you that Substack is offering $1m to local newslettersGuy who invented the clock: there will be 12 numbers on it Friend: so the day will be divided into 12 segments? I…
Retweeted by alex hern @mountain_stoats (SHHHHH)remember, all dense housebuilding is either "luxury flats" or "shoebox apartments", those are your two options @kate_eviva I’m English
@adrianhon Exactly! Dominic Cummings is right there! @JonathanHaynes That’s not what tech Utopianism is at all! And it’d be bizarre to quit starmer’s labour in 2021 and… idea that labour is the party obsessed with “tech Utopianism” is completely bizarre to me, what publicly listed companies are heavily exposed to the Portuguese tourism industry @jjaron @JeyyLowe true but so will i @JeyyLowe @tobymoses No, I think the left *only* has earnest debate amongst itself @tobymoses I think that's true, but it's really noticeable that, like – there *is* a right-wing twitter that has ea… of that is secondary to the fact that the conservatives are the party of old people who own their homes while l… it surprising that The Tech Guy thinks there's tech angle to this, no. but I do think it's pretty important to n… take is that twitter has broken the labour party's minds in a way that is fundamentally incompatible with winnin… @RachaelKrishna seriously though, pick this up, don't do any further googling, and play it @RachaelKrishna oh also Frog Fractions @RachaelKrishna Gone Home is as good now as it always was, Return of the Obra Dinn is a great puzzle that makes you… @Jamie_D_T @trouse11 I *wish* they'd just make it so you could have "pages left in chapter" @dsquareddigest @BendyGardiner don't it just warm yer heart @BendyGardiner @TheNedLondon yes @BendyGardiner now's the time to try and join soho house"Norway scored nil points for the fourth time; this is a world record. It was, said Terry Wogan, the kind of song d… hur, but sorry, but no, middle class graduates in London suburbs are far more "working people" than the retiree…
Retweeted by alex hern @leighalexander the withered monkey's paw closes. Disney has bought elfquest. it's in the mcu now“Year 11” “Time to change this country for the better” This remains the incredible thing about UK politics right no…
@yayitsrob HOW ARE YOU STILL UNDER 30 @JonathanHaynes Let Hilary Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta explain, via Guccifer 2.0 and wikileaks: @russellbrandom @thedextriarchy @tomwarren One more thing… @thedextriarchy @tomwarren When’s cook expected?My second screen is calm and grey except every once in a while a fish swims up (it's usually a perch) and then I pu…
Retweeted by alex hern @mrbiscuitbarrel no, covid is worse @marco_mmaldn No? @s8mb You did clarify! I think it's wildly uncharitable of you to think that your political opponents can't be trus… @s8mb And in this very thread, you've opposed donor transparency! In the literal tweet I quoted about "leftist activism"! @s8mb You've regularly opposed 'donor transparency' in the context of the IEA and ASI? @s8mb I think there are plenty of guiding principles that would keep them as distant as they are; I don't think "I… @s8mb "I prefer solutions that allow people to live and let live, by avoiding people" vs [charitable funding transp… @s8mb live and let live, except when doing so would involve pro-leftist activism? @s8mb I think they would; I also think someone immunocompromised would prefer the compulsory version than the publi… @s8mb I think I view the bundle of [allow people to check vaccination status with the explicit goal of encouraging… @s8mb I'm honestly not sure where I fall! I think I hold medical information at the highest grade of the abstract r… @Paul4Jags Yup, like it says in the story @Fertweetssake1 Yeah because I don't really want to engage with anti-vaxxers online Matthew @alistrathern post your answer on main @s8mb Why the distinction between vaccine transparency, tax transparency, and charitable funding transparency? @s8mb have you ever written about your general approach to privacy? generally, you seem to favour a "burn it all to… @s8mb incredible bowman take @Fertweetssake1 "Views mine, tweets deleted weekly." And I've got 61k followers. @CatalinMU You could have two buttons: "I need to book a first appointment" and "I need to book my second, or manag… @RossMcCaff yupppppp @cactusmaac @HKesvani "Tourism is a major part of New Zealand’s economy. According to Tourism Industry Aotearoa, it… only real question is whether the racist elements of anti-tourism will thrive or not. I imagine we'll see both v… @chrs00 I'm going to start a blue team consulting arm asapimagine a policy platform that can combine urban anti-gentrification sentiment, rural anti-urban sentiment, nationa… is the populist movement of the 2020s @Jamie_D_T I haven't been able to test with someone with two Pfizer jabs, but I *think* it'll still block you from… of the changes have already gone through: here's the before and after of the message given to someone who's ha… NHS is now revising the website, but its interim response includes the somewhat hopeful line that "people shoul… wouldn't be a huge problem – except the vaccination website gives you different options based on how many jabs… in the NHS, the service uses a second factor to protect your NHS number: you enter your DoB and postcode,… here's a thing: the NHS' vaccination booking website lets you tell how many jabs someone has had with just their… @robinsloan Can't believe we didn't mark the date of your Rosegarden thread yesterday @seniath weeb @seniath trains AND web! @DuncanWeldon Good news is we do not currently have a birth certificate, she's Off The Grid @ammonite Same basic idea!we made up a surname for her and a few people have gone "is that something you can do?" Yes! You can do anything! i… still can't get over the tremendous vanity of assigning a name to a tiny human and then just expecting everyone e… @PoliSciJack @tianran Quite a lot of similarity between 8% and 12% of the population leaving though. Ultimately in… @PoliSciJack @tianran This, of course, is why so many other EU nations have followed the UK out the door @leighalexander
@0xabad1dea @gcluley 'we don't have time to not respond to you, can't you see we're using all our energy not responding to the CPSC?'I guess in a way, we're all… reservoir dogs thought: The UK's forthcoming internet regulatory regime, implemented by the Online Safety Bill, could quite easi… @ClarkleBee This was me but apparently "having a baby" means "I need more space" @ClarkleBee serious question: how often do things leave your collection?The board knows that this is its Marbury vs Madison, and its key aim here appears to be first and foremost setting… In saying "no, Facebook, you have to make a specific decision on whether or not to ban Trump", the… @felix_cohen ok @JaneStaiano obviously the overly spicy tweets get deletedon second thoughts that tweet was too spicy @yvettedoc50 hi yvette – I'm writing about the vaccine status data leak you shared yesterday; can you follow so I can DM you?