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@TrustworthyM Ugh but then I’d have no excuse to not be learningSeparate point to the one Matt is making, but this is fascinating in being the most complete elaboration on Oxbridg…
Retweeted by alex hern @stevegoodman @RealJohnWynne “Telemetry to support encouraging team-working… isn’t surveillance.” This is the bit I… @JeyyLowe @YiannisBab @jamesrbuk Someone’s not been doing enough innovating dining in @ZachWeiner (I eat the potato off the masher with my face) @YiannisBab @JeyyLowe @jamesrbuk still rule of six but yes @JeyyLowe @jamesrbuk @YiannisBab Very important difference: playing board games in a private garden was banned unde… @RMac18 ah yes, those people who protested Facebook's news feed, and definitely have not been vindicated a decade on @RealJohnWynne @stevegoodman I'm happy to be challenged. What do you think is off about my definition of surveillan… Hollywood Original The UK remake @RealJohnWynne @stevegoodman I think it would be polite to assume I understand, and disagree with you on the substance, here. @RealJohnWynne @stevegoodman We've corrected the product name. I'm afraid I just don't agree with the substance of… news, London is tier two! also yet another government site is struggling under the traffic @stokel @imbadatlife I'm moving in 13 days but… yeah probably a good idea @Jam_sponge I have enjoyed my cos grey socks @LDNCalling @3He @jdportes @fetzert Again, this entire thread is based on evidence that the benefits are anything but marginal. @LDNCalling @3He @jdportes @fetzert in your binary world, there are only two policy outcomes: "single handedly ends… @yngvlgrn time to take a big ol sip of coffee while finalising my move to Newham and take a look at this chart @LDNCalling @3He @jdportes @fetzert if it didn't work, why did 15,000 missed calls kill 1,500 people? @LDNCalling @3He @jdportes @fetzert That's not what's happening and not what the link you've posted suggests is hap… @LDNCalling @3He @jdportes @fetzert "Strict compliance is low" ≠ "the effect is small", and this study suggests the… @lampfrey I think it can be both! @TrustworthyM big fan of lots of pouches @TrustworthyM this is some extremely Rob Leifeld shit @stokel also, not to get all Dawkins, but 'clergy/priests'… @mattround or they were just VERY bad at getting press for their art project back in 2016 @Rik_Ashton the problem wasn't the import per se – it was the export to .xls, rather than .xlsx, which curtailed th… @stokel genuinely stunned by "home delivery drivers" at 75%, one of the only professions I know of where almost eve…'s completely reasonable for PHE to join with Warwick and caution that the absolute effect size is very unclear:… @jdportes puts it in the piece – this is a quasi-RCT on the effectiveness of the track-and-trace programme. Good… only way it *couldn't* have led to more deaths is if our contact tracing system does such a poor job of prevent… know – "They would say that wouldn't they?" – but in this story, that's sort of less true. They have, after all,… thing I find most fascinating about this research from Warwick University, suggesting that the Excel screw-up t… @stokel do I give you credit for the apt use of 'innoculously''haven't watched much telly recently but apparently there's a big Netflix show where the queen plays chess with Mar… do a bit where I pretend to not know that the queen's gambit and the crown are different shows @MikeIsaac Buy her a PS5 pad, she just wants to join in
@timmolendijk @benedictevans Plus, hey, I write a weekly newsletter for free out of nothing but my desire to have a… @timmolendijk @benedictevans Plenty that don’t! But it’s the freelance I’m thinking of. Plenty of people with weekl… @timmolendijk @benedictevans *gestures at almost all professional writing* @timmolendijk @benedictevans I know for a fact that there are many authors able to sustain a weekly pressure to pub… @timmolendijk @benedictevans You are definitely wrong! @johnb78 A lot of people seemed to go "well there's no legal path for victory therefore he can't pull a coup" which… all the fuss about contact tracing apps, something struck me: we have all accepted that tracking phones is track… has come to my attention that some of you have moved dog pictures to Fleets. Please move the dog pictures back…
Retweeted by alex hern @weiks @benedictevans But point being that you don't pick your free service because of the fee; and you don't switc… @benedictevans I think the question is how big the mid-market is. Substack has a very good free product, and makes… @v21 MISE EN PLACE MISE EN PLACE MISE EN PLACE @leighalexander I think it's the former. I'd pitch it but I don't think my editors care about investigative reporti…矢印の方向に動いて見えますね~? 人間の脳は単純なので矢印で惑わされてしまうのでーす
Retweeted by alex hern @leighalexander other way round! the star projector folk are buying the top reply to viral tweets. genius marketing.Realised this morning that Brexit has made this extremely useful qualification USELESS
Retweeted by alex hernI legitimately did not believe this was a real quote
@Thairyn @v21 A bowl is just clay with aspirations and you can find that on the ground @Thairyn @v21 Then hie thee to a potter’s wheel @SzMarsupial Sz... make the game @v21 I will admit that if you don’t have a dishwasher it sucks @Thairyn @v21 Beggin yer pardon yer honour @v21 Counterpoint: if you do this as a home chef it makes cooking so much easier. Do it v. Give in to the prep @bspeed8 wine and bed and more and again @niko_tinius Right – I don't think it's an edict, but I think it's important to note that the only reason *why* it'… @yngvlgrn @fgoodway Well! I misread slightly but yeah, I still think you're right to rephrase to make clear that *t… @yngvlgrn @fgoodway Reasonable! I think the confounding factor is "elections"; for a normal industry, with steady i… @niko_tinius I don't think it will resolve itself once Trump's out, because I think the Republican Party will still… @yngvlgrn Is the "it" here Covid? If so, it feels a bit of a reach. Or at least, it feels too soon to declare it a… @niko_tinius In normal countries, policy teams don't oppose measures to tackle extremism, because in normal countri… largest social network in the UK has ineffectual tools to combat misinformation despite huge cross-partisan sup… I think is under-discussed is how America's toxic politics harms the rest of the world through nonsense l… @naadirjeewa @stephenkb @cooraysmith Right - that's why there was no back compat @stephenkb @cooraysmith The fact that the PS3 was the first console to launch without backwards compatibility since… @stephenkb I don't *think* that the two were linked; the folk narrative for the 360's success over the PS3 is that… @stephenkb wait, what features came to the PS3? They stripped *out* backwards compat between the US and EU launch @stephenkb as in, you were hoping it would fail so that they had to offer a new feature in a panic? @WoganMay no, it's a purely objective facttwo facts that obviously have absolutely no influence on each otherwhat a beautiful coincidence that the console I got for my 11th birthday is also the greatest console ever released @kmpharwood not quite @laurasnapes so can being chased by an axe murderer in a hockey mask Laura but I try to avoid both @kmpharwood YET @GaryBanana1 No? Or rather, yes if you rely on the pharmacological effects to, like, stay awake, but no if you just… warm is like drinking caffeine in that it is a) great, b) makes you feel better, and c) has downsides if you… piece argues that you can better cope with cold if you expose yourself to cold, to which I say: what if you ju… @mims I would literally rather die @mims nolooks like I'm getting another month of Disney+'s report, by @kevinroose @MikeIsaac and @sheeraf, emphasises the obvious follow-up question: if you break gla… October, we reported that Facebook had prepared a "break-glass" measure in case the election went awry.… the only exception to this that I've found is cryptocurrency, which is a) explicitly designed to maximise… about the carbon footprint of online activities continues to be, broadly, nonsense @jeadly Ah, right. @jeadly I agree but that's also go literally nothing to do with my tweet or the quote tweet?What a dumb world we live in @jeadly No it’s not, as is explicitly stated in the tweet I quoted @Birdyword The methodology seems to explicitly put its thumb on the scale for the US, crediting it for a (never art… @thwphipps Receivee would presumably be the person the receiver is receiving from, too. Or the “gifter” @thwphipps Billion dollar idea for Bezos: have more than one developer working on the entire kindle platform @RudolphUkka @adrianhon Ok, I’m muting you now! @RudolphUkka @adrianhon Yes, I think there’s a strong chance that the real finding is “people with more leisure tim… @adrianhon I wouldn’t seriously point to this study to claim “games are good for you”, and I don’t think such an ov…