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Will tell you about things I do here: The Horne Section tour and podcast,, #taskmasterbook, #BADGOLF etc. Apologies for constant self-promotion...

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@Nianotreve I hadn’t thought of that! Excellent idea. Bye!
Task #68 Show the Taskmaster the least cool picture taken on your phone Me & The old fellas from the Antiques Roa…
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Task #211 Suggest something I should do with all the versions of my face I’ve been handed for task #189 Use them…
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@dark_littlerose Thank you and excellent question and yes there is!!! @hairybeeee6 @davechannel @taskmaster Really? Hello! Hooray! Bye! XThanks for nice messages about Taskmaster and just to say the show has made a donation to t… week, #Taskmaster hits the 70 episode milestone! What better time to set the most stunningly meaningless task…
Retweeted by Alex HornePodcast of the day on the Facebook group Comedy Podcast Devotees: @hornesection @AlexHorne with @TheNickHelm
Retweeted by Alex HorneOne happy customer. We do jingles for you and your loved ones, or enemies, for money via our patreon page.. origina…
Retweeted by Alex Horne#taskmaster #6 tonight lovely laughs, melons and songs... 9pm on the dave channel
Retweeted by Alex HorneYES! Horne Section podcast day... @TheNickHelm on fine form here...
@monkeyinapie123 Argh! Too late! Next time! Bye!Week 2 of Taskmaster after school club. Put the most things in your teammates’ trousers. Most items wins.…
Retweeted by Alex Horne2nd half of #badgolf and POTENTIALLY the end of the season (if @nomadicrevery holds on to his lead) coming next Mon…
@imscott @h0lliedays My thoughts are that the letters are sticking very well. Brave display. 5 points!! Or 4 points or something x @BaskerHound No problem! Any chance you could remind me on the day?!?!Nathan, you are my hero. I will do your efforts justice in a proper round up. It may not be this week but it will b…’s good question and I still don’t have a good answer... but it’s not looking likely unfortunately @SherbourneGenes @taskmaster At least 5...
@katteacake That is brilliant. Congratulations on the idea and the marriage x
@EmjRettort @hornesection Could you Dm me details? Thanks @EmjRettort @hornesection Brilliant! Right... I need to send your school some stuff... @IllsleyNicole Happy Birthday Nicole! @GphgMike @MyGreatPlace @taskmaster Good luck, have fun, make good choices... @BronteHouse_ @taskmaster @ClassTaskmaster Yes! Excellent work! I very much approve!
Tonight on #Taskmaster: @baddiel @wixkaty @rose_matafeo @edgamblecomedy and #JoBrand need to make an inventive egg…
Retweeted by Alex HorneAlso, sorry, it’s AngeLLica and I’m an idiot @jgg197 @stephenfry Yes, I didn’t research that one fully...She’s here! Best guest ever, obviously... @angellicabell morning of the week! Podhumpday. This one featuring the brilliant @angellicabell available all the usuals..…
Retweeted by Alex HorneThe new Horne Section podcast is out RIGHT NOW featuring bits about the A Team, Rick Astley, a broken toe and our a…
@Glennysong Maybe... @Eliza1802jmc @hornesection An excellent final line... @thebrandy88 @BadGolfChannel Deliberate error of course...Yes Stevie! (Monthly update coming in the next week...) @mappsy91 Wow. Incredible! Thank you and well done and good luck...Remarkable! Thank you Brian. Excellent voices, dancing and production! @AlexHorne and the rest of the @hornesection, Wednesday, 2nd October! Five outstanding musicians, one non-mus…
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@CharlesTilley @nomadicrevery @BadGolfChannel John was pretty much right - it's called March to Victory by Silent P… @MikeDMcC @taskmaster Well that’s lovely to hear and a massive relief! The guys at ginger fox are really great, ver… @GingerFox_UK @AlexHorne @taskmaster Delighted The Taskmaster Board game is back in stock at John Lewis..... 2 orde…
Retweeted by Alex HorneIt’s b b b b b b #BadGolf! Round 9 Part 1. We go in to this course with Robins 5.5 Alex 2.5. Could a Robins victory…
Retweeted by Alex Horne#badgolf round... NINE! with @nomadicrevery - "Oh John!" - could this be the clincher for Robins? Has Horne finally…
HIGHLIGHTS | All of the @cheshamutdfc goals from Saturday's 4-2 victory over @YateTownFC 🎥 @jess_mk23
Retweeted by Alex Horne @lloyddhr That’s brilliant! Excellent book choices. No bollo there at all.
FT @cheshamutdfc 4 @YateTownFC 2 Attendance: 369
Retweeted by Alex Horne @nathalieBrady7 Pleasure! Sorry it took quite so long
@Laurasewell19 You never know... @mmeredith291 Good spot... some people deserve special treatment.Sir @AlexHorne, just two to go (now that I've been inked) #taskmaster #taskmasterbook
Retweeted by Alex HorneTerrific Stevie. I like the opera house best I think... x Bond x Sesame Street by @Edovereels @hornesection
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For any of you that are enjoying the podcast-it’s even better LIVE!! We are on tour and tickets are available via o…
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@fullerstrev Right now! (But currently sold out... more in stock v soon apparently) - new DVD, Sunset Milk Idiot is now available to pre-order from Amazon
Retweeted by Alex Horne#taskmaster #davechannel #9pm #Quisps #jobrand
Retweeted by Alex HorneIt’s new podcast day! hello @benshephard !!
Retweeted by Alex HorneYES! The @benshephard Horne Section podcast is out now here. LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE if you want!
Next @hornesection podcast arriving tomorrow morning - featuring the mighty @benshephard - one of my favourites...… @Eliza1802jmc @hornesection So brilliant to seeThe final part of our second #BadGolf round @GleneaglesGolf is out now! The competition is hotting up! Will…
Retweeted by Alex Horne @mills_sec @AlexHorne @taskmaster Hey, we’re still looking into this! If you head over to @Debenhams you can get delivery to the US 🙌
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@Ritchiep33 Wow. Good contest. Always waterfalls for me though...#TaskmasterBoardGame is now available at NEXT! More stock on Amazon coming soon! #Taskmaster @AlexHorne
Retweeted by Alex HorneOr if you prefer to retweet a poll @AlexHorne ... which was better people?!?! #taskmasterbook #task114 see previous tweet for pics...!
Retweeted by Alex HorneIt's early Monday morning #badgolf time - - featuring @nomadicrevery @gleneaglesgolf and El…
@EdwardsAnwen That’s lovely to read. Let me know if I can help somehow.After today’s terrific 4-0 win v Chesterfield @RealTimVine has a really important message for all U’s fans. 😃Join i…
Retweeted by Alex HorneSAXAphone.
Retweeted by Alex Horne @ItsMeBenMorris @FrancisHouseCH Brilliant. Well done! Glad to help
@beccaj2110 Ha. This has got very meta. But OF COURSE they were skittles. I'm an idiot. You've got me. I hope that…
@TinaReading I can’t. Gutted. Loads of my friends are though. Should be a great turnout - hope it’s the right result...
@jgchurchcomms I think only the roller could touch the ball... hello!Nathan has yet again surpassed all my expectations with his task tackling... I have a feeling he’s nearly done them…! Definitely a good one for teachers... really fun too.
Can’t get enough of #Taskmaster? Taskmaster the Board Game brings the very essence of the show to the comfort of y…
Retweeted by Alex Horne @MelonBuffet @micothewido @taskmaster @avalonent Brilliant. Thank YOU! @MelonBuffet @micothewido @taskmaster @avalonent Loved the video! X @TheArchini @daveallenmagic @taskmaster @MagicCircleHQ Ha! Right. I'm on it... Can't wait to see what happened...The Generals went top of the table last night but on Saturday attention turns to the FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round.…
Retweeted by Alex Horne8 hours until the next episode. 👍🏻
Retweeted by Alex Horne @kingliz I wish I knew! (also, I had to look up TTFN). b4n here’s the new podcast on acast, featuring @Kathbum
Retweeted by Alex HorneNew podcast! Featuring the excellent rapper Katherine Ryan @kathbum and Dream Man is back...
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@warthoggunner87 Good question... I don't really know about that... WeTransfer? or is it too big for that? Thank you!Task 185: The Picnic - Thanks (and an appeal for footage!) Read:! I’m going to write a couple more words later on today to say thank you properly... podcast episode TOMORROW! That’s right, Wednesday, you heard correctly. This week’s features the amazing…
Retweeted by Alex Horne @langer_will @AJemaineClement @hornesection @fotc Oh, I agree.Thank you! Next episode - with THE @Kathbum - comes out tomorrow... subscribe!!!
Just discovered the complete @hornesection season 1-3 radio series on audible. Ridiculously pleased, great use of a…
Retweeted by Alex Horne @teacherfishnz Ha! Got it! Round Alert! #Badgolf hits @GleneaglesGolf for another cracking round! It’s the QUEEN(s) course and my, it’s sp…
Retweeted by Alex HorneBrand New #badgolf this morning - up in Scotland again, @nomadicrevery and I still #loveglen - - @GleneaglesGolf
@IainScarlett @yourmatenick Not yet. I’m keeping fingers crossed there were none...Yes! Quiet and knackered... I’ll write something tomorrow. Just a little overwhelmed assistant.
Generals continue to motor. Excellent stuff ! #cufc
Retweeted by Alex Horne @iamLucySkelton Not far away now!If anyone is running late for Task 185 I will send updates for where we are heading at 1ish! @AlexHorne - loads of parking still at water meadows car park #taskmasterpicnic
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