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Son of an undocumented immigrant. #BusinessDad. ⚡ @SevenSevenSix 🦄 @flexport @ro @patreon @GOATapp 🏢 @initialized @reddit ⚽️ @weareangelcity 🎮 @cloud9

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@innonate @msg @eclipse_foods 🙌🎉 love to hear it from @eclipse_foodsLove to see it @msuster Damn. This hits.MERCI must Loom 2-3 times a week. It's the greatest. So respectful of both the creator + the recipient. Great products… you for writing this, Meghan. going to take simple pleasures like time with friends for granted again..., this is not how you hit a hole. @anniemal 🙏 happy for himFlorida startups 😏🚀 slaps @singkirbysing You'll get yours @yo Poor dude was just not cut out for a destruction derby with semis and monster trucks ... And rockets @JaydaEvans Done @andreas_marcos @JaydaEvans 🎉👀 grew up in The Facility on License to Kill. creative. ⁦@RealQaiQai⁩ is a mogul now 🤣😅 facts. 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 still remember waiting outside Electronics Boutique at the Columbia Mall for Twisted Metal to drop on the origina… kinda wish he'd been able to jump in the back of my truck tbh @Fresno_Famous @TheFounderHour @garrytan 🙌 @odaislive @GShishikyan 🙌🙌🙌🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 @J16H @weareangelcity Trying my bestThis kind of radical candor & authenticity makes all the difference. Proud to be an investor in @knowablefyi
@PaidLeaveforAll thank you!Oh, OK.⚛️🌎🌏🌍 We're now shipping worldwide. @WearAtoms the man team. Very happy for them and mark another Canadian tech win. I think the last 4 years in the US have all bu… in to say that Hustle Porn is still BS. Yes, you've gotta work very hard to build a successful startup--th… reflexes. Great attitude. Natural leadership. Future striker? 👀 @weareangelcity @thekatrinaloos @sevensevensix so trueWEEKEND PLANS @chrisbrogan @julien I pour over when I feel extra fancy @drvnanduri @sevensevensix No - this one is just for our team, our founders, and our LPs. @martijn871 @AndrewYang Loved this conversationReflecting back on the best work I've done in my career, diligent note-taking was always a big part of it, yet all… morning, little friend. @helena So ready @BillieJeanKing Proud to have you in our AC FC ownership group, HBD! 🎂Kareem! of this energy: Men supporting women. LFG. ⚽'t stop until every American (male and female) has access to #PaidFamilyLeave -- and every man feels confident e… makes the headlines but makes all the difference @KingDogDad @hasanminhaj Yes! Season 2 in Q1Everything is changing. Everything always was changing.Our first #BusinessDad interview and a Real One. @hasanminhaj is speaking truths. And don't forget when he correcte… @something_ak @eclipse_foods For sure. And not compromising taste at all! @sjs113 @eclipse_foods K brb @MonteSpice @eclipse_foods Just me & Jr.Cheat day planning with @eclipse_foods 😅😅😅 @death2babylon Adora content. Seizure warning 😅 Living Life, not Living in our Phones
Getting a steady stream of these notes and feeling grateful this has been the response to our OiR program. Still mu… you for applying! someone in your life need to boss up this holiday season? Limited time merch drop from QQ.. the PANDAS at the @NationalZoo now have merch drops. recommendation algo ~10 years too early... @shobz @WearAtoms WOOWOO🤣 dumb of Sherwin-Williams. Let me know when he starts his own d2c paint brand! Gonna be big. moves. @HarryStebbings AbsolutelyBack to work @alinawab @WearAtoms @aatif_awan @sidraqasim @waqasali 🎉 enjoyThrowback! Maybe one day... but in a very different form.
How do I make Adora an official @thinkjinx dog model???Not going anywhere for Thanksgiving and zero regrets. Sad it's been a year since @OlympiaOhanian has seen her grand… @robpetrozzo Totally a one-off interaction w little depth, so it looks worse in hindsight, but damn does it look bad in hindsight 🤦🏻‍♂️ @Tikhturov Sweaty palms @Casey Boss moveThis is a great observation @robpetrozzo First book signing I got was his at a London bookshop I coincidentally walked by in 2003... Got his bo… true. Even in 2020. @WearAtoms A lookFinally read this fantastic interview with @mPinoe'm obviously not the guy to build this, but someone will and I hope you'll pitch us at @sevensevensix !!Black buying power in the US was $1.4 trillion in 2019 (higher than GDP of all of Mexico!) and growing fast... as t… @jeggers Classy AF @ashjsf @zebulgar @joshbuckley @lachygroom @rabois Been remote-ish for the last decade of my career. Going pretty w… 5 days to apply! Applications close Nov 27 first ever article about @ycombinator -- @WIRED 2005. Got nostalgic and inspired by the thinking we've done aro… @AbbyWambach TBD when I finally get mine - this was aspirational hehMore war crimes against Armenians. @shobz @OlympiaOhanian I don't actually have a PS5... but we'll see if Kohl's comes through from last nightArt @KingDogDad @yourstacks ToucheActual footage of me trying to focus on @OlympiaOhanian right before her nap, knowing I've got a PS5 waiting for me… @cleoabram @ZReitano You're cruel bruh @KingDogDad @yourstacks Breakfast of championsEverywhere @rubenrails @AdQuick You did! Thanks it clearly paid offHow did I just get a PS5 via KOHLS? 2020 ain't right.Finally got our first Warzone victory. Now I can retire.'t know I could perfectly fire an RPG right underneath the tactical rover even if I tried @polina_marinova And she takes 2x the steps I do!!'t make that face you had three walks today, Adora.