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@FLAMINGODAO @brycent_ @AxieInfinity congrats! it won't be your last milestone achieved!I just got hit with one of those ⚡️ of creativity. Hope you all are well this Wednesday night... I snuck out of bed…'s here. The breakdown we've all been waiting for since the cat story trended on baseball Twitter @Benny_Hsu Naturally. And EGM 😅😭 @info_sprinkles Bruh!!! @francissc66 These are memories right here @kyleDet17 Most impressive @BeauhemianSport ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ take my energy finger am ready! @tammyingram Lol no just opened it for first timeGotta raise 'em right. Start 'em young. all the mascots I've created, the @Initialized honeybadger will always have a special place in my ♥️ bc it was a…
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@Chris_A_Graves @Initialized 🙏 Thank youI liked the Hannah was a palindrome and obvs we'd have a female honeybadger mascot. The best part is that I only LA… @Initialized Here's Dave who actually brought Hannah to life: all the mascots I've created, the @Initialized honeybadger will always have a special place in my ♥️ bc it was a… If you’ve been following threads on the Infrastructure bill, you know that there is a hastily conceived provisio…
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Retweeted by AlexisOhanian 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ @gregisenberg RIP Dreamcast @info_sprinkles @Jody_Houser Yessssss @mattschaar @gehrigkunz @katelin_cruse Grateful to have her on the squad! @jasoncwarner SO awesomeFRESH. And I love seeing @singkirbysing and @LeahKateMusic in there!! OHTANI looks so good. Thank you @RAVIEB ⚡️ @steviegmarshall @trylolli Happy stacking! Lemme know what you thinkCreating a company is definitely not the easiest/smartest way to build a career, but for some of us it's the only w… hires former Facebook exec Carolyn Everson weeks after poaching Fidji Simo as CEO
Retweeted by AlexisOhanian 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ @gennatay Agree! @gehrigkunz @mattschaar 🙌 the receipts in 5 years. This is why I was early to back @Commsor 💪 those CCOs will need an operating system @S_R_Grimes Get em graded dude @joshbuckley @ahiggz Congrats @ahiggz 👏 excited for what's next @joshbuckley @hyper_ @Quigs1225 The 10s from series 1 are impossible to find @S_R_Grimes Yessssss. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @HIGH_IN_BUFFALO I liked Jon BernthalTrading card cos should also bring these og hologram designs backThey still haven't done Ghost Rider justice in the MCU @robpetrozzo 🧐Evergreen tweet eyes on what ⁦@jackconte⁩ and ⁦@Patreon⁩ are building for the creator economy. They didn't just kickoff the…
@grosen @BoxGroup @davidtisch @nkatragadda @AdamRothenberg @ClaireSmilow @adina_z_davis 👏👏👏👏👏 grats - excited to do…💎 @TigerWoods out here on @OnlyAltOfficial're doing it all, Kirby! Just supporting your greatness. @cpioli64 So old!Only real ones know @KyleThatKyle @RobertKirkman Wowwwww ok standby...Another one. #WakandaForever - I just love all these variants going sustainable #MetGala2021 to see it. 💪 Creator Economy going strong and it's time to back up the 🍐truck @HobbyAlmighty 🎉💎🤲 More Unvaulted episodes coming... @brycent_ Let's jam on your channel sometime. We gotta talk @AxieInfinity - keep up the great work!! @deapps THANK YOU! MYTH II was such a fun game. I wish that tactics genre would come back... @danmurrayserter @harleyf I LOVE THIS. I have never sold any of my comics, either. Only slight more flexible on my… @MiamisVice The GOAT.Can't wait to come back to Birmingham! cake had better be entirely made out of NUGGS... 1998 really didn't hold back @immad How have I not invited you to @GetCabal yet? You'll drink it up. Also: congrats on everything!There is a fake Ronin mobile wallet in the Google play store. There is currently no Ronin mobile wallet. We've not…
Retweeted by AlexisOhanian 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ @MNewhouse73 @LeonhartYT 🥺 and they teased it so well w everyone's little sentimental vignette before they get summoned @KyleThatKyle THERE ARE BOOKS? Wait.. it's made by @RobertKirkman !????!!! Dude it's like a giant puzzle came toget… @gothmuumuu MORE VIOLENT? He sliced a dude's head off with his hand @LeonhartYT A little different amirite? I'm still recovering from that first episode fight scene @petergyang 😅😅😅 it is really artfully done if that's a thing , like drawn well @scottcaldwell @steveyeun @IamSandraOh @HamillHimself Calling it now - Steve is gonna have an Oscar in the next 10… @MrBeast It's like they knew I knew something was up and still they hooked me. Between this and Boys I really think… I can only watch one episode. I wanna tell S about it but I think it'll be way too violent for her so thankfully… really wanna know why Green Ghost has to eat her "power ring" to activate it... 👀Shout-out to Fishman who was really doing his damn best. Also did you know Namor was first. Aquaman has the clone!HOLY SHIT that got violent. I knew there had to be a turn but damn. At least Flash gave it his best. Batman didn't… @InvincibleHQ Hah! Thanks 😎Thanks Twitter! Watching Invincible!! How did I miss it's starring my guy @steveyeun 👏👏👏👏 dude everything you do is 💎💎💎 @Curious_Chuck_D Wife got it for meWhat anime is this from?? It won't stop following me on the internet pickup love my @indify artists 🤩
Why not should all want the West to win my first @indify artist @singkirbysing? She's just announced going on tour with @johnlegend 💪 WTG, Kirby.… @niket 😂 I love this reply @TheRealMarkDay MCFARLANE @lostincode @Reddit Snoo should never have teeth - this is not canon @iowastylee I am trying to pull one together of 10s because I'm so nostalgic 💎 @OnRallyRd @Reddit Hah! My dad has one - I don't think there's a price he'd sell for tho @ilovecomputers @Reddit I am shocked tbhI AM AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST 🥇🇵🇷
Retweeted by AlexisOhanian 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣One element is nice, but she could control ALL OF THEM. And though @halleberry did her best, they really didn't do… Thor's Epiphany that he's a lightning god in Ragnaraok with his cute Raiden-Superman-Torpedo... that's like a… @Reddit (There were a lot more of them) @TrungTPhan Definitely had Banh Xeo before... don't think I've had Bun Rieu but will try. One of the best Christmas… original @reddit NFT (circa 2007) - I personally shipped every single of these infernal things... was going easy on you the entire time you were watching the X-Men: Animated Series @TrungTPhan I could live off fresh spring rolls. Usually with a Bahn mi or Bun (the tofu one?). Pho too if I really… quit. All heart.