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@humbleyourself2 LmfaoGot my baby a chain today. And passed down my St. Christopher to her 💗Let’s be real a Leo woman is a flex lol. @kenzparr @KD_YKG0 Sending you love and wishing you a speedy recovering. Congrats! 💗 @LexiiLoushel I love the logo. I’ll take a white tee!
@itsimanibee LmaoStanley steamer coming. I’m buying fresh flowers for the house. Maybe even a new candle. Sounds clean. I’m excited 😃my baby is sleeping so good in her crib but I miss her 😢Love being your mommy!♥️
@srbuckley94 What episode are you on? LolTreat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect.
Retweeted by LexI wish niggas would grow up and handle their responsibilities.
Retweeted by LexIf college were free, admissions would solely be up to how smart you are. You know how competitive that would make…
Retweeted by Lex @LawCannon Jesus Christ! 😭so much personality in this lil baby! lolI really want her to have every Travis Scott Nike 😭Starting now I’m buying my baby some walking shoes every month. So once she can walk she has hella raw ass releases.But anyway!Mfs cant even play with me cus I know the real them and not this fuckin facade.As soon as I don’t have to carry this diaper bag I’m treating myself. Lol.’s not a person in the world I’d rather hang w than my daughter. What’s wrong with them Lord?The guys definitely give this mf butterflies cus ain’t no way you should be this thirsty to see them everyday.Everytime I type smfh my phone changes it to Andy. Who tf is Andy? @_teenichole 😍
@lysa2badd 😂😂😂My baby only wanting to nap in my arms is becoming a problem. I can’t get nothin done 🥴
@Simply_bryy This brought tears to my eyes. Definitely praying for you & your baby.More Blessings Right After You Lose
Retweeted by Lex @ihatethiskid I really feel like Lynn catches you taking these pictures and shakes her head... daily.Need me some fall candles ASAP! Lol26 and woke up to the best gift today 🎂 @doctor_dinari10 Thanks Dinari! @eresbella__ Thanks Beautiful💗 @alexus_adrianna Thanks Babe!♥️ @ShaqBroomfield Thanks Olive!! @alexuscb_ Thanks Alexus! ♥️ @iheartTaryn_ Thanks T♥️♥️♥️ @prettygirlkg_ Lmao girl 🤣🤣 thank you❤️🥰
@_KinggJordann Thanks♥️ @Kay_Maarie Thank you! @Kay_Maarie Yes girl! 😂♥️ @alyssa_f_babyy Thanks Alyssa ♥️ @1DJFirstClass Happy birthday twin ♥️It’s a great day to be grateful for all that you have.
Retweeted by Lex @tonialexandria_ Thank you Toni😘😘 @Bri_allennnnn Thanks Bri😘Don’t ever leave me again face 🥺😍
Retweeted by Lex @rivalasvegass That’s exactly what I got from it! 🥺 lol @carmalitatucker Thanks Carm💗Aww I love her, virtual auntie 😍😍
Retweeted by Lex @lysa2badd 🤣🤣🥰❤️ @LexiiLoushel Thanks Lexii ♥️🥰😘I think damn near all Travis Scott shoes are raw asfSummers at grandmas were always a vibe
Retweeted by LexMy moms deep cleaning my house for me for my birthday and my dads having Stanley steamer clean my carpets and my co… @Jmonroe_ I can’t stand it 😭 lol thanks JustusThe perfect little baby🥰🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by Lex @guidedbyan Find outdamn Lex now I wanna make another one 😭😍
Retweeted by Lex @Lil_Caish 🤣🤣🤣😭 do it sisthis mf Cortez gon ask me if I’m bringing my bday in w wine coolers. As a matter of fact YESMy baby has been stuck to me like this since I got back in town. (I was gone 11 hours lol) was having an allergic reaction on my face and i put baby mama butter on it and i swear it’s calmed down so much
Retweeted by Lex
& 26 tomorrow 💗 @_LoveDestiny Thank you! 💗Alexis baby momma butter is the truth!! @AlexisPickles
Retweeted by Lex @srbuckley94 No lmao Craving a trip to the ocean 😭 @BriaMonei_ Yes. Use this daily and a good chemical peel once a month and your skin will significantly change even… ocean is callingggggg 😪 @BriaMonei_ The bomb! Been using it for yearsnever apologize for being a powerful woman. standards are okay.
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@guidedbyan Well thank you ma’am ♥️Just got back from our float trip. And my grandma has had my baby since 7:30. Okay time for her to come home🥺My grandpa used to play the sax 🥺
@guidedbyan 🤣🤣🤣 @shesthatgirl__ Thank you♥️ @shesthatgirl__ Right!A lot of changes we (women) experience are hormonal. Acne, weight gain, weight loss etc. I say this to say stop being so hard on yourself. @guidedbyan 🥺🤣😰👀 @guidedbyan @srbuckley94 Goneeeee @yannaLuluB @srbuckley94 Lmao alright now...I have one and still haven’t gotten a frontal yet 😰😢 @srbuckley94 🙇🏽‍♀️ @srbuckley94 Lmao grow up @Kay_Maarie Yes both are! I’ll send you picsMy baby starting to look more like me ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️I’ll be 26 Monday! Life has treated me well and I’m so ready for this next chapterWhere is Sharice Monique Lamon when u need her? @KaylaMeanus Lol okay! @KaylaMeanus Huh? LolIf my necklace isn’t here by my birthday imma have a BF!!!! @yannaLuluB Bitch quit playing 😂Ever. Do you hear me? @_KinggJordann Wow they’re ugly lolThat whole argument where pick me’s were saying they wouldn’t be upset if THEIR MAN asked for a DNA test was BEYOND MEWho wanna buy a car seat my baby has 3 😰😰😰😰😰 @FreebandFreaQ @J___HUFF Twins af!I get my baby dressed so cute whole time I’m in pajamas all day 🤣What is a Telfar bag? lol @yannaLuluB Whew 😰