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Alex @AlexisTrust London, England

Pilgrim @ChucklefishLTD. Probably flammable, definitely not soluble. Formerly @Xbox, @ADVNCRgroup & @Gfinity (they/them)

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@getFANDOM @NXOnNetflix Uhhhh @SamMGreerHere's my long read profile of 80 Days writer Meghna Jayanth (@betterthemask) - on finding her feet as a role model…
Retweeted by Alex @twitgera They’re too cute right? @HollieB @TwitchCon My Kingdom for Twitch users to be armed with this knowledge. It’s so, so valuable for all of us… @cactusjackter Grumpy/angry/angsts/madabout channels are soooo 2012Since it keeps coming up: numbers aren’t a deciding factor! We want to work with lovely people with wholesome chann… @Arekkz @ChucklefishLTD (You were always on it, I just wanted to use the gif 🧡) @Arekkz @ChucklefishLTD @TwistyShape @EMMAnimation @ChucklefishLTD Awww yiss @EMMAnimation @ChucklefishLTD @TwistyShape TwistyShape is very certainly already on our lists ☺️Hey streamers and video creators, @ChucklefishLTD have some awesome games showcasing this year and we want to work…
Speaking of streaming... resident artist here at CF Towers, @_t3nshi is creating some cosy, fun #AnimalCrossing pix…
Retweeted by AlexUpdate: she got a summer school scholarship to HARVARD 🥰 @emilybuckshot My colleagues are the sweetest, kindest people.
@ProducerJohnN Hand of Fate 2, Wargroove (obvs), Binding of Isaacbeen running some playtests recently, and it reminded me that it's actually kinda hard to do right! all of these ti…
Retweeted by Alex @GameDesignDan @milkslice This is both upside down and perfect in every way ❤️ @milkslice @GameDesignDan One of us. One of us. One of us. @korviday Lime, but sad lime. @SamMGreer Hnnng 😍Me, from my office in Canary Wharf: Oh, I wonder why Canary Wharf is trendi-oh OH...We’re excited to announce the launch of the free Unity Student plan, which provides students with professional tool…
Retweeted by Alex @jade_evanns U cute 🥰 @jadbod We were never under any illusions that you’d prepped a whole world 😅 @biggusbennus1 @MsTwstd Highly recommend playing with some of the @GrooveOfWar team if you wanna nail those ‘pro st…
My weakness is cringe country boy tiktoks @pillowfort I feel like the only friends of mine who don’t wash their rice are the western kind. You haven’t died though soooooo 🤔🍛 🍚 R I C E 🍚 🍛Jon Davies must be stopped at all costs. His skill level is too damn high. @SovanJedi This is very, very cool.PAID OPPORTUNITY! Brand new video game trailer incoming! Are you or do you know someone who: 👨‍🦰Is a male in their…
Retweeted by Alex @biggusbennus1 @MsTwstd Thank you 😊 😘How does your favourite song get into a video game? 🎵 @RobVicars is from Warner Music and explains how it works.…
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@ScarletCatalie @GIBiz “ future.” If not last year, then why not now? @higgyC We always sad @HC_Jones @JodieAzhar ? @_t3nshi THIS WAS 15 MINUTES AGO ANGELO WHERE MY PIXEL C’MON 💚 @geometric Rape threats being messaged to me w/ pics of me at the event attached, bomb threat evacuation... y’know, the usual. @JodieAzhar Did you see this water baby on my desk? She sits on a lava rock and the roots slurp up the water in the… @JodieAzhar Depends on the plant really. I won’t lie, the big boy in the middle (who is actually good with being a… @jericawebber I’m sure the existence of @balance__patch gives you all the consent you need 🙂 @jericawebber No shade, but point them in the direction of people who specialise in this stuff instead of your own inbox (cc: @leonkillin) @philippawarr Pretty much. Although this isn’t the first nor last awards jury in games to do that. @ScarletCatalie At least it’s said with their chest? It won’t stop me nominating my peers, but damn if we ain’t exhausted. @philippawarr I imagine they’re going off the amount of nominations? @cissymon S’what happens when you don’t talk to an actual gender diverse crowd. @cissymon I gave my feedback last year and it’s become more exclusionary which is honestly telling. This isn’t the… @ScarletCatalie Every. Year.😶 @V_Ben @crwilso Definitely ghosts @crwilso Seriously though, how does it float? @crwilso I don’t want to alarm you, but your camera is hauntedPeople who have run Discord metagames, could I chew your ear in the DMs?Do you have expertise or experience in the Influencer and Content Creator space? Check out this role in our team!…
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@SerKnowles Just read that you’re more cool in undertone, can I suggest Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation? Whils…👑BLACK HISTORY MONTH CREATIVES/ART SHARE!👑 🌟You a black artist/writer here on twitter? Well I want to see your wor…
Retweeted by Alex @Timbow1982 GoddamnitHansGrüber, if this was July 😫
Just thinking about today's workshop and something one of the volunteers said. "Wow, they've actually got a real g…
Retweeted by Alexthings to ask yourself at a party: • where are the bookshelves • where are the exits • who poisoned the wine • who…
Retweeted by Alex @jimburnsdave Camino de S̶a̶n̶t̶i̶a̶g̶o̶ West Country @SeaSylphGames S’good look Ziz 🙂Link in bio What will he learn
Retweeted by Alex @Timbow1982 Tim tattoo updates, but also thirst traps yo! Streaming some UI art for a couple hours soon!! Come hang out in the chat!!
Retweeted by Alex @GHGshow @jericawebber @moods_jpg Actually real sad that @SamMGreer isn’t telling me hers, but I guess that’s why I follow her 😘February is almost over: don't wait! Support a black owned business, content creator, or creative today!
Retweeted by Alex @MsTwstd Bahahahahaha
@poppyingham Right!?Can’t stress enough how ridiculously talented this man is need somebody who writes DnD 5e adventures, if you please. Paying job for a one-shot, very specific theme in mind…
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@ScarletCatalie Assume they chose it because it reloads from the top which isn’t unlike a paintball gun.HELL YEAH i can sell weed in this game
Retweeted by AlexArtsy job openings @Coatsink: ✨ 3D Artist ✨ Concept Artist ✨ UI/UX Artist ✨ VFX Artist
Retweeted by Alex @jadbod Same. @V_Ben JPac still turning heads 300 years after he pops his clogs.Basket Case and Canon in D have the same chord progression 🎻My relationship with @moods_jpg is really complex, yet easy. I record and send mouth fart noises with differing cad… @tactful @backbonegame Backbone makes the effort to engage on a marketing level I can totally dig - it’s human, but…
@LRDGames More that I just saw a studio account bashing another indie out of nowhere. That studio hires more than t… had no idea I could long press on a word in a tweet and immediately mute it
Retweeted by Alex @simplySylvan Hi there, I’m @SuperIndieStudios and I think this game sucks and this developer is a HOT PIECE OF TRASH.Okay... indies, please for the love of god divorce your personal account from your game/studio account. There’s not… @gemzhart @iyagovos To be fair, we still get review requests for games older than a year (and this is okay by me). @t1pton @TimothyCBest 👀 I have been jamming to a certain playlist all dayThis is my favorite Tik Tok right now. Bless the friends and family who understand how stressful, depressing, and c…
Retweeted by Alex @RedBearLuX Helps with the cohesion of the art direction too when everyone is on the same page.Oh my god
Retweeted by Alex @gravykun Oooft. @FA1KFA1KFA1K Paging @JonKelliher. Please advise when you have time 😘 @FA1KFA1KFA1K I actually have no idea why you’re not pitching to compose for game music in general. You’re ridiculously talented ☺️More game pitches should include a Spotify playlist full of music to set the mood of the game 😎Akala explaining about racism in the United Kingdom. It’s subtle, systemic and institutionalized. LISTEN!!!!!
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@emilypheller @amzeratul @WargrooveGame Inevitable Caesar selfie?#GAMEJOBS/#GAMEDEVJOBS Doc Search
Retweeted by Alex @BruellaDeville YES IT IS @BruellaDeville Eva Green vibes @Seb_Jordan This is upsetting me, Seb. @simplySylvan Valve will pause your ‘overall score’ being impacted, but your recent will tank and the reviews stay…
@MolotovIceQueen Do a practise run to and from the office 🙂THIS WILL BE 1 OF THE GREATEST EVENTS THE FGC HAS EVER SEEN! Tournaments are everywhere but An Ozzy Experience is r…
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