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Alex Jay Brady @AlexJayBrady Brighton, England

Concept artist. Proudly trans and taken. I like King of the Hill. Dope Patreon Crew:

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I did @blueLemonDraws 's #dtiys challenge! His beautiful original design is the second image. His work is always fu…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @Vincredible__ Neither they can't do up their boxing gloves @Nigel_Farage Shitbirds of a feather
@nprpolitics Evening., 1903 #realism #polenov
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @RBReich We already have socialism it's just very unevenly distributed
Retweeted by Alex Jay BradySocialism is a scare word they've hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called publi…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @BillCorbett Found him @JonathanLHoward Love them bothWhat a beauty @ByYourLogic @willmenaker @elisefoley @ChrisCJackson Kelly-Anonymous Conway @RASwaggard @AventuraObscura They're out their nut @elivalley I for one welcome our new Lincoln Project overlords :( @tinybird420 Is it a man or a woman?? It's Pat! Only in theatres! @ohotnig @KurtBelcher Thankyou so much maestro!!#Dunetober #Drune #moltobenegesserit Duke Leto Atreides and his trusty thopter! It's nice to see them in double spr…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @ByYourLogic🗡️🌿🚪
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @cranstonl1972 It's not quite as good but it's good @AliceAvizandum Ol' Painful @maqusan Love the mechanoid organism!! @TiernanDouieb The Mail wants everyone to get Covid and either die or get back to work driving the economy so badly… @HitchRoc @IDEASOFICE_FIRE Dirty tleilaxu aren't negatively affected by the toxins in poisonous mushrooms. As they eat them it helps distribute the…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @cstross MandatoryThe Fight Between Carnival and Lent
Retweeted by Alex Jay BradyAh shit, Dennis Prager out here revealing our master plan.
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @dpakman Hey whatever happened to "global warming"!? Checkmate libs!! @williamlegate He should just either buy more money or be born with an emerald mine it's not rocket science @jdiannedotson @physorg_com Because it's flight related when there talking about hitting a bat with a ball for a se… the barn owl reveals how birds fly in gusty winds via @physorg_com
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @PodsidePete Is this an appropriate father son behaviour to you??! @thebrainofchris I once surveyed a derelict building and rifling all the drawers as you do I found a snickers that…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @thebrainofchris No way could i eat such a precious artefact. I still have it in my treasure box look. The best bef… @thebrainofchris I once surveyed a derelict building and rifling all the drawers as you do I found a snickers that… @OwenJones84 They hate identity politics till it comes it useful as a shield from legitimate criticism of their pol… @OwenJones84 @LordIanAustin It's time England got rid of these unelected Lordocrats and took back control @BillCorbett Hurting those less fortunate with callous cruelty and enjoying it and grovelling cravenly before ones… @votevets @Vincredible__ You're asking racists not to vote for the most racist candidate.. @BrewerTony @eberlmat @mrjamesob By a wierd conicndence they're all Pro Trump and know climate change is a hoax too… @AlanBlaikie @Richards_Edtech @MelJCarney @eberlmat @mrjamesob Once the hospital's reach capacity the death rates s… @eberlmat @cameronfryez I agree with vine that if she was dying no one would care @KaivanShroff @Laura__Fox 🍻 @Jetpackman01 In that case I will!! @__dpdp__ I thought the Trial was that hardest I could laugh at his antics but nope @WeaverRacing @nooouch @dji45 Oh yeah unelected beaurocrats and their red tape are to blame, at least that's what h… @ChristinaTasty @rddj623 That's how I rollFlying truck🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 @BradmaestroGC @ShoeSimps @katdoyle319 @VaushV He's sounding more and more Moonpilledgravy seals
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @VaushV Hats off to you!Also you can find these prints :
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@nooouch @dji45 They'll blame who the government tells them to blame, immigrants, migrants, brown people, remoaners… @nobum62 @petercoffin Only when it comes to the bell curveThe Wrath of Shai-Hulud
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @LeaveEUOfficial @darrengrimes_ Unknown Pleasures @ThatFreeWilliam @yungbarolo @dev_decker That feels like the larger goal: steal everything you can via the court th… @Nahggga @AaronBastani We owe them our thanks. @TSietch @dev_decker @ThatFreeWilliam It's all jokes and satires @IDEASOFICE_FIRE Harkonnen spies @ThatFreeWilliam @yungbarolo @dev_decker So much for gay marriage, legal abortion, chevron deference etc etcToday marks 2 years since Donald Trump incited the most horrific antisemitic terrorist atrocity in American history…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @dev_decker @ThatFreeWilliam Out a window @Spike_zilla @FinancialTimes Again, in 2016 the polls gave trump a 1 in 3 shot, and Clinton a 2 in 3. So trump winn… @ETVPod I knew this shit happened in 1910. It 2010??? @ETVPod No lie, it exposed the deep mental sickness of our society and the beauty and complexity of aboriginal cult… @ETVPod This is excellent and very moving but it made me very angry @YakimaAbogado His whole brand is being a willing enabler and craven bootlicker for whichever thug is in charge no… @ETVPod Accusations of child abuse worked for the Australian government in its recent landgrabs @MEPFuller @MEPFuller @wesbarton @LavenderMagics @AaronBastani Yeah drops them directly into third world cities where people are forced t… @LogCabinGOP @realDonaldTrump @ArielleScarcell 2016 foreverHer painting often depicted lesbian life and intimacy in Paris, motherhood, and a masc/femme duality of herself.
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @karengeier The Trial of Tim Heidecker deserves an Oscar no joke and Gregg deserves 20 to life!!! @karengeier 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿CRAY a #folklorethursday comic by @johnreppion and adapted by me, @pauljholden you can read our back catalogue of t…
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @ManMadeMoon I want a computer with a built in sofa!!! @Spike_zilla @FinancialTimes It's probabilities not a prediction. Similar to the odds in a horse race. The favourit… @reallyrustic @passportgigs @PatternsBTN @metronomy Can't fookin wait!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @prosperdave @LDHelmet @ByYourLogic Pinch of mdma and it's done @AlexJayBrady @AaronBastani I made an electric private jet, it runs off of disposable AA batteries 😎 checkmate, you poor hippies.
Retweeted by Alex Jay Brady @ByYourLogic Wet alcoholic meat!! @ryanlcooper Diane Feinstein is impressed so that's something @sbamueller @cstross If you know one thing about them you can accurately guess the rest of their beliefs: climate a… @cstross Take it as a highly irritating compliment I guess. And thanks, by the way! @YakimaAbogado Whenever I see politicans talking about ED I just think about Bob Dole @cstross @weaverXP That sounds like a kickass Charles Stross novel you should check out his stuff it's top notch @weaverXP @cstross Night of the Comet!! @cstross They're the same people @Claud_Mendoza Still pretty different! @sajidjavid