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@AliIrlam the EC does meet mid-December to officially ratify the votes is what this means but yes agreed, should be… @BrandyLJensen why is it just the best though
(not passing over his 20 year reign of terror)Now I'm into the Clone Wars though, I see Vader in a new light. I always saw him and Anakin as two separate people.… thirty second scene is scarier than any horror film. I saw that red sabre in my nightmares that night. ran on a unity pledge and he's now sabotaged that to impress a minority of people who won't vote Labour any… 2024 when the youth vote and support of union members is low, the Labour right will blame the left for 'playing… off tenant organising, deride BLM, ignore campus protests against unsafe conditions and then censor your own y…
Retweeted by Alex Green @ryantraill I know I'll be sad @bexchat opening more than 5 tabs is like having a free hot water bottleOn the northern line next week has a higher R rate than a lot of the country and yet is going into Tier 2. As a non essential retail employ… Yoda sitting in a classroom was better than the whole rise of SkywalkerDiscovering the Clone Wars and the new season of the Mandalorian after sitting through the sequel trilogy
"Cosmic kite, which planet did you come from, to leave so many Englishmen behind, for the country to be a clenched…"Thank you, God, for football, for Maradona..." @Sarah_Woolley I went to Naples a few years ago and the whole city is like a shrine to him, was really something
@utterardour I've only just got this 🙄 @jaygee1971 @HLTCOPOD always did the business against us too, unreal player @Magic_Kitten
@adambecket I hope it's the extended edition @hollyquillsivy yeah it's annoying but I just ignore them mostly now @stuffKRISwrites I do try @Bobby_Brougham @Miridoesntweet @LabourDesign Really great approachability, always had a message answered quick when I've asked and the tone on her…
@rosiebsteele jeweller isn't too bad, look at the word in the name and you'll get it. Thomas treasure is a really f… @rosiebsteele read all and oh out loud but also look at the Florida in the window. Bees is one word and what the he… @blue_gwladys Me and me dad nearly got knocked out by a flying wheely bin. Aldi sign on county road was nearly coming off. Very very wind.Happy Friday. @NicoleConlan @LittlePanic63
my personal favorite moment of this whole wretched election
Retweeted by Alex Green @elltisha And I will enjoy a nice late boozy breakfast I have no doubt @elltisha a massive meal at 11 is just breakfast I will hear nothing else @elltisha then it's lunch (even though lunch is very fancy word too) @ldlapinski enjoy! it's a good one @elltisha It’s just a late brekkie @ldlapinski I think I know the ep you’re on and it’s brilliant (I won’t say in case it’s not the one) @kelseyjbarnes I don’t make the rules @book_tokens Thanks guys!!(until next year obviously, so good!)I finished it. #HiddenBooksGame @aetwigg @TinyWriterLaura @holly_rose1907 never heard of it so I'll let myself off haha @aetwigg @TinyWriterLaura @holly_rose1907 the queen... @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 okay got the women but dog no idea @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 I have that, royal dog and the mum, sister ? left @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 I cannot get the bazaar one and I've even seen clues. Got a feeling I don't know the book at all @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 oh I do know this somewhere in my brain, I won't give into google right away @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 can I get a canal hint @eleanorkpenny boris @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 oh I have half left haha it's all good I'll just cry @TinyWriterLaura @aetwigg @holly_rose1907 I went away for 20 minutes holy crap (still don't have half) @katkatkatt ive got it... sun yellow thousand @katkatkatt ooh yeah I got that but still none the wiser @katkatkatt just got it JAYSUS @katkatkatt bees, sunflowers, bookshop, sign outside cafe loads haha @katkatkatt Ooh I have Thomas treasures @TinyWriterLaura All I’m thinking is like HONEY LOVE LOVE STINGS @TinyWriterLaura I will try but I am still just dying @TinyWriterLaura A pun about the image? @TinyWriterLaura The tiniest one @TinyWriterLaura HOW @acaseforbooks I am tearing my hair out @katkatkatt I keep thinking it's got to be something Oxford but.... @katkatkatt the canal one is driving me insane @bullieob I will give it a go thank you haha I am going crazy @bullieob I think my thought process is off, I can't get any @book_tokens Thank you, National Book Tokens admin person, I'll try not to let you downIs this old and recent books or just one? I am terrible at this game @SophLouiseHall It’s all there but... it’s not a cake @SophLouiseHall Bakewell?I deservedly lost a follower for thisWe’re all goosed lads
@scottaawilson I'd throw an egg at him if he kept talking at me whilst I was trying to concentrateBan people not from Liverpool doing terrible Scouse accents forever #GBBOI saw a comment once on reddit from an anti-vaxxer which said: "Instead of injecting us with harmful chemicals, ma… who support this earn £80k a year. These people, who keep nurses & other frontline workers on borderline povert…
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I am still extremely happy a vaccine for our most vulnerable is nearer than before. Little things in 2020 are neede… @CharliDickenson sounds exactly like something I need then, thanks for your advice! @ava_eldred that's brill, thanks for that. Also interesting on the not writing in order! @CharliDickenson oh great thanks, more love for scrivener so far than word @ava_eldred What was it about Scrivener?Writer friends - What do you use to actually write your books on? Always used word but the longer the text gets, th… @SophLouiseHall 2nd ref on glow
A CNN commentator said ‘maybe we can get back to normal’. But what’s normal? When Obama was President, I was marchi…
Retweeted by Alex GreenEveryone should read this candid interview with @AOC from start to finish. There is a huge amount of insight in it,…
Retweeted by Alex GreenMe: tries to write My cat: falls asleep mid stroke traveler: i love your volcano pompeiian: our what? time traveler: your mountain, your normal mountain
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This is exactly what I was saying, the liberal mind sees Trump as simply an accident helped by shadowy forces as op…
Retweeted by Alex Green @SophLouiseHall I would laugh but this is going to get so nasty *gets popcorn* @whateverwordsuk We'll see how it goes. I'm not that hopeful Biden will do much to be honest. Republicans will come… @whateverwordsuk I think by attack they mean to try and shape his cabinet which reports have suggested will be fill… @whateverwordsuk I wouldn't say it's embarrassing. If I was American, I would have very unenthusiastically voted fo… @redbreastedbird He says that like Biden isn't up by 4 million nationally tooINGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (2009) Cinematography by Robert Richardson Directed by Quentin Tarantino Read about how thi…
Retweeted by Alex GreenWtf, I love Biden now
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Retweeted by Alex Green @Bobby_Brougham @NkWht5 #StolenElection @NkWht5 wowImagine if the Tories ever lose, I might have an actual heart attack