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Alex @AlexLynchyyy08 Liverpool 3-0 vs West Ham hth

Premier League Champions 2019-2020 (said 1st November)

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Wait, so people treated Liverpool fans as some terrorists when they threw a kopparberg at Manchester City’s bus, bu…
Retweeted by Alex @azabo123 I don’t like fizzy drinks 🤷‍♂️3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
@mufcmiikey Change both J2O and lucozade to orange and W @harrybevibing I personally don’t like fizzy drinks, I should have added water with ice tooBest drinks for summer hth @CazzaFPL Loooool no- my first time playing ahha @CazzaFPL Trust me you don’t want that😂😂 @CazzaFPL A what what 😂😂That’s the set up- FM on one side, Football on the other. @FootballManager 😂 @TykeCMK Curtis jones. @ZwebackHD @curtisjr_10 @EASPORTSFIFA Put Harvey Elliot into the game and give him one xSo it turns out that that the bloke who got kicked in the head when he was trying to get up near the end of the vid…
Retweeted by AlexIs he actually? these were black and someone said this... @DavidMeyler I think some of the players need the game time, Adrian Keita ox Lallana Matip ect @BabyKeith8 Can’t expect him to be happy after being subbed? He’ll be annoyed with himself for not getting a goalIf Liverpool get fined for playing a weak team in the FA cup then Manchester United should get fined for playing a…
Retweeted by AlexCORONAVIRUS - 103 people dead - Around 700 people in serious condition - Over 4000 people infected
Retweeted by Alex @FPL_JackN @TMcFadden34 @mcginty_ethan He deserves a break as much as the players do.Did the Simpsons do it again? #coronoavirus
Retweeted by AlexGot deleted! Just repost this! #coronavirus #coronoavirus
Retweeted by AlexWith Ginge in net and ginge at centre half no way Real Madrid player is going to dribble past a Villarreal player and score past a Club Brugge goalkeeper in the FA…
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Germany now too after the pilot being told to go to 2500 multiple times he ignores and stays at 1400 and so crashes... @mcginty_ethan @TMcFadden34 W @TMcFadden34Just lock off everywhere. Put the world into lockdown until it is sorted. @nwcfl @AthertonLRFC @Official_HOBAFC @AFCDarwen1 @ashtontownafc @OfficialDHFC @Emley_AFC @PrestwichHeysFc @BacupBoro Viva La LRwhy is he getting red links?
Retweeted by Alex @sufcw1k 🍪Klopp throwing the FA Cup out the window saying no senior players will take part from now nor will he coach himself…
Retweeted by Alex @LFC_Mike_ I have Xavi @CFCCaino_ Our U23s got this story behind why Kobe flew in a private helicopters in LA 💔
Retweeted by Alex7. @jonasmk24 ‘Spread your legs’ is what I understood @jonasmk24 W @LegendEskimoBoy @Rlddock_ Imagine we actually beat them with our U23s anyway and somehow go through @YourMateJez Also the clear hand ball in the first half which would have given us a penaltyWhat a W for Nathan Delfouneso don’t get why people are slandering Minamino already. He’s played 3 games, 2 of them with the B/C team and one ag…
Retweeted by AlexWhat do you want him to do? The Premier League are telling him to honour the winter break and the FA are telling hi…
Retweeted by AlexI’m watching MSNBC for Kobe coverage and check what I hear
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Cartoons predict everything like wth RIP Kobe🙏🏿
Retweeted by Alex @AnfieldEdition Fuck no. @MSNBC this is shocking. Did I hear your reporter correctly?
Retweeted by AlexFuck man @lewis__lufc When it happens @LegendEskimoBoy @LFCVik I’m not happy about this. I want to win the treble ffsEveryone saying RIP Kobe but nothing to the other 4. Typical.Tf is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash
Retweeted by Alex @UniqueRiggers He is always making the runs but never being passed. Always looks like a spark thoughTerminate Lovren’s contract please. @Straithy Not arsed tbh😂 @MANapier18 @DanHendo27 We’re unbeaten in the league, you’ve lost 8. Levels.Lovren is absolutely wankWell shit.Ox on the wing ffsHow stupid.That’s out the boxNot a pen?Three cards to the same player at once! You don't see referees do this very often 😮 @TheGarforthTown
Retweeted by Alex @LegendEskimoBoy Because he isn’t a wingerLook at the Steward trying give the ball back, man just hits the roof Lmaoooo 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by AlexGreat save again Adrian. Fuck me Lovren is so bad @lfcsxm Aha, either way I jsut hope that’s her taking the piss out of Pickford @lfcsxm Not a gif hthEasy.Maddockkkkkk @Rlddock_ W @LFCTransferRoom Naby Salah OxWell in Adrian @jannatjaved_ LeYESSSSS JONESSSSSo close from getting onto that MinaminoWhen you walk in to class and the teacher has changed the seating plan
Retweeted by AlexAnnouncer keeps on telling to make some noise but the crowd is still silent 😭
Retweeted by AlexCOYRRRREvery pass made for the next 2 minutes after the opposition fans appeal for a handball
Retweeted by AlexI think this cats broken
Retweeted by AlexLovely🔴 TEAM NEWS 🔴 Our #EmiratesFACup line-up to face @shrewsweb... #LFC | #FACup
Retweeted by Alex @mufcmiikey Pickford? Ahahhaha @LFC_Mike_ WUgly things🚨 300k Giveaway! 🚨 To celebrate reaching this milestone, we’re giving away a signed Erling Haaland shirt to one lu…
Retweeted by AlexI’ve had all 4 this week🤷‍♂️ @James7Devlin @AnfieldEdition Shit yeah, Lallana @AnfieldEdition Adrian Neco Lovren Matip Larouci Fabinho Milner Elliot Minamino Jones Origi @DFletcherSport How’s life DarrenLead to the death of someone, but let’s call it iconic. Forgot it’s just the Liverpool fans that are ‘murderers’
Retweeted by Alex🚨 12K FIFA POINTS GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away 12,000 Fifa points 🚨 To enter: 🔄 Retweet ❤️ Like 🌟 Follow…
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