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Alex Leo @AlexMLeo Washington, DC

I help media orgs grow their audiences. Fmr VP @thedailybeast, head of product @reuters. RTs mean I wanna have your baby. Tweets auto-delete.

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@OliviaMesser I’m so sorry and can relate!!this thread is just so disheartening. here's somebody reaching out - clearly distressed. and she's met with 'not my…
Retweeted by Alex Leo @andizeisler 😢“as of Wednesday night, only 84 tickets had been sold”
Retweeted by Alex LeoCursed conversations on that app
Retweeted by Alex LeoPresidential.
Retweeted by Alex LeoJoin @MerrillBro & @AlexMLeo this week for another great hour of discussion on #TheNewsProjectLive, with yet anothe…
Retweeted by Alex LeoDon't romanticize needless death. They did not have to die. They were killed by a system that chose arrogance and i…
Retweeted by Alex Leo @ReignOfApril I've seen at least ten of these videos so far and cannot get over how little the kids care! My mother… getting relentlessly swarmed by VC twitter were two of my absolute lowest days on the internet. I hope tech gat…
Retweeted by Alex LeoRamzan Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic, has publicly humiliated the mother of a young woman who was kille…
Retweeted by Alex Leo @TaylorLorenz god I'm so sorry, Taylor