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@jonny_is_good this situation is massively upsettingFormer East Pittsburgh police officer Mike Rosfeld acquitted of shooting 17-year-old Antwon Rose in the back after…
Retweeted by Alex Pressthe only beverage I consumed today was lemonade @fender_splendor the companies are conspiring to kill us all! it makes me feel so SEEN
I love being in medical purgatory it is where I live and I’m just glad to be here @ArmyStrang lol I really like that the big bottle has a “fan club” @ArmyStrang is “catsup” instead of “ketchup” a midwestern thing or are these different things? @ArmyStrang pittsburgh’s the home of heinz and I always loved this big light-up sign of ketchup coming out of the b… @ArmyStrang I’m drinking a 20 oz right now and it feels extravagantwow, the world’s largest lemonade was even bigger than I expected @ryanaboyd yes, but grad unions and adjunct organizing, itself a product of deteriorating working conditions, does… consign the phrase “middle class” to the dustbin of other words, as an ironworker who showed up on the columbia grad student picket line said when I asked him about…, I addressed this a little bit here kickstarter thing really does suck but in my limited experience with white-collar unions, many well-intentione… news: he bubbled the money. trying times in the family @cd_hooks c’mon man you wouldn’t eat the slice?? @socialism_doer @crulge lol yes it does that’s why I used the phrase (to respect the culture) @crulge tim the place says it puts 230 ‘ronis on a slice @extranapkins the ad worked I want the slice so badly and would kill for it @tylergscott I wish I had an excuse to go to yonkers! delete my tweets about the US health care system because they’re homicidal but here’s a cool targeted ad I got
“check your privilege, you’ve got it too good to need a union” is peak anti union liberalism, god help us all
Retweeted by Alex Press @davidlparsons he is more alive than almost anyone I know @erikhinton erik he told me he thinks of me once every 3 weeks and had been meaning to call me for 7 months! he mea… @DjangoHoorides lol no, he is decidedly not a leftistone day I hope to love something as much as my brother loves somehow traveling around the country to play in world poker tour events
@benschwartzy could be the next mexico city if it plays its cards rightbrooklyn, now there’s a place you don’t hear about anymorebuying a pet boa constrictor because one of my roommates is allergic to cats @zlingman nothing like a sunday stroll to my local labor market, to pick up some jobs @randlechris lolwhole lot of millennials’ intro to left politics was: antiwar movement, occupy, and anti-police brutality movement.… @randlechris catastrophic, gotta cut his mic when that starts @joshuarolson haha god how ridiculousI was 11 and went to the antiwar marches, these people are maniacscan’t watch people defending their support for the iraq war. too depraved, someone get them to log off, where’s can… is sending out emails to the student body to make everyone think our strike is unreasonable. the math at the…
Retweeted by Alex Presshm, possible evidence of cutting-edge innovation here. just what being a visionary’s all about I guess @lukesburneracct lol I was just thinking this myself even though I am also implicated in overusing good/bad faith (… execs love innovating the labor-exploitation spaceon a related subject, it's still weird to me how little pushback bezos got for including so much fine print when he… grad workers are on strike fighting for dignity & financial stability. Please donate to our strike fund & share…
Retweeted by Alex PressICYMI: I wrote about how facebook’s 1000-word apology for the working conditions of its moderators should’ve mentio… @andrewperezdc lol I thought the same thing @lil_yenta this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever read: his future wife’s dad took his mom out on a double date, and… @libbycwatson heartwarming to see how much progress shitposters have made since 2016man, still thinking about this. my dad likes shuja’s writing but I had to put off sending him this one
Beto keeps jumping up on coffee counters. I asked baristas and coffee shop owners about it:
Retweeted by Alex Pressa unionized Facebook security guard I spoke to for this piece was as disturbed as anyone else about the nature of m… moderators, like every subcontracted workforce in tech, have hard jobs. whatever moderators decide to do ab… is completely beautiful wrote this about the best person I ever knew. I wish I could have introduced you.
Retweeted by Alex Pressoh wow, tech union interview with three members of the chicago symphony orchestra, which is on strike, kinda rules's a summary of our 12-hour bargaining session today and why we're going on strike tomorrow:
Retweeted by Alex Press @ConnorSouthard hard to say. hell, I can’t even say my number since that’d be admitting to a crime (really though,…’d say I’ve stolen more socks from the hospital than your average person @gabrielwinant just got around to reading this one, it’s incredible
@hasanthehun hasan I will never accept your subculture, I was just being nicebeing bullied by the algorithm @kath_krueger this guy...c’mon @InternetHippo he’s like if a cat was 6’4 and running for president @InternetHippo the floor is having a position on any policy exhausted looking at getty photos of beto in iowa: beto standing on a counter. beto signing baseballs. bet… @materialist_jew @Econ_Marshall @stern_tomer had this open as one of approximately 4 million tabs!was mostly trolling with this but now people are replying thoughtfully...might have to delete this out of respect for everyone’s time @Econ_Marshall @stern_tomer should’ve just DM’d you and a dozen other people to measure the take spectrum @Econ_Marshall I was gonna make a third “these are not counterpoised” but I got lazybig tech companies in general: @pblest “But politics, like punk, is less about appearances than it is about what you believe.” lol thank you paul? so rarely say this but: good thread
Retweeted by Alex Press @GarlicCorgi he and I share a vocabulary, which is why I will be endorsing him“oh boy” —my thoughts on the news that beto could become presidentconsuming media as if it were addressed to me, personally, and formulating a responsetrying to respect the youtube subculture but the cat guy makes it difficult
fundraiser’s about to start...come raise money for the steady socialist takeover of chicago politics a chance before the weekend to write up some thoughts about what happened in Christchurch.
Retweeted by Alex Press @BAKKOOONN @jcrutchmer maybe they designed some cool glasses that make it look nice when you look at it through them. “high concept” stuff @BAKKOOONN we love walking up staircases to nowhere, getting vertigo in a wind tunnel. classic big apple stuff @NoahHurowitz time for me to delete this tweet before everyone starts doing thisbecoming a “👇” guy @charles_kinbote [scratching my head] oh boyme, thinking about climate change: jeez @GraceSpelman happy birthday soup the tiny king
I love being bombarded by images, content, etcour new gamer subletter is in the #Buttigang. can’t be good newsI reviewed Bob Spitz's Reagan: An American Journey, where I argue Reagan's conversion story has a lot to teach the…
Retweeted by Alex Press @ByYourLogic I increasingly feel like I’m visiting another planet when I check twitter @DanLehner1 you’re right, I should’ve said “she should expect hostility” @DanLehner1 great, she should expect to be asked difficult questions by attendees. truly can’t understand anyone surprised by this“omg a rich and powerful person got confronted during a [rally/action/protest/whatever]” welcome to the left wtf @malloy_online this site is an exercise in collective delusiongood lord chelsea clinton knew she wasn’t welcome at that vigil everyone please shut up @bonerhitler whoa @JonathanCohn @awgaffney I technically missed it but hbd adam you’re the best
I saw this and thought huh, $8.5k bond is a lot of money. turns out it’s around the median for those in ICE custody…’s late but this needs just over $2k more by the morning for the family to post bond. it’d be cool if they woke u…