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Alex Press @alexnpress New York, NY

asst editor @jacobinmag. bylines: the nation, vox, wapo, n+1, etc. @demsocialists & @nyguild member.

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@getfiscal looks like collusion to meapropos of nothing @mike_hugs aw man I saw the replies but I could’ve sworn mieville used it in his book as a real quote, bummer @soulkhan everyone got mad but at least no one has “explained” how this isn’t a representative survey to me yet @milkman76 yes I do generally call them of the left for reasons that won’t fit on twitter. anyway, here’s something… @micahuetricht @shawngude micah you guys live together just say this to him in person @scottheins what’d I tell you?! @BMarchetich lol man, who knows“alright folks, we thinking the class in itself is becoming a class for itself by 2020?” — bernie in like ten minutes, probablyI’m not a bernie stan but him asking an amazon warehouse worker “what is the consciousness of the workers in the wa…
@remarksist I wanna forward shit like this to everyone who gets mad about how long I take to reply to legitimate emailslink to the @SenSanders town hall with low-wage workers. good, useful stuff: @some_guy_nate @matthew_gehring @shujaxhaider sure. you can also think that while finding the hypocrisy among the m… @matthew_gehring @shujaxhaider yeah such a thing’s no good, and we know our government systematically does that in… @neilkli @shujaxhaider smdh @shujaxhaider I keep assuming I must be missing something? @shujaxhaider such a thing is barely worth a tweet remarking on it, much less [gestures at the past two years of news] @shujaxhaider I’m so completely baffled by this seemingly impossible level of historical amnesia that I haven’t giv… @milkman76 there remains a fairly widespread habit of men on the left who, reflecting the broader world we live in,… @dolladollabille one day I’ll compile the greatest hits from my inbox into a coffee table bookhere’s a tweet I’ll regret doing, but I’m curious about sentiment on here these days: what do you think the US left…
Retweeted by Alex Press @nickwiger lmao this rocks @ArmyStrang “create two, three, many Rapones” — Che, iircAmazon warehouse workers in Spain on strike from today until Wednesday for #PrimeDay #HuelgaAmazon @AmazonEnLucha
Retweeted by Alex Press @Slampig2012 really enjoying these deep cuts lately @charles_kinbote being alivewe’re nowhere near to being able to seriously challenge the power of companies like amazon (that’s gonna take a lot… which I wade into the pool of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's recent comments on Palestine and try to offer some ways…
Retweeted by Alex Presshappy prime day, @ChavieLieber went in on the ugly history of amazon's labor violations, and the context of today's…
Retweeted by Alex Press @BryanDisagrees lol it'll surprise no one to know this was one of multiple emails @BronzeHammer @extranapkins gonna send you all these dudes' numbers so you can call and record it for YKSlmao @ramsincanon tfw people ask me why I don’t smile in photos @landydot different one! @PatBlanchfield lol as far as I know, I’ve never even met this dude @comrade_celery different guy!! @PREMIUMPONCHO lmao half of me is crying laughing, the other is about to murder someoneevery morning, I drink a cup of coffee, check my email, and have an aneurysm"I felt that one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or a rat in a trap.” Pioneering…
Retweeted by Alex Pressbeen reading about this history all week, good thread @cd_hooks pizzagate"The one-day strike at six facilities in Germany coincides with Seattle-based Amazon’s Prime Day promotion. Workers…
Retweeted by Alex PressMichel Foucault: [Slaps roof of ordinary life] This bad boy can fit so many prisons in it
Retweeted by Alex Presslol shout out to all the outlets that have since put out “how not to be a scab on amazon prime day” posts @nataliesurely thanks, yeah I definitely resent itlol @BMarchetich really buried the lede here @I8uridea4brekki totally, I mean this is of course my general experience: entering into a conversation as if I'm a… @I8uridea4brekki yeah, hamstrings us so much, whether we’re talking writing or organizing. the SEIU case comes to m…, doesn’t bother me much as my word’s taken seriously, but that’s not true for lots of women. that my male co… the men around the left who do or send creepy shit to me: it’s gross, you're gross, and it makes me concerned ab… @Red_Pleb @ella_mahony @theedeadwords fwiw (and not to be a broken record) but these responses aren’t a proxy of DS… our papers of record, one of which advertises for amazon, and the other which is [squints, checks notes] ah, literally owned by bezoswe can debate the level of organization of the boycott that was asked for and whatnot (I remain unclear about that…’s a strike on you nyt morons, you absolute idiots @BenP_13 much of the socialist left is distinct from, and without ties to, the Democratic Party, hence the questionwhen seeing these results, worth keeping in mind that lots of liberals (and who knows who else) follow me. a breakd… @mike_hugs yeah I mean, lots of liberals follow me so they’re sorta the results I expectedlol and please don’t ask for clarification or inform me that these are unfair choices. it’s twitter, not a representative survey tyvmhere’s a tweet I’ll regret doing, but I’m curious about sentiment on here these days: what do you think the US left… so ruthlessly commited to Dialectics that i am constantly at war with the person i was two days ago, who is a clown and a coward
Retweeted by Alex Press @hippieswordfish welcome to the leftMcDonald's grilled chicken mcwrap at 250 calories is both a dollar and pound bargain
Retweeted by Alex Pressno need to do the concerned replies, I’m fine, I just wish I could share stories of how WILD this dude is. he’s tru… know online has melted my brain because while having a stalker seriously sucks, particularly grating to me is how… @DavidKaib true almost without exception and incredibly fucked up imo
carrying on reading through this book (I know, it’s absurd I’d never read it before), it’s remarkable how thoroughl… @cd_hooks tag yourself, I’m “esports is a sin” @KrangTNelson sbc is a king for this one tbh @tresdessert lol early TI, which is still not good but reminds me of my childhoodsorry to become a gym account but that’s what’s happeningall I do now is go to the gym and listen to TI so I’d say my summer goal of becoming an antifa supersoldier is going wellgr8 stuff @PrimoItaliano @ShutUpAndrosky lmaofrom Gideon Levy, yesterday jarring footage of the Israeli airstrikes that killed Amir al-Nimra and Louay Kuhail, two teenage boys, yest… crowd of protesters sparred with a group of #Chicago police officers Saturday evening near the street where an of…
Retweeted by Alex Press @samknight_one World Cup final late entry for meltdown may @isi_kbreen maybe your best tweet