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Alex Press @alexnpress New York, NY

asst editor @jacobinmag. bylines: the nation, vox, wapo, n+1, etc. @demsocialists & @nyguild member.

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@lychwake yeah it’s greatniche tweet but: I decided to read the prophet trilogy instead and man, it’s great. very accessible writing and deu… @ramsincanon [extremely edgy contrarian voice] I wish the best for the people I loved and I refuse to think that’s weird @ramsincanon lol I’m on good terms with all my exes (except the one who was abusive) and everyone tells me it’s weird
compiling a 93 book reading list for my weeklong vacation despite knowing I’ll only get through 2 tops @bergmayer gonna think on this for the next six weeksclearing out the notes app[reading the dril book while wearing 18 different novelty tshirts and listening to 46 podcasts] guess I won’t eat this weekFood $200 Data $150 Rent $800 All the goofy shit produced by people I follow on here $3,600 Utility $150 someone wh… @robdelaney medea benjamin rocks @daveweigel @ConnorSouthard yes I hate to inform you both he’s talking about high schools lmao @EricThurm do it before sampling all the meats @EricThurm I’m having so much funcome to ridgewood rn if you wanna eat 48 different types of grilled meat and also go in a bouncy castle chait has no idea what he’s talking about, example # 473619595 @surfbordt lol none, apparently tweeting when there’s texts i still haven’t replied to
Retweeted by Alex Press @MurderBryan I’ll tell the fbi to update this file in that case @getfiscal lol I’m currently reading fbi files on avakian and came across another great quote from him best book easter egg is this dedication for a very dry legal text. china mieville’s the best @PathwaysDavid colson whitehead’s the underground railroadI think I’ve spent a full decade of my life listening to hybrid moments (says a lot considering it’s < 2 minutes long)lol @alexqarbuckle what he does is “no joke,” and yet
@charles_kinbote best cat much to read these days. have people forgotten writing a book is something nerds do? idgi @ClareCoffey I tried a bunch of times when I was 16 and haven’t touched a car since. just never gonna happendon’t think I’ll ever be competent enough to get a driver’s license @pattymo just wanna let you know I really love this dog @bad_takes that’s right“politics sucks” but with the cool S throughoutman, @crulge is the best and I’m lucky to know him @Slampig2012 lol that’s correct, anyone who knows the details would agree @KenzoShibata ❤️ thanks bud @Slampig2012 lmao jesus @Slampig2012 lol hey man, we do kinda look alike...maybe it’s the same guy! @mcmansionhell @alexjs85 <3 thanks kate, entirely unnecessary I promise @electrolemon @rachelmillman @cottonbureau @RAINN @RAICESTEXAS @TransEquality excited to wear this shirt and make a…
@MikeIsaac mike I’m starting to think everyone in DC is out of their goddamn minds @crushingbort true and uncontroversial @BrandyLJensen @nickwiger was skeptical about spending a whole minute of my life watching a political ad but holy shit @GreyEditing lol thanks sarah, really appreciate itMax Zirngast was recently arrested by “anti-terror police” in Turkey. he’s being held on bogus charges, predictably… @nandorvila lol oh no now I can’t unsee it @phillismonster ❤️ thankstbh joke’s on my stalker, I went to schools so shitty that I can’t even read cursive @feraljokes having a good onelol I made the entire office watch all three videos and kept interrupting to say "this is so beautiful and pure!!" and his frequent coauthors are true comrades, so this made me tear up: "'In court, Max stood tall before the pr…
Retweeted by Alex Press @dolladollabille thanks! looks like I have a couple leads in NY, so don't worry too much about it @cagoldberglaw @tkretchmar thanks so much, will be in touch soon @jonahwhatever bhaskar’s been helpful don’t worryre: those last tweets, I'm sure people will reply with "but this isn't fine!" but: I'm fine. this is just a small a… @BrandyLJensen some of what he says is hilarious in its craziness, but uh, I’ve laughed it off for over a year and prob shouldn’t anymore@ everyone replying in horror: yes, it’s not great!my stalker situation is getting *slightly* out of hand, so: anyone know a NY-based lawyer who specializes in stalki… @GraceSpelman lol I’m also visiting soon and concerned about being less hot than everyone else @dwdavison9318 lol jesus this is ridiculous @caulkthewagon lol there must be thousands of us obsessively checking his account right now @GreyEditing they’re perfectignore all the other tweets today, just repeatedly watch this and the follow up @BrandyLJensen eThIcS aNd PuBlIc PoLiCy @erikhinton erik, there are so many things!can’t sleep, busy thinking about every embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life @Vinncent this seems right. I tend to read it as a dodge from speaking concretely of political differences/programs… @david_j_roth update: it’s been half an hour and I’m still watching these videos @ComicWisdom I’m so sorry, that’s horrible
Retweeted by Alex Press @david_j_roth easily one of the funniest people on here @thoughtleader9 those are clear cut situations. most of the situations where people blame themselves are necessaril… @thoughtleader9 congratulations, I’m glad you’ve never had a situation that made you doubt yourself. plenty of peop… is so dumb @hasanthehun hope this helps
I'm honoured to be writing for the new Tribune: my first piece is why Labour needs a new Clause IV committing to a…
Retweeted by Alex Press"The question of reducing sexual abuse is a question of who has power. Yet much of the writing about #MeToo functio…
Retweeted by Alex Press @alexqarbuckle @Bro_Pair lmao he got fired from variety too (I know this because I now love him and have been reading all his tweets) @Hegelbon just spent like ten minutes reading his tweets and tbh I think I have to give him the follow @Hegelbon lmao this guy rocksmy only point is all this being: yes, we’ve come a long way (of course we have. for example, marital rape wasn’t se… @caulkthewagon ❤️ @caulkthewagon and we’re boston leftie organizer types! so yeah, not much has changedI was walking around as a left-wing feminist organizer, and I *still* believed that! fwiw, it was the other feminis… lots of talk re: Ford and Kavanaugh about how women “used to” blame themselves for being assaulted. would just… @ramsincanon on Jon Burge, the chicago police commander who literally, systematically tortured people🚨useful labor-organizing training happening this evening🚨 released FBI documents detailing the bureau's actions against George Crockett Jr show how the bureau acts…
Retweeted by Alex PressWhat’s next for #MeToo? The McDonald’s strikes have an answer, by @alexnpress via @voxdotcom
Retweeted by Alex PressWhen the brave women and men working at @McDonalds went on strike this week over rampant sexual harassment at the f…
Retweeted by Alex Press @KrangTNelson krang, she’s a “progressive.” you know they can’t fight @KrangTNelson no way. four legs vs two legs
Retweeted by Alex Press"I know a woman who assumed #MeToo meant she should speak up about a sexually abusive man in her workplace, as she…
Retweeted by Alex Press*extremely good faith voice* classic bernie bro fb post 🙄👍🆒 @ConnorSouthard I got a letter this week saying I owe the brooklyn public libraries $53 so I’m a sovereign citizen guy nowgonna expose the deep state (go live on fb as I beg a librarian to waive my late fees) @shutupmikeginn goes without saying