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@CantTakeAnyLs I’d add Garm as well but W nonetheless 🏃‍♀️ @Mayuosu @Raeven_Lol @Raeven_Lol His design is ok but I think Trunks has a way better one tbh forms of Noelle so far, can't wait to see her Spirit Dive be animated at some point 🔥🔥🔥 #BlackClover
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @SlyPerformer @Trash_Maaruf He said it not me 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ @Trash_Maaruf “Your takes are kinda gay” 💀 @Trash_Maaruf So you’re never gonna agree with me… @Zetsukiiiii @ShemmSilva @SlyPerformer @Trash_Maaruf Is your entire personality built around disagreeing with people cause you barley ever agree with anything 🗿 @WWEMM0 I’m curious to see where the similarities are 🗿 @Pale_Hunter Download Picsart or Layout from the App Store @DemonSlayerJon Demon Slayer got some of the best anime designs istg @DecisiveSatisfy Any* @DecisiveSatisfy I was debating between Gyro and Jolyne but ended up choosing jolyne cause this list had barley an girls 🏃‍♀️ @donix__ @SoloVsDaWorld Own3x3 of my favorite anime / manga character designs 🥸 @__Poke___ Happens a lot under my tweets, I just end up blocking these accounts tbh @LukaZer0 One of the best characters ever imo's some of my favourite Vegeta moments since I love him so much
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @25thMyles First time seeing someone with Yhwach in their top 3, W imo ufotable and Mappa for giving us Peak every week❤️‍🔥🙏
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @str6fes 💃🏼 @nkkolo87 @nkkolo87 I feel embarrassed for ever saying you have good takes 🗿 @kaio_9k They are salty seeing us being friends cause they will never have any friends of their own 💃🏼 @Aliban969 Pretty fun read so far really enjoying it @Aliban969 Hey 👋 and Yuno in ending 8. Love this vibrant colours 🔥🔥 #BlackClover
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧My only minor complaint about this manga is that the chapters are a bit too long but that isn’t that big of a dealOut of the two Sagiri is my favorite tho 🦦 7 chapters in Jigokuraku. Sagiri and Gabimaru might be some of my favorite new gen characters already,… @Zetsukiiiii At least it’s still Gilgamesh 😮‍💨 @AsaemonSag Twitter* @ItSZaiNYeaH @AsaemonSag You can just feel the goat energy coming from it 😌 @AsaemonSag Goat Hive clears both 😹👎
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @UchihaSync Hive is the best group chat on Anitwt
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @Trash_Maaruf Finally you decided to add a good character as your pfp 😌 @SlimeSenju原神の甘雨ちゃんやかわいい女の子だいすきです!よかったら! #絵柄が好みっていう人にフォローされたい #ド直球に言いますがフォローしてください
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧Moments before Asta's rage 🔥🔥 #BlackClover
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧
@_BANKAI_GODS_ Safe to say Aries wins ♈️ @Anidarshan31 @BasedPhos56 Oh wow he just need 59.937 likes more Like I said it’s coming soon 🤧 @BasedPhos56 Steal from Rex this what you’ll get as a result @BasedPhos56 60k banger incoming @SoloVsDaWorld For the first time ever I’ll take Naruto’s side and say you’re wrong 🗿 @Yasso_variant2 @Yassotopia @Jaleelsmith14 I forgot… @l_e_n____ Speak 🗿 @paolachai Yeah a few days ago @UchihaSync Chapter 9 Why are they making the chapters so long? Makes me feel like I’m reading 20 chapters 😭Top 4 new gen shonen female characters imo lied to me when they said Wano was bad. It’s easily top 3 One Piece arcs idc 🤷🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @ShemmSilva @SoloVsDaWorld Couldn’t take one in time but he said he wanted to get someone’s grandma pregnant 🗿 @SoloVsDaWorld I have notis on @SoloVsDaWorld What did that grandma do to deserve that? @Saitamagoated I’m in the big 3!?!? 🤭 @Saitamagoated Nah you’re definitely hitting 10k 🗿 @Saitamagoated Congrats King 👑 10k by the end of the year!? 😳 Manga: My Hero Academia [Ch.341]
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @SlashBeuh Imagine being born after 2003 @infinite_6s @nkkolo87 You fell off 🗿 @el_trapahan Sanji is my favorite so I had a blast with that arc @SlashBeuh Respect Chi-Chi @nkkolo87 You have a humiliation kink there’s no other explanation. Based was right @Mayuosu @BlackClover_twt Noelle is still better 🗿 @BlackClover_twt She’s getting set up a lot lately so nice to seeing some praise 😮‍💨 @ShinzouFPS @BasedPhos56 opinion? @Saitamagoated 5k by today you got this king 🤧 to believe that 5K might happen a bit sooner 😳😳😳 Lob 50?
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @Kvn77x I was seeing so much hate I was expecting it to be the biggest flop ever 🤦🏻‍♀️My top 5 is this btw: 1) WCI 2) Enies Lobby 3) Wano 4) Marineford 5) SabaodyTwitter lied to me when they said Wano was bad. It’s easily top 3 One Piece arcs idc 🤷🏻‍♀️ @Trash_Maaruf Just figured you might respect Okabe enough to put him above Luffy 😮‍💨 @DezDog5 @Trash_Maaruf Huge W @Trash_Maaruf Luffy and Gintoki @Aliban969 @str6fes Good morning Aidan ☀️ @xDB_Gokux W R1 had arguably the best cliffhanger in anime @LukaALT02 has gone WAY too far... Read:
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @Zetsukiiiii @Liam_4713 Fairy tail has the best cast In shonen* @SlashBeuh I got Cynthia 🧍🏻‍♀️ @Zetsukiiiii @Liam_4713 Never change Gilgamesh 🤷🏻‍♀️ @Liam_4713 Accounts who don’t change their layout are better anywaysわるい魔女🦋
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @SoloVsDaWorld Gn bum @im_soul_reaper2 @LelouchBurner Claymore 🌝 @donix__ They are just hating on the best new gen for being better than their favorites 🌝 @Mayuosu @BlackClover_twt @Mayuosu @BlackClover_twt Noelle better 🧍🏻‍♀️ @Tendoszn @finnastomp Just as I was starting to talk with him more 🤧
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧Johnny keeps growing on me, loving his development so far
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @nkkolo87 Can you not set up Noelle like this pls 😭 @Zetsukiiiii Mf reactivated his account to post this 😭THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 10K🔥 I Truly appreciate y’all🤧♥️ Watch/Read Demon Slayer
Retweeted by ⭐️Alexandra💧 @DemonSlayerJon Congrats Jon 🎊