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artisanal small batch hand crafted company. freelance games & content writer. tainui. 📝 @starcolthq @bffgame. 🥰 @allisashes. bi af. he/him. pic by @catty_art.

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please stay safe tonight, wellington frens @JessMWoodward y u p. @JessMWoodward I GUESS I SHOULD PREPARE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN WE HAVEN'T PLAYED SINCE SEPTEMBER
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wremembering at 11:22 pm that i'm meant to be running a d&d session in 12.5 hours'm too lazy to find that powerful lyrics tweet to RT again but I've just remembered, from St Vincent's "Cruel": "… education did: THAT.
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wWell, I'm sold.
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wGot out of a 5 year relationship and decided to transform the room I shared with my ex. 🕊 Before and after.
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @jondauthor where can i watch thisSome perspective to consider.
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @stef_peacock @cryingcatimage tbh chinese is probably the one cuisine i would trust to cook tripe that tastes better than it looks @cryingcatimage i've never eaten it but i once had to touch it when i worked in a butchery. like the honeycomb trip…'s a reminder that volunteer applications for NZ Games Festival 2020 are open! This is a really great way to ge… @JessMWoodward dab gif here @kitsubasa @JessMWoodward i wish i had that kind of authority @kitsubasa yeahhhh they're very expensive + some of the flavours are seasonal @kitsubasa @JessMWoodward i'm losing my mind @JessMWoodward par-boiled, roughed up and roasted. duck-fat style. followed by scalloped potatoes/dauphinoise @JessMWoodward OH. LOL. @kitsubasa the salted butter caramel flavour??? omg @JessMWoodward omg... potato salad* @JessMWoodward but if you're making a potato slaad, idk, perlas probably @JessMWoodward see, the potatoes we get in nz are kind of limited. there's a bon appetit video where they go over s… @kitsubasa i've had some very underwhelming macarons in my life. jaimes les macarons from chch, also available in m… @passcod potsticker style is best, unless they're soup dumplings or IN soup. steamed is okay, boiled is like... why… @NyxLock AH, FUCK @Canti_aka_Stars LOOK, @NyxLock sorry harley you've been blocked from the circle @Canti_aka_Stars i'm sold @NyxLock FUCK YEAH CARROT CAKE. my favourite vessel for cream cheese frosting. the amount of frosting determines th… ora! Please share this around far and wide. It would mean a lot to me if you could donate whatever you can. Hop…
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @versusinfinity i ate so much pasta in melbourne @versusinfinity also turns out my anti-boner for pasta is actually just an elitist boner for homemade pasta @versusinfinity 1. lasagna: ok lasagna is a pasta dish yes but also its own thing. lasagna is the pinnacle of oven-… @jackalsalad TIMMMMMMMM this time actually tweet me a food and i'll give you my hot take on that food @stef_peacock what the fuck is a "non-patterned shirt"? @Volteccer which is ridiculous because i'm pretty sure every gay is hype for harley quinn alreadyI’m so tired.... I’m 1000 years old...... I don’t give a shit unless I see one of them cum in the others ass on scr…
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wHello! This year I am looking for reliable freelancers able to turn around good copy quickly based on instructed pa…
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @jondauthor CATTE @maddukun How could you do this to me I love luckys so much
@ginnywoes Omg mine took 2 and it was Too Long For Me @ginnywoes How long did it take?? @ginnywoes NIIIIIIIIIICEI’M IN THE CORNER, WATCHING YOU KISS HER, OOOOOOOOHHHH
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wRetweet to scare gamers
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @thejessestofall @jackalsalad First you get jess sick, then you beat herIntroducing the world’s first fully-themed We Bare Bears pop-up café in Singapore! Which kawaii treat would you try…
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @mrgnarchr You know someone is going to bring a knife @chelle_jane_ 👁️👄👁️ You're welcome @josshendren Honestly it's just a Good Episode @chelle_jane_ 👁️👄👁️God I love Laura Bailey's role-playing so much @josshendren wow, multitasking, prouda u @josshendren ... well? @josshendren are you going toWe might be going to see a puppy on Monday. 🙊Tickets for Play by Play 2020 are on sale now - @nzgamesfest
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @pritika_sachdev @CheckPointOrg 💕💕💕💕💕💕 I'm excited to see what you do next. ☺️ @Wanderlustin WHAT @stef_peacock innnnnnnnteresting @EthanMcQuarrie i mean i have so many ideas for things @EthanMcQuarrie 👀 @GhostTownGoldie 👀I want to make a point and click game. @stef_peacock @zalahabib @JessMWoodward all i will say is that i hope you don't like that flavour of whittakers jess @stef_peacock @zalahabib i'm pretty sure the s in "beans" was a typoi'm going to be moving again in like a week????? that's so wildFfs @zalahabib and @stef_peacock why ARE YOU SO NICE??????? Thank you. Two very good bean. Supreme beans. BOX my god
@liamesler I didn't apply but I would like to take this compliment please
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @gigahorsedeluxe @allisashes Definitely putting skulls on everythingyou: there's no such thing as a perfect cup. it does not exist me:
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wi’m angy
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @gigahorsedeluxe @allisashes that's it we're going to the ukwe’re here at the ba test kitchen 🍴🍳 i had to make a lil tribute to my absolute favorite food content makers online…
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' wmy 2 moods
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @hanaraad if you get up early enough you can beat the traffic! :P we're also thinking of getting a japanese spitzit is pretty funny that as time goes on, Poison Ivy becomes less of a villain without ever changing a single opinion she has
Retweeted by alex 'emojo' w @josshendren Is that part of the treat or is that the meal @josshendren And the cheese? @josshendren I'd like to say I recommend it but I'm pretty sure it's Stockholm syndrome at this point @TempVar_User my trademe viewings the past two months tho @lucyamorris i mean.......... you'd get some great use out of baba lysaga @NyxLock @maddukun OMG THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL @NyxLock when you say "fucking"... is that a verb or @Li_Bai NOT THAT I THINK I'LL BE GOING TO ANY MORE HEYOOOOOOOOO @Li_Bai well. now i have to check this every time i go to a showhome. @catty_art thenks! :D(also we'll be getting curtains or blinds or something over that big ass window so you won't just be on display unless you choose to be)This means we'll be looking for a flatmate! If you know anyone who's looking to live out west, please let me know.… @allisashes @kendra_c__ revolutionary @josshendren 👀