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#blacklivesmatter freelance games & content writer. dm & #dnd5e homebrew creator. tainui. 📝 @starcolthq @bffgame. 🥰 @allisashes. bi af. he/him.

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@wincenworks @AndyAstruc That is what I would do, as a person. @wincenworks Jess has literally revealed as Cylon!!!I'm gonna shank her. @_mjwills @fckeveryword 😌Haven't even had my second turn and she's confirmed herself as Cylon.fuck wellington
Retweeted by alex wWe're playing BSG and I'm calling it now that Jess is the cylon. @allymcleangames Good idea! @allymcleangames 😬😬😬😬😬 Yeah that is steep. I think mine is like $80 a month for 10k worth of cover, which is probably more than we need @allymcleangames Fwiw if you can afford pet insurance it can be very worthwhile. Someone I know has a Frenchie who… @allymcleangames boyfriend said that Wes Anderson looks like all his cast members, but I want to point out specifically that you…
Retweeted by alex w @EthanMcQuarrie @cannibality Element of nothingness @cannibality At the risk of being boring still, what about pure neutrality. Total blandness. The absence of remarkability. @cannibality Elements as in fire/water/earth/air? @saycheeselouise I have a working knowledge of most online copyright/plagiarism things, especially around copy. Wha… @cassjadegray Tfw you're sick of quarantine so you go to MelbournePlanters planters planters! Aren’t they magickal? 🥺✨💕
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@mattspectrumapp Oh GOD, NO
Retweeted by alex wIf anyone tells you that New Zealanders are being kept in Quarantine Camps - they are hotels. You have tv and food…
Retweeted by alex wThere are lots of games writers you've probably never heard of. I'm going to signal boost one each day - plz RT. M…
Retweeted by alex wit is a game dev truth universally acknowledged...
Retweeted by alex wJacinda Ardern to all of Auckland right now:
Retweeted by alex wif I was a game developer I would simply not add bugs to the game
Retweeted by alex wI have been cackling at this for ten minutes
Retweeted by alex wPlease follow the rules. That will be the difference.
Retweeted by alex wlol suck it all you conspiracy theorists and your terribly doctored fake screenshots spreading unnecessary fear and…
Retweeted by alex wdamn, your mate in the ministry got it wrong huh
Retweeted by alex wThem: Cindy's a communist! Me:
Retweeted by alex wNetflix: Netflix to NOT butcher the ATLA Live-Action Series - Sign the Petition! via @Changehe cant game :( he can game now :)
Retweeted by alex w @pepperraccoon @stef_peacock @zalahabib Holy shit that is an extremely evil dog @pepperraccoon @Daffyflyer @zalahabib We have one by our front door for this reason 😅 @stef_peacock @zalahabib Nothing like roast stef and potatoes 😋 @stef_peacock @zalahabib put it away stef!!!!!!!Feel that? No, you can't, because there's a pandemic. But if you could, oh man. You'd be feeling some real Tactile…
Retweeted by alex w @cassjadegray Unless..."trans agenda" is just the italian way of saying transgender
Retweeted by alex wIt’s good that the government was so hesitant to mandate compulsory medical procedures. It’s a human right to decli…
Retweeted by alex w @demanrisu oh this slapsabsolutely baller content from the postal workers union
Retweeted by alex w @JeanLeggett Being both a copywriter and a game writer, this is PAINFUL. @clam_team @Wanderlustin I'm genuinely unsure who is globally known so you may know these already, but: Rose Matafe… @fangorious @Wanderlustin CADIE @hanaraad yeah, I had an egg and bacon bap and I think if it had a more even egg to bacon ratio I would have been fine?
Even though I now eat and enjoy eggs, I nonetheless sometimes just get an involuntary response wherein they make me feel queasy. :( @gtiso
Retweeted by alex wSpent a bit of time today consolidating my tips thread from over a year ago, & updating it a bit! YMMV of course, b…
Retweeted by alex wGood idea: follow official updates, practice good hygiene, look our for your neighbours, practice manaakitanga Bad…
Retweeted by alex w- We had no COVID-19 when Brownlee was appointed Deputy for Collins. - We now have COVID -19 Just an interesting series of facts.
Retweeted by alex wwonderful news everybody! the task i have been putting off since 2019 took me six minutes to complete
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Retweeted by alex w @katemccccartney I'm sure you've simply had enough of pet photos by now but here are some more am Narcissus and my little zoom square is my lake
Retweeted by alex w @peachsharks cheesecake on a brownie baseDo you like: 1. Charity 2. Hot people 3. Stripping 4. Hot people stripping for charity? Broadway Bares is on YouTu… @bigsparkleemoji @Canti_aka_Stars Same but to be fair most things do @Canti_aka_Stars Grooves ugh spelling @Canti_aka_Stars The line "face pressed into the corduroy groves" for some reason stays with me @Canti_aka_Stars Aw you look so happyit’s good to be back
Retweeted by alex w @Canti_aka_Stars Yes @Canti_aka_Stars Sorry 4 tweet @passcod SAFFRON? WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF MONEYGenuine question: why does it cost money to enter the AGDAs?i am EXTREMELY BUSY doing NOT VERY MUCH while feeling VERY OVERWHELMED
Retweeted by alex wjust checking if you’re a crow
Retweeted by alex w @angharadyeo Honestly after seeing the other photos with the cat, I thought the kettle in the kitchen photo was also the cat. @angharadyeo IS THIS FROM A REAL LISTING?Congratulations to the team at @catacombprince, NZ Games Fest finalists in two categories! Our own @CaseyLucasQuaid
Retweeted by alex wLeaving something to soak has to be the oldest trick in the book for not actually doing the dishes. @Nyx_Tiresias @melissabailey12 I love thisI-- WHAT @mattspectrumapp That's major!!!!#BREAKING There are 14 new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand today. Of these cases, 13 are in the community, all i…
Retweeted by alex w @AndyAstruc I like that! @aCrownOfMoths Your* omg @aCrownOfMoths As it 10000% you prerogative! @cannibality @deathbybadger Yup! Crit success/fail outside of combat is just a common house ruleIf you roll a nat 20 on a charisma check to seduce a Sidhe queen but your charisma mod is negative 2, you ain't sed… I totally agree. Crits and automatic misses are for attack rolls. Ability checks are separate things. Right no… me its a case of did u meet the target number if the target number is 25 and you roll a 20 but you still on…
Retweeted by alex wi know the natural 20 and the critical fail are much beloved traditional house rules of D&D (driven by a primal hum…
Retweeted by alex wqueer art is always treated as being inherently more provocative and explicit than art designed by and for straight…
Retweeted by alex w @lucyamorris @zalahabib Me too 😌 but alas, @KitfoxGames THESE ARE SICK AS HELLLLLLL🔊 A war of words between National and Labour continues, with Judith Collins claiming Grant Robertson made an "outra…
Retweeted by alex wKo te tūmanako kei te ora tonu koutou! Kia manaaki i tēnā i tēnā xx💜 Hope everyone is doing okay out there! Please…
Retweeted by alex wMike Hosking is complaining about young people. Again. Young people (under 34), you outnumber Mike Hosking by 1,137…
Retweeted by alex w @hiimshiny SHIT I CANT REMEMBER IF I SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY. HBDILY🌙🌙🌙 Writing a MUSLIM Character 101 for NON-MUSLIMS: A Thread 🌙🌙🌙 You're in for a ride bbs
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Idk, being inside isn't too bad ☀ 💛
Retweeted by alex w @zalahabib Full time content writer, probablt in-house. 😪 But if I had startup capital, a board game shop with Camp… @kendra_c__ OMFGGGGGGGGGG @allisashes @venominz Why are you booing, he's right! @kendra_c__ Wow that must have been very difficult!!! I can certainly understand why she alone wasn't capable of th… @allymcleangames Omg she is so tiny 😭Phantom Quasar. Hidden in the remote recesses of space, is an object that blinks in and out of our of plane. A reli…
Retweeted by alex wThis mushroom said trans rights
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