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Alex Rose @AlexRoseGames Manchester, UK

Indie dev. made Super Rude Bear Resurrection for PS4. serial Ludum Dare doer. Physicist. develop 30 under 30 and so on. discord:

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@tylertreese also omg something just popped up into my youtube subs and this looks amazing @tylertreese Yeah it's amazing, also that track with the eminem interview made me go and watch one of his hour long… @buschle_k @aninnocentfish1 @oherrodere @mackenxcheese some kids here use hahaha like people there use xxxxxx @TheLeakerWink @oherrodere @mackenxcheese that's a proper teenage thing for people in the uk to do, just say hahaha… @swaezz @a2b_a2b @sgh_30 @oherrodere @mackenxcheese alcohol @Slaur_Marius @TrekEthicist @BriannaWu @loretayoungslks right but there's such thing as decorum. if you want to poi… AM GOING COMPLETELY INSANE
Retweeted by Alex Rose @thejessmyers I haven't played a good turn based rpg in TIME but on 360 if you have one, there's a mechanically su… @mode7games I don't even care about my "data security", why the fuck do I care if someone can see my expenditure? I… @mode7games yeah can my bank not just send all my shit to my accountant and I just e-sign it off or something? what am I paying a grand for?ohhh nooo my bank username is on my old computer... ..ffs..... @hugosslade @dittomat ngl sounds like itthere is not one singular thing on earth I want to do less than my accounts it's not even HARD I just hate it, why does it exist @kyavi_xyz rider is life tho fuckin' love rider @dittomat yeah balloon.wav is the truth @kyavi_xyz nah I am too noob, I am far faster with mouse + vim than I will ever be with vim alone @kyavi_xyz @dittomat I don't, I used to use vsvim and now I use ridervim I turned off bongs in rider now tbf but vsvim can't turn off bongs @dittomat yeah I hate that shit. I use vim and if you press right at the very end of a line it bings you or if you… @dittomat I dunno if this is a good solution for you but I hate the ding sound and I always replace ding for a clic… @tylertreese trying it now. cheers @AntonHand @DevRelCallum how the fuck does the US army have a twitch channel? wtf @toficofi like the YMCA? it's fun to play with the W A S D @jbloodthorn yeah I think A is actually the most likely one is now a video game about the worst club in manchester. art has gone too far if the frog is comprised entirely of top/bottom quarks gluons and taus and it decays all the way down to non exotic matter @toficofi it could indeed, that is very true @Jamesbv2James what if it's still a frog but you yourself are the queen, at your wedding ceremony with the frog, an… @n_feofentov maybe both the frog and prince will simultaneously quantum tunnel to each other's positionswhat if the frog was really dense thoI love googling dumb shit @NOTxNSANE @jaytholen oh yeah that's the thing, the price difference between 3200 and 3000 is currently not so big… @jaytholen @NOTxNSANE you are upgrading anyway, it will feel great. I don't think you will notice that your game is… @NOTxNSANE @jaytholen yeah above 3600 infinity fabric has to double its rate to work I did go for 3600 but I am ma… @NOTxNSANE @jaytholen this is really bad advice especially when you say "3600+". anything above 3600 is not even gu… @NOTxNSANE @jaytholen ryzen cpus do not "need" 3600 ram, they don't even officially support anything over 2666. any… @SomeGuyNamedKai @jaytholen keeping in mind that anything above 3600 is absolutely ridiculous, not guaranteed to ru… @SomeGuyNamedKai @jaytholen yeah I mentioned that. I find ram questions so nebulous though. I ran my new RAM at 266… @jaytholen well, even if you don't fully use it, if you're paying that price anyway you may as well get a 3900x bec… @jaytholen like I dunno if it's possible in that build you bought to change that but.. a 3900x would give you 12 co… @jaytholen my only thoughts are: ram could've been 3200 - ryzen can support 3600 happily but w/e, honestly no one i… @jaytholen personally if you can afford it I would kill off the hard drive and use a 2.5" SSD as your scratch disc… @jaytholen OH WAIT SORRY I read "XT" and thought laptop, sorry those are the new amd refreshes, nevermind, yeah the machine is good @jaytholen it's a laptop right? if it's a laptop then yeah it's a different machine because it uses "mobile parts"… @jaytholen safe. link to what you got? @jaytholen if you are willing to wait until end of year, change the cpu to a 4900x/4950x as desired because they wi… @jaytholen okay SO: if you have to buy TODAY get this. If you wanna knock €300 off the price and have 12 cores ins… @jaytholen I just saw your budget, lemme just throw you together a build but I need to know: can you wait until se… @jaytholen do not listen to anyone telling you to buy an intel pc if you're looking at RENDERING. you absolutely wa… @DevRelCallum try MONTH @FieldMarshall85 when was the last time you sang the Pulp Fiction medley at karaoke? @Gurnico Neon Genesis Evangelion oh you said GAME? Neon Genesis Evangelion @Foxhound_Maisey @Smith_k10 @tprstly fr, you get your first stamp on your boomer loyalty card for this one Theo @tprstly get out @BrandyBuizel WOZZ DOO @six_ways yeah, the correct pronunciation is clearly wasd @BrandyBuizel I don't believe you
@BrandyBuizel I bet they get carried by the wind or birds or some shit lol @SEDart4 @zarawesome @rudytheelder I'll have a look into it. Cheers for the recc @DanDaRocha is this the new turok? @SEDart4 @zarawesome I see there are films of it, are they worth watching? I find it hard to find time to read nowa… @SEDart4 @zarawesome yeah it's hard to visualise 4d because like.. a 4d being can look at a 3d object and see every… @SEDart4 @zarawesome like a 3d sphere entering through a 2d segment you'd see a point appear, turn into a circle an… @SEDart4 @zarawesome You wouldn't be able to understand it in the same way you can understand 3d space because your… @zarawesome if we ever have 3d screens with depth we will be able to have 4d games that humans could somewhat under… @wankerdud0 @zarawesome @NotDeezy apart from the whole thread being a gag, that reply was not worthy of response "… @mode7games this clocks parody is amazing @AyoubGharbi11 do you honestly?oh my god @Zubmariner воу @mode7games did you know there was a tribute/parody group of Scooter from lancashire called MoPed? @Zubmariner ver are der ass at? @n_feofentov очень ваздный @DanielCake even better, will i am thought that was how it was spelt I have read a couple of interviews about that… @DrEmWilliams in the mid 2000s when "IT'S OVER 9000!" became a big meme loads of people on forums started using 900… to the A. to the S T E Y girl u tastey[sic]every time fergie is trending in england because of football I briefly get excited that there might be a new Fergie… @DrEmWilliams isn't that a terrorist cell? @kyavi_xyz "I call it DOT AYY OH EE, scrub"TIL there are 9001 pronunciations of wasd @distractal I nearly wrote it as dubya ayy ess dee lol @GWarrior23 NO YOU DON'T, DO YOU REALLY?how do you pronounce wasd @LawofTD KINKIN' PARK @tylertreese I feel like I'm out of the musical loop recently. got any must listen to albums or songs or artists this year?so-called "scientists" don't want you to know about the beef mines
Retweeted by Alex Rose @Burrito_Tim well play chrono trigger @mode7games I HATE EVERYTHING INVOLVING BANKS AND BANK STATEMENTS AND VAT AND HMRC AND COMPANIES' HOUSE AND ANNUAL… @dittomat loooooooooooooooool your delivery on this was exceptional @FightBairdFight @xxNekoEmikoxx @cynfinite OH WAIT I RECOGNISE HIM FROM THE CAVE I knew I knew him from somewhere @FightBairdFight @xxNekoEmikoxx @cynfinite this guy is a god @alissathesquib @Amnesiac___ I do not care about harry potter. you do not need to defend a fictional character to m… @jtoresson @RageoftheMage @matsie I'd be interested to see but I can almost guarantee you I won't end up making them 😛 @matsie thankyou! @matsie I just wanna apolgise for being so wrong on twitter btw, I always found it hard to google this topic so I j… @matsie I think you are the first non brit I've ever spoken to who doesn't think our cuisine sucks 😛 @itsthemuddler I forgot we are in the 20s now lol I meant more like late 60s, should've said 50 years refrigerator… @matsie so is the reason our cuisine sucks to do with the climate, or that we lost our aptitude to the war, or that… @matsie @glompix ahhh that makes a lot of sense. the older generations of my family always described it without the… @itsthemuddler @matsie @glompix @MMairGray @SimonJadis @redditships 40 years ago you ate what grew in the climate,…