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just annoying enough to be funny for short periods of time • a lil too gay for being bisexual and a lil too political for my own good • (she/her)

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@TheRealAlienTwo “well, what are humans, anyway? ugly bags of mostly water” (a beloved TOS quote for my mother and i) @springs_at @TheRealAlienTwo @kimbafed @attorneydad um. maybe 18 at the earliest? when mainstream media picked up on the blm movement and i really started doing my own research @itsgayinthebay yes v good to know!! thank u!!!almost better @StevenAvocado you can’t be fucking doing this to me @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike 🤡🤡🤡🥱
@showmetheyamz @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike yeah, there’s 401k millionaires. and it says directly under… @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike then post them 😂 @ILuhsHappoIDo @darthhawk82 @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike holy shit you are being BRUTAL w these facts it’s like watc… @teacupkitsune i would like to introduce you to my wonderful mother @maxoupial the more details i learn about this bible story the more i think eve was a lil justified and def doesn’t…“is it a he or a she” it’s a me about to hit you
Retweeted by alex @Maybe_Ketamine “i love a girl who can eat” well you’re in luck chad cos wow do i have some news for youMy parents always told me not to talk to strangers on the internet. Well jokes on them because that is the only way I can make friends
Retweeted by alex @kkgrellzz her name was Clementina i’m not surprised queen name for a queen girl @teacupkitsune @teacupkitsune THIS MIGHT BE SOME OF THE PRETTIEST WRITING IVE EVER ACCIDENTALLY DONE AND IM SO PROUD OF IT @teacupkitsune OHHHHH ok ok you should’ve led with that i wish u luck @teacupkitsune i easy could it be if you can’t even readi’m keeping this as an open thread bc this is what i taught him yesterday: @teacupkitsune idk man since it said on the coupon 😂😂 @electrohayes don’t you need some kind of proof to present articles of impeachment? but also, the democratic majori… @itsgayinthebay ooh but what are your gender pronouns may i ask? @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike imma believe Cornell over “Investopedia” but thanks for playing i guess @teacupkitsune @KaliMaFaja it’s not worth going unless you breast boobily while doing it @__31st @iBiteiStrike and by all means, you can be first in line to tell our teachers to get a “decent” job. @OswaldOLottakum @NaomiSeu why are carnivores like this @darthhawk82 @Ashlimartinez7 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike “who works fast food” “those are jobs for r… @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike like we don’t want handouts, we just need some HELP @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike we don’t need to “save” people. we need to give them a REAL… @ILuhsHappoIDo @darthhawk82 @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike always thought it was crazy how the pandemic proved that ou… @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike police officers. soldiers. do they not deserve to be able to live either? @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike security guards can make minimum wage. prison guards. tour guid… @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike sorry, what does “decent” mean to you? what are the standards?… @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike 🥱 @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike the...the retirees are the elderly... my dad returned at 65… @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike do u understand what “minimum wage” means as in it was establis… @xmothbloodx @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike LMAOOO facts like ur at the grocery store and… @TedNotTedward @iBiteiStrike ooh i like the way you think @StormWall82 @hamofearth @iBiteiStrike yeah, bc the cost of living hasn’t risen at all 🙄 there are states w $15/hr… @hamofearth @iBiteiStrike have you ever considered that in one of the richest countries in the world we shouldn’t h… @Yes2Democracy @TheOneFortyPlus THIS. STOP THINKING ONLY FAST FOOD PLACES PAY MINIMUM WAGE. @__31st @SoldbyElisa @TheOneFortyPlus @iBiteiStrike ok so then who does their job...if everyone just “got a better… @BrandonLboogy @SubAlurath @HollywoodDGirl @iBiteiStrike ok so the federal minimum wage is $7.25/hr. your son is ma… @king_Tezz_98 @kim_biesiada @iBiteiStrike construction. done. @darthhawk82 @ILuhsHappoIDo @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike considering that a lot of those problems stem from having a… @brittan57269115 @KorinaLMoss @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike girl...the cost of living has BEEN increasing. the minimu… @EthanR_92 @DJezierski21 @iBiteiStrike not all of us come from rich parents, cishet republican white boy 🙄 @britt4jade @Havish_AF just take off the whole feetBREAKING NEWS: you can still support an elected official without loving everything they do and say!!! like tits ou… @sherrysworld it is now happier thank u @sarahlugor i mean shit that would be mad helpful @CarolRicard @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson and where is that proof bc holy hell what 😂😂😂 @MrsChelseaMonet @k_generis14 @KorinaLMoss @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike well we already knew about her education levels @x_trump2020 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson ah well, at least we can use grammar properly :/// @PatriotKimmie @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson they broke in and smashed up the capitol, and threatened the lives of SITT… @tiraDom78 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson lmao by what @GooseGanderMom @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson ooh where’s the proof that sounds new @violetc19557000 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson explain how she isn’t..? @skips9 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson are we ignoring the absolute hypocrisy of this statement 😂😂 not like trump cheate… @TipperDogDiary @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson well fuck, where’d all the trump supporters come from then 😳 @Georgie20026847 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson of course!!! wait sorry what evidence there is none @andy64874974 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson @chiquibon2 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson i think that meant biden cared more about his supporters during a pandemic th… @x_trump2020 @chiquibon2 @auvi_lu @SheriAWilkinson it was!! but we impeached it :) @iBiteiStrike has the pandemic taught y’all ANYTHING those minimum wage jobs you’re shitting on are apparently ess… @DJezierski21 @iBiteiStrike WHEW it smells like white privilege in here @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike cool but that is literally not reality NOR realistic so why not let people just be able to live instead @iBiteiStrike whether minimum wage jobs should be considered “temporary” or not isn’t the point. the point is that… @Johnmaxey71 @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike no?? no one is saying that thats fucked @k_generis14 @KorinaLMoss @king_Tezz_98 @iBiteiStrike smells like privilege to me 😳 heyo, not everyone is like you… @Mom_Overboard @NaomiSeu as she should. i’m sure she looked very beautiful @PARTYFAV0RX loves movie American Sniper
@revoltandestroy spoken like someone who’s never had to live on government assistance or needed to use public transportation @willsworldview @HiJCP what, now it’s our fault for tipping? if i could go up to their employer and shake them down… @HiJCP general rule of thumb: do they provide a service? tip them. (exceptions: you’re in a country/area where tipp… @HookJFlywheel @deep_dab also...the white lady pretty clearly tries to hit her phone of her hand or something. so..… @imhere_82 @deep_dab do you really think any of the terrorists wore masks lmaooo one of them tried to sell the godd… @LilyPetrikore pls tell him he’s a v pretty cat for me @bygbucks @millypunkrock @AlisaValdesRod1 you could literally look at the rest of the comments on this post, people… @bygbucks @millypunkrock @AlisaValdesRod1 you want proof it works? look at LITERALLY the rest of the world. 🙄 @wvbassandbucks @SecPompeo also i’m gay as hell so ur religion wouldn’t let me in anyway 🙄🙃 @bygbucks @millypunkrock @AlisaValdesRod1 yeah, i know. but instead of EVERYONE who wants to do harm can get a gun,… @wvbassandbucks @SecPompeo damn if only i believed in heaven LMAOOO anyways, i got a religion so thanks, but uhhhh… @bygbucks @millypunkrock @AlisaValdesRod1 guns aren’t the problem, but they perpetuate the problem. restricted acce… @bygbucks @millypunkrock @AlisaValdesRod1 gun laws ARE. anyone can get a gun, there’s barely any restriction. so ye… @HookJFlywheel @deep_dab yes???? we would?? it’s called “get the fuck out of my personal space” @wvbassandbucks @SecPompeo no thanks i can be a perfectly good person without christ in my life
@wvbassandbucks @SecPompeo cool cool cool ignore the separation of church and state totally fine yeah @showmetheyamz add: I have known this child three days. and he REALLY wants to clarify that he’s not 4, he’s 3 and 3/4. doesn’t understand the concept of feeling tired yet, but he DOES understand the concept of his home’s internal h…’re learning the geography of all the states, their capitals, and the state nicknames right now. his favorites ar… doesn’t always remember to go to the bathroom before he *goes* to the bathroom, but we’ve memorized our 1-5 time…’s not always super verbal, but he insisted on me teaching him spanish, because learning Hindi from his dad was g… started babysitting a four year old recently for a long-term gig and i thought it would be easy and nice but i’m… @2turntorres i was basically dorm mom freshman year u definitely are @JerasIkehorn