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Alex Jacquez @AlexSJacquez Washington, DC

Senior Policy Advisor @senatebudget. Formerly @berniesanders, @senatedems, @obamawhitehouse, @usda. Washed up @lehighbaseball. Tweets=mine.

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@tysonbrody hey @tysonbrody i’m gonna call it “historic” @MarkVinPaul about to make this my sole mission @anna_bahr ok i immediately retract this @anna_bahr congrats queen @cascamike mike,,,,,,,congratsweird to see reuters doing ads for biden but whatever it takes’t wait what cherished childhood memory is going to vanish to make room in my brain for the name “tony bobulinsk… @MattZeitlin “...and to make America great again economically” @LAM_Barrett some people only remember the plato “the law is reason free from passion” line from legally blonde and it shows
2020 @maustermuhle @dcsportsbog @Nationals are you doing this at Nats Park? @ENPancotti how are you gonna escape your bad posts thoughBeginning TODAY, Nationals Park is a Super Vote Center for all DC residents! 🗳️ //
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@tyler_bellstrom pumpkin clove babymy very tall son is deep state violence against @the_vello @ENPancotti do you think they have diet coke too despicable and dishonest campaign by @uber, @lyft, @DoorDash and the rest @LissandraVilla mine is days until the election
2020 the only question in my life where the answer wouldn’t be some sort of combination of 3 & 4 @MattZeitlin statehood for nyc and dc
The food, which is incredible.
Retweeted by Alex JacquezAn idea that passed through my mind today that was too dumb to blog was a let's say five-year bill that restarts Mo…
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Maybe—just maybe—the most essential people in our economy are not hedge fund managers. If our farmworkers fall ill…
Retweeted by Alex Jacquez @EthanBWinter but have you considered the birds2025??? go off joe!!it’s 500k charging stations honey don’t shortchange yourself!!!lol trump’s minimum wage answer also the same as clinton’s circa ‘16 @lauragorsky welcome @tmavuram he really is!! do park avenue vs scranton all night!i really like when joe does class war do more of it @ENPancotti average Amazon worker paid more in taxes than Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Alex Jacquezvice president biden loves his son too much to just ignore and pivot from these questions, which is incredibly endearing imoTHE BIG MAN @mags_mclaugh marge get into the pit with us @ryanlcooper you can’t give trump oppo because he can’t remember or contextualize it, he just sprinkles it on like salt baeif joe references “borat” i will also astral projectif trump knocks fauci on his nats first pitch i will astral project outside my bodyjoe just do obama’s full 04 speech see if anyone notices it whipped @nationalparke how’s merylimagining the trump war room fist pumping when trump kinda remembers to shoehorn in their prepared Online oppo and then abandons it @nationalparke i’m watching the presidential debate @lori_kearns i don’t love myself enough for that
@tysonbrody *whispers to date* that’s the chairmanweird that the closing message is going to be microtargeted at the sick little piggies who read this website all da… two genders
Retweeted by Alex Jacquezlegitimately teared up at this kicker?? pressing “purchase” on a chef’s convection toaster oven that takes up 30 percent of my kitchen space: @jryon29 this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?
Retweeted by Alex Jacquez @tysonbrody would you say amazon hacked the newsworthiness formula @TheStalwart @tysonbrody author bio @tysonbrody @TheStalwart @JHWeissmann @MattZeitlin i like the warren plan to supersize it games from the people’s rig
.@BernieSanders and I have a bill to cut the Pentagon budget by 10% and invest in our communities. We need…
Retweeted by Alex Jacquez @BNeidhardt “What does it mean to be a gamer?” asks Neidhardt rhetorically. “Bernie stands in solidarity with those…
@tysonbrody when you successfully hack newsworthiness yet again it work
Retweeted by Alex Jacquez @tysonbrody who are you voting forronald reagan looking at the republican party right now:
staying up until 3 am to make a Carly Rae Jepsen edit of The Lighthouse felt like a good idea at the time
Retweeted by Alex Jacquez @tysonbrody @ByYourLogic cocaine mitch! @opinion_left please do not slander my wifecannot stress enough that if you are the woman in this video with her dunkies who is voting for joe biden but wishe… is Barack Obama’s top regulatory official, a law professor with no background in economics, arguing in the Yea…
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i have liked many tweets in my time, i’ve never once respected one“Let’s be clear: laws are fake, jurisprudence is bullshit, I don’t respect any of it, it doesn’t matter.” — @nkulw really speaking to me
U.S. senators question Amazon on concerns it tracks employees, limits unionization via @reuters
Retweeted by Alex Jacquezoh no way prime week @tysonbrody this is praxis, actuallyHappy Prime Week a Postal Banking System Would Help Address Structural Inequality - Center for American Progress
Retweeted by Alex Jacquez @AliMortell any??? independent???? book store????? @lizchar did you film your tv on mute while playing the song on your laptop @AliMortell ali no
With interest rates below growth rates, debt ratios stabiliz on their own - no need for spending cuts or tax incras…
Retweeted by Alex JacquezThe Senate today should not be dealing with a Supreme Court nomination which, absurdly, will be voted upon a few da…
Retweeted by Alex JacquezVery important for employers to have a documented process for letting an employee go. Ya can't just fire someone fo…
Retweeted by Alex Jacquezeveryone should have the right to vote, no exceptions, even the zodiac killer @jdcmedlock @chrislhayes
Mitch McConnell: yeah i think we’ll go home’m really sorry guys
anecdotally, this may be playing well with gen z women as well @ENPancotti @DKThomp wild that trump’s share is exactly the same thoneed a @jdcmedlock “that’s right” @TonyaJoRiley hbd reggiePut workers in charge of their workplaces @michaelwhitney put lights in em, in the windowsill
@MattZeitlin jim messina compiling the nates’ tweets into a slidedeck and charging $400k
perfect, no notes @seankiv boys are hiking this weekend and you absolutely love to see it @DanRiffle george washington national forest—buzzard rock @tysonbrody buddy,,,