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Alex Steed @alexsteed Nashville, TN

DIGITAL COMMUNITARIAN. Founding + Managing Partner at @KnackFactory and host of @ndemystified.

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I like these people. @MereWasThere I remember she came in to an office I was working in NYC years ago and everyone got quiet she was so… JACKSON was the undercover pseudonym of Congressman Bill Boner. HOOT JACKSON. Can you even imagine the list of…
Retweeted by Alex Steed @melstonemusic It changed my emotional trajectory.His hair was 43.
Retweeted by Alex Steed @wokecountry Another good one. @wokecountry He has a book I can't seem to find.
@wokecountry As I understand it, he was like... transient Mayor of Lower Broad from the late 80s through the early… @wokecountry Have you ever heard of Jule Tabor?Now that everyone's so concerned about fairness in sentencing ...
Retweeted by Alex Steed @melstonemusic LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU
Retweeted by Alex Steed @melstonemusic I’ve been fucking around with the Moog app, which has been fun. @melstonemusic Like... listening or playing?Warren’s face after “a joke I told.”EAT HIM LIZ
Retweeted by Alex SteedI cannot stress this enough: Future Nashville Mayor Bill Boner—THEN A US CONGRESSMAN—went undercover as a transient… monumental moment in Nashville history. @mkhoadley We’ve been talking about it nonstop since it happened. It’s the “center” that will look past it. @zhandlen @NewsProJoe This is awesome!New @DanReeder song out today. The hits keep coming.
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@restaurantgrace Thanks for the heads up. I've heard bits and pieces of that practice here and will absolutely look further into it.I’ll take it. when that 90s MTV hidden camera show Buzzkill had one of their hosts wear a bandana and white button down… this, men. @Dooezer Oh yes. @zhandlen political climates got me drained and unmotivated but that's exactly what they want. Gotta stay angry and figh…
Retweeted by Alex SteedI’m gonna say it: I like that @stickermule hot sauce. It’s not my favorite, but it’s surprisingly good. thought the point was, as evidenced by that question, that the protagonist is a relatable bummer. @becauseivy Bless. @katrinkanova I absolutely agree abd adored it but it was also the source of like 30% of my nightmares. @BenGoodman Ben we don’t agree on a ton of stuff but we absolutely agree on this one thousand percent.Return to Oz. Dune. The Neverending Story. Legend. nihilism: Why nothing Trump does changes the minds of his followers - using a technique pioneered by P…
Retweeted by Alex Steed @burnsy06 Ha! I thought it was a word you made up and just accepted it. @burnsy06 Ha! Yes. Yes, this is very on brand. @mkhoadley I was initially, though I shifted to Sanders a few weeks back based on a handful of things. I would still fully support Warren.Yes. conversation Maron and @ronanofficial have about how corporate media ownership / management can influence "main… that, the department did not provide kits. She had to go to drug stores and assemble them herself to make av… I talked with a woman who was raped in Nashville in the late 80s. She talked about how in the 80s, there was…
@RuPaulLePage @Donald_Booker @dillesquire I really need to work "Esq." into my profile. @LillyHiatt1 @BassProShops Every time I’m over there I think of Berman’s Margaritas at the Mall.I lived in Bloomberg’s NYC where LGBTQ youth of color routinely experienced sexual violence at the hands of NYPD wh…
Retweeted by Alex SteedYou know who else has some shitty, overzealous assholes among his fan base? movie is phenomenal. Go see it right now., considering that modern political narratives are largely molded and shaped online, I want the next candidate… am supporting Sanders. I have been called ignorant things by some supporters. I think some criticism of a small,… riot wasn't big enough.This is a bad take. will absolutely find away to sneak this into next week’s installment. @MojoCaster Much agreed.Oh man me too. I’ve been listening a whole lot., billionaires have the luxury of paying off everybody. need a piece of pie today. Fortunately I live in the South. @moorehn Glad to hear it! @MojoCaster Because you’re a good guy.No billionaire became a billionaire by giving a fuck about you. @zhandlen Count me in.You should definitely watch this and sob in bed with your dogs and/or cats just like I did this morning. @blackgirlinmain Same! I’ll text you.
This is true. @Dooezer It’s the best therapy. Let’s hang in Boston! @MegShorette Absolutely. They’ll buy Zillo or whatever. @writingMaine Yes, absolutely. Well, the narrative in which if we support them they might give us a little really h… it was all done at the expense of anyone who was not a rich white man. But when people talk about and fetishize… course it goes back to the foundation by... rich white males who have been self-perpetuating and mass-producing… think Bloomberg is going to do extraordinarily well in his run. He's uber wealthy, sure. But regardless of what w… SHIT PRILL FLIPPED? to Stephen Miller and that woman he's very definitely going to turn into a vampire. @bdoyk Why don't you know about all my tattoos??Bless. to Maine for at least a month in March to rennovate my house. Let’s hang. @alexsteed @RottenInDenmark @yourewrongabout Robin Williams Arms to the tune of Bette Davis Eyes all night long.
Retweeted by Alex Steed @seantroversy @RottenInDenmark @yourewrongabout Related: @seantroversy @RottenInDenmark @yourewrongabout Forever and ever, amen.
@loriallenwrites @blackgirlinmain Very. @AmandaMorin Ugh, I know that spot well.Trolls are bad, but this might be worse?
Retweeted by Alex SteedThis woman went missing from my hometown. Please keep an eye out, Maine. @Remember_Sarah My god, same.As a reporter who covered the crash fairly extensively ... let me say the generous term for this is ... wrong.
Retweeted by Alex Steed @LanceCo Outside of learning of a few cool artists through them I’ve never heard a positive thing about that operation. @moorehn They’re always frumpy and greasy and sweaty and I can relate.The @jenisicecreams here in Nashville gives them out for free in their bathrooms and I think that’s the coolest thi… @RottenInDenmark @msjennimiller @yourewrongabout Amen. @CarolineLosneck This is a big deal. It was ALREADY tight. This is... bad.Stoked to hear @RottenInDenmark say “Must Be Nice”—the unofficial Maine state motto—in the Kati Kaelin episode of… Ennui should be the name of this era. @nlw We’ve already lost work related to it.Guys it’s just a video of Biden talking to a kid. @dd_toronto Looking great!