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Alex Steed @alexsteed Nashville, TN

Co-Host of @whyaredads + Host of @ndemystified. Co-owner of @knackfactory.

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Watching this Roy Cohn documentary and there are these early Donald Trump quotes where he's talking about how he co… like we moved on very quickly from “the President killed Herman Cain,” no?
Retweeted by Alex Steed @kurtgraser @blackgirlinmain You're the first person I thought of. @blackgirlinmain Totally. I think I paid $20 - $25K last year? @moorehn @whyaredads And an early Trump advisor! @moorehn If you haven't seen the Kohn documentary on HBO - we're watching it for our Angels in America @whyaredads“The pervert is easy prey to the blackmailer. It follows that if blackmailers can extort money from these individua…
@moorehn I am depressed by my feeling this same exact way. For many, his not paying taxes is seen as a power move—n…, this dad allusion—presented by an adoring James Woods fan—is inadvertently an astute metaphor for why some men…
Retweeted by Alex Steed @alexanderchee @OCgalinMaine Yeah, the change had come early.“[Trump] is a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies — practically every… an angsty teen burying the charred husk of his Central Intelligence Blu-Ray in the backyard.
Retweeted by Alex Steed @davegodowsky Beautifully played! @JanetETennessee Enjoy!Anyway. of my favorite parts about making this show is seeing producer and musical director @carekendrick pull off feat… hey. In case you don’t know, @Remember_Sarah and I host this podcast where we talk about movies as a means of be… No one is doing this. b) Maybe don't scold nonexistent leftists for "strategic blunders" while engaging in a We…
Retweeted by Alex SteedRuth Bader Ginsburg is going to be replaced by a woman who walked through every door that Ginsburg opened for her s…
Retweeted by Alex Steed! I have this tattoo for a few reasons—I learned of it by way of @sarahmarieramey—but mostly because it speaks to… @amylorrainelong @sarahmarieramey @whyaredads Ha! No. I was a stepdad for a number of years, which we still haven’t… @amylorrainelong @sarahmarieramey @whyaredads (I’m not even a dad, believe it or not! I just criticize other dads!… @sarahmarieramey @amylorrainelong @whyaredads Ha! I told Amy I have recommended her book to anybody with eyes. But… @amylorrainelong @whyaredads Hey, @sarahmarieramey! Amy is the author I was telling you about. Amy, Sarah is one of…“Let's just say your uncle has acquired quite a *taste* for her.” — Carmella Soprano. This “the Sopranos is just…
Retweeted by Alex SteedThe only Sopranos discourse for which I am here.💜 only reason Jurnee Smollet wasn’t marked as a “breakout star” in Eve’s Bayou is because she is black and it was…
Retweeted by Alex SteedPaging @carekendrick. @brentdanley Happy Birthday! @partynovels Ha! This is the best statement. @partynovels Ha! Best trigger ever. @badbebop @slothanova That’s what I hear but honest I’m so into how fucked up this season is. @partynovels I also want an oral history of this season! @mamustacci Ha! Rightfully so.In one episode Smash goes to see a movie called Mussolini Blvd. @slothanova @badbebop Ohhhh noooo I’m so sorry!This show is a dark comedy.
@jasonlmann @MaraWilson Oh for sure amazing advice for cohabitation and partnership.She’s not a Handmaid. She’s a Serena Joy. She’s an Aunt Lydia.
Retweeted by Alex SteedCome see my wife @bonnieralston's drawings and sculpture at the @bwacRedHookart fall show, which opens tomorrow.
Retweeted by Alex SteedThis, by way of the wonderful @MaraWilson, is THE VERY BEST advice. My life—and all of my relationships—has become… @elegantelk Very same.Thanks to @whyaredads I’m always asking myself, “Who is the dad and who is the Daddy?”
Retweeted by Alex Steed“... [Roy] Cohn’s influence on Trump was the triad: ‘He worked with a three-dimensional strategy: 1. Never settle,… @Ohmisssally Oof yes. @cmreills Ha! Yes. Me describing being wholly unmonitored from 12 on. @ladypilot Oh for sure! A wholly appropriate complaint in context! @amylorrainelong The writing is great, as is the structure, but one of the most interesting accomplishments is your… @amylorrainelong Ha! I told my wife about it as it tracks with a lot of her teen experience (the relationships larg… @jlightweisgoff ALLEGEDLY.Take it from someone who is one thousand times funnier and smarter than I am. @rrheisler @stevedarnley Totally. I have a very hard time separating Grohl from pretty much anything he touches tha… @DustyLongHorn Christ Rock Zimmerman is my favorite.Honestly, this hipper-than-though edgelordism has been going on since at least 2003 when I would hear it from post-… @rrheisler @stevedarnley It’s the one FF song I love.Beware of fucking rattlesnakes. @JanetETennessee @Pauldorian I love Paul’s writing, and appreciate clear-eyed, sympathetic portrayals like that. Re…, TRULY loving this collection, which is about life and drugs and is, without ever feeling gratuitous, untaint… @joeaintfunny But... but... @DustyLongHorn What are some of your favorite lesser appreciated Bobby D records? @KristerR Ooh very on board here.Eric’s record Wiseacre, by the way, is fucking great. @stevedarnley Oh my god it’s REAL! @stevedarnley WAIT WHAT ARE YOU ROLLING MECo-pilot. @AboutInsects Love it so much! We watched it and the OG Frankenstein for an upcoming episode of @whyaredads. is the best thing I’ve seen all week, and I watched Young Frankenstein two days back. @marinaomi Haaa!Oh god this has been me so many times. @bdoyk Ha! Totally! Just enjoying some Elliott Smith.
I married a good one. @DustyLongHorn Ha! I just got back into the Ellliott mood (Fall)! @crousselle Indeeeeeed!Thanks for everything, Elliott Smith. 💜Everyone is fired for not telling me about this
Retweeted by Alex SteedAs far as I’ve been able to tell, their very, very, very last priority—if even a priority at all—has been the healt… to have to be factoring both climate collapse AND whether or not prospective destinations will collaborate wit… it out! @rebexxxxa interviewed our beloved @Remember_Sarah!
Retweeted by Alex Steed @MLfromdeep You just have to imagine the most cynical intentions possible and shoot for worse. @elisadoucette @prsarahevans We’ll be okay! @MLfromdeep Trouble? This is an audience builder, babbbaaaayyy! @MLfromdeep Ha! This whole kids menu thing is perfectly constructed for inviting OPINIONS. @MLfromdeep Ha!My friends who have lots and lots of money pull off the no “kids’ foods” thing pretty okay. @msaleski @CoryBooker I honestly think a big reason—beyond the obvious—is constituents don’t know what’s on the tab…, the “street fight” guy. Remember, @CoryBooker, that you have the power to deny unanimous consent, use quorum ca… @KatyKelleher Feel you on all of this. I’d love to see way more occur by way of media literacy education so future… just thought you should know that this exists. Buddy ever win an Emmy because he’s brilliant. @bdoyk @LeighHendrix @whyaredads Ha! Evidently I can just unabashedly be myself with you, my friend.
@HoxtonHill @RocktopusPrime @carekendrick Certainly a lot in there. @LeighHendrix @whyaredads Oh god this is the most revealing exchanges about me. cc: @bdoyk @whyaredads @LeighHendrix was just reading a list of ESL conversation starters and one of them was: “If a movie star wanted to marry you, w… @wittnsass Next level stunning.First of all, no they have not affirmed a goddamn thing. Second, even if they did why on earth would we believe the…