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alex tumay @alextumay New York, NY

Mix Engineer, sometimes educator, other stuff too. (Credits on website.)

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@mixedbynavin 😂😂😂Just write each word twice.
@SangoBeats Congrats!!! @ericsundy nvm @ericsundy You ok? @paulxt 👀How do I pivot from mix engineer to cast member of storage wars? @big_business_ The reviews make it seem like Captain Marvel is gonna be those “only 90s kids will get this” posts in movie form. @carinahsieh Gordie turned around when I played this 🤷🏻‍♂️I love distortion with purpose @TierraWhack It’s so goodDear @Rico_nastyy and @kennybeats, Thank you 🖤 @lyntonkargbo @JonesThaSoulful 😭😭😭😭😭 @tunjiige If there’s anything I’ve noticed the past 10 years is the good artists that just kept working on their cr…
@_ColeBennett_ Yes plsMixed "3 Headed Snake" on this one :) 2-22 @AshleyCalhoun @itsssbrigitte !!!! @atrak I’ve got a guy that can do a custom for you. 😬. He’s doing my studio desk. @raihan_ Pineapple was >>> @raihan_ I’m going back and I’m buying a 10 dollar grape a day on some really rich shitGoing to Tokyo for 2 weeks-ish at the end of March for an actual vacation, so if you need mixes hit me ASAP. ❤️
@theycallmeTUNE It happens all the time in different ways and I understand ppl afraid to spend money on a skill the… asked me to mix 15 seconds of a song to see if they liked it first and now I wanna pivot back to delivering… @big_business_ Sounds like she loves you tbh. @Rico_nastyy Top 5 drunk meal @blamethelabel Don’t Die ✅ @Jersey_Jinx 👋🏼 @crissymilazzo cc @joetumay @howyouyougood PS4?
@yungskrrt trueI started ironically doing 🤙🏼 and 🤘🏼 which eventually turned into me unironically doing 🤙🏼 and 🤘🏼 and now I understand my Dad more.He died how he lived: with too much dip on his chip
Retweeted by alex tumaySo uh, this David Byrne interview from 1979...
Retweeted by alex tumay @selena_sloan @netflix I JUST WATCHED THE FINALE WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS @therealmikedean @KiidWolfe @MrAndrewDawson @lynx Agree. Hilo or Lavry my top 2 rn. @MrAndrewDawson @therealmikedean @lynx 🤙🏼 if two goats say it I gotta try it. @keiopensdoors You won’t regret it @SonnyDigital Dude about to be blocked by everyoneThe Umbrella Academy is good.
@Bee_Ray44 @wizkhalifa I was just putting the unofficial projects I mixed on.Tha Tour Pt 1 Days Before Rodeo Slime Season 1 Slime Season 2 19 and Boomin @denzelcurry happy birthday!!! @felixthegreat__ THAT WAS THE FIRST IDEA @talaya_music Literally never @sasharkk Excuse
Morning all. “Stop Complaining,” is out. This year I vow to complain less and work more. I want to be a model of co…
Retweeted by alex tumay @SowmyaK So many @dounia Excuse me come to my party rudeWine and Dine em week is my bday. Usually it’s low key. But let’s get it. Tix only 10 bucks. ( link In bio) Voltron statu…
Retweeted by alex tumay @nickhook @ClockWorkCros @delibeat @laurorobles @GoodRoomBK @teelerrone @Nadus @catchdini @JesseMarco
Henny Rat for president.
Retweeted by alex tumay @muhaill Dm for specs If you’re serious. @muhaill Buy me the iMac pro I need and I gotchu. Easy. @JLaPortaMasters @joeyraia 👀👀Client: we need these mix passes now My computer: @kennybeats BroAnything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazo…
Retweeted by alex tumay @ace_jordy Can’t just do it need approvals. But I’m gonna try. @essentialchix I dont really handle that part @essentialchix its uh... out there.I really want to remix/master Rich Gang Tha Tour Pt 1 for the 5 year anniversary. @neweryork 😱😱😱😱😱😱 down @neweryork @Beats1 @AppleMusic @asvpxrocky @itsthereal Congrats!!! @smallpaopu 🥺 @ayyy_west True true @ayyy_west Prolly not thoI’m making my alarm sound @1future saying “It’s an evil world we live in” so I’m more prepared for my days going forward. @blessthatbeat @lilzoedc @kennybeats I’ll cook something up idc. Who needs beats. I grind. @kennybeats Now you gotta charge him double @BRVNDN_P @kennybeats It’s only beatboxing @Young_Guru Trying. @ramyavelury
@Dietz__Tweetz @big_business_ The villain can be the focus and still lose. @big_business_ I would be so hype if DC pivoted to only villain centric movies. @daniyyelwav I’ve done it before. I wanna do it for a major project @Twinshadow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @TKAYMAIDZA I know, I’m dying 😭 @JacobyT_08 @_killakate_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @JohnSparkz 😩😩😩Prettiest song I’ve worked on for sure. @Chris__Richards Saw him speak last year. Man loves Maroon 5. @dounia Maybe idk @dounia Sup? @TrustedEars 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @helen you gotta fight my mom for it @therealmikedean It’s also like 20 albums worth of checks lmao 😬 @father Won’t get here in time 😩 @helen I need more dogs @CallMeHuss Prequel memes 😊 @father I need a link to buy. Need to get this for my girl for valentines day. @rvrfxmusic King @digitaldadworld world keeps moving. grammy doesn't come with $ @blackprints_ Probably are. @big_business_ Future mvp right there @big_business_ Hey man, the Hawks are goodStop asking artists to be who they were like you can’t just go listen to their old music. It’s still there, nerd. @johntheshaman_ I’ve done it before. I wanna do it for an experimental indie game. I want to be able to do some crazy stuff. @fdotny 👀👀👀👀😱😱😱😱