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Mix Engineer, sometimes educator, other stuff too. (Credits on website.) @thisoundsbetter

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Joined Twitter 7/26/09 In episode 3 of the @thisoundsbetter podcast hosts @JKingsland, @mixedbymiles, and myself…
Retweeted by Cersei (82-0) @yungskrrt There's reusable straw solutions which I think is what they're encouraging. @yungskrrt Straws are terrible for the environment @kennybeats These aren't people that understand different styles of music you're arguing with, just people that thi… needs to hop on an Old Town Road remix
@Q1Hunnid That’s the best ending imo. Especially for how much everyone is fucking up and how optimistic the last 2… @DanishaCarter4 It happened @Zeke_s_hberg We combined his two verses cuz they were both so good and we didn’t wanna cut either lmao
Here’s the whole thread because the original got eaten by replies:
Retweeted by Cersei (82-0) @broazay Iwan Rheon sounds more like a game of thrones name than Ramsey BoltonThe richest people have the brokest iPhone screens @LilNasX (Mixed by me) @kennybeats @LilNasX Please jump on a remix of ______
@CamrusJ @TonyThames_ Yeah but. Remember when I scared you @CamrusJ Remember when I scared youvengabus is short for vengeance bus
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2019 In episode 3 of the @thisoundsbetter podcast hosts @JKingsland, @mixedbymiles, and myself… @jillianturtle She said “ok”Holy shit @kennybeats @zackfox Birthday @THESLUMPGOD!
Send proof of you flushing it all down the toilet and I gotchu. @ayyy_west 😬 @ayyy_west COYS 😤What you see when you get to heavens gates but you’re not on the list @bruhdaf YupSwear HBO/George have a contract that says he can’t release the final books until the series ends. This way they co… love the scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier where Steve writes down all the major events he missed whil…
Retweeted by Cersei (82-0) @LouProdu @kennybeats @smino Ok @kennybeats @smino I need oneSomeone called me “lil bro” in an attempt to be disrespectful but it just made me feel young again 🥰 @keiopensdoors Come to @thisoundsbetter 🤗
I remember when people dogged Barter 6’s first week sales. 4 years later it’s one of the projects people bring up t… is song of the century @radioheadass when I was in Tokyo all the Japanese bands playing at tower records reminded me of the academy is and I was in heaven @SupremeSurfer Naw that was Jeffery @PigsAndPlans @PigsAndPlans @PigsAndPlans @PigsAndPlans years old today 😭 with this new tape . Dropping soon #ANGERMGMT
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@cudyman The engineers focus tho 😭 @lexluter11808 @kennybeats Got this new concept called a joke that’s gonna blow your mind @kennybeats But you still got all the files @kennybeats When you’re just the engineer and people think you wandered into the wrong room @kennybeats When someone says “just the engineer” @kennybeats “Just the engineer” damn @JAHMIRR24 Youre thinking about who you think is a good person not who’s good at the game. Remember the first seaso… @itsthereal👩🏽‍🎤 @Rico_nastyy COACHELLA 2019 #ANGERMGMT 🔜 👩🏽‍🎤
Retweeted by Cersei (82-0) @TRIPWWG As a ruler, Sansa >>>>>> Jon. @nick___96 “I used to think you were the cleverest man alive” Tyrion slipped up a lot lately.Who should sit on the throne in the end? (Only listing people who deserve it)If it weren’t for her advisors Daenerys would’ve burnt like 10 cities to the ground already. She’s worse than Cerse… @bigracks Noho Hank best character on TV right now.GoT Season 8, Episode 4 Bronn, pointing a crossbow at Tyrion: You said double right? @kennybeats 😫
My girlfriend just tried to discretely pull like 6 separate half finished bags of potato chips out from next to the… this a banksy? one deserves a happy ending on this show. They’ll probably end up with a lame happy ending to make people happy,… hope Cersei wins but is left with nothing to fend off the White Walkers and the show ends with an undead Cersei o…
@kennybeats This is your drivers licenseSomeone told me I looked like a divorced dad and I felt seenBest New Music😭 @thisoundsbetter
@Jbrekkie Hi hat is lettuce? Crash is tomato?
Mixing this Rico and Kenny album has been an amazing process start to finish. Such a well thought out project start… @OkayKarlae Praying for her 🙏🏼 @OkayKarlae 😭😭😭😭 @WALKTHEMOONband @annaleemedia @brosemaiman @petricholas @seanydrums @wtmkevin Congrats y’all! Been crazy seeing your journey! 💚 @TM88 Nah the music world need you. @LilNasX Classic @ScharffIsHere They had a 100 dollar mango was tempted to do it.
Wake Up
Retweeted by Cersei (82-0) @ChadwickPrima @TonyThames_ Tony Tarnation 4everOld Town Road remix gotta have the widest range of songwriters maybe ever.
@beautifulbwoy A lot of them are messed up. We looked into a LOT of them and this dude seemed to actually give a fu… @kennybeats They need to stay out of my lane @knoxfortune Hollandaise! @fillegrossiere Yesh. It was more custardy/rich than a typical one. Vvvvvv goodbffs is a Balenciaga advertisement @officialheresy Yerp @erectpanini You might be right @1SabSad My favorite is Flareon but I dunno if that’s me. Maybe Jolteon? @htav287 A take on hollandaise. @1SabSad Damn I dunno @willfromqnz Gotta get there by like 8:30am on a weekday. So worth it tho. @dounia So sick. Have lots of reccs too. 😊Last day in Tokyo. I’m Eevee now. @erectpanini It’s basically a fancy McGriddle though. @itsthereal Group trip with @kennybeats in fall. We can document the whole thing. @leotheasian No we missed our window 😫 @saintdaniella Benizuru is the place to go for sure @saintdaniella These are insane. You have to show up 2 hours before they open to get a reservation.This was a religious experience. These pancakes are my religion. All hail these pancakes. are phone cases
@TimDotTV @JKingsland @mixedbymiles Soon! Building an infrastructure to make donations really worth it. @TrapLordDaddy Reading is hard huh?