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Aleya @AleyaGoomba New York, USA

Indian-Singaporean, really into media. I stream-of-consciousness tweet a lot, don’t read too much into it.

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The book I ordered just got delivered! I’m really excited to take strides towards improving my executive functionin…
Retweeted by AleyaThe goal is not about being the least racist person in the room. The goal is to dismantle racism completely.
Retweeted by Aleya @LunaLyrik I’m so sorry Luna :( happy you’re safe with people you know and trust. Sending so much love.
Back to our regularly scheduled programming - we’re live for Thirsty Thursday!
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You can be LGBT+ and be actively harming the community. You can be a POC actively feeding into systemic racism. You… @HuggyBear615 I really struggle with productivity. It’s really difficult for me to start and complete tasks. It mea… @HuggyBear615 🥺 I needed this today Huggy. You’re sweet. Thank you 💕The world is built for only a very small and specific group of people to succeed.If I had been diagnosed with ADHD as a child when I was showing all the signs I’d probably be 100x happier, 100x mo… remember, just because you can’t relate personally, doesn’t make their experience invalid.
Retweeted by Aleyathis is the future liberals want
Retweeted by AleyaTop 10 saddest support moments
Retweeted by AleyaAbhi is incredible god DAMN it fucking thank you for continuing to bless us with your fire 🔥🔥🔥 I honestly can’t exp… @melvaz22 Trash. Wonder how this dude would react to getting cheated on.
now that i'm not in a sorority anymore, i can finally bring this back lolllll. at least i was right 👁👄👁
Retweeted by Aleyai’m sorry but leos????? ruled by the sun??? the center of our galaxy??? depicted by a lion??? king of the jungle???…
Retweeted by Aleyawe do not ❤️
Retweeted by AleyaHe was a punk she did ballet
Retweeted by AleyaWhy is it that when I look up ADHD resources/info ALL of my results are for HELPING MY CHILD???? I DON’T HAVE A CHI…
Retweeted by AleyaFor everyone living in 2020:
Retweeted by AleyaSUSWhite men who are obsessed with Asian women are walking red flags. Stop fetishizing Asian women it’s gross and creepy.
Fuck teachers for saying that Wikipedia was untrustworthy bcus anyone can edit it, that's specifically why it IS tr…
Retweeted by AleyaIt’s lowkey predatory to dump your personal issues on your fanbase in order to manipulate them to give you money an…
We’re live!
Retweeted by AleyaIt’s always so wild to me how friendship works. someone who’s not related to you, has zero obligations to but loves…
Retweeted by AleyaWhen you get a gut feeling to stay home ...... stay home.
Retweeted by AleyaSCOOP: joe biden sent nice texts to his son who is struggling with addiction issues and signed his texts "dad"
Retweeted by AleyaI can help
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@stfwlkr That’s awesome!!! Congratulations 😊 @snackvampire Not necessarily dumb - but definitely privileged, naive, and ignorantIT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE! IT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE IT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE IT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE IT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE
Retweeted by AleyaIdk why y’all took him. Did you even watch the videos? He’s always been trash. He never deserved asylum. idk who needs to hear this but you dont need to forgive your parents lol
Retweeted by Aleyatwitter is similar to having a boyfriend or girlfriend in that it is a place to share your every inane, irrelevant, & unoriginal thought
Retweeted by Aleya[having sex] her: talk to me ur too quiet me: thanks for doing this
Retweeted by AleyaOh shit the new @justinbieber music video is beautiful
How it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by Aleya“my ex gf is crazy” yeah what did you do to her
Retweeted by AleyaThe washing machine timers in my building’s laundry room are completely inaccurate and it’s one of the most annoyin… is real. We need to normalize seeking help and resources when people are need. Therapy can be transformative.
Retweeted by AleyaWhy is STD testing to taboo? I dont understand the point of refusing to get tested?
Retweeted by AleyaSome of y’all don’t realize how exhausting it is to constantly be asked to explain things about your race/ethnicity/gender and it shows.Me talking about my symptoms when I first started therapy: um, well, uh, sometimes....I guess I'm, well....sad? A l…
Retweeted by Aleya @dumb_shoe This is straight up sexual harassment.RT to cleanse your timeline
Retweeted by Aleya"work smart not hard" thanks i will do neither
Retweeted by Aleyaevery morning the apple standard alarm chooses violence
Retweeted by Aleya @ZeldaKimble Text me which subs ur looking at I might be able to do it for you @ZeldaKimble DM me what u needNormalize not telling your boss what your day off is for.
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It’s thirsty Thursday!
Retweeted by Aleyatreating a girl right isn’t called simping bruh
Retweeted by Aleya @senti_narwhal "professionalism" = institutionalized centering of white comfort
Retweeted by AleyaI’m finally breaking free of the whiteness that’s been imposed on me my whole life and it feels so fucking GOOOOOD. @punksonata Lol so many of these white women really be thinking we want them everywhere. This is like not even unsu… women: you are not the savior of WOC and you do not get to use us as a way to feel better about yourself. We’… incomprehensible to me that there are people who can just DO things. Like they think "oh I'm going to co…
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to this day my mom is like "i dont think u have adhd, i think u just gotta focus a little." i understand your honda…
Retweeted by AleyaAnxiety is like
Retweeted by AleyaNEW: Following an investigation into the Chainsmokers concert in the Hamptons this summer, the promoters will be fi…
Retweeted by AleyaA student realized my husband and I were a couple after recognizing the same cats zoom bomb both our classes. I fin…
Retweeted by Aleyajust a reminder
Retweeted by AleyaHealing yourself is the greatest comeback.
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Live!!! I missed u guys!!! Come hang!!!
Retweeted by Aleya @punksonata Yes! My mom encouraged me to start doing 3 pages of writing immediately after waking up every morning -… @punksonata Yup! This is why I’m going to have mental health resources listed on EVERY one of my public and private accounts. @punksonata Yup we need to continuously educate ourselves and each other @punksonata I think we’re making really good progress with mental health & psychology tbh. There will always be shi… @punksonata I’m gonna be a part of that with my platform - many others are doing the same. Those within the related… @punksonata Nah I don’t believe that at all. I think we can achieve successful destigmatization and social awarenes… @punksonata Yeah “emotional labor” was not meant to be used the way it’s used a lot of the time but it is what it i… @punksonata It’s because “triggered” has gone from a legitimate psychiatric/psychological term to a colloquial one… @punksonata Yeah that’s the thing. It’s not “oh im too sensitive little baby for the real world” it’s “I have traum… @punksonata No one is asking for you to trigger warning everything, and if they are, that’s dumb. But stuff that is… @punksonata It’s also, like, not “oh I’m so sensitive don’t talk about these things I’ll get triggered”. It’s “hey… is cheaper than change the whole fence
Retweeted by AleyaPlease, please stop using “triggered” as a joke or meme. Please stop asking for trigger warnings for everything und… had to share this guys cause I'm in awe. This lady is essentially teaching her dog to talk with these buttons. He…
Retweeted by AleyaAn overthinking person needs an understanding person.
Retweeted by AleyaThe Keto Diet is ranked the worst diet of 2020 by dietitians & physicians. Even more so than the Atkins & paleo. Wh…
Retweeted by AleyaI finally figured out why the Seraphine thing is so trash and feels so off-putting to mei know it doesn't feel like it right now but you will be okay 💛
Retweeted by AleyaJust saw my freshman year acting prof in an episode of SVU
It’s been one week since I quit smoking!!! Hell yeah!anybody else almost miss the quarantine of march/april where at least the rules were clear instead of this vague an…
Retweeted by Aleyasome old reminders to self in relation to world mental health day! 🌟🌻
Retweeted by AleyaDid you know: adding an “x” to a word doesn’t automatically make it more inclusive???yall come on here everyday and choose stupidity. imbeciles.
Retweeted by Aleya“I won’t leave all of a sudden if you don’t kick me out all of a sudden” - my psych professor out here explaining c… obsessed with this post rn
Retweeted by AleyaGrief is my absolute least favorite emotion. There’s just nothing you can do about it. You can’t really help those…
Retweeted by AleyaNo one talks about how difficult the transition from an unhealthy relationship to a healthy partnership is. We all…
Retweeted by AleyaWatching grown men burn investor money on models to stand next to them to try and be relevant is kinda sad
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@HuggyBear615 It’s not just “Karen’s” it’s highly educated, liberal white women who claim to be “woke”. White women… dude why do you think she put that as her life goal
Retweeted by Aleyacoming out is never a necessary condition of queerness! visibility is a trap! celebrating individual desire or one'…
Retweeted by AleyaLadies, he’s available. Women and men should get paid the same Men: So that means i can kick you in the stomach and then body slam yo…
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