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"and after that I settled into a rhythm: our pace was good but I have a feeling our choices for the race didn’t pay…💬Antonio "I was really relieved to see Romain walk away from that huge crash – seeing him get out of the car was th…💬Kimi "Like everyone, I am happy to see Romain being OK: nobody is used to seeing crashes like that in these days s… one today. We fought it out but weren't able to get any points from the first Bahrain race. RAI 👉🏻 P15 GIO… for Perez, who has to stop the car. SC deployed. #BahrainGPOne stop for each driver, as they rejoin in hards in P15 (RAI) and P16 (GIO) #BahrainGPSafety car in this lap. We’re currently P12 (RAI) and P17 (GIO) #BahrainGP 🇧🇭And we restart. Hoping for a safe race. #BahrainGPWe wish Romain a speedy recovery and all the best for him and the whole team. @HaasF1Team What a relief to see that he is OK...Very relieved to see that Grosjean seems to be well...Terrible accident. Red flag. We hope Grosjean is safe.It’s showtime! 💥 #BahrainGP to light up Bahrain! 🇧🇭✨ #BahrainGP, don't try to run away from the interview... 👀 #BahrainGP lightens the load of morning duties ☕️ #BahrainGP push, mode push ✍🏼 #BahrainGP into race day! 🤸🏼‍♂️ #BahrainGP 🇧🇭
Racing under Bahrain’s night sky 🌙 #BahrainGP🗣️Antonio "My fastest lap was really good and we were so close to making it to Q2, only missing out for less than h…💬 Kimi "I feel we made a step forward with the car compared to the previous session of the weekend. The car felt be… tried, but neither car moves up to Q2. Now to give tomorrow our full concentration. GIO ➡️ P16 RAI ➡️ P17… U A L I 🔜 #BahrainGP and pen at the ready!✍️ Learn more about @BAH_Int_Circuit with the venue specialist, Robert Kubica! ➡️… finished 🏁The night’s coming, bringing qualifying with it! ⏱ GIO 👉🏻 P14 RAI 👉🏻 P19 #BahrainGP images of Kimi in FP3 🚶🏼 #BahrainGP you didn't study enough before the exam 👀🗒 #BahrainGP way to quali day. 👉🏻 #BahrainGP up for Quali Day! 👊🏻⏳ #BahrainGP
🎙️Robert "It’s been quite a while since the last time I was in the car but it went well. I got back in the way of d…💬Antonio "It’s been a straightforward Friday, and we were able to do everything we had planned. The objective is to…🗣️Kimi "The car felt ok in FP2, which is effectively the most representative session ahead of qualifying, but as al… @HaasF1Team’s a wrap! 🏁 GIO 👉🏻 P15 RAI 👉🏻 P17 #BahrainGP @HaasF1Team On the hunt for our contenders if we create a championship only for dogs? 🐶 #BahrainGP🚩 Red flag 🚩 Luckily, ALB is out of the car and seems to be fine. #BahrainGPOk Kimi, time to get back in the car! 🚗 #BahrainGP getting back in the car feels like:🤜🏻🤛🏻 #BahrainGP 🇧🇭’s back! 🇵🇱 #BahrainGP Academy driver, @TPourchaire, will make his FIA @FIA_F2 Championship debut as the series arrives in Bahrain… this makes the fourth time this year! 🇵🇱 #AlfaRomeoRacing #ORLEN #BahrainGP you ready for the shopping race of the year? 🛒 Score some great deals in our online shop with the code BFR15!…
Over and out! 🌛 #BahrainGP’s been kept busy practising his signature today ✍🏼 #BahrainGP've been told if we follow this path we'll get to the beach... 🏖 #BahrainGP to see you again @BAH_Int_Circuit! 👋🏻 #BahrainGP news! 🗞️Robert Kubica is back behind the wheel in Bahrain this weekend! The Pole will take over Kimi’s c…
The time has come for the last triple header of the year! 🌙 #BahrainGP
And then there were three! 🏁 The triple-header that will bring this bizarre 2020 season to an end, is finally here…
4 days in 2 minutes! Join us behind the scenes in Turkey 👀📺 #Sauber500
The final @F1 esports event is set to be a real battle, but we´re ready! 🔥🎮 #F1Esports @SauberEsports
@SauberEsports 💪🏻💪🏻Callum Ilott returns to Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN for Abu Dhabi test! 📊🇦🇪 Read more 👉’s back! 🚀🚀🚀 @FormulaDani @SauberEsports @VeloceEsports
Let’s go get it guys! 👊🏻 @SauberEsports @jarno_opmeer @FormulaDani @TRL_Limitless @VeloceEsports @EmirRaikkonen Great, thanks! The sun is shining here in ZurichWe'd all love to be a fly in the wall at that dinner 🍽 @SauberEsports
"Unfortunately our race didn’t last long: we had a gearbox issue and had to retire the car. It was a day like this,…💬 Antonio "It’s been a challenging Sunday after yesterday’s strong qualifying results. I lost the car on the way to…🗣️ Kimi "The race was far from fun, but it’s a bit what we expected once we saw the weather. We would have probably… on your 7th title @LewisHamilton 🏆 flag in Turkey 🏁 We fought on an extremely challenging day but today the points were out of reach. RAI…, Antonio’s race comes to an end. Technical issues mean he has to park the car by the side of the track. 😞 #TurkishGPBoth our boys stopped and rejoin in P12 (RAI) and P17 (GIO) on intermediate 🟢 #TurkishGPReady for a thrilling show! ⚡️ #TurkishGPWhat a job by our crew! Antonio's car is fixed up and ready in time for the start - a big pat on the back for our c… for Antonio on the way to the grid. We’re trying to get him back on his way. #TurkishGPOh, it’s back... 🌧 #TurkishGPMore rain today: Yes or No? 🌧 #TurkishGP a small part of the more than 500 people that may not appear in the pictures but make our journey possible 📸🤝…
💬Antonio "It’s really nice to be in Q3 for the first time this year, especially to do so with both cars: it’s a nic…🗣️Kimi "We brought home a good qualifying result as a team and we can be happy with it. These were some of the most… @MercedesAMGF1 @RacingPointF1 If they tell you, do let us know 😉Amid the chaos, we fought our way to Q3. And it felt good 🥳 #TurkishGP JOB BOYS! 🥳 RAI 👉🏻 P8 GIO 👉🏻 P10 Great effort under tough circumstances! 👏🏻 #TurkishGP how we've missed you... #TurkishGP! Both Kimi (P3) and Antonio (P11) progress to Q2 for the first time this season. 👌🏻 Get ready for the next s… flag 🚩 Cars back to the garage 🏠 #TurkishGP- “Session to be restarted at 15:55” - Kimi:’ view looking like: into... qualifying ⏱ #TurkishGP didn’t learn much (but we learnt something): a very wet FP3 comes to an end 🏁 #TurkishGP*Kimi to @RenaultF1Team rumours starting in 3, 2, 1...*Live scenes from the track in FP3 swear it did fit yesterday... action (and maybe some rain) coming 🌧 #TurkishGP something you achieve everyday 👨🏼‍🦳 #TurkishGP
💬Antonio "The track looks really nice but conditions were so, so slippery. It was difficult to put it all together,…🗣️Kimi "Track conditions were the biggest challenge this morning, even though we managed to do all we were planning… good session this afternoon as track conditions continued to improve. Plenty of data for our engineers to f… 🔜 #TurkishGP a little of our chefs' wisdom 🧠 #TurkishGP a bad start to the weekend as we tip-toed around a slippery @intercitypark 🇹🇷 GIO P8, RAI P16. #TurkishGP go practicing 👨🏼‍🏫 #TurkishGP’s behind you, Mark 👀 #TurkishGP joins us to bring fans closer to the team! 📱 Welcome onboard @iqoniq! Read more 👉ünaydın Istanbul 🇹🇷 #TurkishGP