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Pokemon Go PvPer extraordinaire and Go Stadium tournament manager streaming at Bringing the nonsense and never forgetting #PVPShouldBeFun

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@Pyxter93 @ProdigiesNation @limonlime94 @ash_valor @HouseStark_93 Need to start transitioning in to an Animal Crossing streamer pronto! @ProdigiesNation @limonlime94 @ash_valor @HouseStark_93 Of course! Damn them and their character limit! If I didn't… @ProdigiesNation @Pyxter93 @CalebPeng You'd probably appreciate my Shadow Pokemon hot takes hahaha. I'm not a big f… @ProdigiesNation @limonlime94 @ash_valor @HouseStark_93 I actually think we're pretty close to agreement in general… @ProdigiesNation @Pyxter93 @CalebPeng Boosts are a separate issue, but one that's prevalent in Pokemon games since… @ProdigiesNation @limonlime94 @ash_valor @HouseStark_93 I would absolutely prefer show 6, pick 3. And if Pokemon GO… @AnaDactyl I'm SURE the community has suggestions for you... @Pyxter93 @ProdigiesNation @CalebPeng Been using it happily since great league. My win rate is what I'd call "solid… @ProdigiesNation @limonlime94 @ash_valor @HouseStark_93 23-2 is a great record in 5 sets blind so luck certainly pl… @Pyxter93 @ProdigiesNation @CalebPeng It's the "Paper, Scissors, Scissors" approach. It helps mitigate the importan… @bajad_rohit @ProdigiesNation And that's all I really want to fight for. In a set, I feel like you win one and lose… @bajad_rohit @ProdigiesNation That is going to happens sometimes. You're gonna win some of those and lose some of t… @ProdigiesNation Also, find me a "best player in the world" that thinks GBL is "all luck"... @limonlime94 @ProdigiesNation Ah you're much closer to a true 50/50 then I'm at then. I'm sitting at 407 wins in 670 losses life… @ProdigiesNation What's your stuff currently at? I hadn't seen. I really do really believe you can mitigate the ra… @easrod @ProdigiesNation Happens to me as well. Play to your outs, know sometimes you're going to lose like that an… never fear! NHoff has created a search string for each of limitations so you can maker sure your Pokemon are el… night we announced our own meme format... We call it the Butt Cup and it takes some of our favorite themes fro… @st1x10 May I suggest Arti in place of Mamoswine? You still get AP but also Icy Wind on a tanker pokemon :) @IAmSamehader @pvpoke @PoGoKieng The top of the Ultra meta is Tina, Swap, Registeel and it loses to all of them. It… @ProdigiesNation You're absolutely playing GBL wrong then. There's certainly a random factor and lag is omnipresent… we're live! Special tournament format announced around 8 and taking place over the weekend. Get ready for the Butt Cup!
Streaming some GBL and Wheel of Memes battles with viewers tonight at starting at 6pm (PDT)… for error can be extremely slim in Ultra GBL! Put some excellent battles up from Monday's stream on YouTube… @HeroVange @Kelven91 It breaks a number of features I use every day with my insane naming conventions. I really rea… @pvpoke @KINGOFCHARMNDRS We've had beams only on our wheel of memes for months. Is a fun format but I do think the… @HeroVange Yes, but also I'm pretty sure it's supposedly going to be fixed in the next update per @Kelven91. If not... yikes... @lara814 Hahaha! I do know... @PopeDave8 Luckily we can have these on Twitch proper, just would prefer they be sub emotes as opposed to cheer bad…
Last night's stream buddy is now a YouTube star! We take Clefable for a spin in Go Battle League now that we've sob… @RuiMiguelPOGO alfindQualityOur wonderful emote family is growing! We still don't have enough slots to make them available to subscribers, but… @debbiepebble @SBSNews Truly a dystopian vision! @AmoghSharma10 GGs! Battle was live on stream if you want to see my side!We're live! GBL and then, around 7, a special, single-player mini-Solosis/Gothita Trade Wars!
@NoyseOfPoGO @PokeProfNet Thanks so much for the kind words! Hopefully when things chill out I'll be able to make i… we're streaming, as always, tonight starting at 5pm (PDT). Give us a follow at or join… SUPER busy today and I'm nowhere near done! I've jammed together a cut of all TWELVE shinys we caught on Satur… @HeroVange @ZyoniK_ @FPSticksPoGo @PoGoKieng @CalebPeng <3 Appreciate it. Y'all give me goals to work towards! @choostemaster Spooder MAZE @HeroVange I've got a LONG way to go to catch the likes of you and @ZyoniK_, @FPSticksPoGo, @PoGoKieng or… some milestones today. Thank you everyone who's been part of the journey so far! Much love! We've cross… @mommy2snl @ReverendP4in @PokeProfNet Clap 'em. @ReverendP4in @PokeProfNet I'm many things but a liar (well a liar about buttholes) isn't one of them! @growl8arka9 Basically. Bit figured it'd be "fun" to do something creative with them 🤣Welcome to my lovely town... Good luck...
We went 9-1 in total on Saturday morning before Safari Home and now BOTH sets are on YouTube for you to enjoy! Lots… @Mathmagic10 🤣🤣🤣🤣Had an absolute blast recording this! Thanks to the @PokeProfNet guys for having me on! we played the full Safari Zone, we ran up the score in Utra GBL with Poli, Arti and A-Muk. Enjoy this 5-0 ru… the entire Safari Zone event from home.... 5 minutes to go after 3 Mankey and 3 Trapinch we FINALLY hit some…
I am gunk shot incarnate. Welcome to the believers club my friend! so much fun with Ultra last night, we're gonna go live a little early (NOW that is) and do a couple GBL sets be… @oscarliciousYT @AlolaHardowt @maximus_sir @LikeChvrches @PoGoKieng Poli hype! @pvpautocaptions You know we've discussed this...And we're live! Come hang out #battlers!
@OGJayDevin @OGJayDevin Bubble ButtThen TOMORROW (3/28), we're gonna stream our Safari Zone from home starting at noon PDT. Incense and dual stop lure… for one stream announcement! Streaming tonight starting at 6pm at Doing GBL sets (lag… probably won't learn anything from these Wheel of Meme and Auto-Rekt battles, but I hope they'll brighten your… @mommy2snl D'awww thanks :)
Hanging out in the voice channel with the lovely @ItsFunshineCat and @ScrubLordDustin!'re treading water in rank 9 (seriously, ended our sets yesterday at exactly 2500 MMR), but we're having fun doin… @ItsFunshineCat Is that you crying in the background? 🤣🤣🤣 @LukeSkybuilder @thenut93 @AkBonechip @2_butters Melmetal is Regi but fun to use :)That stringfish hunting life... now!
@AkBonechip I'm sorry for whatever part I played in this... @GoBattleLag Hello darkness my old friend...Hard as it may be, tearing myself away from Animal Crossing to stream some GBL and Wheel of Memes battles tonight a… @NotASp00f3r @JTGily @Taco33433 @FPSticksPoGo Would be AWESOME to work on something! @DaFerg4 @JTGily
@FireTrained @ZyoniK_ Thank you for the kind words and the follow!We left our Galvantula in a gym like an idiot, so we had to make due with a different team as we pushed to Rank 9 i… @TrnrZaddy DM me over on Discord and I'll send it! @Mathmagic10 Animal Crossing a bit light on butt themed merch.I guess this counts as fan mail... @x3DxJimCorn @AkBonechip Boner Jams '09
Very excited for this Ken on Ken action! an early start tonight and streaming my GBL sets (as well as whatever other trouble we can get in to) tonig… @skiplogic The dust gains are legit as well!Did you miss Trade Wars on Thursday night? Do you enjoy watching people do stupid things vaguely in the context of… @HungryRaichu Nope! Legit till the day I die. @HungryRaichu It really is a wonderful distraction... @skiplogic As well as 3 prefects... although one of those came off a task.Not a bad haul yesterday considering my day of play consisted of incense and a gotcha while playing Animal Crossing… @DPerricelli @MaNemZeus Misery loves company...I'm blessed to live on multiple stops, but even I'm having a hard time keeping up. There's gotta be a solution to g… @Chefjonnie_ @RambRabbitPoGo I'm a cross-platform star!So what have you made in #AnimalCrossing #ACNH?? Just the @alfindeol logo.
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I can live with this.
@aDrive_tK This is awesome to see you battling @aDrive_tK. Come lurk in the PoGo Twitch category a bit, you'll see… you everyone who's been a part of our journey on Twitch. Thank you viewers, mods and fellow content creators… @KaiserNeiner @KaitoNolan Hah! Can confirm, we've discussed this on stream at least once... my vote is for Jolteon… by @TheArrohh and @WildSusanBoyle we put together a Galvantula team for GBL and absolutely wrecked picking… we're live #battlers!Running a LITTLE late today, so we're pushing back start until 6:30! Looking forward to it still!
@JigglyDad A boy can dream!Between the hangover from last night's Trade Wars and the release of Animal Crossing it's a miracle that I'll emerg…