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Λlfredo @alfredo_xr La Plata, Argentina

Internet Virtualizer. 1st place on Virtuleap WebXR 2018. Thinking about VR and AR long term. #WebVR

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@AntonHand and the 1050Ti users, the oculus low specI wonder what'll happen to hardware returns and RMA from now on. Direct to landfill?
@gameism style your hair with sanitizer gel @mcclure111 the first big failure of modding in big VR was robo recall I think. game is very moddable yet nobody se… @c_pruett It was pretty cool, but totally bolted on. Had some pretty good games, but switching your phone for games… @c_pruett 😢 you think that Half Life : Alyx modding will affect indie developers? (free mods out-competing paid games in niches) @Tsukinune I worry a bit about modding predating marketshare for indies. The brand is just too heavy so it can eat entire genres.What's going to be the next VR thing people pick to play after alyx? That's the kind of interesting question we'll… well, hate posting on forums asking for multiplayer mods or whatever, but that's besides the point.I can't imagine any other reaction after finishing alyx other than wanting more or thinking about replaying it.the debate I'd like to see is what VR has to make people come back to games and experiences.reasons to come back don't come from budget but design, you've probably played more hours of binding of isaac or so… to current events the boneworks debate feels like a million years ago but there was a strong feeling about its… @AntonHand I don't like the idea of everything being compared to it though. @AntonHand But we need this, it's a virtual reality check. A (really well made) door we have to step through.Looking forward to Valve making all VR developers look bad, we really need that. @hrafntho Yeah I can agree with that, computer software makes leaps when refined toys come out.Like the Oculus DK2, Half Life Alyx is execution in a sea of potential, it'll be transformative. @hrafntho I understand why you might think that but I'm sure it'll be one if not the best video game to date.I can't play alyx on launch so I'll just avoid social media in full.reminder to stay homeinteresting how an ipad for AR doesn't bring up the gorilla arms critique when it's actually a real concern in that case @auradeluxe Maybe? It can be interesting to people into 3D web stuff because it's a successful title that's mostly… @AntonHand yeah it's not like you are "well read" by finishing a game you don't likewhat might become a new thing in game sound design is the random stuff people in lockdown do, like spontaneous singing and terrible live this situation differently if you've played video games for a while, the loudspeakers announcing quarantin…
the use of alcohol and disinfectants makes people sneeze more often.the vague definition of "essential" is a global problem @AntonHand I actually worry about a rat infestation after this. @AntonHand I'd say, grab some available good scan and fix up the artifacts, change up the textures, make text reada… artifacts in there. My latest blogpost was about it @Tojiro oof so somehow in my mind I averaged the imperial and the US unit, why is this so hard? @AntonHand but in general it's a better twitter experience, you get more agency over what you see. @AntonHand blurs imagesHow to avoid Half Life Alyx spoilers on twitter: Go to Settings and Privacy -> Data Usage and check this when queing is dumb because people don't trust stranges to respect the order. give out numbers at least.stay home, you might suffer minor inconveniences for the first time in your life, maybe you go a bit hungry, maybe… @Tojiro what I always had problems with not being a native speaker is understanding why the burger is called quarte… @Tojiro 1 gallon is 4 litersthe mobile web in 2020, a mix of regulations, incoherent design and bad incentives home, whatever you need can probably wait @hmltn keep throwing stuff @pervognsen @iquilezles it's open source but the idea of changing that default might hurt more than the blastself driving car hype could be redirected towards the harder problem of cleaning robots @JoshuaCorvinus @technobaboo yeah the climbing it destroys my immersion @JoshuaCorvinus the jumping could've been replaced by throwing something, the game could work just with throwing stuffI wonder how VR users that play animal crossing will feel about the place as time passes. Will they feel the need t… @rsnous idk, language learning can't be separated from cultural learning, and programming language culture is its l… about java being this universal thing, kind of a super power to learn. hard to convey today. @Locomalito it's one of the best things you'll play
A prototype of the #ecommerce of the #MR future shot from the Cosmos XR. This is the video showcased by @AGraylin
Retweeted by Λlfredo @charlesforman think about the delivery personif anything this whole situation is going to highlight the difference between a planned meeting and an uplanned one @AntonHand can't believe you got the overwatch licenseAnother lame dynamic about animal crossing is that people share everything they find in it on social media so it ki… @omershapira they are oversampling you @mokargas how heavy?The prototype works, idk if this is one of my dumbest ideas or good. Will try to make a tutorial tomorrow.Made one long time ago for soldering but it seems that people are trying to 3D print them, which is nice but comparatively very slow.Seriously considering to make a DIY face shield tutorial.Having to come back is a very animal crossing mechanic, but that doesn't happen in any popular VR games to date. Th… that invest heavily in being, or containing toys, in the general sense of the word, get very interesting when… has very few things in that spirit, strangely the closest thing to animal crossing in VR is H3VR. If you don't g…'s going to be interesting to see the reactions of people playing animal crossing for the first time out of inter… is pokemon go still operational in there? amazing how some raw garlic can lift plain rice.I'll try to try more things that I haven't yet, there's just so much VR stuff out there it's ridiculous.What are you trying to release when it comes to AR and VR?I don't think that I'll get much done in terms of side projects as I'm both busy and a bit tired by the current sit…
@avibarzeev @ARstories @chrisgrayson @alexqgb #2 gave me so much perspective @_naam it works, makes characters feel more alivethis is great @alexqgb really not looking forward to using the ATM @alexqgb nice idea, touchscreens are certainly a hotspot for this. another reason why they are bad for kiosks. @alexqgb what's that pen for?Widening the selection cone is a VR interface technique and this seems to be in the same family of ideas. I don't u… want to try the adaptive cursor idea, but I suspect it falls into the "secret handshake" territory in which you h… cool use of the medium to this collection of Windows Media Player skins for reminding me of this era of graphic design.…
Retweeted by Λlfredo @benz145 it can be so many things, but if you are worried get a split keyboard and a trackball mouse as prevention… @chenoehart I've see many people assume dramatic shifts in worldviews after this but I don't think so. People like… @hmltn extremely 2020I wonder what's the situation for a researcher without internet access? Can they legally download all the papers in… 4GB or less SD and micro SD cards laying around are ideal for this kind of thing.Imagine an "offline pack" that's some gigabytes of data to keep people informed if the net goes down or they can't… @kentbye I think that this is a limitation of the compositor/OS rather than that platform. A solution I wish this k… current work chat services seem to avoid any kind of higher level annotation or transclusion. e.g. annotating…, whatever idea apple has about where the personal computer will go is not going to be tested in the market i…
Wishing peanut butter was less good. @Heaney555 It looks like an asymptote to me, and it can easily grow. @PeterJGalbraith ★★☆☆☆ Nice car, used it for 4500km but I had to change a tire and it also uses gas. I'll change m… @feiss We are about to find out.For everyone at home, looking for things to read or who would like to be able to provide things to read for your fa…
Retweeted by Λlfredothose audiologs you find in games are so unrealistic. realistic log: "day 3: stretching out the coffee creamer to… @_LucasRizzotto random coughing audio and a free hugs displayI went into some ideas here personal computer can be defined as the things you wish the iPad Pro could do but won't.Maybe plant some flowers if you have time, pollinators need that stuff.If only people wouldn't mow their lawns in addition to not driving through quarantine maybe wildlife gets a breather.