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Λlfredo @alfredo_xr La Plata, Argentina

Internet Virtualizer. 1st place on Virtuleap WebXR 2018. Thinking about VR and AR long term. #WebVR

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@mcclure111 The web was and still is I think, deeply underestimated, it's something that just happens like a corner… @mcclure111 classic appleIt's interesting that neither hypercard nor powerpoint became defining tools for the web. I suspect that it was a c… @MugOfPaul Also we have gltf now. And people willing to entertain the idea of the web taking new shapes. @MugOfPaul yeah I can see the parallel there. my reaction was having my tweets as a face tattoo. @MugOfPaul what I was trying to do is to have two or three primitives to layout information and put them in a wml l… @MugOfPaul that sounds really spookyWhat are some project ideas that were just very hard to do for you or the tech was not there a few years ago that y…
Retweeted by ΛlfredoI think that revisiting old ideas even if they seem silly to you today can be valuable just to see how you were thi…'s ridiculous what some people set out to make with pico8 are some project ideas that were just very hard to do for you or the tech was not there a few years ago that y… there's also a bizarre idea I named webstacks (actual name is sandwebches but the world is not ready) for repre… have this ancient idea from my first experiments at web-like things with flash in 3D about a WML-like but even si… @mcclure111 this style is called canonical websitedid VR just became mainstream? @ryanflorence @rileyflorence0 I wish I knew, the graph of a program exists explicitly or not, and the obsession wit… @AntonHand @kickstarter if the developer can roguelite this thing, it can be a huge hit. streets of rogue vibes. @AntonHand @kickstarter that looks fun, it's a really good mechanic to center a game around @eigenbom The problem that haunts virtual worlds is that they need to be centered around actions because we don't h… @stew_rtsmith software composition is left as an exercise for the reader @eigenbom what does the living entail?
@rsnous sometimes you want draw lines to separate ideas, and sometimes you want to see which you can eraseI'm interested in VR gloves for the haptics and not really for the tracking, the main problem of them is that they… @MugOfPaul metaprogramming can hurt people it's no joke @avibarzeev another idea that comes from flashcards is the "super flashcards" which is putting 4 or more words on e… @avibarzeev the application seems like a good idea, I wonder if something like semantic coloring like used in some… you add "the visual guide to" in front of a topic it becomes an interesting guide. Now imagine "the VR guide to"… @amyhoy we have kubernetes now, checkmate @kettlecorn Imagine getting a suggestion by someone in the party to go somewhere as a tiny ghost of your avatar, an… @kettlecorn It also carries over to manipulating other people's "cursors". And having a history, etc. @omershapira The Matrix but instead of phone calls they jump face down into garbage cans.Placing yourself in a map, in a room for a meeting, etc. Some sort of general idea about yourself in a virtual envi… interesting abstraction in VR worlds could be having a tiny instance of yourself you can spawn for varios purpos… @maxweisel but it's the kind of thing people imagine if you talk about garbage collection in programming @maxweisel boneworks went really literal with that @AntonHand that never has a good aftermath
@nice_byte a tip for any kind of virtual keyboard: resize it to be huge if you can if it works with pinch rays. @JoshuaCorvinus same @MugOfPaul I could bore you to tears on the topic but we seem so set on the idea of 1:1 avatars that we end up tran… @MugOfPaul Invariably you have to ask "what is an avatar?" and where we put the boundaries between the individuals… @MugOfPaul Once we go beyond the basic rigged mesh, and your avatar is like a teletubbie playing a video, or it's m… @MugOfPaul I thought about the topic a bit but besides the performance requirements, what's considered an avatar es… @MugOfPaul it's also a very uncomfortable topic, paying someone from anywhere in the world through the web exposes… @MugOfPaul it'll certainly change the incentives once web payments apis are common. once people understand how to g… @bai0 computers became too easy to use for complainingit's very "offline", like software on a cd, if you want it to be like that. there's no front and center community t… interesting part of doing web based software is that you are not forced into a feedback loop with platform users…'s amazing how even if you make a free game you'll get complaints. or a public repo. the default for inbound comm… @justkelly_ok the worst part is the mental acrobatics people will make to defend this situation. here and there peo… can trivialize people's work so at the very least it might be worthwhile to avoid focusing so much on the ba…'ll start to refer to 3d scans and photogrammetry as scenes or compositions because they require work and scan mak… @AntonHand @JonVirtual well the weakness is that you become an insult based ATM @amyhoy It's not like you can't use php or whatever today, but people looking for a job will stick to the most popu… @amyhoy The problem I see is that development skews hard towards "looking like a grown up", we are way past the con… @amyhoy and beyond the enterprise management aspects, things like doing a login is like an insumornable wall becaus… @amyhoy I was interested in writing a tutorial for a front end technology talking to a backed but nobody seems to b… @AntonHand if bratty people know they can influence something without doing any work they'll come. you might want t… @AntonHand stay in tarkov modereally like the mood of this scan don't need super sharp eye tracking for everything, a cone is good enough as long as you have a method to select… VR UI goals: Eye tracking to select an object or cluster of, and hand poses to select an element from th… @TrevorFSmith they exist now, this but with decorative patterns would be great @TrevorFSmith I wonder if some sort of semi translucent facemask could be created to address this problem. @TrevorFSmith people have such an aversion to cover their faces in the americas, from wearing glasses to headsets a… was so counter intuitive to me, I was expecting to learn how to spell my name and that's it. It feels like the e… took me longer to learn palm's graffiti input method (a week?) than the ASL alphabet for spelling (20 minutes?).…
VR & AR (and related topics) book suggestion thread. Did you read anything interesting recently? @AntonHand It's sad but I can't think of a single national savory snack that is worthwhile. It's just a wasteland o… should maintain a game through all of its versions in a public repo so that people have an idea about migrati… lack of physical buttons is also very displeasing too.I was interested again in an e-ink reader but remembered that they are minuscule and reading pdfs is lame in them.We need libraries of VR interactions for WebXR. Something to fill its role in a simple and composable way. @sinclairstrange which program?it's not obvious but ease of payment and fraud detection divide the world with thicker lines than any other map @510home @cgallello what kinds of interactions? I'm very interested in how people want to make their paintings interactive. @BenKuchera For me it was very hard to understand that distance between what's useful and what's understandable (no… @BenKuchera What might look boring or tame to someone experienced into this stuff is sometimes what's needed to gro… @BenKuchera Yes, but also keep in mind that new technology needs to start somewhere, more often than not being wors… @cgallello physics are very demotivating, followed by AI. consider redesigning the project so it's doable, it's jus… @cgallello what's bogging you down?Well it's more than games, it's just that it becomes way more obvious when the game systems are so evident. I don't… feel that games writing fails in mundane ways. A quest that actually teaches you a food recipe that makes sense i… I was playing a bit of half life 2 and the audio was broken, but kept playing because in a way it makes sense to… @mcclure111 so 2010sa social network about sharing 84ms looping video clips @thermyy the best part is that it's a 3dof experience.I've used so many things that I've lost perspective on what's php-like in simplicity. Maybe vanilla express?What's the simplest way to code a backend for newcomers these days? Are there any reasonable languages or framework… think that apple is more aligned with a 3D display on phones than head mounted displays. @msfeldstein for one it's very easy to use without a framework, I don't know what people consider easy these days when it comes to backend.very few people seem interested, and I think it might be related to PHP. maybe a more generic explanation is more i… @thermyy virtual virtual reality I think?
@hmltn @TrevorFSmith is into that kind of thing for AR, a trustworthy stack for them.API means application programmer interface. It's for a person, the programmer. Let's not forget that.I just want some things to be easier in this hard world. At least apis and plugins you know.changing a wholesale plugin is a great way to waste unknown amounts of time with new bugs and hard to track down pr… so in all seriousness the problem is not lazy developers complaining about unity XR plugin changes, it's about h… @jjainschigg @AntonHand what if the api changes mid game? @jjainschigg @AntonHand just use a try catch each time you want to read a button @AntonHand @jjainschigg for comparison, in web VR: if(gamepad.buttons[0].pressed) doStuff();